There Is No Vaccine for Your Company Culture: 4 “Musts” for Leading through Times of Change

by Jason V. Barger

There is no magic pill, button or wand that you wave that will quickly fix or treat the ails of your culture.  We live in an instant gratification world where people/employees/leaders want things to change for the better immediately. They want the negativity, dysfunction and toxic elements of the organization to be eradicated overnight.  But when it comes to your company … [More]

Business Success Can Begin at a Surprising Starting Point: Philosophy

In an age when college students are urged to choose an area of study based on financial returns, philosophy has become a much-maligned major. But those who dismiss philosophy as something with no practical use are overlooking how studying Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and others has real-world applications in business, says Cristina DiGiacomo, author of Wise Up! At Work and … [More]

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: 5 Strategies to Help High-Achieving Individuals Reduce Self-Doubt

by Edgar R. Olivo

Do you ever feel like you do not deserve the success or achievements you have? Do you ever feel like you are not as bright as people think you are? If you answered “yes,” you may have experienced a form of imposter syndrome. This phenomenon was first described by psychologists in 1978, and according to studies it can affect anyone, regardless of job title and social status. … [More]

Ready to Grow? 7 In-Demand Skills to Take Your Business or Career to the Next Level

by Edgar R. Olivo

As we watch the cycles of the economy react to a new world under duress with a new breath of hope of a new administration, many professionals are seeking ways to stay competitive in the workplace. Investing in your own skill set will always be one of the best investments you can make in a time of rapid global change. But what skills are in demand? What skills can actually help … [More]

Balancing Act: Creating Your Work-From-Home Policy in the COVID-19 Era

by Laura Dribin

Those who have worked from home for years would likely consider the current “COVID-19 work-from-home” routine as quite different from their previous version. Working from home pre-COVID still allowed the flexibility of going to the office for some face-to-face meetings, or, if nothing else, allowed workers to turn off their computer at the end of the day and shut down. Fast … [More]

In Business Magazine Celebrates 15 Valley Women for Leadership in a Time When It Is Needed More than Ever

In Business Magazine, once again, brought together top local women of achievement to share their stories and inspire Valley business leaders at the annual Women of Achievement in a live broadcast. Fifteen Valley Women of Achievement were celebrated for their achievements in leadership at a time when leadership is needed more than ever before. In Business Magazine’s editorial … [More]

How to Be a Hands-On Leader in Social Distancing Times 

by Joel Patterson

There are plenty of suggestions out there about how to best lead a company, but have you ever been told that an uninvolved, uninterested, hands-off leadership strategy is the way to go? Probably not. Being a hands-on leader is more important than ever these days, as many teams are working remote. The more a leader separates him or herself from the rest of the company, the … [More]

Arizona Foundation for Women Announces SHE Leads!, New Local Women’s Leadership Program

Arizona Foundation for Women

Arizona Foundation for Women (AFW), a not-for-profit agency that advocates for Arizona women’s causes, is today launching  SHE Leads!, a women’s-centric leadership program dedicated to advancing Arizona’s women. Women interested in honing their personal, professional and organizational leadership skills by taking part in this inaugural program are encouraged to apply between … [More]

Have You Heard of Verbal Judo?

by Edgar R. Olivo

Have you ever found yourself frustrated when trying to communicate something, but are unable to clearly state what you mean? Whether it is at work, with a loved one or someone else, communicating sometimes can go wrong. Imagine using your words to defuse situations, create solutions, and make others feel heard. Now, imagine using your words to create the opposite effect. Do you … [More]

Feeling Lost during COVID-19? 7 Questions to Uncover Your Purpose & Gain Direction

by Edgar R. Olivo

In some business environments, discussing mental wellness and how COVID-19 has made us all feel all kinds of things such as uncertainty, frustration, fear and stress is starting to be less taboo. Yet, even in turbulent times, professionals are expected to know exactly what their purpose is at all times to feel important or risk losing face. This causes an unnecessary burden of … [More]