Employers: Get Used to the Camera

by Shawna R. Reed

So you made it through eight weeks without filming one TikTok, and manage to keep your computer camera off during most meetings. Now that you’re back in the office, you may be realizing the inevitability of ending up on camera. In 2018, Arizona had more than 50 employers with 5,000-plus employees. The State of Arizona alone had more than 80,000 employees (source: … [More]

A Unifying Vision Helps Entrepreneurs Act with Less Fear and Hesitation

by Joe Curcillo

Millions of people have made the decision to be entrepreneurs, and millions more will follow. One thing that many of them have in common is preparing for the unknown. What nobody tells those who decide to become self-employed is, there are numerous things that will get in the way of their plan and there will be some people who second-guess what they are doing or simply walk … [More]

COVID-19 Unleashes a Time for Innovation

by Pamela Adams, Ph.D.

My business research focuses on a source of innovation that is often overlooked — the users of products themselves. Both people (like you and me) and companies use products that they buy from others in their daily activities. We might not know exactly how something is made, but we know how it is used. That is what is called user knowledge. Not surprisingly, users often come up … [More]

Planning Tips to Avoid Common Meeting Mistakes

by Michael Lentin

With the large array of details it takes to plan and execute on a successful conference, convention or trade show; small details that make a large impact often slip through the cracks. The following are tips to avoid common mistakes of a business conference. Book soundproof conference rooms. One of the largest complaints at business meetings is frequent interruptions. It’s … [More]

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