Supporting Intersectionality in the LGBTQ+ Community

by Marc Brumm

While Pride month is behind us, we must continue to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community’s contributions and milestones that helped us get to where we are today. Throughout the year, we join forces, participate in events and spotlight the community’s unwavering spirit and incredible resiliency. In addition to continuing to support the LGBTQ+ community, it is important to reflect on … [More]

How to Use a Salary Formula Conversation to Improve Engagement and Inclusivity

by Nikolay Gekht

One of the biggest challenges during the Agile transformation is to help people become agile and stay agile. Experts of Agile management encourage us to define the boundaries for our employees. Agile coaching gurus call us to set and enforce high expectations. I know you understand the importance of doing that. But, as it often happens, saying is one thing, and doing is … [More]

Are Your Best Marketers Accepting Recruiter Calls?

Finding and hiring the right talent is often a difficult task for companies, but retaining workers with high-level skills is becoming even harder as people leave their jobs in droves, looking for improvements in pay, work-life balance, management, and work culture. In digital marketing – a crucial component for business growth – talent retention has never been more critical, … [More]

How to Keep Employees from Joining the ‘Great Resignation’

by Jeanet Wade

As the nation continues to emerge from the pandemic, workers are noticing something. This is an opportune time to change jobs — and so they are. Millions of employees are quitting their jobs and some businesses are struggling to find replacements. Bosses who wonder why this is happening may need to look inward, says Jeanet Wade, the ForbesBooks author of The Human Team: … [More]

Recruiting Top Talent Begins with These Key Steps

Many employers and recent college graduates don’t think colleges are adequately preparing students for employment. A Cengage survey found that a high percentage of graduates feel unqualified and that they are lacking the skills seen in job descriptions. This may explain in part why businesses are struggling to find the right talent – even as millions of people look for work … [More]

The Art of Interviews: How to Ask the Right Questions for Effective Hiring

by Edgar R. Olivo

Small businesses all across the country and industries are feeling the pinch of a labor shortage as one of the many impacts of the pandemic. This has profound effects on our everyday services, such as delayed A/C repairs, more expensive flights and slower healthcare. Business managers everywhere are finding ways to attract new hires with sign-on bonuses, competitive benefit … [More]

Recruiting Top Talent Begins with These Key Steps

by Mike Hunter

Many employers and recent college graduates don’t think colleges are adequately preparing students for employment. A Cengage survey found that a high percentage of graduates feel unqualified and that they are lacking the skills seen in job descriptions. This may explain in part why businesses are struggling to find the right talent – even as millions of people look for work … [More]

How to Keep Customers in the Loop to Grow Loyalty and Expand Business

A company’s success often depends on how many customers it retains and, as a result of those relationships, new customers who are drawn by recommendations and favorable reviews. Marketing plays a creative role in attracting potential buyers, but the funnel concept many businesses have long relied upon doesn’t prioritize the customer experience, which is critical to retention … [More]

What the Answers to 4 Questions Reveal about Business Teams

As the nation works its way out of the pandemic and associated economic troubles, some business leaders may fret about their company’s strength going forward. Perhaps it’s time for those businesses to assess just how well their teams are performing. “It’s always helpful to take an overview of your company, exploring both the strengths and the weaknesses to see where you … [More]

3 Ways an Evolved HR Team Drives Profits

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to adapt to a new reality, many human resources departments faced challenges like never before. Now a question that confronts companies is whether their HR departments have evolved enough to come through for them in a world that continues to change with unprecedented rapidity, says Bill Lyons, the ForbesBooks author of We Are HR: … [More]

How to More Easily Handle Hiring through Prioritization

by Jeremy Eskenazi

Sometimes hiring is crazy busy with a multitude of job vacancies and a frantic need to fill positions immediately. Sometimes, it is much slower paced and you can work with the team as is. Regardless of what is driving the volume of hiring — the end of a quarter, event seasons, product orders, etc. — your company needs to come up with a plan of attack to bring talent into the … [More]

Inclusion is Different – Not Difficult

by Tova Sherman

For more than 20 years, the most common question I have received from P3 leaders across North America is “How?” — “How can I include persons with disabilities in my workplace and still be a profitable business?” My answer is always the same.  Onboarding persons with disabilities is different, not difficult — and how different depends less on their issues than yours. More … [More]

Employee Onboarding: How to Succeed in a Remote-First Workplace

by Aleksandra Sulimko

Remote work has been an option for some employees for many years, but recently many were thrust into it for the first time without warning. As businesses ramp up hiring efforts, many are realizing that looking to candidates outside their localities can provide great advantages. With a global talent pool, companies have access to more candidates with varied skills and … [More]

Work from Anywhere? Benefits May Not Be as Flexible

by Doug Ramsthel

Working remote has truly come to mean working from anywhere as employees have started to move to their favorite vacation spots, closer to relatives and out of state to lower-cost areas, so long as there is dependable internet. Remote working is now coming to be viewed as a potential perk to offer employees. However, this initial reaction of allowing work from anywhere may be … [More]

Better Manage Complex Leave Process With New Tech

Unum Group

Unum, a leading provider of financial protection benefits in the U.S. and U.K., is launching Unum Total Leave™, a new leave management service powered by a unique digital leave ecosystem to assist employers and employees with the complex leave process. The Unum Total Leave launch responds to the changing leave landscape, one that is more complex and difficult to navigate for … [More]

Employer Actions & Employee Perceptions: Gauging the COVID-19 Workplace Experience


Sixty percent of employees are currently working remotely, and 76% indicate they would like to continue in that capacity after the pandemic. However, employers anticipate that 34% of employees will continue working remotely after the pandemic setting up possible future tension between organizations and their workforces. Also, thirty-two percent of employees state they would not … [More]

9 Tips to Make a Great Impression in Your Virtual Meetings

by Edgar R. Olivo

“You’re on mute” became the quote of the year in 2020 and was said 1,000% more times in virtual meetings between executives compared to 2019. Chances are you have said or heard it once or twice when you joined more virtual meetings since the start of the pandemic. This new way of conducting business is hardly new at all, but it has now become an indispensable way of getting … [More]

HR Execs Report Directly to the CEO, President, or Company Owner at a Majority of Organizations, Says Survey


At about three-fifths (61%) of organizations, the top HR executive reports to the chief executive officer, president, or company owner, according to 417 US employers responding to XpertHR's HR Staffing and Resources Survey 2021. At some organizations, HR may report to the CFO (13%), COO (10%), a senior-level company-wide manager (e.g., executive director, general manager) … [More]

Stop Meeting and Start Co-Creating

by Carlos Valdes-Dapena

It’s been almost a year since the pandemic triggered broad restrictions and shutdowns throughout North America. It’s time to take stock, to gauge what we’ve been through and learned. The constraints forced upon us ranged from draconian at times to occasionally inconvenient. Yet despite the hardships — or because of them — COVID’s impact has also been enlightening. It has … [More]

Remote Recruiting and Hiring Can Further DEI

by Shannon Hogue

Last year, companies that would typically hire software engineers from geographical bubbles (i.e., select colleges and within Silicon Valley) began embracing the idea of tapping into a talent pipeline of remote workers. As more organizations consider making the shift to remote work permanent, engineering management teams are incorporating remote developer hiring as a core … [More]

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