Post-Pandemic Parameters of Office Demand

by Diana Sabau

The last couple of years have been transformational for the commercial real estate sector, particularly for the office market. Despite the uncertainty that marked the first half of 2020, fears around the demise of the office have been put to rest by the surge in workspace searches that surpassed even pre-pandemic levels. But while companies’ interest in renting office space has … [More]

CFOs Share Globalization Plans and Concerns

by Globalization Partners

Among CFOs, there is near universal agreement that the ability to capture market share through global expansion is a hot button for their industry and their stakeholders. However, mounting concerns over rising wages, talent and international affairs are causing companies to rethink their globalization strategies. According to data drawn from the fourth annual CFO survey … [More]

Work-from-Home: Deal Breaker?

by Zapier team

The pandemic changed the way we work, and, as the work-from-home lifestyle became the norm, employees began to re-evaluate their expectations for work-life balance. Many workers quit their jobs because their needs weren’t being met. It’s clear that employees don’t want to go back to the way things were pre-pandemic. So we asked the question: What’s the future of remote work? … [More]

Population Growth and Office Construction Are Thriving Together

by Ioana Ginsac

The last 10 years have brought about many challenges, beginning in the depths of the financial crisis and culminating with the beginning of one of the worst global health crises in a century that has affected every single part of everyday life — especially how and where we work. Yet, data shows that cities are still growing. They’re the place to be for work, play and growing … [More]

Are We Turning a Corner on Employee Well-Being?

by Brad Smith

After two years of dismal news about employee well-being, could we be turning a corner? Here at meQuilibrium, we have been tracking changes in well-being on a bi-annual basis since COVID-19 upended our work lives almost two years ago. Trends have been generally dismal: every six months we’ve seen declines in positivity, motivation and increases in burnout and job stress. There … [More]

Phoenix Is a Top 10 Startup City

by Jaime Dunaway-Seale

In the past decade, Phoenix has developed into a technological hub to rival that of Silicon Valley. The capital city’s rise as an innovation center has made it one of the fastest-growing metros in the United States, with job growth exceeding the national average by 44%.  This is among several key findings in a new study from Clever Real Estate that ranks Phoenix as the … [More]

Employee Woes: Move Over Winter Blahs, Make Way for Worker Boredom 

by Travis Laird

A recent poll by talent solutions firm Robert Half shows 33% of professionals feel bored — a lack of interest in their job and disengaged — more than half their workday. Of those, 20% want a new job and may have one foot out the door. A separate Robert Half survey of more than 2,400 U.S. workers shows one in five respondents (20%) feel less engaged on the job than a year … [More]

Businesses Set Their Sights on Growth in 2022 

by Mike Hunter

Small and mid-sized U.S. business leaders remain confident in their companies and resourceful in their approaches to confronting macroeconomic challenges that have created growing pains over the last year, according to findings reported in the recently released JPMorgan Chase’s 2022 Business Leaders Outlook Survey.  As a new year begins, the majority of business leaders are … [More]

Consumer Spending Trends during the Pandemic and Beyond

by Dave Murray

U.S. consumers once again have proven themselves to be highly resilient and adaptive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their buying behaviors have evolved quickly and dramatically to address new priorities and limitations, with consumer spending growing solidly in most categories, according to the “Gaining Lift from the Consumer Shift: Insights into Buying Behavior During Covid and … [More]

Hybrid Work: Fad or Future?

by Mike Hunter

While many U.S. professionals are embracing hybrid work arrangements, new research from talent solutions firm Robert Half, “The Future of Hybrid Work,” shows a majority of companies anticipate a full return to the office once the pandemic ends. According to a survey of more than 2,800 senior managers in the U.S., 71% of respondents said they will require their teams to be … [More]

Identity Authentication Causes Consumer Frustration

by Donovan Neale-May

Frustration with cumbersome and repetitive authentication processes are overwhelmingly causing consumers to search for brands and digital experiences that securely unify and simplify identity verification, according to a new report by the Business Performance Innovation Network and CMO Council, entitled “Authentication Frustration. How Companies Lose Customers in The Digital … [More]

Ranking Our Digital Quality of Life

by Mike Hunter

The third annual edition of the Digital Quality of Life Index (DQL) ranks the U.S. fifth among 110 countries. Covering 90% of the global population, the DQL study is conducted by the cybersecurity company Surfshark and evaluates countries based on a set of five fundamental digital wellbeing pillars: internet affordability and quality, e-infrastructure, e-security, and … [More]

MarTech Outcomes Depend on CMO-CIO Relationship

by Mike Hunter

As companies emerge from the pandemic, marketing and MarTech lie at the heart of the recovery. To optimize MarTech investments, marketing needs to have a very effective working relationship with IT that spans strategy, selection and management. Yet fewer than one out of four marketing organizations has such a relationship. A new report from the Chief Marketing Officer … [More]

Corporate Social Responsibility Matters in Attracting Talent

by Heather Salerno

To support global hiring efforts, Appcast recently announced findings from the 2021 “Decoding Global Talent” series. Compiled by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), The Network and Appcast, the report reveals the impact of social and COVID-19 crises on U.S. workers’ preferences and expectations. Nearly 209,000 workers in 190 countries — including more than 6,300 workers in the … [More]

Employers Delay Promotions Due to Pandemic

by Travis Laird

The pandemic put a pause on everything, including raises. In a recent study by professional staffing firm Robert Half, more than half of U.S. employers (59%) revealed that they put off promoting top performers due to COVID-19. In addition, nearly four in 10 U.S. workers surveyed (38%) confirmed that their careers had stalled since the start of the pandemic. They report feeling … [More]

The Rising Concern around Inadequate Virtual Private Network Security 

by Don Boxley

Well before the COVID-19 pandemic, IT teams faced a common challenge: how to ensure employees and other approved users could easily and securely access organizational resources, whether they were hosted locally or in the cloud. This was a challenge that was painfully exacerbated when millions of workers around the world were sent to work from home (WFH), virtually … [More]

Rocky Mountain Region’s Middle Market Recovering Faster Than National Average

by Celia Dietrich and Doug Farren

A collaboration between Dietrich Partners, a Denver-based management consulting firm, and the National Center for the Middle Market, housed at The Ohio State University Max M. Fisher College of Business, recently released the findings from the Rocky Mountain Region Middle Market 2020 Performance and 2021 Outlook report. The report reveals that the Rocky Mountain region’s middle … [More]

Telecommuting Safety – Are Companies Safe in Arizona?

by Mike Hunter

With so many Americans working remotely, telecommuting has soared through the roof last year — Forbes reported in March 2020 that 58% of America’s knowledge workers were working remotely. Instead of hopping on a train, bus, or into a car to get to the office, many Americans are joining meetings via video conferencing and collaborating from home. As convenient as working from … [More]

Mighty Metric: Customer Lifetime Value

by Mike Hunter

Customer lifetime value is an indicator of how well a company identifies and nurtures profitable, long-term customer relationships. The biggest challenges for organizations include aggregating the right data for a robust view of the customer, shifting from assumptions to predictive knowledge of the customers’ needs, identifying the moments of opportunity to deliver delight and … [More]

Does Location Influence Workplace Attitudes?

by RaeAnne Marsh

Attitudes toward work from home has become a favorite topic for surveys over the past year, and it is one aspect Nintex studies in its recent “Workplace 2021 Study.” But Nintex’s interest was not just on attitudes; it was on how attitudes differ from region to region. Here in the Southwest, we have the second-best opportunities for career advancement this year, according to … [More]

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