Messaging a Warm Reception

by Eric M. Bailey

We all know that if there is one set of instructions and five people listening to those instructions, it’s a virtual certainty that different people will perceive and interpret those instructions differently. Said more plainly, the information will be received differently.  The reason leadership communication is so difficult is leaders can expect the number of people they … [More]

Young Professionals Program Provides Opportunity for Networking, Community Involvement and Professional Development

In its 12th year, The Greater Phoenix Chamber’s Valley Young Professional (VYP) program offers entrepreneurs, community leaders, and business professionals a chance to network, get involved in the community, and grow personally and professionally. The group is open to Valley-area professionals ages 25-39. It aims to create the next generation of Phoenix leaders by connecting … [More]

Why In-Person Interaction Remains Critical in the Age of Remote Work

Not long after the COVID-19 pandemic forced a shift to remote work, the internet security research firm Twingate conducted a national survey to find out what workers missed most about going to the office. Heading the list: “Social connections,” followed closely by “human contact in general.” Those answers aren’t surprising to Phil Kelley Jr., author of Presence and … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: Relaciones empresariales: Las 5 amistades clave de los emprendedores exitosos

por Edgar R. Olivo

No es ningún secreto que las relaciones son importantes para nuestras vidas. Nos ayudan a pensar fuera de lo común, desafiar nuestras suposiciones y crecer como individuos. Cuando las relaciones se nutren, las recompensas son realización, satisfacción y felicidad. Pero, ¿qué sucede cuando aplica este concepto a una pequeña empresa? Todo emprendedor exitoso tiene una red de … [More]

Business Relationships: 5 Key Friendships of Successful Entrepreneurs

by Edgar R. Olivo

It is no secret that relationships are important to our lives. They help us think outside the box, challenge our assumptions, and grow as individuals. When relationships are nourished, the rewards are fulfillment, contentment and happiness. But what happens when you apply this concept to a small business? Every successful entrepreneur has a network of supportive relationships … [More]

Keywords for Communication Strategy during Invasion of Ukraine: Accuracy and Empathy

As Russia’s aggressive attack on Ukraine persists, the past week has made it more apparent than ever what profound impact informational warfare has in shaping public opinion on the invasion and pressuring entrepreneurs and companies to act. Many businesses have made their position clear and temporarily ceased operations in Russia to demonstrate their disapproval of the … [More]

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Business Relationships and Grow Your Company

Another record year for entrepreneurship could be in store for 2022. But how many of these new business owners end up succeeding will depend on more than the quality of the products and services they offer. Creating and nurturing customer relationships allow businesses to offer a more personalized and enticing customer experience, which produces the buyer loyalty that is … [More]

3 Ways to Nurture Business Relationships through Online Meetings 

by Phil Kelley Jr.

Did you fight to keep from nodding off during your company’s most recent video call?  Or are you leading the meeting and half your group is hiding behind black screens, secretly nodding off to your presentation? Perhaps you strained to understand a speaker with a faulty microphone, or lost connection due to your own tech malfunctions? Video conferencing is your next best … [More]

How to Select the Right Social Media Tools for Your Business 

by Christena Garduno

When selecting a tool for your brand, there are many excellent alternatives and so many incredible, time-saving capabilities that it's challenging to determine which one is best for you. Each tool has its advantages, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, how can you choose which one is the most appropriate match for you? Here are a few helpful … [More]

An American Businessperson in a Global World

by Susanne Evens 

In the American business world, there is a generally accepted, and often unspoken, etiquette that most businesspeople follow: Be on time, dress professionally, use a firm handshake, make eye contact, show initiative, be respectful of one’s superiors and so on. Look around the world, however, and there are widely diverse protocols that can quickly lead to cultural barriers, … [More]

Handling Difficult Conversations Remotely

by Roberta Matuson

No one could have accurately predicted that one day just about the entire world would go remote. But that’s precisely what happened when the coronavirus hit and pretty much brought everyone to a standstill. Within days of the official announcement of a pandemic, employers shut down their offices and sent workers home, leaving no time to train leaders on how to best manage … [More]

Are We ‘Hear’ for Each Other?

by Don Henninger

You can observe a lot just by watching. That’s one of the sayings made famous by Yogi Berra, a Hall of Fame baseball catcher perhaps best known for his off-the-wall quotes. While some of his “Yogi-isms” are hilarious, many of them have a deeper meaning if you take a minute to think about it. Here’s a twist on “watching” that might have a useful purpose. You can hear … [More]

3 Tips for Companies to Re-Engage as They Return to the Office

by Shideh Doerr

As companies begin phasing back into in-office work, they might notice employees engaging in a different manner. After nearly two years of isolating, Zoom meetings and remote work, many are feeling anxious and nervous thinking about daily interactions with people they’ve only ever seen or worked with virtually. If you're a business leader whose company is shifting into the … [More]

It’s Me, Not You (Actually, Maybe It Is You!) When It’s Time to Divorce Your Clients

by Kate Zabriskie

More than a hundred of her clients use her services only once a year. They expect champagne service on a beer budget, and they pull her attention away from the people she works with regularly. This group is weighing her down, and after some soul searching, she’s decided they’ve got to go. Her business is running her, and it’s not working. Plain and simple, he doesn’t like … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: 6 pasos sencillos para comunicarse de manera eficaz

por Edgar R. Olivo

¿Por qué es importante la comunicación eficaz en los negocios? Todo se reduce al resultado final de sus ingresos. El resultado final es el ingreso neto de una empresa después de que todos los gastos se hayan pagado con sus ganancias. Este es el número que necesita saber que determina si estará o no en el negocio. Y sin una comunicación eficaz, será muy difícil hacer crecer su … [More]

6 Simple Steps to Communicate Effectively

by Edgar R. Olivo

Why is effective communication important in business? It boils down to the bottom line. The bottom line is a company’s net income after all expenses have been paid out of its earnings. This is the number you need to know that determines whether or not you will be in business. And without effective communication, it will be very hard to grow your business or career toward … [More]

Why Integrated Communication Is the Future of Business

by Phil Cord

Because of growing digitalization, integrated communication has become more critical than ever. New inventions such as VoIP phone systems significantly increased the number of communication channels available and used by many different businesses. Additionally, the worldwide pandemic has only escalated the role of those channels. That's why every leader should know how to … [More]

Don’t Be The ‘Hot Mess’ Boss: 5 Communication Habits of the Emotionally Intelligent Leader

by Liz Uram

We’ve all seen it. The leader who receives bad news in a meeting and, with a loud outburst of disgust, slams their fist on the table. Or the leader who becomes overcome by their emotions and breaks down in tears. From one emotional extreme to the other, neither of these leaders instills confidence or trust in their team. Working for an emotionally unstable boss results in a … [More]

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