Commercial Real Estate in the Time of COVID-19

by RaeAnne Marsh

Real estate has always been a major part of our economy. And, as a lagging indicator whose thread weaves through businesses of every type, size and sector, it is also the perfect instrument with which to take the pulse of our economic health. Looking at how the pandemic is affecting the market, Jonathan Keyser of Keyser LLC says, “There’s a lot of impact that’s happening,” … [More]

The Rebuilding of Our Economy: Industry Leaders Speak Out on COVID-19

by RaeAnne Marsh

Businesses of every size and in every economic sector have been restructuring their operations, their business model and, in many instances, their products and services. On our website and through our In Business Dailies, we’ve shared the stories of individual companies that have put new focus on helping their community — businesses as well as individuals — better survive the … [More]

In-Depth: A Look at All Types of Insurance during Pandemic

by Michael Giusti

People may debate whether or not this pandemic could have been foreseen, but in most areas of the insurance industry, they saw it coming 18 years ago. That is because, following the SARS epidemic in 2002, nearly every line of insurance coverage began writing in clauses that excluded pandemics and infectious disease causes, protecting many insurers from having to pay out claims … [More]

Healthcare: Wellness Matters More than Ever

by RaeAnne Marsh

Health and wellness is a mindset, in many ways. It requires a participant to recognize that it’s about “me” and to be aware that “what I do” affects the outcome. The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought that awareness to the fore as people make deliberate choices on what they do and where they go. Businesses have long offered healthcare and related programs to their … [More]

21 Businesses You Must Know

By RaeAnne Marsh

Greater Phoenix has no shortage of great, successful companies. It also remains a hot spot for entrepreneurs, and many of their startups scale up to become more of our great, successful companies. In Business Magazine has chosen to showcase 21 businesses in our community, in different sectors and at different stages of growth. They offer candid answers to two questions that … [More]

Phoenix Rising

by RaeAnne Marsh

It’s not “business as usual” at many companies throughout Greater Phoenix, where entrepreneurs and corporate executives have been breaking out of the box and helping strengthen business in this fifth-largest metropolitan area in the nation. In Business Magazine has taken a cross-section of sectors key to our economy and has spoken with leaders of select companies to present … [More]

Greater Phoenix Cities Lead the Way

by RaeAnne Marsh

Having a lot of information doesn’t necessarily equate to being smart. With all our “smart” devices that generate mountains of data, what makes a difference in our lives is what we do with that information. Cities take that concept to a greater scale, benefitting both residents and business. In fact, in terms of growing and attracting business, Chris Camacho, president and … [More]

Great Leaders Driving Our Business Community

by RaeAnne Marsh

In a business world where sectors increasingly overlap and intertwine — and are buffeted unremittingly by the stresses from continuous and increasingly rapid technological changes and unpredictable political forces — it’s the leadership that counts in keeping a company strong and moving forward. In its annual tradition, In Business Magazine reached out to some of the … [More]

Innovating Healthcare: Coverage and Cost

by RaeAnne Marsh

Not every business comes to the question of healthcare coverage from the same angle, but they share a common concern: cost. Innovations that impact cost in the healthcare space are coming out of two businesses with a presence in Metro Phoenix, one home-grown and one recently expanded here. “The talent market is so competitive right now, and employees are looking for so much … [More]

Achieving Greatness

by RaeAnne Marsh

There will come a time when it will seem odd to single out women as a separate population in the business world. But today — even with the tremendous advances in opportunity, from funding to operation, over the past few decades — we’re still on that road to universal parity. So here, recognizing that, often, women are still pioneering, we celebrate the success of women in … [More]