ListenUp with This App That Tells Users All about Where They Are 

by RaeAnne Marsh

ListenUp is a revolutionary free audio app that tells its users stories about where they are, wherever in the world they may be. It uses artificial intelligence to assemble stories, then can translate them into up to 22 languages. In essence, the founders have discovered a way to source information about any location in the world, at almost no cost, and make it available to … [More]

Bergy Bag: Made Up for Makeup to Beat the Heat 

by RaeAnne Marsh

“Make up can be expensive. We want to protect it from getting ruined and having to be replaced,” says Bergy Bag founder Heather Dziedzic. “Also, who loves wiping up melted lipstick off the sides of our makeup bags ... not it!” So, she designed a fashionable cosmetic bag that keeps cosmetics or skin care — or anything that can melt or needs to stay cool — from melting or … [More]

Sinatra: Revolutionary Tech for Hospitality

by RaeAnne Marsh

Sinatra is a platform of software and hardware tools for hospitality. The initial launch of the platform is Sinatra Training, which, being fully digitized and optimized for mobile, allows for a highly engaging experience that is optimized for this generation of staff and offers continuous and relevant digital training.  Founders Adam Laor and Brian Pierce met and initially … [More]

Garden Party Girls Makes Events ‘Instagram-able’

by RaeAnne Marsh

Sydney Crimmins founded Scottsdale-based Garden Party Girls a year ago as an event design company that specializes in commercial floral installations and “Instagram-able” spaces for advertising and marketing. “The one-of-a-kind installations allow local businesses to stand out and bring in guests who are looking for an over-the-top experience,” she explains. As owner and … [More]

Peerlogic: Filling Dentists’ Revenue Generation Need

by RaeAnne Marsh

Ryan and Kristen Miller created Peerlogic to help dental practices generate more revenue through voice-based conversational intelligence. “By providing feedback on the revenue activities of both inbound and outbound phone calls, we help dental practice operators close more opportunities, identify the root causes of lost revenue, efficiently train staff and make informed … [More]

Dynamic Purchasing Solutions Clears School Vendor Hurdles

by RaeAnne Marsh

Dynamic Purchasing Solutions provides purchasing services to K-12 teachers and school clubs. DPS helps facilitate transactions through public schools and outside vendors. Through DPS, teachers purchase the items they choose without being limited by the school’s pre-approved vendor list, wait times and lengthy purchasing process.  Cooper Weissman founded DPS last year and is … [More]

OHM Fitness Takes Off at an Electrifying Pace

by RaeAnne Marsh

OHM Fitness is the first franchise to deliver small group workouts using the highly effective electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) using wearable technology through its EMPower Suit. Explains founder Doug Payne, “This high-tech fitness experience packs the benefits of an intense two-hour workout into a low-impact, 25-minute session with a low rate of wear and tear on the joints, … [More]

Terkel – Where the Question Is the Marketing Solution

by RaeAnne Marsh

Terkel is a question-and-answer site that turns any professional question into an article featuring expert insights. More than 7,500 leaders and professionals from organizations like Google, Harvard, VISA, Southwest Airlines, Airbnb, the NFL and more answer questions on Terkel to build their brand and share their expertise. Meanwhile, more than 300 brands, among them Calendly, … [More]

Brightside Studios – More than a Co-Working Space for Creatives

by RaeAnne Marsh

Brightside Studios opened its doors to “the creatives of Arizona” on February 22, 2022, offering a large creative space for traditional artists of all types along with live music, an art store and delicious coffee for the public.  “At Brightside, artists of all types and skill levels can enjoy our open-concept studio, catered to most artistic needs. It’s a bustling … [More]

Why Do Many Startups/Businesses Fail Quickly?

by Jack Diehl

Across the country, many people are leaving their jobs and starting their own businesses. People may want to start their own business to follow their passion, have control over their lifestyle and schedule and pursue financial independence. However, according to (“The True Failure Rate of Small Businesses”; January 3, 2021), the failure rate of small businesses … [More]

AZ Liquids – Flowing Its Juices and Coffees B2C and B2B

by RaeAnne Marsh

AZ Liquids, established in early 2021, is a fresh-pressed juice and coffee company with products for health-minded individuals. Fares Tarabichi drew on his Parisian culinary experience in establishing this company to bring freshly pressed produce to consumers, and AZ Liquids juices are now distributed in gourmet restaurants and stores across the Valley as well as … [More]

Stenson Tamaddon: Technology-First Accounting 

by Elizabeth Parra

As part of the CARES Act introduced in 2020, Congress created a new tax credit known as Employee Retention Credit (ERC) to incentivize employers to keep workers on the payroll during the pandemic. Through this program, qualifying businesses can receive up to $26,000 per employee.  Stenson Tamaddon launched a few months into the pandemic to aid business owners who were … [More]

BitFire Studios: Cutting-Edge Tech Serves Video Content Creators

by Mike Hunter

BitFire Studios opened its doors in Phoenix in Oct. 2021. At that time, BitFire Studios joined BitFire Networks, which came to be in July of 2020. BitFire Networks & Studios is the only combined company of its kind anywhere in the country — combining a state-of-the-art LED studio with a proprietary IP transmission network designed to take a client’s broadcast quality video … [More]

GVC Creates Non-Insurance Healthcare Membership

by Mike Hunter

GVC (Give Virtual Care) Health Tech is a non-insurance, best-in-class, virtual healthcare solution offering a comprehensive healthcare membership of unlimited virtual access for general health, mental health, crisis care, expert second medical opinions and discounted prescriptions.  With labor shortages plaguing the country, the GVC private-labeled Give Virtual Care App … [More]

Connect-UV Sanitizes with the Power of Natural Light

by RaeAnne Marsh

Nic Brown founded Connect-UV in March 2020 in direct response to the COVID pandemic and the need to keep people safe from dangerous germs. Connect-UV provides UV-C sanitation products for consumers and businesses. UV-C is naturally occurring light that is filtered by our ozone layer. The wavelength of the light destroys the DNA of microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, and … [More]

Puzzle Rides’ Unique Adventures also Support Other Old-Town Small Businesses 

by Holly Morgan

Katie and Gregg Dufort created Puzzle Rides, a mobile escape room-style scavenger hunt, in the middle of the pandemic. When their Old Town golf cart taxi service got shut down in 2020 because of coronavirus, the couple pivoted to bring one-of-a-kind experiences to the city. Puzzle Rides is an adventure game where players are taken on a scavenger hunt via golf cart and must use … [More]

Caribou: Childcare & Community

by RaeAnne Marsh 

Taking to heart the advice, “Create a product that people need,” Dinali de Silva and Jordan Kong founded Caribou last year to provide “reliable childcare.” Says de Silva, “Childcare in America is a fragmented and broken system. The current options are either too expensive for the average family or don't offer the one-to-one attention that young kids need. At Caribou, we believe … [More]

Family Tradition Inspires Leila’s Empanadas 

by RaeAnne Marsh

Owner and chef Leila Beltrame of Leila’s Empanadas, started putting her artisan empanadas and Brazilian cheese rolls on the market last November, launching with an event to benefit a local nonprofit. “They are healthy food options because they do not contain any type of preservative,” she says, noting they use the best ingredients available, including organic. “We sell them … [More]

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