Online & Private for Professional ‘Super Connectors’

by Mike Hunter

In a new private online “Community for People Who Know People,” Las Vegas-based startup Silent Rich aims to solve some of the more common problems that professionals and entrepreneurial connectors alike often have, bringing together those who know the right people with those who are seeking connections for a professional opportunity, business venture or anything that can be … [More]

Personalized Offers & Promotions Platform

by Mike Hunter

A new Omnichannel Offers and Promotions Management Platform from Mobivity Holdings Corp., creators of award-winning customer personalization platform Recurrency, will allow brands to generate unique 1:1 codes that can be attached to a text message offer, receipt-printed promotion or existing marketing channels external to Recurrency. This allows brands to “turn and burn” codes … [More]

Innovative Recruiting Website

by Mike Hunter

Featuring video resumes, live stream job fairs and the ability for employers to instantly chat with candidates, CruitScout offers a more efficient recruiting process by forgoing traditional paper resumes that can heighten barriers such as employment gaps. Employers have a clearer picture of an applicant's skillset while recruiting and, ultimately, making hiring decisions in … [More]

Healthcare Companies: Stop Being Such an Easy Target for Hackersect Themselves?

by Daniel Markuson

It’s official: Healthcare remains the most breached industry in 2019. In the first half of the year, 32 million healthcare records were breached — double the total for all of 2018. And there are no signs that cyberattacks in the healthcare industry are going to cease. It seems that the size of an organization doesn’t matter, as both large and small healthcare providers get … [More]

Scheduling: a Job for Technology

by Mike Hunter

Recruiters send three or more emails to schedule one interview, according to a recent survey by Cronofy and JobAdder. This means that, if it takes 15 minutes to check their availability and then write an email, they lose 45 minutes to scheduling one interview. If a hiring manager interviews five people for a role, that's 7.5 hours — or almost an entire working day — lost to … [More]