Leaders: Ready for a Bold Answer to Service Fatigue? 3 Ways to Avoid the Epidemic of Quiet Quitting

by Laurie Guest

Everyone’s all heard of it by now: “quiet quitting” is the freshly coined phrase to describe the age-old behavior of not quite leaving one’s job entirely but rather opting to no longer go above and beyond. It’s Service Fatigue to the extreme, risking not just customer satisfaction but staff loyalty and your business’s bottom line, too. While the idea of “quiet quitting” may be … [More]

Experts Offer a Plan for Raising the Bar on Workplace Safety


Compliance with OSHA and industry safety standards should not be the ultimate goal for an organization; it should be the baseline, say workplace safety experts Ken Chapman and Tony Orlowski. In their new book, Safety Beyond the Numbers: A Path to Principled Leadership, Chapman and Orlowski address the “what now?” question when a company has a robust safety compliance program … [More]

HR Pitfalls and the Dangers of ‘Quiet Promotion’

by Kelli Mason

Thanks to all the talk of “quiet quitting” hitting the news cycles recently, many managers are newly suspicious of their employees’ intentions. As it turns out, the suspicions may go both ways. According to a new JobSage survey, a whopping 78% of American workers report receiving a “quiet promotion” — an increased workload without increased pay. And most of them are not happy … [More]

HR Pitfalls and How to Avoid Flatlining Deserving Employees

by Don Alix

In a tight labor market, businesses want to fill open positions with new talent but may have in-house talent that fits the bill. However, these in-house applicants do not always receive the encouragement or take the initiative to apply. Over time, this can result in “flatlining,” which is when successful, deserving employees are stalling in their careers without forward … [More]

5 Noteworthy Employment Trends For 2023


As we enter 2023, changing employment trends have emerged that are already impacting countless employees and job seekers. Here are 5 specific developments that Allison & Taylor Reference & Background Checking anticipates for 2023: Given a projected tight labor market, employees are in a strong position vis a vis their compensation, benefits, and workplace … [More]

The Great Breakup – Women in Leadership

by Annie Rosencrans

Results of the McKinsey & Company’s Women in the Workplace 2022 report has given rise to the term the “Great Breakup,” which refers to the emerging trend of women in senior positions leaving companies at strikingly high levels if their demands and requirements are not met. The report exposes a catalogue of failings by employers toward women, ranging from permitting hostile … [More]

Elevate Recruiting Skill with Conscious Curiosity 

by Jeremy Eskenazi

It’s amazing how connecting dots makes the work of HR and recruiting teams so much easier. Knowing what the business does, how it makes money, and what’s happening in that industry is important. So is knowing what hiring managers are looking for – and how to interact with the right candidates. And yet, many recruitment professionals are not doing these things.  The best HR … [More]

Job Hunters’ Pet Peeves – Employers, Take Heed

by Kelli Mason

Layoffs have surged over the past year, causing an increase in job hunting. As this hunt is the reality for many Americans, the system of applying for a new job is hardly seamless, even when done online. From hard-to-navigate online job portals to being ghosted by an employer, many candidates have job-hunting pet peeves that make the process difficult. JobSage was interested … [More]

Quiet Constraint – The New Workplace Villain

from Kahoot!

The 2022 Workplace Culture Report recently released by Kahoot!, the global learning and engagement platform company, reveals that “quiet constraint” is Corporate America’s current hidden threat at work. According to the data from a new third-party survey of U.S. enterprise workers, more than half (58%) employees say they hold in valuable knowledge they could share with their … [More]

Express Gratitude for Your Employees by Offering an Education Savings Plan


November is the month of gratitude, and as post pandemic workplace trends continue to influence workers to search for better employment opportunities, employers continue to seek innovative, meaningful ways to express their gratitude toward their employees. By offering unique employee benefits–like 529 education savings plans–employers can provide their team members with … [More]

New Report Links Workplace Diversity to Financial Outperformance


As You Sow and Whistle Stop Capital released a report that compares Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO-1) diversity data of 277 companies to 14 key financial performance metrics. The report — “Workplace Diversity and Financial Performance” — shows that diversity data is a material factor and warrants pressure on companies from investors, legislators, and other stakeholders to … [More]

Attract Executive Talent in a Post-Pandemic Recruitment World

by Harrison Rausch

Much talk of labor challenges, employee turnover and the Great Resignation this past year has focused on rank-and-file workers and mid-level talent. But CEOs and other top executives have not been immune to these forces. The Great Resignation Spreads to the C-Suite Nearly 70% of executives are seriously considering leaving their jobs, according to a recent Deloitte report. … [More]

How Employers Can Rehabilitate a Toxic Workplace

by Don Alix

A McKinsey study from July found that toxic workplace behavior is the strongest predictor of employee burnout and intent to resign, with more than 60% of negative workplace outcomes resulting from toxic workplace behavior. In fact, according to a study from MIT Management Review, a culture employees describe as toxic is 10 times more likely to lead to turnover than … [More]

Women’s Pay Today: 3 New Stats to Know

by Jamie Sabia

While recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows women’s labor participation is on the rise, the gender wage gap continues to be a top concern for many female professionals. Recent White House data shows the average woman working full-time, year-round, for wages or a salary earned 83 cents for every dollar paid to their average male counterpart.  A recent Robert … [More]

Will Rudeness Slam the Upcoming Tourist Season?

by Don Henninger

A national survey recently asked residents in the 30 largest metro areas to rate their cities in a way that could give potential tourists a glimpse of what to expect if they decide to visit there. It asked them to evaluate the rudeness levels of their cities to give travelers a sense of what kind of attitudes they might encounter. Phoenix did not fare well in the Preply … [More]

It’s an ‘Arms Race’ of Lavish Job Perks

by Chris Arey

The great resignation and war for talent have brought out the best in employers. From better pay to flexible hours, and resources for managing work/life balance. But, where do they draw the line? The war for talent, the ‘Great Resignation’ and the challenge of compensating staff in inflationary times all mean that employers are now offering ever more lavish benefits, in a … [More]

Can “Quiet Quitters” Be Fired? Yes, But Be Careful!

by Marc Lamber

People are fighting back against going the extra mile; instead, doing only the bare minimum at work. This is “quiet quitting.” Seventy-nine percent of American workers are burned out, compared to just 9% who are thriving and engaged, according to Gallup. Employees who are not engaged perform 33% lower than their engaged counterparts.  Employers know who the quiet quitters … [More]

The Brain-Friendly Workplace

by Mike Hunter

The workplace of tomorrow is a hybrid ecosystem that thrives on flexibility and diversity of thought, enabling all employees to reach peak performance. Every person’s brain is different, and, by taking an inclusive view toward neurosignature diversity, organizations can get a competitive advantage. In The Brain-Friendly Workplace, Friederike Fabritius offers a science-based … [More]

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