Fixes for Back-to-Work Tech Challenges Businesses Should Address Now

by Dr. Barbara Rembiesa 

As coronavirus-related work-from-home restrictions are lifted, some companies and government agencies are going to be staring down major tech woes as they try to deal with the flood of hardware and software that flowed home with workers. But the International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) encourages organizations to also look at the process as an opportunity to put … [More]

The Significance of Data Optimization during COVID-19 Pandemic

by Megan Silva

Until recently, very few CEOs, IT or marketing professionals would have put “data optimization” high on the list of agenda items that keep them up at night. These days — and by my estimation — this notion has become a top priority for the majority of businesses. Given the impact of events surrounding COVID-19, I view this not a matter of if but when decision makers also arrive … [More]

Back-to-the-Workplace Security Preparedness – Are You Ready?

Avertium Cybersecurity Experts

As portions of the American workforce transition back to working in a physical office after shelter-in-place orders lift, special considerations for security teams arise. One of the best ways to approach this challenge is to revisit the company Incident Response Plan. “A rigorously developed relevant Incident Response (IR) Plan that considers potential impact to all aspects … [More]

Future Trends in Banking and Fintech Industry on the Rise


Growing competition and rising customer expectations are pushing Banking and Fintech markets towards introducing interdisciplinary functionalities and focusing on fast and efficient internal operations, leading them to become more digitized in the overall process. Additionally, the growing interest in digital banking could ease market-entry for new challenger banks. Anton … [More]

Mentoring in the Workplace: A Modern Approach

by Maura Nevel Thomas

Mentoring relationships in the workplace are key to ensuring long-term employee success, strengthening both the people and the organization. After all, workplace mentor programs not only demonstrate that the organization cares about its people and their development, but they also give workers a safe space to grow. But with aspects like invasive technology and the shift to open … [More]

No-Code: Solution for SMBs

by Andrew Haller

Small businesses often look to develop custom software applications to offer customers digital experiences, reach new markets in a scalable way, or automate manual processes. While technical costs to maintaining software have dropped, the scarcity and cost of quality developers means that apps routinely cost upwards of $100,000 and take months to develop. Visual programming … [More]

A Delivery Fleet Gone Virtual

by Shaun Savage

GoShare’s proprietary smartphone apps connect local businesses and consumers with a virtual fleet of truck and van owners in real-time. Simply enter the project details and get an estimate. Confirm the estimate and a truck and pair of delivery professionals can arrive within the hour. GoShare is proud to provide a strong hourly wage and flexible hours to drivers, while also … [More]

A Boon for Healthcare Staffing

by Mike Hunter

Healthcare staffing app Boon was designed to address the looming need in the U.S. to hire 2.3 million new healthcare workers by 2025. “Understanding the top healthcare staffing trends is critical,” says Boon founder Ryan Vet, noting it’s not “one size fits all.” Background checks are a must, staffing must be based on skill set instead of just filling an open position, and both … [More]

Community Colleges Join to Offer Affordable Coding Bootcamp

by Mike Hunter

Technology careers are growing at a rapid pace in an industry that is stronger than many others. With an anticipated 21 percent growth rate over the next 10 years for software development jobs, the need for software developers is stronger than ever. Three Maricopa Community Colleges are working with Promineo Tech, an innovative provider of tech education, to make coding … [More]

AI Helps Reduce Business Spend

by Josephine McCann

There’s a lot that can go wrong in the typical organization’s spend audit process. Manually auditing vendor invoices and employee expense reports is time-consuming and frustrating. Most companies resign themselves to conducting partial audits, which might catch a few discrepancies, but leaves the company at risk for errors, waste and fraud. Luckily, there’s a solution: … [More]