Gaining Strategic Clarity when Your Crystal Ball Is Cloudy

by Jill J. Johnson, MBA

Today’s business climate continues to be exceptionally complex and volatile. Even as we move into this “new normal” environment, we no longer have the luxury of being able to take for granted that shifting trends will be visible or that customer needs will be stable. Now is the time to clarify what is required to ensure your future success. Take advantage of any emerging … [More]

How Strong Is Your C-Suite Bullpen? Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders

About $350 billion a year is spent on leadership development, but many companies aren’t getting much bang out of their buck. Studies indicate that lots of senior executives don’t think the next wave is prepared well enough to assume larger leadership roles. With many companies in a transitional phase, either due to people retiring or radical changes prompted by the COVID-19 … [More]

How to Stop Toxic Leadership from Spreading a Virus in Your Company

Toxic workplaces sometimes start at the top. Difficult, abrasive leaders can create a culture of tension, fear, and abusive behavior at every organizational level. Those types of leaders may produce results, but their actions also lead to dysfunction and employee turnover. Ending the pattern of toxicity starts with companies recognizing red flags, coming up with new … [More]

Where Did the Time Go? 3 Techniques to Boost Your Productivity and Maximize Your Time

by Edgar R. Olivo

It is no secret that the pandemic has made our time feel very different, especially if you are a remote worker. For some people, there are not enough hours in the day, and for others the days are too long. Are you doing the most with your time? Time is a resource. And like any other resource, when planned properly, it can have great returns on many areas of your life and … [More]

Study: CEOs with Uncommon Names Tend to Implement Unconventional Strategies

Rice University

If you’re looking for an unconventional approach to doing business, select a CEO with an uncommon name, according to new research co-authored by an expert at Rice University's Jones Graduate School of Business. “Using 19 years of data on 1,172 public firms, we show that firms’ distinctive strategies are systematically linked to their CEOs’ uncommon names,” wrote co-authors … [More]

How to Hire Candidates for Your Growing Small Business during the Pandemic

by Edgar R. Olivo

Despite the major losses many small businesses have experienced since the start of the government shutdowns in March, there are still great signs for those in essential categories who are experiencing the need to hire. Expectations of workers in the age of COVID-19 have become clearer: Workers want to feel safe, valued and given opportunities to grow. This is not a new … [More]

To Build Trust, Try B.R.A.V.I.N.G.

by Eileen Rogers

Vulnerability is defined as a willingness to feel risk, uncertainty or emotional exposure, according to Brené Brown, Ph.D., LMSW, in her book Dare to Lead. I know it as the uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach when I am deeply aware that I cannot control the outcome of a situation.  In The Thin Book of Trust, author Charles Feltman defined trust this way: “Trust is … [More]

New Executive Office: VP of People and Organizational Development

by RaeAnne Marsh

Creating a new position in its executive team, Delta Dental of Arizona has promoted Jolean Fleck to VP of people and organizational development. Fleck will help the dental insurer navigate ever-changing workplace and societal challenges, with a focus on leadership development, employer branding and enriching the employee experience. “Part of it is that I’ve done … [More]

Chris Koch: Leading Carlisle through Dynamic Change 

by Mike Hunter 

D. Christian “Chris” Koch, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Carlisle Companies Incorporated, is leading the diversified industrial company through one of the most challenging times in recent economic and geopolitical history: the global pandemic.  Carlisle factories and facilities manufacture highly engineered products and solutions for their target markets … [More]

Peak Performance Culture

by Mike Hunter

Peak Performance Culture: The Five Metrics of Operational Excellence is a step-by-step roadmap to achieving optimal organizational development in a company or association. This practical guide helps an organization’s leaders accurately evaluate the current state of their company and create a strategy that maximizes its future success. Author Dave Mitchell, building upon … [More]