Looking Back at a Year of Growth for This Leadership Organization

Rick McCartney

Last year, Valley Leadership continued to grow and expand its impact and reach. We finished the third year of our Catalyze and Explore programs, graduating another 100+ leaders and sending them out into the community equipped and ready to make meaningful impact – as individuals serving the community, but also as part of our Impact Maker. There were some big milestones for our … [More]

Fix It Before It’s Broke: Leveraging a Forward-Resolve Approach for Better Customer Service

by Kate Zabriskie

While a fix-it-the-first-time approach may be the gold standard of customer service, addressing potential issues before they materialize is the true mark of an exemplary user experience. Consider the pace of our modern world; customers today want instant solutions, and any hurdle might be a reason for them to jump ship to competitors. By ensuring their path is clear from … [More]

Embracing the Cactus: A Step-by-Step Guide to Navigating Difficult Conversations

by Kate Zabriskie

“I don’t like confrontation, but I’m tired of his abuse. He signed me up for another committee without asking.” “I know I need to say something about her taking credit for my work, but how to start?” “Another joy of adulting, I’ve got to have one of those thorny conversations. Not fun.” Difficult conversations are inevitable at some point in most people’s lives — … [More]

You Might Be Headed for Small Business Burnout If… (Ten Signs You’re Almost Out of Runway)

by Julie Bee

You knew it from the beginning: Being an entrepreneur is no walk in the park. Hard work, hustle, and the occasional all-nighter come with the territory. But if “up to your eyeballs” has become your everyday reality, small business fixer Julie Bee says you’re headed for trouble. That way lies lower performance, poor decision-making, health issues (or health emergencies!), … [More]

Their Take: Why the 4th of July Is My Favorite Holiday 

by Doug Fulton

The meaning of Independence Day never ceases to amaze me. How a small group of rag-tag free spirits thwarted one of the most organized navies in the civilized world and created a country out of thirteen colonies really illuminates my imagination. It shows us that anything is possible with a burning desire to overcome great obstacles. We have built a company in a nation that … [More]

Conquering the Karen Conundrum

5 steps to turning the tide on tough customers

by Kate Zabriskie

She wanted to return a cake that was almost gone. How bad could it have been? Normally, if something is spoiled or not up to standards, it's returned almost intact. This thing was a pile of crumbs. But it gets better: She demanded cash, yelled at me and started causing a scene. I hope she never comes back. He brought his car in for a repair and demanded that we detail it at … [More]

Resilience & Sustainability – Core of Life & Business

Holistic and comprehensive strategy for leadership

by Kathleen Gramzay

While resilience and sustainability have been business considerations for decades, ongoing accelerated change and uncertainty make it imperative to understand their multi-dimensional impact on business viability today. The principles of resilience and sustainability are universal. Today’s column offers business leaders a macro/micro view of organizational resilience and … [More]

Carol Nalevanko Put Heart into the Health Industry

Sustaining 40 years of success for DMB’s Village Health Clubs & Spas

by Dawson Fearnow

Longtime residents might remember the 1980s here in the Valley as a time of chaos and crashes. Now known as the Savings and Loan Crisis, banks and financial institutions across the state went belly-up and the Valley’s booming real estate market went into a free-fall. Of course, things stabilized and Greater Phoenix returned to its normal rocket ship-style growth by the early … [More]

Mentors Are Often the Unsung Heroes of a Successful Career


Whether she was building resilience from mentors who were unfair or downright cruel, or gaining confidence from mentors who were supportive and helpful, R. Barbara Gitenstein was honing the skills that would one day propel her to the highest level of academia. “Mentors make all the difference in an individual’s success in the world,” Gitenstein said. “I was blessed with … [More]

The Soil of Leadership: Cultivating the Conditions for Transformation

by Mike Hunter

Drawing from his extensive global leadership experience — working closely with leaders and organizations from all over Africa, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and North America — Britt Yamamoto, Ph.D., M.Sc., introduces a timely framework that places paramount importance on holistic well-being and a profound understanding of the intricate systems critical for … [More]

The Art of Encouragement: How to Lead Teams, Spread Love, and Serve from the Heart

by Mike Hunter

In The Art of Encouragement, renowned performance coach and keynote speaker Jordan Montgomery delivers a captivating story designed to walk the reader through a dramatic journey of heartfelt, easy-to-understand lessons about encouragement and its many facets. The author compels readers to take action by showing they are fully equipped and ready to implement encouragement within … [More]

You Are a Leader: Whether You Know It or Not. Whether You Want to be One or Not …

by Jim Bouchard

You inspire people — whether you know it or not. You empower people, sometimes even if you’re not trying to. You guide people — whether you want to or not. What is your definition of “leader?” Before you go any further, let’s see if you’re singing in harmony. If not — there’s no point in pursuing this venture any further. Here’s the definition adopted for this article. … [More]

Understanding the Three V’s of Business Leadership: Vision, Variety and Vitality

by Teniqua Broughton

As a leader, understanding your own leadership style is essential for success in your business. To stay relevant, innovate and grow your business, as a leader, it takes dedication to self-reflection, analyzing your Whys, looking at your own competencies and all the ways you are adaptable for sustaining your particular type of work. A powerful way to self-reflect is through the … [More]

Engagement and Belonging: Creating a Workplace Conducive to Success

Fundamental to driving sustained growth and innovation

by Bruce Weber

“By focusing on culture, empowerment, benefits, communication, recognition, development, diversity, social responsibility, and fun, Warby Parker ensures its employees are engaged, motivated, and aligned with the company’s mission.” —Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa, co-CEOs at Warby Parker In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving business environment, workplace engagement and a … [More]

Dillan Knudson: Amplifying Arizona’s Economy through Commercial Banking

Helping businesses with his team of experienced bankers and subject matter experts at Western Alliance Bank

by Danielle Grobmeier

It’s no secret the fast-paced world of banking is fraught with challenges. Whether it’s unwieldy interest rates today or a global health crisis tomorrow, each day brings a new obstacle to overcome — often with high stakes. But for Dillan Knudson, Western Alliance Bank’s new head of commercial banking in Arizona, these obstacles are opportunities. He sees each challenge as a … [More]

Arizona Center for Civic Leadership Announces Its 2024 Flinn-Brown Fellows

Flinn Foundation program selects 28 Arizona civic leaders


The Arizona Center for Civic Leadership at the Flinn Foundation’s leadership program—dedicated to state-level policy and politics and forging professional connections—has selected 28 Arizonans as 2024 Flinn-Brown Fellows. The 16th cohort of the nonpartisan Flinn-Brown Fellowship includes leaders from the private and public sector, elected officials, founders of nonprofit … [More]

Greater Phoenix Leadership Elects New Board Roster


Greater Phoenix Leadership (GPL), Arizona's premier CEO business advocacy organization announced newly elected officers and board members. Ken Van Winkle, Managing Partner at Lewis Roca, has been elected Chair of Greater Phoenix Leadership (GPL) for 2024-2026. Van Winkle joined GPL in 2009 and previously served as pro bono legal counsel, Arts and Culture Task Force Co-chair, … [More]

If You’re Doing (or NOT Doing) These 10 Things, You’re on the Verge of Small Biz Burnout

Being an entrepreneur is stressful, but small business “fixer” Julie Bee says testing the limits of your bandwidth has real consequences. She shares ten warning signs that burnout looms ahead.


You knew it from the beginning: Being an entrepreneur is no walk in the park. Hard work, hustle, and the occasional all-nighter come with the territory. But if “up to your eyeballs” has become your everyday reality, small business fixer Julie Bee says you’re headed for trouble. That way lies lower performance, poor decision-making, health issues (or health emergencies!), … [More]

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