Funding the Effects of the Pandemic to Grow Business 

by Mike Hunter

Business is the lifeblood of any economy. Small businesses are said to be the fuel that any strong economy runs on. That thinking has, until earlier this year, been what we have proven — making Greater Phoenix one of the top places to be in business. We are fortunate to have some of the stories of those who have received funding to get them through the toughest of times in … [More]

Injecting Funds to Sustain Our Economy

by Mike Hunter

Many are stepping up, but these funding partners are doing the hard work to provide immediate help through relief grants and other programs. While some of these organizations regularly grant funds, there is no question that the volume — both in number of grants and amount of funds — is a lot to manage and disburse. Overwhelmed staff changed policies, and the urgency of doing it … [More]

Great Impact: Funding Businesses and Nonprofits to Sustain Our Economy

by Mike Hunter

Our community has stepped up to the plate to help businesses of all sizes — it always has. This economic downturn is among the worst we have seen. No one could have anticipated a time in modern America when business would be asked to simply shut down. Prior to the pandemic, our economy was stronger than most other states in the country. From population growth to property … [More]

Returning to Work after Beating COVID-19 

by Dana Lam 

Receiving a positive coronavirus diagnosis can be scary. After I was diagnosed, I knew that people’s perceptions would change, because this is such a misunderstood virus. I was confident in my health and the fact that I could take the precautions necessary, but I didn’t immediately think about how the diagnosis would impact me beyond the two weeks of illness. I spent … [More]

Our Journey to Safely Reopening 

by John Mahlmeister 

To keep employees and customers safe amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have had to alter the way they do business. As stay-at-home orders lift from state to state, these companies continue to look for ways to improve safety and sanitation in the workplace.  One such company is national ice machine provider Easy Ice. Before allowing its employees to return … [More]

Starting a Business during COVID-19

by Stefanie Lerner

Encore Creative was my pride and joy. I joined what was then known as Encore Entertainment in 2002. It was already a successful Arizona entertainment event production company, but in 2014 I took the reins and began leading the company. Through the years, we built a great scenic shop to fabricate one-of-a-kind set pieces, a cast of stellar entertainers and artists, and grew from … [More]

COVID-19 Stories: Experiences that Show Our Strength

Can a small-business owner operate her business while fighting the novel coronavirus herself? Is there another avenue to pursue when COVID-19 closes a business’s bread-and-butter revenue stream? Are there new best practices a business can discover — and share with others? Three businesses share their stories of what they learned and how they grew their business during the … [More]

Road to Recovery: A Look Sector by Sector

by RaeAnne Marsh

Businesses’ first reaction to COVID-19-related disruption was to retrench and protect — actions that were, essentially, reactive. While that may have been the wisest move in the short-term, it is no way to sustain a business over the long-term.  Even businesses that were proactive in their response must adjust to new realities in the economy and the business community going … [More]

Commercial Real Estate in the Time of COVID-19

by RaeAnne Marsh

Real estate has always been a major part of our economy. And, as a lagging indicator whose thread weaves through businesses of every type, size and sector, it is also the perfect instrument with which to take the pulse of our economic health. Looking at how the pandemic is affecting the market, Jonathan Keyser of Keyser LLC says, “There’s a lot of impact that’s happening,” … [More]

The Rebuilding of Our Economy: Industry Leaders Speak Out on COVID-19

by RaeAnne Marsh

Businesses of every size and in every economic sector have been restructuring their operations, their business model and, in many instances, their products and services. On our website and through our In Business Dailies, we’ve shared the stories of individual companies that have put new focus on helping their community — businesses as well as individuals — better survive the … [More]