Safety Is the Ultimate Priority in Changing Business Landscape 

by Doc Elliot

The defining business trend of 2020 means employers are boosting protocols, from COVID-19 hygiene to workplace violence prevention, to keep employees and customers safe. It’s the dawn of a new era for business owners in a rapidly changing business climate that has been fraught with confusion and misunderstanding. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a windfall of new safety and … [More]

Parental Leave Benefits Biased Against Fathers

by Marc Ransford

Parental leave policies among the of majority Fortune 500 companies are gender-biased, providing women with more parental leave than their male counterparts, and these policies likely impede gender equality in hiring and promotions, says a new study from Ball State University. The study is the first systematic examination of parental leave policies among major American … [More]

Best Perks and Incentives for Employee Morale

by Mike Hunter

Employee perks and benefits can be some of the most compelling aspects of the hiring process. Great perks and incentives packages can help attract top-notch talent, maintain employee morale and improve overall engagement and satisfaction with the company. They can also boost a company’s image, as exemplified by notable tech companies that have become highly desirable places to … [More]

HR Professionals View Recruiting and Hiring as the Most Challenging Issue for 2021


Recruiting and hiring is HR professionals' top concern for next year, according to 563 US employers responding to XpertHR's Survey of HR Challenges for 2021. The survey asked participating organizations to rate how challenging 12 major workplace issues might be in 2021 and found that over six in 10 (66%) said recruiting and hiring will be either "somewhat" or "very" … [More]

Their Take: Panelist Angie Ferguson’s Q&A on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Angie Ferguson SVP, Regional HR Manager Northern Trust Why is D&I important to your organization? Northern Trust recognizes the strength that diversity, equity and inclusion brings to our employees, clients, shareholders and local communities. Our focus on DE&I helps us provide unrivaled service to clients and create a healthy, thriving work … [More]

Their Take: Panelist Shaneé Turnbull’s Q&A on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion


Shaneé Turnbull Diversity Recruitment & Relationship Consultant Voya Financial Why is D&I important to Voya? Diversity and inclusion is important to Voya because it is the richness of backgrounds, ideas and perspectives that helps create an environment where innovation flourishes and our clients are better served. We believe that a strategic focus … [More]

Are Your Employees Zoning Out in Zoom Meetings? Tips from a Remote Veteran

The coronavirus changed the world into a planet of remote workers, but several months into the pandemic some companies and individuals are still grappling with the challenges of working apart. Employees have more distractions at home and some can find it harder to focus. Questions persist, such as: Can video conferencing be as effective as in-person communicating? Will … [More]

5 Steep Costs that Companies Pay Because of a Toxic Boss

Working for a difficult or temperamental boss is common in the U.S. One survey showed roughly half of the employees quit their job due to what they termed a bad boss. But high turnover isn’t the only downside such bosses cause. Abrasive or toxic leadership creates many other costs for organizations and employees as well, from personal health to the company’s financial … [More]

Learning Pods: The Future of the Workforce

by Nicholas Wyman

Mention heutagogy, and there will be blank stares. It’s an approach that celebrates self-directed lifelong learning skills and is a good fit for workplaces. The term was coined some two decades ago. It’s not necessarily a solo activity, either. Learning hooks into social and emotional domains and is a skill one needs to keep sharp and finesse.  The World Bank has been on … [More]

Vacations: Take a Break, Please! 

by Joe Mizzi

There is a growing trend to remind employees to “use your vacation days,” despite work demands and travel limitations. In a recent survey of more than 1,000 workers conducted by global staffing firm Robert Half, nearly 4 in 10 workers surveyed (38%) said their employer has encouraged them to take time off.  While 55% report having received no communication about using … [More]