Goodyear Develops Walkable Urban Center

by Mike Hunter

GSQ has reached a construction milestone with the groundbreaking of Goodyear Way, the major street infrastructure connecting Goodyear Civic Square at GSQ to the 150-acre mixed-use development poised to become the city’s new downtown. A joint venture between RED Development and Scottsdale-based Globe Corp., GSQ is set to transform Goodyear as the city’s premier cultural hub … [More]

Class A Industrial Completed in Glendale

by Mike Hunter

Construction has been completed in the development of Echo Park 303, a 676,176-square-foot industrial project located near the intersection of Northern Parkway and Reems Road in Glendale, within the thriving Loop 303 corridor. The Class A industrial center is 33% leased. The project, developed by Echo Real Estate Capital and designed and built by LGE Design Build, is poised … [More]

Live, Work, Shop, Play in Gilbert

by Mike Hunter

Verde at Cooley Station, a mixed-use, walkable center in Gilbert, is finalizing construction and is almost fully leased and ready to enter a consumer-focused phase to fulfill its original vision. “Verde at Cooley Station was built to be a destination and hub for local families and visitors, and we are thrilled to enter a new era of family-friendly fun!” says Norman Brody, a … [More]

PV Parcel Sells Low to Preserve Low Density

by Mike Hunter

In the recent sale of the largest undeveloped parcel of land in Paradise Valley, the sellers accepted a price of $42 million, even though they had received substantially higher offers. The 27-acre parcel, sold by the family of the late John W. Teets Jr., former chairman of the Greyhound and Dial corporations, had been in the family for nearly three decades. It was important … [More]

The Real Deal: On the Ground with Commercial Real Estate

by RaeAnne Marsh

Arizona’s real estate market has had a yo-yo cyclical nature for decades. Are we entering a time of more stability? In Business Magazine has asked leading professionals in this market to share insights on what is happening now in the four real estate sectors of industrial, retail, office and multifamily plus how real estate is supporting the important economic sector of … [More]

May 2024 Guest Editor: Suzanne Kinney, NAIOP Arizona

Business Builds on CRE

from Suzanne Kinney

Commercial real estate serves as a mirror to the multitude of social changes we’ve experienced since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This economic sector has long been known for its cyclical market, but we may be seeing much longer-term trends. Greater Phoenix continues to be a hot spot for industrial development despite more challenging market conditions. Reshoring … [More]

10 Ways to Strengthen Your Next Loan Application

Demystifying decision-making — and 10 ‘red flags’ to avoid

by Julie Fletcher

What business owner hasn’t dreamed about what could be done for the business with more capital. Buy new equipment? Hire more staff? Expand into a new market? When it’s time to explore putting dreams into motion, seeking financing is often the next step. Banks typically have well-documented criteria business owners must meet to qualify for a business loan. But what they may … [More]

The Burnout Battle: Why Leaders Must Lead the Charge

Close the burnout gap to improve well-being and productivity

by Jessica Rector

Burnout is impacting every industry, company and role. There are no exceptions. Leaders often find themselves in the trenches, navigating through the chaos and driving their teams toward success. However, amidst the pursuit of goals and objectives, there's a lurking enemy that can undermine all efforts: burnout. In the burnout battle, we often find the great … [More]

The Future of Rebranding: Top 2024 Trends That Will Drive Business Success

by David Brier

Since the pandemic hit, businesses have been shifting gears, lanes and categories all in an effort to stay relevant. The result is a tsunami of rebranding that’s been shifting the landscape we all traverse every day for business and personal purchases. But there’s a problem. Some treat rebranding like slapping on a fresh coat of paint and calling it a day. Here’s what you … [More]

Building Successful Employee Training Programs

Four key components to establishing an effective training program

by Amy Campbell

In a world that runs on change and innovation, companies must continuously adapt to meet the evolving needs of their communities. A local multifamily real estate development and management company, P.B. Bell, saw a need early on to provide its employees with a comprehensive continuing education program to keep up with the changing landscape of its industry. The company … [More]

Arizona REALTORS: Pioneering Philanthropy for Lasting Social Impact

Powered by a pervasive spirit of volunteerism

by Tyler Butler

Since its establishment in 1945, Arizona REALTORS® has epitomized a commitment to not only facilitating real estate transactions but also to fostering vibrant communities and driving meaningful social change across the state. With a membership exceeding 55,000 professionals, the association stands as a beacon of philanthropy, sustainability and social responsibility, striving … [More]

Resilience – the Core of Today’s Business Strategy

by Kathleen Gramzay

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic marked a turning point for both humanity and business. The scale of uncertainty, loss and prolonged threat to physical and financial well-being left deep imprints of chronic stress at a neurological level. The continuing ripple effects on business and society become more apparent when the consequences of chronic stress on the mind, … [More]

Why a Business Needs a Trademark

And its role in customer recognition and loyalty

by Tyler Thorne

Every business starts with two things: an idea and a name. While entrepreneurs (rightfully) focus on executing on their ideas when launching or expanding a business, safeguarding the business name and brand becomes crucial. A key step for safeguarding is trademark registration. Registered trademarks are often essential for brand protection and may significantly enhance the … [More]

VC Fundraising in Today’s Environment

Founders need to be aware the world of outside capital has changed

by Chris Van Dusen

The role of a company founder is vision, culture and fundraising. Founders should have their finger on the pulse of the VC market, and one of the ways to do that is through strategic advisors (attorneys, CPAs, etc.) These strategic advisors will help founders understand the overall fundraising landscape as well as what the market commands. Know the Value This idea of what the … [More]

‘Fair Chance’ Initiatives Give Much More Than Just a Second Chance

Fair Chance Collaborative to build off existing community efforts

by Emma Garcia

Roughly one-third of adults in the United States have a criminal record. Arizona has the eighth highest incarceration rate in the nation, with more than 50,000 incarcerated and more than 70,000 on probation or parole. The number of people in county and city jails in Arizona is even larger, resulting in the release of more than 200,000 individuals each year. The data … [More]

Steve Purves: Expanding Access to Healthcare throughout the Valley

And leading by empowering others

by Michael Murphy

When Steve Purves joined Valleywise Health in 2013 as president and CEO, the organization was in dire financial straits. It was the region’s only public teaching hospital and primary safety net system of care, so it was imperative that Purves got Valleywise Health back in the black. And fast. Over the ensuing years, Purves orchestrated a $170-million financial turnaround at … [More]

IMAPS Device Packaging Conference Celebrates 20 Years of Success

Conference’s success underscores the industry’s robust growth

by Shannon Blood

The International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society’s (IMAPS) recent Device Packaging Conference 2024 recently marked a significant milestone, not only celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with a record-breaking turnout but also upping the ante on Arizona’s booming semiconductor industry. Held in Fountain Hills, Arizona, the event saw a significant increase … [More]

Enhancing Collaboration through Cultural Training

by Stephanie Quinn

Phoenix has long been a hub for semiconductor manufacturing, a legacy that dates back to 1949, but throughout the years the costs of maintaining cutting-edge facilities soared and some companies opted for a "fab-lite" approach. This strategy involved continuing some local production while outsourcing more advanced manufacturing to Asian fabs like Taiwan Semiconductor … [More]

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