Why Are Good Employees Leaving Your Company? 5 Tips to Keep Them


The job quitting isn’t stopping: a record 4.3 million workers left their jobs in August – a milestone that followed the April landmark of 4 million Americans exiting their companies. Some people are leaving their jobs because the COVID-19 pandemic caused them to reconsider how much their companies value them. In that context, whether it’s a matter of pay, work demands, … [More]

How Recognizing Top Employees Can Cure the Quitting Epidemic


A record 4.3 million workers left their jobs in August, continuing a trend in 2021. Reasons for quitting vary, but as one recent survey shows, a lack of appreciation from employers is a common driver. Appreciation is an especially important factor to a large segment of the workforce – millennials and Gen Z. In a poll taken shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic began, 79% of … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: Las cinco certificaciones de diversidad más comunes para pequeñas empresas

por Edgar R. Olivo

¿Quiere tener contratos grandes? Uno de los pasos más importantes para atraer la atención de las grandes empresas es obtener su certificación de diversidad e inscribirse en los programas de diversidad de proveedores que ofrece su cliente objetivo. Una empresa diversa certificada tiene mayores probabilidades de ser buscada y encontrada por esos programas, que pueden ni siquiera … [More]

Five of the Most Common Diversity Certifications for Small Businesses

by Edgar R. Olivo

Do you want to bid on big contracts? One of the most important steps to attract the attention of large companies is to obtain your diversity certification and enroll in the supplier diversity programs your target client offers. A certified diverse business has higher odds of being sought out and found by those programs, which may not even consider your business unless it is … [More]

It’s an Employee’s Market, Here’s How to Keep Them


Have employees ever had this much leverage? Employers are struggling to fill jobs in the wake of “The Great Resignation.” There were a record number of U.S. job openings in June – over 10 million – as nearly four million Americans quit in that month alone, reflecting confidence they can find better positions and places to work. Many employers are having to compete for … [More]

Promoting Diversity and Racial Equity in the Workplace

by Susan Anable

Hiring a diverse team is essential to foster creativity and innovation, even more important is to reflect the communities that you serve.  Here are some ideas on how to celebrate and encourage diversity in your workplace. Understand diversity. Remember that diversity not only includes race – it also includes gender, age, physical abilities, and religious, lifestyle and … [More]

The U.S. Labor Shortage: Top 5 Reasons to Partner with a Facilities Management Company

by Eric Roudi

If your business is struggling to hire and retain good workers this year, then you’re not alone. We are amid one of the worst labor shortages the U.S. has seen in decades. With little indication that conditions are improving, many business owners have been forced to overburden employees, keep lackluster staff, and even reduce output in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These … [More]

Trying to Find Your ‘Why’? Maybe You Should Concentrate on Your ‘When’


It’s become a truism in some circles that the road to success and fulfillment involves finding your “why.” Once you’ve found that “why,” the thinking goes, you are on your way to purpose and fulfillment. But perhaps latching onto your “why” actually involves discovering your “when.” Maybe “when” we exist on the continuum of our journey is what provides the key to … [More]

What HR Professionals Need to Know about HR Tech

by Tomas Laurinavicius 

HR technology refers to the many different kinds of apps, software and online tools that allow already established and aspiring businesses alike to properly manage their staff in a fairer, more efficient way by tackling virtually every single aspect of human resources. The importance of technology in this particular field should not be understated at all; it involves … [More]

Heading Back to Work at the Office? Here’s How to Ease Tension


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, complicated by the Delta variant, more employees are being called back to the office and many are not happy about it. A survey by GoodHire found that 45% of workers would either quit or start a remote job search if required to return to their office full-time. And 68% said they would choose remote work over in-office work. The two-part … [More]

How Top Recruiters Create New Avenues to Find Premium Candidates

by Kathleen Duffy

Maybe you’re a frustrated hiring manager who has filled the same sales position over and over, only to see employees leave after a year or two. Or perhaps you’re a member of a board that is struggling to find a new CEO to lead a firm facing significant market challenges. Across the U.S. nearly three-fourths of employers are having a difficult time finding qualified … [More]

Labor Shortage? Could Be a Job for Our Military Veterans

by Rose Tring

As the economy continues to surge in a post-pandemic recovery, veterans are among those seeking opportunities for employment in a labor market desperate for experienced and dedicated workers. Labor experts say it’s a job-seekers market now with more opportunities available than people to fill the positions. Although the country is not at full employment, part of that is a … [More]

In Company Protocols, What about the 2.7 Billion Deskless Workers?

by Joe Ross 

So much has changed in the last year, and the way businesses operate is no exception. The pandemic accelerated the pace of change for many companies as they were forced to abandon old ways of communicating with their workforces, especially the 2.7 billion deskless workers. Corporations had no choice but to say goodbye to notices on bulletin boards hanging by the time clock and … [More]

Beyond the Résumé

by Aaron Elder 

With the equivalent of 305 million full-time jobs being lost globally since COVID-19 hit, the future of the workforce is a complex topic these days as it has changed so quickly over the past 12-plus months. Now, as the world reopens, there are still 7.4 million job openings to be filled across industries, and experts continue to predict an increase in Americans moving on from … [More]

Corporate Social Responsibility Matters in Attracting Talent

by Heather Salerno

To support global hiring efforts, Appcast recently announced findings from the 2021 “Decoding Global Talent” series. Compiled by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), The Network and Appcast, the report reveals the impact of social and COVID-19 crises on U.S. workers’ preferences and expectations. Nearly 209,000 workers in 190 countries — including more than 6,300 workers in the … [More]

Avoiding the Turnover Tsunami 

by Ville Houttu

Employee turnover is always a looming concern for businesses. But, as the pandemic slows down and the world begins to recover, employee turnover has started to emerge as one of the most pressing issues in the workforce; in fact, many experts are warning of a “turnover tsunami.”  According to a recent report, more than half of employees surveyed in North America plan to look … [More]

Partnership Announced to Provide Cost-Effective, High-Quality Employee Benefit Solutions


VensureHR, the human resources consulting and support division of Vensure Employer Services, is proud to announce a partnership with Papaya Global, a cloud-based SaaS automation platform for payroll and workforce management. This partnership helps support VensureHR’s global initiative to streamline essential business tasks, minimize business-related threats, and provide … [More]

Arizona Workers’ Compensation Claim Frequencies are 42% Above US Average, Says Report

AmTrust Financial Services, Inc.

AmTrust Financial Services, Inc., a global specialty property and casualty insurer, today released the AmTrust 2021 Contractor Risk Report, identifying common injuries and the resulting time off work for the specialized group. The report, based on 26,000 workers’ compensation claims over 10 years, found that companies in business less than four years make up 75 percent of … [More]

Are Your Best Employees Accepting Recruiter Calls?


Finding and hiring the right talent is often a difficult task for companies, but retaining workers with high-level skills is becoming even harder as people leave their jobs in droves, looking for improvements in pay, work-life balance, management, and work culture. In digital marketing – a crucial component for business growth – talent retention has never been more critical, … [More]

Disruptive Innovators Open Themselves to Attack, 5 Pitfalls to Avoid


Disruptive Innovation refers to taking a complex product or service meant for a highly skilled consumer and making it more accessible to a broader population. The disruption occurs by displacing established competitors. Companies like Uber and Airbnb are great examples of disruptive innovators. However, businesses that upend their respective industries' long-standing rules to … [More]

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