Banking AI Advantages Business

by David Duan

For businesses, gaining visibility and control of spending is vital to maintaining adequate cash flow. However, currently, this is something many U.S. businesses, SMEs in particular, struggle with, as shown by the fact 82 percent of business failures are due to poor cash management. As banks begin to address this problem, we are seeing the adoption of more technologies that … [More]

Courage Drives Emotional Intelligence

by Kerry Goyette

In The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy and her friends set off on that yellow brick road, they needed three things to succeed: a heart, a brain and courage. Most of the time, when people think of emotional intelligence, they think only of heart. They think heart = empathy, compassion and kindness. But emotionally intelligent leaders who are full of heart possess more than just … [More]

How to Halt the Tide of Environmental Decline that Threatens the Viability of Our Modern World

by Simon Lamb

This question haunts everyone who cares about the world our grandchildren will inherit. Older readers will remember how it was just half a century ago — vibrant and thriving. In the post-war economic boom, governments were oblivious to the slippery slope ahead, the warnings of respected ecologists left unheeded. In due course, this generation will pass on, and, like those who … [More]

A Corporation’s Biggest Threat Is Its Leaders

by Glenn Llopis

Most organizations and leaders say they want to empower people to contribute at their fullest capacity. But most leaders are never taught how to do that. Those who started their corporate careers 20 years ago or more were given a formula for success by their bosses: Do these 10 actions to drive these 20 outcome; multiply those actions and outcomes across a department, and … [More]

Performance Review: Useless Procedure?

by Rob Wilson

Evidence from a recent survey by Gallup and others has found that two-thirds of organizations feel their performance reviews are not effective. Described as “subjective and highly ambiguous,” performance reviews can be a very impactful tool when used appropriately, but, as this research shows, most companies say they are falling short of the mark. As a response, some … [More]