Retail on Top: Why Brick-and-Mortar Businesses Are Booming

by RaeAnne Marsh

Commerce makes the world go ‘round, and retail is its end play. With all the shifting and challenges of recent years, In Business Magazine decided to take a look at retail’s brick-and-mortar component, where transactions are made with a human connection. Here’s the human voice of retail enterprises that span merchandise and service, from one-shop businesses to those … [More]

Evolution of Retail and Malls in the Phoenix Metro

by Ryan Sarbinoff

Over the past 20 years, retail real estate has continued to adapt and evolve in the face of several headwinds, including the broader adoption of e-commerce and greater focus on social experiences. One of the key avenues by which the retail sector has changed is the embracing of an omnichannel presence. The second key avenue is integrating mixed-use spaces that expand the retail … [More]

Job Creation: Why is Metro Phoenix the Hot Job-Growth Market?

by RaeAnne Marsh

Sendoso is adding nearly 1,000 jobs to its established workforce here as it relocates its corporate headquarters from San Francisco to Phoenix’s historic neighborhood The Grove. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company expects to create 10,000 high-paying high-tech jobs at the two fabrication facilities it is building in north Phoenix, including 4,500 direct TSMC jobs. … [More]

19 Top Leaders Who Are Making a Real Difference! 

by Mike Hunter

Each year, we select top leaders who have had great successes in the past year. This year we selected 19 leaders in many established sectors within our business community. We asked some hard-hitting questions of these leaders to get a sense of what they see for 2023. Each of them is truly entrenched in growing their companies and our economy, in developing policy, managing … [More]

Innovating the Restaurant Market: Inside the Industry with Some of Our Leading Restaurateurs

by RaeAnne Marsh

“Greater Phoenix is such an amazing incubator for up-and-coming restaurant concepts and has become a dining destination attracting visitors from across the nation and all parts of the world,” says Joey Maggiore, co-founder of The Maggiore Group. “It has really been growing quickly and it has been astonishing to be a part of our restaurant industry’s massive growth and see it … [More]

Ever-Changing Healthcare and the Impact It’s Having on Our Companies and Their People

by RaeAnne Marsh

Healthcare continues to evolve, and with that evolution are changes not just in employee benefits but in how healthcare issues impact the workplace. In Business Magazine has reached out to leaders with expertise in the healthcare and benefits industries for their insights on trending matters to help employers stay on top of what’s important. Inside View of the Pandemic … [More]

Leadership & Achievement: Celebrating 2022 Women of Achievement

by RaeAnne Marsh

Many hard-fought gains for women in the business world were suspended, if not actually lost, through the COVID-19 pandemic. But we recognize the strengths women bring to the business world, which are proven in studies of businesses’ success in all segments of the economy. We have many strong and talented women in our community who may eschew the spotlight for themselves to … [More]

Sustaining Profits: The Environment and Its Challenges Are Driving Business Success

by RaeAnne Marsh

From an overabundance of sun to an underabundance of water, the natural environment has become the elephant in the room for the business community. But many see it as big opportunity. “Like many regions in the Southwest, Greater Phoenix is addressing environmental issues from water and drought to urban heat,” says Chris Camacho, president and CEO of Greater Phoenix Economic … [More]

Are You Game? How Gaming and Sporting Events Are a ‘Big Win’ for Our Economy

by RaeAnne Marsh

Gaming and sports have gone together for a long time; the new trend in sportsbooks brings it out of odds-makers’ back rooms and into prominent display. A Powerhouse Punch on the Economy “With nearly $2.8 billion wagered, the positive economic boosts from regulated sports wagering have been vast and should only trend upward as the market matures,” says Christopher Boan, … [More]

Your Business & the Law

by RaeAnne Marsh

The upheaval of the past couple of years has required businesses to adapt and adopt a lot of change to survive. Some of this comes from social pressures as attitudes and habits change, and some comes from new regulatory guidelines and requirements. Attorneys bring businesses expertise to help them navigate the changing landscape and, where needed, can be the anchor that keeps … [More]

Our Industrial Market Is Booming!

by RaeAnne Marsh

“We are seeing an industrial technologies renaissance, led by semiconductor companies like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company building a massive campus in north Phoenix and Intel expanding with Fab 52 and Fab 62 in the southeast Valley that are driving a whole ecosystem of investment,” says Chris Camacho, president and CEO of Greater Phoenix Economic Council. He notes … [More]

Our Bioscience Economy

by RaeAnne Marsh

“If you look at Phoenix of old — if the pandemic had happened in the Phoenix of old — we’d have immediately launched into a recession, like a lot of other top markets have launched into a quasi-recession. But because Phoenix is so diversified in so many industries, the city manager announced last week we have a $76-million surplus this year. Not in a recession. We are moving … [More]

The Ripple Effect: How Nonprofits Build Our Economy

by RaeAnne Marsh

“Based on Arizona and U.S. national statistics on impact of the nonprofit sector, it’s very clear that it is an economic driver in terms of workforce development generating economic potential,” says Richard Tollefson, founder and president of The Phoenix Philanthropy Group. In fact, David Martinez III, director of community engagement at Vitalyst Health Foundation, calls it … [More]

Workplace Progress: Who is stepping up diversity? 

by RaeAnne Marsh

Interest in diversity, equity and inclusion is arguably a universal in business these days. But there is no universal one-size-fits-all DEI program.Businesses may be tempted to apply to their own operations programs they’ve seen be effective in other organizations. But, as Joel (JP) Martin, Ph.D., emphasizes, “Each program is organic.” Speaking from her two decades’ experience … [More]

Employers, Employees and the ‘Great Resignation’

by RaeAnne Marsh

“When you identify a statistical trend large enough to garner its own label like the ‘Great Resignation,’ it is likely that there is more than one contributing factor,” says Eric M. Bailey, president of Phoenix-based business consulting firm Bailey Strategic Innovation Group, pointing out that we are approximately two years into a global health crisis that has caused tremendous … [More]

21 Top Leaders Who Are Making a Real Difference!

by Mike Hunter

Each year, we interview some of the Valley’s top leaders to give our readership some insight into what they see in the coming year for business. This year, we asked some hard-hitting questions of 21 top leaders who are truly entrenched in building our economy, developing policy, managing people and growing business through innovations that have demonstrated a real positive … [More]

Is Every Company a Tech Company?

by RaeAnne Marsh

Technology is indisputably an economic driver as a sector. Is it also a driver of successful growth in other sectors? “The technology industry is critical to economic growth in any community today because it not only produces high-wage jobs, but also supports many other industries,” says Eric Miller, principal and co-owner of Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies and … [More]

Mental Health & the Workplace 

by RaeAnne Marsh

“Aside from a worker shortage, arguably the most significant issue facing employers is mental health,” says Peggy Chase, president and CEO of Terros Health. This reality has forced into the open a topic once too stigmatized to be spoken about. Arizona ranks 47th in the U.S. for access to mental health care, according to Sandra Zebrowski, M.D., corporate medical director of … [More]

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