Innovation Acceleration Center Opens in Chandler, First of Its Kind

Compound Photonics

Compound Photonics US Corporation (CP, also known as CP Display), a leader in compact high performance microdisplay solutions for Augmented and Mixed Reality (AR/MR), announced its opening of MiAC (MicroLED Innovation Acceleration Center) in Chandler, Arizona. It will be the first industry known fab in the world dedicated to accelerate the time-to-market of sub 5 µm pixel … [More]

6 Ways Hybrid Cloud Service Meets Needs of Remote Workforce


Before COVID-19, the cloud was already emerging as an essential IT service business need. But with the number of employees permanently working remotely around the globe set to double in 2021, from 16.4% to 34.4%, the future of business appears to rest solidly on a hybrid model of on-site and cloud computing access. “A hybrid solution that allows workers to freely transition … [More]

It’s the Employees’ World, and HR Is Just Living in It

by Lina Tonk

At the start of COVID-19, workforce and human resources managers were given the obligatory duty of furloughing or laying off many employees due to the economic crunch the world was experiencing. As the pandemic continues and businesses and people alike are forced to adapt to their new normal, those same managers have been given the unprecedented job of rehiring and onboarding … [More]

Cloud-based Solutions for Salesforce

by Mike Hunter

Many licensing organizations in the public sector are still operating from on-premises infrastructure, meaning data is not easily accessible outside of the four walls of the office. It often requires in-person visits and for business to be transacted in a brick-and-mortar setting. To solve this challenge, Chandler-based MST Solutions developed the Licensing Solution for … [More]

Turnkey Re-Entry Platform

by Mike Hunter

MTX has successfully developed hundreds of projects for towns, cities and states across the country as part of its Emergency Response Management platform. Now, it has continued that approach with the release of its turnkey platforms for both workforce re-entry and education re-entry. The platforms, aptly named MTX SafeCheck: School Edition and MTX SafeCheck: Business Edition, … [More]

Private Investment Marketplace Digitized

by Mike Hunter

A catalyst for investment opportunities, Phoenix-based WealthVP offers the first platform to digitize a traditionally old-school, word-of-mouth space, and the first to focus on Family Offices vs. venture capitalists. Using a proprietary algorithm, the fintech company virtually matches qualified private companies seeking capital — with a heavy focus on minority-owned and … [More]

Marketing and Chatbox Solution for Homebuilders

by Mike Hunter

HCP from Chandler-based ApostleTech, a leader in Salesforce application implementations and consulting, is a CRM solution built on the power of Salesforce and designed specifically for small to mid-sized homebuilding companies. Drawing on its experience building robust customized CRM solutions, ApostleTech’s development team configured HCP with front- and back-end integrations … [More]

Real Estate Tech Co. Partners with Expedia’s Escapia

Tweener Homes

Chandler-based Tweener Homes, a technology-based real estate company, is excited to announce its partnership with Expedia’s vacation rental software, Escapia. The agreement provides temporary home rental solutions for people who are in between permanent residences and searching for, or in process of building, their new permanent dream home. Based and launched in Chandler, … [More]

Tech Services Co. Helps Companies Return to the Office Safely through Mobile Technology


Phoenix-based Axway, a leading provider of API Management and integration software, announces the release of the source code for Axway’s mobile office scheduling assistant, the Griffin App. Their goal is to help other companies return to the office safely using APIs and mobile technology. To return to the office in each of the 17 countries Axway employees work, its teams had … [More]

Salesforce Solutions Co. Adds AI Technology to CRM Marketing Solution for Home Builders


ApostleTech, a leader in Salesforce application implementations and consulting, is the developer of HCP, a CRM solution built on the power of Salesforce and designed specifically for home builders. ApostleTech is now collaborating with AtlasRTX to enhance HCP’s marketing capabilities, adding chatbot tools, which allow users to track and engage leads through the sales … [More]