Physical Intelligence – Key to Workplace Performance

by Claire Dale and Patricia Peyton

We’re all familiar with cognitive intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ); what about physical intelligence? Right now, hundreds of chemicals racing through each of our bodies (in our bloodstream and nervous system) largely dictate how we think, feel, speak and behave. Most of us operate at the mercy of those chemicals — experiencing thoughts, reactions and emotions — … [More]

Intuition Is Your Superpower

by Sue Hawkes

Several years ago, I participated in a women’s leadership program focused on embracing what power was in all senses of the word. Intuition wasn’t one of the topics listed on the agenda. However, it was an incredible component of our leadership work together. On Friday night, the 26 of us were given an assignment: We were to transform a nursing home facility to have a … [More]

Election Year Talk and Tempers in a Virtual Workplace 

by Mike Baize

Take a presidential election year, combine it with a global pandemic and the stage is set for workplace discussions to bubble over into heated discourse, even in a virtual environment. Between the daily stressors of COVID-19 and partisan tensions surrounding the 2020 presidential election, business owners and leaders need to be aware of how these factors can impact team … [More]

The Value of Shareholder Letters

by Lawrence Cunningham

Letters to corporate shareholders contain some of the best writing on business. These communications can be particularly valuable for investors probing for high-quality companies and managers. They are of general value for their insights on business and economics. Shareholder letters have an interesting history. Through the 1970s, shareholder letters consisted, as a rule, of … [More]

Black- and Woman-Owned: Business in the Shadow of COVID-19 

by RaeAnne Marsh

Building their businesses here in Phoenix, these two black women business owners had little in common — until the COVID-19 pandemic wrought disruption indiscriminately throughout the economy and put us all in the same boat. Retail is commonly acknowledged to be the hardest-hit sector. As a concessionaire with gift stores in airport terminals, Lachele Mangum’s retail … [More]

The Monday Blues

by Oliver Yao

With the impact of COVID-19, Americans across the country went from wishing for the weekend, to living it daily. To many, it is feeling a bit like the film Groundhog Day. But the current state of the country won’t last forever, and before too long Americans will be back to counting down for the weekend. The typical countdown begins when they arrive to work on Monday. From … [More]

Emergency Coronavirus Loans Will Cripple Some Small Businesses

by Marc Levin

As America prepares to get back to work, will some people be left behind? The Small Business Administration (SBA) has adopted rules for emergency coronavirus loans that exclude otherwise eligible existing small businesses from relief solely because they are owned in part by individuals who have a criminal record. Given that at least nineteen million Americans have a felony … [More]

J. Crew Files for Bankruptcy Protection. Is this Just the Beginning?

by Richard Lawless

The imminent devastation of U.S. retail is just beginning to be revealed by the Bankruptcy of J. Crew. J. Crew and its affiliated companies have approximately 500 retail outlets throughout the country. These store-front operations employ thousands of people. Unfortunately, J. Crew is not suffering alone. According to the National Retail Federation, there are 3,700,000 retail … [More]

The Viral Spread of Leadership Confusion Is Epic Worldwide Failure

by Peter Kozodoy

Over the past few months, the headlines have been dominated by horrendous counts of sick individuals and — even more sadly — deaths due to COVID-19. But unfortunately, the most threatening atrocity to humanity here isn’t the coronavirus itself; instead, it is the viral spread of confusion that has made a difficult situation into an epic worldwide failure. It doesn’t take … [More]

Hardship Presents Opportunity for Creativity

from Rice University business experts

[Editor’s Note: In these times, we’ve been lucky to get submissions from around the country – even around the globe. We wanted to pass this one along to our readers. —RaeAnne Marsh] The massive disruption of our social and work lives is unnerving, but there are benefits to shaking up our routines and feeling uncomfortable, according to Scott Sonenshein and Jing Zhou, … [More]