Tackling Business Waste – 8 Ways Lean Strategies Can Help Improve the Bottom Line

by Edgar R. Olivo

Businesses of all sizes and industries produce waste, a devastating consequence that has serious implications in the workplace and on our natural world. Many of the environmental challenges we face today can be traced back to wastefulness, and business owners now have to focus on reducing their carbon footprint by operating leaner. Waste is also problematic for businesses … [More]

4 Expert-Approved Solutions to Small Business Failure

by JC Glancy

If you are a small business owner in the United States, you are in good company. According to the US Census Bureau, around 1.4 million new startups were filed between June and September 2020, but research from Lending Tree reveals that around 20% of those will fail during their first year. There are many reasons new businesses fail, from misreading the market, to hiring … [More]

The Need for Diversity on Corporate Boards and How to Get There


When companies such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Under Armour and others added more women and minorities to their boards of directors this past year, much was made of their efforts toward board diversity. But despite gains, diversity on corporate boards continues to be the exception rather than the rule. “While people like to talk about the need for diversity, the fact … [More]

Do Your Employees Respect You? Why It Matters What Type of Manager You Are


The workplace adage that employees leave managers, not companies, is supported by a survey, which reports that 84 percent of U.S. workers say poorly-trained managers create needless work and stress. And 57 percent of those workers queried by the Society for Human Resource Management think managers could use training on how to better manage people. This dominant opinion among … [More]

It Is Time to Re-Assess Your Strategic Assumptions

by Jill J. Johnson, MBA

Today’s business climate is exceptionally volatile and complex. In this type of uncertain environment, it is essential to reassess all the strategic assumptions that have been the foundation of your planning efforts. We no longer have the luxury of being able to take for granted that shifting trends will be easy to see or that customer needs will be stable. As so many … [More]

The Challenges to Hiring Experienced Chief Marketing Officers and the Rise of Fractional CMOs

by Maury Rogow

The average tenure for CMOs fell to 40 months last year, the lowest average since 2009. Meanwhile, marketing executives are under major pressure with tightening budgets coupled with a need to improve ROI. As turnover continues to rise, businesses are scrambling to find new ways to hire experienced leadership and improve marketing and sales efforts. One approach finding … [More]

High-Impact Coaching: 7 Skills That Will Take Your Coaching Results to the Next Level

by Edgar R. Olivo

In today's economy, flexibility is a key trait to have in a distributed workforce. Leaders and teams must embrace diversity, inclusion and equity to succeed in the future of work. Coaching as a skill has become the ultimate competency for team managers and leaders. The ability to engage in motivating and empowering conversations can create a safe space for teams to have a … [More]

Their Take: Confessions of a CEO: Three COVID Learnings That Changed My Outlook on Leadership

by Pam Kehaly

After more than 30 years in my career, and well before the pandemic, I was unconvinced that a remote or hybrid workforce could really work for us. In fact, many things I thought I knew about culture, collaboration in a workplace setting, relationships with customers, and people’s capacity for change came crashing down … in the best possible way. Here is what I have learned … [More]

Leading When Times Are Good

by Zanzibar Vermiglio

It’s almost second nature for business leaders to lean in and help their team weather a storm. The pandemic was a perfect example, as many companies were trying to figure out new and creative ways to make sales to keep from closing their doors. On the other hand, these trying times turned into a pot of gold for many companies that were able to pivot quickly. The stream of new … [More]

Affordable Homes within Reach

by Lisa Urias

As our state confronts the third most severe affordable housing shortage in the nation, it’s clear that the status quo won’t cut it for average Arizonans. Compounded with rising rental rates, soaring overall demand and a high percentage of households at risk of eviction, the number of people experiencing homelessness has risen steadily in recent years. As a community-centric … [More]

The Science of Dream Teams

by Mike Hunter

How does an employer find the perfect person for the job in a stack of hundreds of resumes? Why do some teams succeed while others — made up of equally talented people — stumble? If the quality of a business’s workforce is the business’s most important asset, then why are its managers still basing these critical decisions primarily on interviews and their gut instincts? In The … [More]


by Mike Hunter

Pie Graphs are commonly used by corporations to illustrate their diversity. Improvements in pie graph analytics have been accepted as progress by corporate standards. True Diversity challenges this conventional wisdom, exposes the inherent weaknesses of pie graphs and challenges companies to “Go Beyond the Pie Graph.” Is it possible that these individuals who would occupy … [More]

Scaling for Success

by Mike Hunter

Managing a high-growth organization requires both strategy and adaptability. Unfortunately, startup founders and executives seeking to scale up to the next level find all too frequently that growth turns into chaos. Rather than laying the groundwork for the future, organizations get stuck by covering up complex problems with unsustainable band-aids and duct-tape fixes, … [More]

The Need for Diversity on Corporate Boards and How to Get There


When companies such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Under Armour and others added more women and minorities to their boards of directors this past year, much was made of their efforts toward board diversity. But despite gains, diversity on corporate boards continues to be the exception rather than the rule. “While people like to talk about the need for diversity, the fact … [More]

How Gratitude Can Strengthen and Grow a Business during a Crisis


The COVID-19 crisis has affected people in every way imaginable, including the way they view their life. For some, the pandemic has made them stop taking good things and people in their life for granted; for others, the silver linings are harder to find. Having and showing gratitude in the midst of a crisis can be difficult, but research shows that it improves one’s health … [More]

Pride Month: Five Ways Small Businesses Can Support the LGBTQ+ Community

by Edgar R. Olivo

Each year, more and more businesses across the country update their logos with the rainbow symbol used to celebrate Pride Month in June. They do this marketing gesture in support of the LGBTQ+ community and embrace queer lives as important members in our society. Pride Month is an entire month dedicated to uplift LGBTQ+ voices, celebrate LGBTQ+ culture and support LGBTQ+ … [More]

Productivity Guilt: 6 Mindset Strategies to Help You Avoid This Common Burnout Symptom

by Edgar R. Olivo

Do you ever feel guilty when you are not productive? That feeling is called “productivity guilt” and it is a mindset of feeling bad when you are not creating, achieving, producing or working hard. You might have intrusive thoughts about how you wasted your time, you are not good enough or feel like a failure because you did not do enough work. It is more common than you … [More]

Creative Directions

by Mike Hunter

Creative Directions is a management masterclass in which readers attend lectures and seminars as they learn from some of the best in the business, including directors Ava DuVernay (When They See Us) and Joe Russo (Avengers: Endgame); two-time Academy Award-winning editor Angus Wall (The Social Network); executive producers from hit TV shows like “The Simpsons” and “GLOW”; and … [More]

Talent Management Reimagined

by Richard Tollefson

While attracting great talent and reducing staff turnover is a persistent challenge in often financially constrained nonprofit organizations, there are solutions. The key is to think holistically.  Taking a holistic approach to talent management requires an organization to look beyond the day-to-day issues and crisis management that human resource teams naturally get pulled … [More]

I’m Stuck in Weeds and Can’t Get Out: The Micromanager’s Recovery Guide

by Kate Zabriskie

He gives me an assignment and tells me to do it my way. I only wish he meant it. My way doesn’t seem to hit the mark. He changes the smallest details. I dread getting new work. I’ve had this job for six years. At this point, I think I understand how it works. It’s so frustrating to be treated like someone who just walked in the door. Yesterday, I found her checking my … [More]

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