Valley Salesforce Consulting Firm Introduces New Cloud Platform for Licensing Agencies

MST Solutions

MST Solutions, a leading Salesforce CRM and marketing automation consulting partner, has just introduced its MST Licensing Solution for Salesforce, a new, all-in-one, cloud platform built specifically for licensing agencies to enable them to automate the licensing, permitting and enforcement process, and support virtual operations. The proprietary cloud-based … [More]

‘Walkie Talkie’ App Connects WFH Teams 

by Mike Hunter

Distance and digitization of communications can pose a challenge to the relationships upon which great work relies. Emails can be misinterpreted. Virtual meetings can feel stressful or strange. The blurring of private home life and public work life can impact employee well-being. Zello offers a way to empower every team member, allowing them to take ownership of their workload … [More]

Online ‘Shop’ Finds Freelancers

by Mike Hunter

Giggrabbers’ “Freelance Deals” helps people and companies find freelance professionals in a simplistic way that some people may recognize: online shopping. The company aims to match freelance professionals with companies looking to bring on additional talent remotely or to outsource existing services at great rates. Similar to online shopping, Giggrabbers’ new feature lets … [More]

Mock Video Interviews Offer Feedback

by Mike Hunter

Employers have begun to rely more heavily on video interviews to find the perfect employee. HR professionals appreciate their practicality and efficiency, as well as opportunity to personalize the candidates beyond their two-dimensional resume. offers a revolutionary new service for job seekers that allows them to create a mock video interview and have … [More]

MCCCD Is Committed to Expanding Our IT Workforce

by Mike Hunter

Responding to what its Workforce Development Office identified as an immense need for information technology training, the Maricopa County Community College District will open its Maricopa Technology Institute next month in the heart of downtown Phoenix at 640 North 1st Avenue, as part of Phoenix College. “The Maricopa Technology Institute will support more than 30 certificate … [More]

A New Generation of ‘Smart’ Textiles 

by Mike Hunter

We are now in the era of not just rapidly expanding intelligent devices but also of intelligent materials. Porcher Industries, a global pioneer in high-performance thermoplastic composites and technical textiles, designs and produces innovative materials with properties tailored to highly targeted uses and recently launched a new generation of intelligent textiles. These … [More]

WEBINAR – June 23: Tech Sector Speaker Series | Renewable + Alternative Energy to Power the Future

Arizona Technology Council

Join the Arizona Technology Council for its Virtual Speaker Series that brings together tech titans, advocates, innovators and industry champions of existing and emerging sectors who are reshaping Arizona’s tech ecosystem. REGISTER HERE As the region inches closer to becoming a major tech hub, it’s important that Arizona embraces renewable energy technologies that have a … [More]

Harness the Power of AI

by Seth Earley

Any big company is likely to have an abundance of technology. It has systems for customers, inventory, and products, along with websites and mobile apps. These systems are spitting out data all day long. Within that data is exactly the information needed to make a business more responsive. The problem is, the data is often not used as it could (and should) be. Even after … [More]

Car Dealing without the Handshake

by Mike Hunter

DriveItAway is the first national car dealer-focused mobility platform that enables car dealers to enter the business of Mobility-as-a-Service. DriveItAway provides a comprehensive turnkey solutions-driven program with proprietary mobile technology and driver app, insurance coverages and training to get automotive retailers up and running quickly and profitably in emerging … [More]

Connecting Distributed Teams

by Mike Hunter

Taskade recently launched a real-time, user-friendly platform that lets fully distributed teams organize work, communicate via chat and video, share documents, manage tasks and collaborate in real-time, without the need for extensive training or high-level technical support. Taskade will be offering a limited-time free upgrade to its Pro version to support businesses and … [More]