Pilot Program Highlights Why Hybrid Working Needs a New Approach to Talent Development


Insights from a talent development project with a large US metropolitan public works department have highlighted the key learning challenges faced by managers in today’s hybrid workplace. In May 2022 confidence in managing hybrid employees showed 53% of managers rated their confidence 3 or below on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being high. In the same month, 57% of managers … [More]

Transform Employees to Emergency Responders in 3 Easy Steps

by Patrick Hardy

Responding to disasters is one of the most important activities that employees can be asked to grapple with. From natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes to technological situations such as power outages, chemical spills and transportation accidents, as well as security emergencies like acts of terrorism and mass shootings, a property should be prepared for any of … [More]

Suntec’s Philanthropy Benefits Community – and Employees

by RaeAnne Marsh

Suntec Concrete and its employees have been doing their part since 2008 to help vital members of the community: teachers. Again this year, Suntec, the largest commercial concrete contractor in the Southwest, delivered care packages to nearly 100 teachers across Arizona, Utah and Colorado as part of its Teacher Appreciation program. Suntec adds a special touch to this … [More]

How to Have Difficult Conversations About Race

by Mike Hunter

Negotiation expert Kwame Christian’s motto is, “The best things in life are on the other side of difficult conversations.” If we want a more equitable workplace, and a more equitable world, we have to talk to each other about race. But, for so many of us, that’s easier said than done. Many people avoid conversations about race because of fear — fear of discomfort, damaging … [More]

Look Both Ways Before Hiring

by Jill J. Johnson

It’s no secret that the staffing shortages facing most businesses today are extremely challenging. It is also highly unlikely that these challenges are going to resolve in the near term. So, the problem facing businesses now is what they should do when they just cannot find the talent they need. It is time to rethink all staffing options. The key is to make the most of their … [More]

Next-Level Team Building to Enhance Company Culture

by Katie Dufort

In a recent business poll by the research company i4cp, more than 71% of respondents stated that their organizations either already emphasize or aim to emphasize corporate culture in their day-to-day practices. Longtime proponents of a positive corporate culture have argued that it can enhance long-term prospects, but it is equally true that a negative one is linked to … [More]

Businesses Can Focus on Employee Advocacy 

by Don Alix

While global efforts to make the world a better place from a culture and climate perspective continue to make noteworthy strides, they have also paved the way for entrance into corporate America, as employees, consumers, investors and communities hold companies to higher standards and expect accountability in business operations. Although each group can have a significant … [More]


by Joanna C. de’Shay, MAOM, M.F.A.

Please don’t ask to touch a person of color’s hair, say they speak well or ask where they are really from and other harmful and egregious implicit bias acts. It’s the same early morning grind that most Americans participate in on a weekday morning, the dreaded coffee run! Not glamorous or exciting, it becomes a necessary part of kicking the day off right, says every coffee … [More]

Tough Talks – How to Have Difficult Conversations with Employees

by Dr. Tricia Groff

One of my clients, a business owner, reached out to me and said, “How do I tell this person that they need to keep their personal stressors from impacting everyone at work without sounding like a jerk?” The situations may change, from telling employees they are underperforming to telling them their attitude is alienating everyone around them to telling them they are being … [More]

5 Quick Steps to Manage an Underperforming Employee


Overlooking underperforming employees can be detrimental to a business. An employee who doesn’t get the job done can lead to another employee picking up the slack. This can in turn lead to burnout and the resignation of a quality team member. Once you let one employee get away with poor performance, many more will follow. Communications expert Eric M. Bailey shares his tips … [More]

Why Businesses That Embrace Diversity Will Have An Edge In Tough Economic Times


As economists fret about a looming recession, business leaders who vowed to make diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) a priority this year may be tempted to put those efforts on hold while they focus on business fundamentals. But that would be a mistake, because DEI isn’t just a feel-good initiative; it’s a significant contributor to business success, says Dr. Nika White, … [More]

Feedback: July 2022

by Greg Hague, Josh Jurhill, John Kobierowski, Eivan Shahara

Q: Looking at how this plays out in the workplace, how have you used sports and/or gaming for team or morale building? Greg Hague Founder and CEO 72SOLD Sector: Real Estate At 72SOLD, sports has played a huge role in our team morale building. Through our partnership with the Arizona Cardinals, we host fun pre-game events for our agents and employees on the Great Lawn at … [More]

Work-from-Home: Deal Breaker?

by Zapier team

The pandemic changed the way we work, and, as the work-from-home lifestyle became the norm, employees began to re-evaluate their expectations for work-life balance. Many workers quit their jobs because their needs weren’t being met. It’s clear that employees don’t want to go back to the way things were pre-pandemic. So we asked the question: What’s the future of remote work? … [More]

55% of WFH Employees in America Have Never Met Their Colleagues in Person, Says Survey


Let's Face(time) it, when you're working remotely and behind a screen all day, it leaves no opportunity to bump into coworkers throughout the day and grab a coffee break together. And for those who have started new jobs since the start of the pandemic, some may have never even had their first physical team meeting opportunity at all. As we enter unchartered waters in a … [More]

Could You Give Your Staff This ‘Work Anywhere’ Freedom?


Bosses in the East Valley are being asked if they can give their staff freedom to genuinely work anywhere, any time – including in another country. It’s after AirBnB’s boss set five remote work rules that apply to all its staff. They now have huge freedom to choose exactly where they work. “These rules are simple and very attractive for their staff. But I’m not sure how easy … [More]

How to Turn the Great Resignation into a Great Employee Retention Strategy


Given the huge numbers of workers who have left their companies during the Great Resignation, employee retention strategies arguably never have been more important. When high-quality workers exit, it’s costly for companies to replace them. And high turnover is exacerbated when there’s a dropoff in talent and productivity. That could happen during the interim interviewing … [More]

Common Misconceptions about Workplace Culture That Can Be Costly to Companies


The subject of workplace culture gets a lot of attention these days. Its importance in the life of a business has seemed to increase in the wake of the Great Resignation and the culture-related reasons why millions of people have left their jobs. Adding fuel to the fire are some misconceptions companies have about workplace culture that are harming their employees' … [More]

Tasks, Tasks – and Non-Promotable Tasks

by Linda Babcock, Brenda Peyser, Lise Vesterlund and Laurie Weingart

Anyone reading this article has done work that wasn’t promotable. Maybe it was handling a low-revenue client or spending another day dealing with that one customer who can’t be satisfied. Or staying late one night to reformat the very unprofessional-looking budget spreadsheet created by a co-worker. Or perhaps it was being “voluntold” to organize a fund-raising event. We … [More]

The Rise of Recruitment Marketing

by Louis Naviasky

Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic upended the culture in the United States, flipping the labor market on its head. The Great Resignation, as many call it, has shifted attitudes of workers — and the impact is not only immediate but, seemingly, long-lasting. Isolation, burnout and lack of employer empathy have resulted in a mass exodus of qualified and skilled … [More]

Feedback: June 2022

by Martijn Pierik, Skyler Reeves, Hilary Samples 

Q: What has been your biggest workforce issue or challenge over the past year or so, and how have you addressed it? Martijn Pierik CEO and Managing Partner Kiterocket Sector: Marketing We faced a number of workforce challenges over the past 12-18 months, but the biggest one we faced is working remotely and how to maintain a strong company culture.  When our leadership … [More]

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