Revenue-Challenged? Try Locally Developed eGift Card App for Free

by Amanda Ventura

As businesses across many industries temporarily reduce or cease operations to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, owners are left wondering how they’ll weather several weeks or months of supporting a staff without any source of revenue. Gift cards have been suggested as one solution, generating cash flow even without customers in the shop. One of those solutions is … [More]

Crisis Actions . . . Back at the Office/Workplace

by Mike Hunter

Noting the potential of health emergencies like the coronavirus to seriously hurt workforces and weaken productivity, XpertHR (www. — which helps businesses with HR solutions from the federal, state and municipal level — suggests employers prepare by having an emergency plan in place and offers a free Contagious Disease Policy and Business Continuity Policy to help … [More]

Pulling Together

by Mike Hunter

CenturyLink – Keeping Networks Running Recognizing that high-speed internet service plays a crucial role in the everyday lives of its customers, CenturyLink is responding to COVID-19 by suspending data usage limits, waiving late fees, and not terminating a residential or small business customer’s service for the next 60 days due to financial circumstances associated with … [More]

Cleanly Aware: COVID-19 Tips & Strategies

by Liz Caracciolo

As the pandemic unfolds, U.S. schools and businesses are taking extra precautions to keep their environments clean and healthy. For example, OpenWorks — a commercial cleaning and facilities services company that specializes in corporate, healthcare and education facilities — has seen a sharp increase in demand for cleaning and advanced measures, such as electrostatic … [More]

Ensure Work-from-Home Employees Maximize Corporate Performance

The number of people working remotely will surely continue to grow, especially in light of current worldwide health concerns. In fact, many companies may soon be faced with mandated work-from-home provisions due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic. While remote work can be a win-win situation for employers and employees, corporate managers often fear employee … [More]

Sportiqe Facility Is Game-Changer

by Mike Hunter

Moving to a 30,000-square-foot facility has given Tempe-headquartered Sportiqe more than just an expanded (doubled, in fact) footprint in Arizona. The state-of-the-art facility enables Sportiqe to bring the brand’s decorating, labeling, finishing, distribution and fulfillment in-house instead of outsourcing to other areas of the world — and bring those jobs back to the … [More]

Personalizing Job Satisfaction

by Stan Sipes

According to SmallBizGenius’s survey “Job Satisfaction Statistics,” 72 percent of surveyed professionals say having more work benefits increases their overall job satisfaction. Considering a large portion of time is spent in a work setting or completing work-like tasks, it's critical employees are fulfilled and happy with what they do for a living. One industry that offers … [More]

Video Trends in Business

by Jane Poston

Video as a communication tool has reached a tipping point, transitioning from a nice “extra” into a must-have business strategy for all levels of an organization. Between algorithm updates that favor video to the ubiquitous video platforms targeting young consumers, businesses using video to communicate has quickly become the expected norm. While the latest trends may seem far … [More]

COVID-19 and Travel: To Travel or Not to Travel

by Mike Hunter

This question continues to be a major concern. Rebecca Bernhard, partner in law firm Dorsey & Whitney, notes that employees have the right under OSHA to refuse to engage in any work activity that they have a reasonable good faith belief is unsafe, and says, “Given the increase in reported cases [of coronavirus], and the CDC and OSHA guidance, employers need to consider … [More]

Looking Good 2020 – April Standouts

by Mike Hunter

Local Standouts Recognized for Achievements and Philanthropy ACHIEVEMENTS Gallagher & Kennedy Named Sports Law Firm of the Year The law firm of Gallagher & Kennedy has been named Sports Law – Law Firm of the Year in Arizona – 2020 by Global Law Experts (, one of the world's leading online resources for locating specialist legal … [More]