New Research Shows Impact of COVID-19 on Small Business Finances

JPMorgan Chase Institute

The JPMorgan Chase Institute released new research examining the initial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on U.S. small business finances. This research is part of a series of insights that uses neareal-time data to investigate the economic impact of COVID-19. Findings include: Small business cash balances dropped 12.7% and revenues dropped as much as 50% at the onset of … [More]

Some Markets – Like U.S. Stocks – Can Stay Strong Despite Major Societal Events

by Zach Abraham

When major events happen around the world, and seemingly wherever they happen, the question quickly arises: How will this affect the markets? When two seminal events occur at once …. well, when does that ever happen? How much anxiety and uncertainty are we supposed to take over the financial effects of unforgettable U.S. history markers? And it is not just a pair of … [More]

2020’s Best Business Credit Cards & Bank Accounts

by Mike Hunter

WalletHub’s Coronavirus Small Business Survey — which gauged business owners’ attitudes on government assistance, plans to reopen the economy and more — found that 87 percent of small business owners are struggling due to the coronavirus. Addressing this, the personal-finance website today announces its editors’ selections for the best business credit cards and best business … [More]

The Compounding Effect of Community Carry

by Zach Ferres

It’s in the headlines on a daily basis — yet another startup secures major investment from one venture capital firm or another. On the surface, this appears to only be great news for the investors and the ones on the receiving end of those funds, but the impact actually reaches far beyond that. Funding a startup sets off a ripple effect. It’s not just an investment into that … [More]

Venture Capitalizing

by RaeAnne Marsh

Not so many years ago, the lament in and about the local business community was lack of access to investment money.  “It has emphatically changed within the last 10 years, but, most notably, the last three years. Capital has become democratized and much more mobile, so no longer is it so heavily concentrated in New York and San Francisco,” says Chris Camacho, CEO of the … [More]

Why Small-Business Assets Matter

by Susan Talbott

When getting to know small-business owners, financial planners typically ask about their company’s value at that point in time. Unfortunately, many times, their first inclination is to share their latest bank statement or the amounts of various checking, savings and investment accounts owned by the company. While these are terrific indicators of cash-at-hand value, for many … [More]

Crypto Economy

by Mike Hunter

In late 2008, under the long shadow cast by the most severe economic crisis in generations, a revolutionary new form of currency was quietly being shaped. That once-obscure money was known as Bitcoin, and today it is the highest-valued digital coin. And, though consumers continue to scramble to cash in on the trending currency, the technology behind Bitcoin — known as … [More]

On-Demand Home Buying/Selling

by Cortney Read

OfferPad’s on-demand technology platform provides homeowners the ability to move freely, eliminating the stress and unpredictability associated with the traditional real estate process. Homeowners visit, request a free purchase offer and, within 24-hours, receive an offer on their home. Once an offer is accepted, people can select their closing date. Buyers can … [More]

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

by RaeAnne Marsh

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed in December. As with any law, there are the specified rules and regulations that are written into it as well as impact that extends from those rules and regulations. But Austin Graff, an accountant with Schwartzer Tax and Accounting, notes the key effects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will depend in large part on how the business is … [More]

Money, the Final ‘Off Limits’ Topic

by George Grombacher

Religion and politics used to be the “off limits” topics around polite company, but now a visit to Facebook suggests Americans are more than comfortable with those subjects. Two subjects that have also remained off limits until recently are sex and money. The #MeToo movement that started in Hollywood has opened the door to conversations about sexual abuse as well as many … [More]