Nonprofit Housing Counseling Agency Provides Guidance to Arizona Residents Looking to Purchase or Rent a Home

Take Charge America, Inc.

In response to ongoing economic impacts of COVID-19, Phoenix-based Take Charge America has made its one-on-one housing counseling services free through the end of October. “Whether facing eviction, shopping for a home in a tight market or experiencing anxiety about foreclosure or mortgage default, people are experiencing a wide range of struggles related to … [More]

Are You Thinking of Selling Your Business? 4 Steps to Get Your Small Business Ready for an Investor

by Edgar R. Olivo

Cashing out or retiring during the pandemic is a real consideration that small-business owners have to face as they worry it will be more difficult in the years to come. The good news is that many investors are always looking for opportunities, especially during difficult times. According to a report by BizBuySell, many essential businesses have seen their revenues and … [More]

Only Arizona-Based Credit Union Named SBA Preferred Lending Partner

Arizona Federal Credit Union

Arizona Federal Credit Union announced today it has been designated an SBA Preferred Lending Partner (PLP) by the U.S. Small Business Administration, and is the only Arizona-based credit union with SBA PLP status. As an SBA preferred lender, Arizona Federal has the authority to approve its SBA-guaranteed loans, which simplifies and expedites the SBA-loan approval process for … [More]

BBB Pacific Southwest Continues to Award Vital Grants to Small Businesses 

BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest

As reopening orders slowly come into effect across state lines, businesses continue to face financial strains until some form of normalcy exists. Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB) has awarded an additional $21,500 through its Main St. Matters Grant Program to businesses experiencing hardship, bringing the total to over $100k granted since its … [More]

Phoenix Grant Expansion Lets Hundreds More Small Businesses Apply for Covid-19 Cash 

City of Phoenix

More small businesses are now eligible to apply for relief under the Phoenix Small Business Resiliency Grants Program. Previously ineligible companies are now able to seek grants up to $10,000 and commercial city service bill offsets, thanks to action by the Phoenix City Council. The changes modify business longevity requirements and expand the range of Covid-19-impacted … [More]

5 Steps to Start Selling Your Freelance Virtual Services

by Edgar R. Olivo

Are you exploring the idea of offering a freelance virtual service? Do you have an expertise that can help someone or a business? Do you have any special skills that other businesses need, such as writing, designing, selling or teaching? Welcome to the club. This article is for you. Setting up a freelance service is a great way to diversify your income whether you … [More]

Coronavirus Offers Businesses a Chance to Reset, Recharge and Rise Up

by Don Garner

Today, you can hardly go an hour without hearing news about the impact of COVID-19 on organizations. From hospitals and schools to businesses and nonprofits, no sector of the economy has remained untouched.  As many navigate through the unknown, now is a critical time to chart a course for future growth and prosperity. While it may sound counterintuitive, the timing lends … [More]

Keeping Small Business Up and Running

by Robert Blaney

Even in these unprecedented times, the U.S. Small Business Administration’s lending programs continue to help our economy. The pace of SBA loan-making is always a healthy sign for a good economy because the credit market is one of the foundations for ensuring the availability of financing for small businesses trying to establish themselves, grow and create new jobs throughout … [More]

Protecting Your Small Business’s Finances During and After Reopening

by Carson Lappetito

Many Arizona small-business owners faced a crisis during the quarantine. They could manage an economic downturn, but a full stop to their business was not sustainable. For the companies that survived into July, the challenges remain as COVID-19 continues to make its way through Arizona communities. As of July 2nd, the state’s government was rolling back some of the … [More]

New Research Shows Impact of COVID-19 on Small Business Finances

JPMorgan Chase Institute

The JPMorgan Chase Institute released new research examining the initial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on U.S. small business finances. This research is part of a series of insights that uses neareal-time data to investigate the economic impact of COVID-19. Findings include: Small business cash balances dropped 12.7% and revenues dropped as much as 50% at the onset of … [More]