HR Execs Report Directly to the CEO, President, or Company Owner at a Majority of Organizations, Says Survey


At about three-fifths (61%) of organizations, the top HR executive reports to the chief executive officer, president, or company owner, according to 417 US employers responding to XpertHR's HR Staffing and Resources Survey 2021. At some organizations, HR may report to the CFO (13%), COO (10%), a senior-level company-wide manager (e.g., executive director, general manager) … [More]

Stop Meeting and Start Co-Creating

by Carlos Valdes-Dapena

It’s been almost a year since the pandemic triggered broad restrictions and shutdowns throughout North America. It’s time to take stock, to gauge what we’ve been through and learned. The constraints forced upon us ranged from draconian at times to occasionally inconvenient. Yet despite the hardships — or because of them — COVID’s impact has also been enlightening. It has … [More]

Remote Recruiting and Hiring Can Further DEI

by Shannon Hogue

Last year, companies that would typically hire software engineers from geographical bubbles (i.e., select colleges and within Silicon Valley) began embracing the idea of tapping into a talent pipeline of remote workers. As more organizations consider making the shift to remote work permanent, engineering management teams are incorporating remote developer hiring as a core … [More]

Return to Work Safely; YellowBird Guides the Way

by Michael Zalle

Arizona companies preparing to reopen are under pressure to ensure the safety of employees, customers and vendors. Guidelines can be confusing, ever-changing and complex. A local Phoenix organization, offers experts on-demand to provide advice, guidance and best practices from highly qualified, industry-specific safety professionals. The Phoenix startup … [More]

Wellbeing at Work

by Mike Hunter

One-third of Americans have shown signs of clinical anxiety or depression, and the current state of suffering globally has risen significantly. The mental health pandemic manifests everywhere, not least in the workplace. As organizations around the world face health and social crises, as well as economic uncertainty, acknowledging and improving wellbeing in the workplace is … [More]

New Employment Study Shows which Companies Have Best Work Cultures

Radiant Forest

Many employers will be surprised to see their best and brightest executives leave for better opportunities after the pandemic, according to a new study of 1,000 companies by Radiant Forest, LLC. This study is the first to create a standardized rating of the best and worst employers based on employee ratings. "With more employers supporting remote work arrangements, the best … [More]

Their Take: There’s a Better Way of Helping Kids with Developmental Disabilities

By Aritro Majumdar, Co-founder and CEO, Rayo

I used to work as a caregiver for kids with special needs. And I absolutely loved it. What I didn’t love was filling out the mountains of paperwork used to track what a caregiver has done when they meet with a client. Not only did it take away from the time I had to directly interact with the kids, it seemed more perfunctory and maintenance-driven as opposed to purposeful … [More]

Phoenix Chamber Launches Diversity and Inclusion Program for Employers

Rick McCartney

The Greater Phoenix Chamber is launching a Diversity and Inclusion Employer Toolkit to support Chamber members and the community at large in implementing and expanding diversity and inclusion efforts in the workplace. The Chamber’s Diversity and Inclusion Employer Toolkit outlines four key pillars of diversity & inclusion and allows companies to select a starting point … [More]

Don’t Lose Great Talent by Focusing on Years of Experience!

by Jeremy Eskenazi

Rather than use years of experience in a job posting to eliminate very junior (or senior!) people, a best practice is to describe what the actual job would do. Consider the key accountabilities and indicate that these are things that the candidate needs to show you they can already do. This is not the kind of talent you want to lose out on for policy’s sake. During your intake … [More]

3 Tips for Leaders to Steady the Ship when Employees Lose Their Balance

Company leaders and managers have a big responsibility in overseeing employees. But they can’t see everything, and sometimes there’s more going on in a worker’s life than meets the eye. Employee disengagement or burnout isn’t always apparent, and some employers may be in for a surprise if and when the COVID-19 pandemic winds down. One study shows that 57% of U.S. employees … [More]

5 Ways HR Can Make Diversity and Equality Central to Succession Planning

Women are making progress in corporate leadership. A record 41 female CEOs are scheduled to run Fortune 500 companies in 2021. Along with this positive news about diversity and equality in the workplace, business observers think another good example was set by a male CEO deciding to step down in 2021. Zalando’s Rubin Ritter said he is leaving his position so he can put his … [More]

Top Reasons Why Your Employees Should Improve Their Business Language

by Phil Cord

No matter the type of organization, efficient business communication is crucial. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to manage miscommunication and foster honest, open communication. Just as employers raise their business's competencies using professional services (like Edinburgh translation services), they can enormously benefit from adding business language training to … [More]

Adapting Content Strategies to Grow Employee Happiness

by Mike Metz

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how many businesses work, but the need to retain talent is here to stay. With so many people working from home or on a modified schedule, many employers are finding their employees have new, unexpected needs and the requests to match. When it comes to dodging these frustrations and keeping employees happy, tapping into the creativity of an … [More]

Outdated Video Training Puts a Business at Risk

by Maury Rogow

Businesses risk loss of revenue, loss of employee commitment and increases in key employee attrition. One solution is here for us to embrace: the new rules of engagement in training videos.  Millennial and GenX value contribution, learning and challenge above financial gains. Businesses that deliver training in an outdated format or style can suffer from all three of the … [More]

Does Location Influence Workplace Attitudes?

by RaeAnne Marsh

Attitudes toward work from home has become a favorite topic for surveys over the past year, and it is one aspect Nintex studies in its recent “Workplace 2021 Study.” But Nintex’s interest was not just on attitudes; it was on how attitudes differ from region to region. Here in the Southwest, we have the second-best opportunities for career advancement this year, according to … [More]

56% of Small Businesses Plan to Spend More Compensating Employees in 2021


More than half of small businesses (56%) plan to spend more compensating their employees in 2021 than last year, according to a new report from Clutch , the leading B2B research and reviews firm. Clutch surveyed small business owners and managers in 2019 and 2021 to learn about what compensation and benefits they offer employees. The data reveals increased demand for health … [More]

6 Factors That Comprise a Company’s Culture

by Joel Patterson

“Corporate culture” is a buzz phrase that’s been going around for over a decade now, though the actual meaning behind this hot topic is often lost. A company’s culture goes far beyond celebrations, perks, and the office layout. In fact, it reaches the very core of a business. Here are six factors that comprise a company’s culture. Heritage and Vision Every business has an … [More]

In Employee Compensation, You Get What You Pay For, Says Study

American Accounting Association

A study of more than 400 managers in a national hotel chain finds that the more those managers are compensated relative to their peers, the better their performance. Researchers argue that the results would hold true across industry sectors. "In many companies, employee performance is rewarded with bonuses – so companies pay for what they get out of each employee," says Jim … [More]

About Nine in 10 Employers Are Open to Negotiating Salary for Either Some or All Positions


The overwhelming majority (89%) of organizations are open to negotiating salary for either some or all positions once a job offer has been made, according to 324 US employers responding to XpertHR's Recruiting and Hiring Survey 2021. However, when it comes to bonuses and benefits, employers are more rigid in their terms of employment. About four in 10 (42%) organizations are … [More]

Show Employees the Love, Especially during Uncertain Times; 5 Tips Leaders Can Use to Demonstrate Their Care

by Mike Messina

We often associate the month of February with acts of love. Cards, dinners, flowers and chocolates are given to those we value. As leaders, it’s important to show the love by demonstrating you value your team, not just around heartfelt holidays and not necessarily through gestures like buying flowers and chocolates, but instead through your words, actions, responses and … [More]

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