Become a Top-Tier Manager and Lead Your Team to Greatness

It’s the moment you’ve been working toward for years — you’ve finally been promoted to manager! But your initial wave of excitement quickly ebbs once the reality of your situation sinks in: Your success now hinges entirely on the performance of others, and you’ve been offered no managerial training to help you navigate this new frontier. “Few organizations provide new … [More]

The Hallmarks and Benefits of Servant Leadership in Today’s Business World

Traditionally, society hasn’t thought of company leaders as servants. But to deal more effectively with today’s changing business dynamics, more companies are incorporating servant leadership to benefit employees and the community as well as the bottom line. Servant leadership is especially important and applicable in a post-COVID business world, when millions are quitting … [More]

Yes, You Really Need to Learn How to Say No; Here’s Why

The demands on your time can be overwhelming – and yet instead of easing up, they keep coming as seemingly everyone has a request. Maybe it's an organization that needs volunteers for an upcoming event – yet again. Perhaps it’s your boss, who comes to you first because you always pitch in while others beg out of additional assignments. Or it could be a close friend who needs … [More]

Is Your Company In Culture Shock? How Leaders Can Practice What They Preach

As many workers flee their current jobs, burnout and lack of growth opportunities are being cited as two of the biggest reasons. These changing work dynamics and employee perspectives, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, are highlighting the importance of having a strong work culture that’s sustainable, says David Friedman, author of Culture by Design: How to Build a … [More]

Do You Dread Mondays? Chances Are It’s Your Leader’s Fault

by Eric Harkins

The “Great Resignation” has seen a mass exodus of people leaving their jobs for a variety of reasons, some of which are related to work cultures they deem unsatisfactory. But studies suggest that company leadership goes a long way toward defining a work culture, and many managers aren’t properly trained to be leaders. Businesses that are struggling to keep talent, operate … [More]

Consumers See Diverse Organizations as Moral Ones, Study Shows

Consumers perceive diverse organizations to be moral organizations, new research indicates, and the perception can affect consumer behavior. When people see diversity in a corporate team, they’re more likely to believe the team behaves in a moral fashion, according to research conducted by by Ajay Kalra, the Herbert S. Autrey Professor of Marketing at the Jones Graduate … [More]

The Work of a Leader: 5 Practices That Transform People and Results

by Edgar R. Olivo

What do leaders do? Leadership is a quality many people can agree is admirable and desired. It is a skill that is developed in life by personal or professional experiences, by intentional design or not. Think of two leaders, whom you admire and respect. What do they do that is so different from others? What traits do they have that help them achieve great results? Chances are, … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: El trabajo de un líder: 5 prácticas que transforman a las personas y los resultados

por Edgar R. Olivo

¿Qué hacen los líderes? El liderazgo es una cualidad en la que muchas personas están de acuerdo en que es admirable y deseada. Es una habilidad que se desarrolla en la vida por experiencias personales o profesionales, por diseño intencional o no. Piense en dos líderes a quienes admira y respeta. ¿Qué hacen que sea tan diferente a los demás? ¿Qué rasgos tienen que les ayuden a … [More]

Putting Business Superpowers to Use in Times of Need

Airbnb saw an opportunity to render support when turmoil spread across Afghanistan as the U.S. announced withdrawal of military forces. The company offered to temporarily house as many as 20,000 Afghan refugees globally, with Airbnb’s chief executive expressing hope that others would be inspired to follow the company’s lead. The move was just one example of how many … [More]

What’s the Secret for a Successful Family-Run Business?

by Liz Agboola 

Being an entrepreneur is difficult enough on its own, but adding a family to the mix creates another layer of challenges. Many family businesses struggle for a variety of reasons, including personal and professional conflicts, management hurdles, emotional stressors, lack of structure and a general loss of interest from one generation to the next. While family businesses … [More]

Team Synergy

by Jen Butler

Team issues and drama are in the top five of all stressors for business managers and owners. According to several studies, as much as 56% claim team issues contribute most to their stress levels. With this high number of leaders being stressed out by the people they employ, the people they depend on to help them serve clients and the majority of people who impact revenue, it’s … [More]

Execute Wisely and Strategically

by Bruce Weber

In my previous article, “Making Sense of the Puzzle” (August 2021), the topic was understanding how, once many ideas are generated, the ideation evaluation process occurs, and what remains and what goes. In this article, the focus is on the solid execution of those new ideas and moving the organization forward in creating the future it wants.  In 1916, Spencer Penrose bought … [More]

Prepare for a Stronger Future with the Arizona Endowment Building Institute

by Kristen Mihaljevic

Nonprofit organizations provide essential services to our communities, stepping in to ensure people are housed, clothed, fed and feel safe. Yet, many nonprofits are surviving on limited resources. They must focus on running their operations, managing volunteers and communicating with donors, all while continuing to serve their clients. While many organizations are … [More]

MarTech Outcomes Depend on CMO-CIO Relationship

by Mike Hunter

As companies emerge from the pandemic, marketing and MarTech lie at the heart of the recovery. To optimize MarTech investments, marketing needs to have a very effective working relationship with IT that spans strategy, selection and management. Yet fewer than one out of four marketing organizations has such a relationship. A new report from the Chief Marketing Officer … [More]

Feedback: October 2021

by Angelina Flores, Jennifer Sellers, Stephanie Waldrop

Question: As you prepare to offer healthcare benefits packages to your employees for 2022, what elements of coverage are you finding are most important? Angelina Flores Chief Human Resources Officer Gila River Hotels & Casinos Sector: Hospitality At Gila River Hotels & Casinos — Wild Horse Pass, Lone Butte, and Vee Quiva — the health and wellness of our nearly … [More]

3 Ways to Take Your Company from Product-Focused to Customer-Centric

Rick McCartney

Companies that focus on being customer-centric can position themselves  better for success than companies that don’t. Research shows that customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable, people will spend 17% more for a good experience, and 76% of customers expect businesses to understand their needs. Dr. Debbie Qaqish, ForbesBook author of From Backroom to Boardroom: … [More]

Yes, You Really Need to Learn How to Say No; Here’s Why

The demands on your time can be overwhelming – and yet instead of easing up, they keep coming as seemingly everyone has a request. Maybe it's an organization that needs volunteers for an upcoming event – yet again. Perhaps it’s your boss, who comes to you first because you always pitch in while others beg out of additional assignments. Or it could be a close friend who needs … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: Cómo hacer crecer su negocio trabajando en el negocio, no dentro de él

por Edgar R. Olivo

Iniciar un negocio es un acto de fe en el que muchos profesionales se embarcan para perseguir un sueño como ser su propio jefe, lograr la independencia financiera o dejar una huella positiva en el mundo. Pero, a medida que más empleados dejan sus trabajos en el mercado laboral actual para convertirse en empresarios, también deben enfrentar la cruda realidad de que no todas las … [More]

How to Grow Your Business by Working On It, Not In It

by Edgar R. Olivo

Starting a business is a leap of faith that many professionals embark on to chase a dream such as being your own boss, achieving financial independence or leaving a positive mark in the world. But, as more employees are leaving their jobs in the current labor market to become entrepreneurs, they also must face the stark reality that not all businesses make it past their first … [More]

How to Live and Lead from a Place of Balance and Authenticity

You’re on the perfect career trajectory. You live in a dream home with a view. You have a beautiful family, and your Insta is populated with pix from exotic locations around the world. Everything — at least on the surface — screams success. Inside, a battle wages. You’re supposed to be on cloud nine. Instead, you’re burned out, disconnected and just going through the motions. … [More]

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