Bunker Labs: Entrepreneurial Boost for Veterans

by RaeAnne Marsh

Bunker Labs is a national network of veteran entrepreneurs dedicated to helping new veteran, military spouse, and active duty military entrepreneurs start their own business. The nonprofit is committed to seeing that every entrepreneur in the veteran community has the network, tools and resources they need to start their own business. “Bunker Labs was started in 2014 by … [More]

LIV AZ Realty: Boutique Brokerage Raises Bar on Training

by Lynn Janson and John Cabezas

We are a boutique real estate brokerage, founded last September. We serve our clients by providing assistance in purchasing and selling residential real estate. This is a second career for both of us — our first careers were in sales and sales management — and we realized early on that the real estate school does not give new licensees any training or education on how to market … [More]

Canyon Ventures: Innovative Accelerator

by RaeAnne Marsh

GCU’s focus on benefitting its students and its community is evident in its recently launched business accelerator, Canyon Ventures. Member businesses must hire GCU students, a valuable pool of talent for the businesses that also benefits the students by giving them marketable experience as a foot in the door for future employment. Not only is space rent-free, but Canyon … [More]

From Research to Revenue

by Ben Smith

No research goes to market without time and money spent. Great ideas often die in a lab or workshop because the person behind them does not have the knowledge on how to bring the idea to market. While one may have the talent and skills to develop an idea, it’s crucial to have someone on the team who understands marketing, accounting, fundraising, et cetera, to bring the idea to … [More]

Startups in 2020 – How to Get an Idea Funded

by Ben Smith

Many of us think we have a “great idea,” but getting that idea to a point someone will write a check for is far more complex than many may think. To get funded, it’s important to look for three key elements: Is the idea scalable? Is the team behind it solid and capable to get it there? And is the market actually ready for it? The goal is to convince the potential funders that … [More]

Finding a Home In-Between

by RaeAnne Marsh

An unfilled niche in the real estate industry?! Explains Nick Calvi, “My wife and I were in between homes and in need of a comfortable furnished home for three to four months. We found the process to be very frustrating, calling and emailing owners and property managers, not getting any response. This created extra stress in an already very stressful time. We thought it should … [More]

FLI-ing Right into Sustainability Challenges

by RaeAnne Marsh

When nothing is certain, anything is possible. All it takes for someone to be successful is to find their passion, build a coalition, and work until they transform the future. Alice Murphy and Mark Hansen took this advice to heart when they founded FLI Right last April. “FLI Right is on a mission to transform the future with transformative technologies that aim to support … [More]

rePurpose Disrupts the Waste Cycle

by RaeAnne Marsh

“We believe in recycling as a solution for today, and reduction and redesign as solutions for tomorrow,” says rePurpose co-founder Svanika Balasubramanian. “At rePurpose, we are building a global movement of conscious consumers and businesses going #PlasticNeutral by supporting waste workers worldwide.” The company was founded last year with a mission to provide simple, … [More]

Got Liquid Nitrogen?

by Mike Hunter

That is the question prominently lettered on the side of the N7 Delivery truck that seeks to answer it. Inspired by the need for nitrogen delivery to service their Creamistry locations, business partners Andre Wadsworth and Ryan Zeleznak launched N7 Delivery this past summer to provide nitrogen delivery services to local retail businesses around the Valley in addition to their … [More]

Accounting Aims to Serve Cannabis Businesses

by RaeAnne Marsh

Rebel Rock Accounting provides cannabis businesses nationwide with specialty accounting solutions, tax services, CFO/controller services and business system implementation, filling what CFO Melissa Diaz describes as “a clear void in the fast-paced, ever-evolving industry.” From grow operations and seed-to-sale businesses to dispensaries and beyond, she says she and her fellow … [More]