Survey Finds 51% Have Been More Productive Working from Home during COVID-19


According to a FlexJobs survey* of approximately 4,000 people who have been working remotely during the pandemic, 51 percent report they have been much more productive working from home than they were in the traditional office. 44 percent said their productivity was about the same. Only 5 percent say they have been less productive in their home office. Overall Views on … [More]

Leader in Workspace Technology Solutions Releases Detailed ‘Back to the Office’ Guidelines

Condeco Software

Once the threat of COVID-19 subsides, the business world that emerges will be very different. This ‘new normal’ will see the workforce expecting a more flexible approach to the way we work and a reduction in real estate needs. Large parts of the workforce will want to reduce commute times and work more flexibly. The office will become a place to collaborate and meet with … [More]

78% of Employees Didn’t Notice a Change in Their Company’s Diversity in 2020, Despite Increased Attention to the Benefits of DE&I

The Manifest

Two-thirds of American employees (66%) consider their company somewhat or very diverse according to a new survey from The Manifest, a business news and how-to website. In comparison, only 15% of workers do not believe their company is diverse. Most employees think their company is diverse, but even more have not seen their company's diversity improve in the past year, … [More]

Remote Work Set to Nearly Triple in the Post-COVID World


New Providence, NJ (September 22, 2020) – The average percentage of employees who will work remotely at least part of the time is projected to nearly triple from 12% before the COVID-19 pandemic to 30% after the pandemic, according to 835 US employers responding to XpertHR’s Survey on Employer Response to COVID-19. During survey fielding—which was late July to mid-August … [More]

Electrical Contracting Co. Announces Zero Tolerance for Prejudice Policy in Tempe Office


In response to recent acts of hate in the construction industry, Rosendin Holdings, Inc., the parent company to Rosendin and Modular Power Solutions (MPS), announced a Zero Tolerance for Discrimination policy.  This commitment addresses inequity in the construction industry and takes meaningful action to build a more inclusive culture where individuals are free from any form of … [More]

Why Do I Have to Praise Someone Just for Doing Their Job? And 4 Other Questions Leaders Have about Appreciation

by Liz Uram

Do you ever feel like there is way too much appreciation going on in your workplace? If you said no, you’re not alone. Your team would probably say the same thing. A Gallup survey revealed that 65% of employees haven’t received recognition in the last year. This directly correlates to the studies that consistently report that two-thirds of American workers are … [More]

Five Tips for Success in a Multi-Cultural Workplace

by Stacey Lynn

By standards relating to both morality and money, a diverse workplace is a successful workplace. In a brick-and-mortar office, diversity in the workplace is generally limited by the demographics of a given locale. As most know, COVID-19 forced many companies to start working completely remotely, and a lot of those companies are expected to continue this style of work, at least … [More]

How to Learn a Company’s Unwritten Office Rules when There’s No Office

Not every workplace rule, tradition or general way of doing things appears in the employee handbook. Newly hired employees often must figure out on their own how a company’s culture really operates, and how to maneuver within “unwritten rules” to move up in the organization. Now, with remote work that COVID-19 forced on so many businesses, that daunting transition from … [More]

Develop a Diversity & Inclusion Plan that Isn’t Fluff

by Eric M. Bailey

The country is talking about race and racism in a way that many have never before experienced in their careers. Organizations are beginning to develop, review or refresh their diversity plans in response, but don’t want to appear as if they are reacting to the broader national conversation. For many, this was something that was in process already; for others, it’s altogether … [More]

Create a Transitional Retirement Option for Your Employees

by Chip Munn

The relationship between companies and their employees has been forever changed by COVID-19. Since late January, Americans have been shifting from their traditional roles and workplaces toward their home offices. They’re using telecommuting technology and learning new capabilities daily. There’s a shift occurring, and the biggest question for companies will be whether this … [More]