Michael May on Evolving a Family Business for the Future

by Michael May

A family company often takes on the character of the family who owns it. Early startup struggles and difficulties become ingrained in its culture and fixed in its corporate identity. My father’s struggles in establishing our company set our culture at Wisdom Natural Brands, makers of SweetLeaf Stevia. When my father, James May, first introduced stevia to the U.S. market 40 … [More]

Rising Together

by Mike Hunter

Participants at leadership conferences often tell Sally, “Please don’t spend your time telling us why developing and retaining a diverse workforce is important. We get it. The problem is, we don’t know how to do it.” Rising Together provides that missing know-how in full detail by identifying both what holds us back and specific tactics that can help us move forward. This book … [More]

Phoenix-Based Global Nonprofit Names First Chief Strategy and Diversity Officer


As one of her first directives after being named president and CEO of Make-A-Wish America in September 2022, Leslie Motter created the chief strategy and diversity officer position focused on integrating the organization's diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts into the organizational strategy. Some of the key responsibilities include developing strategies, driving … [More]

5 Tips to Help Small Business Owners Create Meaningful Goals for 2023

by Edgar R. Olivo

As a small business owner, setting goals is an important part of your success. Without clear, measurable goals, it can be difficult to determine your progress and make necessary adjustments to your business strategy. Here are five tips to help you create goals for 2023: Set SMART goals. SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: 5 consejos para ayudar a los dueños de pequeñas empresas a crear metas significativas para 2023

por Edgar R. Olivo

Como dueño de una pequeña empresa, establecer metas es una parte importante de tu éxito. Sin metas claras y medibles, puede ser difícil determinar tu progreso y hacer los ajustes necesarios a tu estrategia de negocios. Aquí hay cinco consejos para ayudarte a crear metas para el 2023: Establece metas SMART. SMART es un acrónimo que significa Específico, Medible, … [More]

Executing a Business Plan with Strength and Commitment

by Bruce Weber

Creating a strategic plan is a process that a business and its employees either love or hate, and once a plan is developed, it needs to be implemented. The plan or framework is designed to help a business chart the future and envision the opportunity that lies ahead, but once the plan is completed, how does an organization move the execution of such strategy and direction into … [More]

Chad Verdaglio: Soaring to New Heights

by Juliet Straker

During the summer before entering college, Chad Verdaglio took an intro paraglide ride and immediately knew he wanted more. After researching programs in the area, the Scottsdale resident discovered Sawyer School of Aviation, a highly respected flight academy that was founded in 1961 and operated out of Scottsdale Airpark. Verdaglio’s goal was to earn a private pilot’s license. … [More]

Three Reasons Why Owning a Business Is a Wealth Builder

by Candy Valentino

Starting a business is one of the few pillars of wealth that has a low barrier of entry. You don’t need an MBA, you don’t need a million dollars to start, and you don’t need some radical, life-changing idea. Regardless of where you are from, regardless of the education you have—entrepreneurship is for you. Although you may not think of building a business as a form of … [More]

How to Deliver a Memorable Business Pitch Heading into 2023


Delivering powerful business pitches to potential clients and investors is an important task for achieving success as a business leader. Presenting your value as a company in an engaging and memorable way in a sea of competition can be a daunting task. Consider these steps to engage with your audience and deliver a powerful business presentation every time. Our Cox Business and … [More]

19 Top Leaders Who Are Making a Real Difference! 

by Mike Hunter

Each year, we select top leaders who have had great successes in the past year. This year we selected 19 leaders in many established sectors within our business community. We asked some hard-hitting questions of these leaders to get a sense of what they see for 2023. Each of them is truly entrenched in growing their companies and our economy, in developing policy, managing … [More]

Neil G. Giuliano, Greater Phoenix Leadership

from Neil G. Giuliano

Every couple of years, our nation is embroiled in a debate about leadership: Who will be assigned to lead? What will they hope to accomplish? How will they be successful? We know that political leadership, governing our society, has deep and far-reaching impact. Yet business leadership has just as much influence and impact. You’re a leader of a business enterprise which powers … [More]

Dillan Micus’ FRESH View on Leadership Comes from the Bottom, Not the Top

by Alison Bailin Batz

Dillan Micus believes in systems. He also believes in breaking down antiquated systems to effect real change for the better as it relates to his own life, team and clients. This lesson, one he is putting into action today, is something he learned the hard way. Until recently, Micus served as executive vice president of Equitable Advisors — then AXA Advisors Southwest — since … [More]

Five Key Elements of Digital Transformation Payback

by Tim Bottke

Digital transformation as we see it is the business transformation of a firm/corporation. These transformations have five characteristics. Design/Strategy Numerous frameworks and strategy approaches have evolved over time, become the hype of the day, and then vanish again (Mintzberg, Ahlstrand, and Lampel 1998). No matter what the approach chosen actually is, one thing I have … [More]

How Can Your Business Transform in an Uncertain Economy? Use Fear as Fuel

by Ali Davachi

When you’re in a tough spot – personally or professionally – and not sure of where to go or what to do, you need to look within at your fear. And then you need to use it as fuel to realize your goals. Most of us experience fear as being friction, getting in the way of making clear-headed decisions or even taking action. Let’s face it: Big change can be intimidating, and there … [More]

Leading CX Technology Co. Launches Thought Leadership Training


Digital Air Strike, the leading consumer engagement and customer experience technology company, is providing several unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for business leaders and entrepreneurs to receive a competitive edge to handle whatever comes their way in 2023. Digital Air Strike is excited to bring Limitless Minds Founder and CEO Harry Wilson to the leading automotive … [More]

The No. 1 Thing Businesses Get Wrong during a Recession

by Jason S. Bradshaw

It seems like the question on most business owners’ minds at the moment is, “Are we headed for a recession?” Regardless of the answer to that question, one true thing is that even in times of recession, there are businesses that continue to grow and ones that barely survive. Unfortunately, during tough times one of the first thing that many businesses start to cut is their … [More]

Business Executive Shares Tips for Those Seeking to Start Their Own Business


Have you ever considered starting your own business, but didn’t know where to start? Here are three tips Business Executive and founder of Officium Labs Jonathan Shroyer suggests potential business owners consider when starting their own company. 1. Pick a co-founder that speaks truth to you and that you trust We can all agree that who you work with makes a big difference … [More]

Empowering Positive Leadership throughout the Organization

by Bruce Weber

“Empowerment should be a part of every leader’s toolkit. It strengthens everyone in the organization, it keeps the company on the path to success, and it builds one of the most important elements on any team – trust.” —Colin Powell, from It Worked for Me in Life and Leadership In my previous article (“Leading from Abundance – The Power of Positivity,” In Business Magazine, … [More]

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