Tourism & Taxation: How the Bed Tax and Major Events Benefit Business

Valley of the Sun as a hot destination

by RaeAnne Marsh

“As Greater Phoenix continues to evolve, the visitor industry for our destination continues to grow,” says Eric Kerr, vice president of Insights and Development for the convention and visitor bureau Visit Phoenix. He cites the fact that, since 2020, 46 new hotel properties have opened in the region with more than 7,600 hotel rooms. Additionally, Sky Harbor International Airport … [More]

Lisa Urias, Arizona Office of Tourism

Tourism: A Critical Economic Driver

from Lisa Urias

Arizona is seeing a population surge as people continue to choose our state as their home. But our popularity as a visitor destination is equally robust, with Maricopa County offering one of the strongest pipelines of new hotels and resorts in the country. The Arizona Office of Tourism and other Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) such as Visit Phoenix, Experience … [More]

Dealing with DEI Pushback 

Eleven strategies to defuse resistance in your organization

by Amri B. Johnson 

Inclusion is good for organizations and good for employees. But if your company is like many, everyone may not welcome the new conversations and initiatives taking place around diversity, equity and inclusion. In fact, there will almost certainly be resistance to your efforts to create belonging — maybe subtle, maybe overt, or maybe both. Some people might refuse to engage … [More]

Companies Can’t Afford to Lose Focus on Talent Retention

On top of costs, even filling open slots can be difficult 

by Yolanda Slan

Talent retention is a critical aspect of any successful business. Retaining talented employees, or failing to do so, can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. A business that can keep employees around long-term reduces the cost of hiring and training new employees. Talent retention also mitigates lost productivity caused by constantly having to train employees. … [More]

Alcock & Associates’ Pro-Community Work

Good lawyering with a finely tuned sense of compassion and charity

by Tyler Butler

Nick Alcock started his firm in a tiny office with a small shingle sign as the only marketing for his new business. His first case was pro bono, as he aided a homeless vet who came into Alcock’s office to combat a fine levied against the gentlemen for not appearing in court earlier in the month. With Alcock’s help, the vet left his office 30 minutes later with his fine zeroed … [More]

How to Upskill Employees during a Tight Hiring Landscape

The focus is on helping them align with their organization’s overall growth strategy 

by Brian Anders

Talent development initiatives are growing increasingly important, especially as hiring concerns shift from quiet quitting to conscious quitting and beyond. Hiring the perfect candidate is costly — in fact, hiring anyone will likely cost an organization around $5,000 on average. In this landscape, many enterprises don’t have the financial stability to take a chance on hiring a … [More]

Balancing Cognitive Diversity in the Workplace

Tap into the strength of not thinking alike

by Don Alix

In the modern workplace, cognitive diversity is highly valued. This refers to the differing styles, viewpoints and skillsets among individuals. Teams that are cognitively diverse can increase innovation, creativity and overall performance within the group. However, there still may be challenges when it comes to communicating effectively, managing conflict and overcoming … [More]

Thinking of Selling Your Business?

Key steps for Arizona business owners to take

by Scott MacDonald

Baby boomers own approximately 40% of privately-owned small businesses and franchises in the U.S., according to MBAStack. Gen X-ers own the highest percentage of small businesses at 46%, and their relative share is increasing. With boomers already in or reaching retirement age, and Gen X only 12 to 15 years behind that, many business owners are considering selling their … [More]

Big Changes Are Coming to HIPAA Privacy Laws Heading into Summer

They include tiered structure for penalties and incentives for reporting

by Heather Macre

As we head into summer, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) will have its first major revisions in ten years. HIPAA is a federal law that required the creation of national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge. HIPAA has three major components: the Privacy Rule, the … [More]

Silent Phase to Public: When to Announce a Fundraising Campaign

It’s much more than a percentage of goal raised in advance 

by Richard Tollefson 

Fifty percent. Sixty. Ninety … Conventional fundraising wisdom says nonprofits should have more than half of funds committed or in hand before publicly announcing a campaign. The intention, after all, is to ensure campaign success. While a silent campaign phase allows fundraisers to secure lead gifts and recruit volunteers behind the scenes, there is always the risk of … [More]

The State of GenAI Chatbots in Marketing

GenAI chatbots help businesses achieve positive results (in most cases)

by Anu Shukla

A whopping 73% of marketers are now using Generative AI (GenAI) tools for content creation, setting the stage for artificial intelligence to upend decades of convention. However, this rapid adoption of GenAI tools begs the question of how marketers are using them, and whether they’re being used to full effect. We at surveyed 1,000 marketing professionals to understand … [More]

In Revenue Capital’s New Strategy in Sourcing Revenue

by RaeAnne Marsh

“The Venture world needs to change. They must embrace a true value-add mentality rather than treating founders and their companies like commodities,” says Justin Gray. This is the mission Gray sees for In Revenue Capital, to which he brought extensive experience in helping launch it this year as its co-founder and managing partner.  “I’m an operator to the core,” Gray says. … [More]

Repurpose, Reuse: How Commercial Construction Can Adapt

by Beth Scarano

The commercial construction industry in Arizona is projected to hit approximately $6 billion in 2023, according to IBISWorld research. It is no surprise to learn that the construction industry is booming throughout the state, and more specifically in Maricopa County; it is tough to drive anywhere in the state without seeing a construction project. Repurposing an existing space … [More]

Mixed-Use Peoria Place Starts with Industrial Park Groundbreaking

by Mike Hunter

Greystar Real Estate Partners recently broke ground on Caliber by Greystar. The three-building, Class A industrial park is the first element to break ground at Greystar’s Peoria Place, a $500-million mixed-use master plan designed to revitalize a central historic downtown infill land site in Peoria, Arizona. Caliber is located along the US 60, at the southwest corner of 79th … [More]

Dynamic Commercial and Retail Destination FIVE NORTH at VISTANCIA Takes Shape

by Mike Hunter

The Vistancia master-planned community’s 320-acre commercial and retail destination FIVE NORTH at VISTANCIA is taking shape as the first hot spot in the far North Peoria/West Valley area.  Envisioned as the energetic heartbeat and high-quality lifestyle hub of the award-winning Vistancia community, FIVE NORTH at VISTANCIA’s plan includes a mix of unique, eclectic and … [More]

1.5M SF Virgin Industrial Park Breaks Ground in West Valley

by Mike Hunter

Virgin Industrial Park, a five-building, 1.5 million-square-foot Class A industrial project, has broken ground in the booming Loop 303 Corridor, on the northwest corner of Olive and Reems roads in metro Phoenix’s West Valley. The project is being developed by IndiCap, a boutique commercial real estate company specializing in industrial investment and development in the … [More]

Empire 101 Is New Infill, Class-A Industrial Project in Peoria

by Mike Hunter

On behalf of KBC Advisors Arizona, Phoenix-based Stevens-Leinweber Construction has started construction on Empire 101, a 152,134-square-foot Class A industrial project fronting the Loop 101 freeway, at 89th Avenue and Sweetwater Road in Peoria, Arizona. Completion is expected in January 2024. Located just 12 minutes from the new TSMC semiconductor Fab plant and with access … [More]

From Doer to Mentor: Elizabeth Hale’s Path to Empowering Teams and Achieving Success

Engagement is the common theme for eeCPA founder 

by Tim Gallen

Like many entrepreneurs, Elizabeth Hale is a doer. “I have a passion for solving problems and I’m good at explaining things,” says Hale, CEO and founder of Scottsdale-based accounting and consulting firm eeCPA. “I feel a huge sense of responsibility and commitment to my clients, and I want to do everything I can to take care of things for them.” And like the entrepreneur … [More]

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