Why Pivoting to E-Commerce Is the Only Way Forward for Retailers to Survive

by Dan Khasis

The coronavirus pandemic has hammered brick-and-mortar retailers hard. Giant retailers like TJX Companies had to shut down all their stores and their revenue fell by more than 50 percent in the first quarter. In fact, Coresight Research estimates that around 20,000 to 25,000 stores could close this year. To mitigate the rising losses and keep businesses afloat, many traditional … [More]

Pandemic, Inc. 

by Mike Hunter

This is a difficult time, that’s for sure, but it’s also a time of enormous opportunity. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and self-employed professionals need to leverage these 8 trends to thrive in tomorrow’s economy! Pandemic, Inc. offers a strategic roadmap for businesses navigating the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine. The book details eight accelerating … [More]

A Unifying Vision Helps Entrepreneurs Act with Less Fear and Hesitation

by Joe Curcillo

Millions of people have made the decision to be entrepreneurs, and millions more will follow. One thing that many of them have in common is preparing for the unknown. What nobody tells those who decide to become self-employed is, there are numerous things that will get in the way of their plan and there will be some people who second-guess what they are doing or simply walk … [More]

Business Solutions Surfacing from the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Jeff Friesen

As COVID-19 continues its worldwide spread, there is no crystal ball to predict how or when this will end. While public health and safety remains front and center, and rightfully so, the disruption the virus has waged on businesses is hard to ignore. While industries such as sanitation services and technology providers are faced with overwhelming demand and potential … [More]

COVID-19 Unleashes a Time for Innovation

by Pamela Adams, Ph.D.

My business research focuses on a source of innovation that is often overlooked — the users of products themselves. Both people (like you and me) and companies use products that they buy from others in their daily activities. We might not know exactly how something is made, but we know how it is used. That is what is called user knowledge. Not surprisingly, users often come up … [More]

Strategies to Attract Customers Online during the COVID-19 Outbreak

by Kris Reid

Times are hard, especially with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Businesses are suffering as more and more communities go into quarantine. To survive as a business owner, one needs to find effective marketing strategies in the midst of the crisis brought about by this pandemic. One of the best ways to stay profitable is to make the businesses’ online presence known … [More]

The New Scottsdale Small Business Assistance Center Looks to Offer Guidance to Businesses in Need

City of Scottsdale

Scottsdale’s Economic Development Department has launched a new initiative aimed at assisting Scottsdale small businesses. The Scottsdale Small Business Assistance Center (SSBAC) will serve as the City of Scottsdale’s virtual one stop shop for Scottsdale businesses looking for information on available business support programs and resources during the COVID-19 crisis. The … [More]

Coronavirus and the New American Economy

by Solomon Ali

The face of the American economy is forever changed by this coronavirus pandemic. In three weeks’ time, we've witnessed financially viable companies go into rapid freefall by the millions, starting with employees and trickling rapidly. Small to mid-sized businesses are laying off in record numbers, and there is no clear end in sight. With the spread of COVID-19, people are … [More]

How Businesses can Pivot While Slowed or Closed during Difficult Times

by Mike Hunter

With businesses across the U.S. having closed temporarily or reduced services due to the coronavirus pandemic, company leaders are trying to find ways to stay afloat until the crisis passes — and figure out how to move forward into an uncertain future. Kyle Bogan, D.D.S., a business consultant and speaker on workplace culture, says this unprecedented event has caused … [More]

There’s a New ‘Business as Usual’

by Liz Elting

In this third week of mass social distancing (with more than 225 million Americans ordered to stay at home), CEOs are beginning to ask not only how to survive the pandemic, but what they will be surviving into. Radical events bring radical change, and the American workplace — and quite possibly the American economy — is in the midst of its most significant disruptive and … [More]