Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Business Imperative

by Todd Sanders and Jeannine Watanabe

In today’s rapidly evolving global landscape, the imperative for businesses to embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a strategic imperative for sustainable growth and long-term success. As society becomes increasingly diverse and interconnected, businesses need to intentionally engage in DEI or risk falling behind competitively. A diverse company looks to employ … [More]

Implementing Vacation Time Enhances Business Operations

Restaurant owner gives evidence that the proof is in the pudding

by Fabrizio Cali

One crucial element of running a restaurant is valuing our employees’ work-life balance. At Dolce Vita, I have made the decision to close every Monday and for a week each summer to give my staff a day of rest as well as a true vacation. Many business owners may be concerned about how this will impact their bottom line, but, by fostering a healthy work environment, they will see … [More]

Boredom: What Force at Work?

Within the dynamics of the modern workplace, the myth of consistent, all-day productivity is exactly that: a myth

by Assaf Cohen

The issue of workplace boredom is more pervasive than many might realize. According to Forbes, boredom at work is not just a minor inconvenience; it's a serious problem that can lead to depression, anxiety, insomnia, and higher employee turnover. This issue affects a significant portion of the American workforce, with more than a third admitting they have found their job … [More]

Corporate Volunteerism Elevates Workplace Culture

Align initiatives with company’s core values

by Don Alix

Goodwill never goes out of fashion. Many employers and employees want to support those less fortunate but may not see how to find the time or opportunity to do so. As employers, prioritizing corporate volunteerism initiatives is something that can make an indelibly positive impact on workplace culture, including employee morale, engagement and social … [More]

Build a Successful Veteran Transition Onboarding Program

Veterans bring a great deal of talent to the company – if the transition goes well 

by William Toti

Over the course of my industry career, I’ve become accustomed to hearing a large number of companies brag about the number of military veterans they’ve hired. As a 26-year Navy veteran who later rose to the position of CEO of a defense company, I love to hear this. But I always ask a follow-up question: How many of those veterans are still working for the company five years … [More]

Give Quiet a Chance in 2024 (It’s the Small Change That Changes EVERYTHING for Professionals)

Rick McCartney

Another year is winding down, and, sadly, your job is STILL making you miserable. You’re stressed, burned out, and overwhelmed. Even when you manage to get things done, your work is at best unfulfilling and at worst totally meaningless. And at the end of the day, you’re too exhausted to enjoy your friends and family. The worst part is, you’re not exactly sure why you feel … [More]

Deaf Employees: Headaches or Eagle-Eyed Excellence?

The big issues are deeper than legal rights and workplace accommodation

by Rachel Zemach 

While the first thought of employers on finding out their new employee or interview candidate is Deaf is usually one of alarm and apprehension, the reality is that many Deaf employees have unique talents to contribute. Our visual-spatial skills are markedly more acute than those of hearing people. Oliver Sachs describes this in his book Seeing Voices as being an extended range … [More]

What Is the Future Shape of Work?

Data shows trajectories of hybrid, remote and blended models

by James Neave

The study recently released by Adzuna, the smarter job search engine, unveiled insights into the trajectories of hybrid and remote work. The data shows that the proportion of new jobs posted for both hybrid and in-office positions is gradually increasing, although remote work positions are still dominating advertised vacancies. The proportion of advertised roles specifying … [More]

Letting People Go: The Secret to a Peaceful Exit Lies in a Transparent Entrance

Firing an employee is the most dreaded of all leadership tasks


No one likes to lay people off. It’s upsetting, painful, and even traumatic—and not just for the person losing their job. In fact, studies have found that managers are almost twice as likely to suffer a heart attack in the week after they fire someone. Unfortunately, letting people go is part of being a leader—and, as many companies ramp up layoffs, it’s a task you might have … [More]

What Businesses Should Consider when Hiring Veterans

by Carlos Lamogliachinchilla

As the country honors the dedicated service of the U.S. armed forces this Veterans Day, it is worth noting many military personnel are currently transitioning into civilian life. These individuals are making this shift at an opportune moment. Traditionally an underutilized and frequently underestimated resource for business leaders, veterans bring a wealth of skills to the … [More]

Talent Strategy – How to Weather the Storm 

6 tips for CEOs and CHROs to navigate uncertainty

by Jesse Meschuk 

CEOs and CHROs began 2023 facing exceptional challenges. A weakening economy, a stubbornly tight labor market, persistent inflation, banking instability, war and a new cultural dynamic in which workplace talent is dispersed globally make the job of managing modern workforces exceptionally turbulent. Navigating these challenges requires an honest, hard look at talent strategy. … [More]

Music Improves Workplace Productivity and Keeps Employees Connected

Create a positive culture that hits the right note every time

by Ross Honey

The most innovative workplaces are proactively seeking fresh ways to stand out from the crowd by dancing to the beat of a new tune and cultivating an environment where teams go against the grain of isolation. Separation from the rest of the team is not what fills our work lives with meaning or satisfaction, so employers are uncovering new opportunities to boost productivity and … [More]

Phoenix-Based Marketing Co. Unveils Whitepaper on the Central Role of CMOs in Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Televerde, a global marketing, sales, and customer success company for B2B businesses worldwide, announced the release of its much-anticipated whitepaper titled "CMOs & Chief DE&I Officers: Joined at the Hip for a DE&I Revolution." Authored by Televerde's Head of Global Marketing Kellie Walenciak, the whitepaper critically examines the pivotal role Chief Marketing … [More]

Best Ways to Recruit Gen-Z Workers

by Heather Cordova

In an era of rapid technological advancements and shifting workforce demographics, businesses must adapt to remain competitive and ensure their long-term success. One of the most significant demographic shifts on the horizon is the rise of Generation Z, who are poised to constitute approximately 30% of the total workforce by 2030, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor … [More]

Filling the Gaps for the Upcoming Retirement Wave 

Ensure knowledge and skills are not lost

by Don Alix

In today’s tight labor market, many managers and business leaders are grappling with the difficulty of recruiting and hiring quality candidates. Exacerbating the challenge is the nearly three million people who retired early due to the pandemic as well as 10,000 baby boomers who reach retirement age daily. And this rate of baby boomers reaching retirement age will continue … [More]

Dealing with Generational Conflict in the Workplace? Focus on Strengths, Not Stereotypes


With four generations in the workplace, there’s bound to be some friction. From “Okay, Boomer” dismissals to gripes about entitled Millennials and tech-obsessed Gen Z, each generation has its own complaints about the others. Meanwhile, Gen Xers tend to be perpetually overlooked—which is hurtful in a different way. The one consistent theme through the generations is that at … [More]

New Study Reveals Alarming Work Dissatisfaction Trends 


A groundbreaking study conducted by Bastion Transform, a part of Bastion Agency, has uncovered startling insights into the prevalent unhappiness among employees in today's workplace. The report reveals that a mere one-third of employees, accounting for 36%, report a high level of satisfaction in their current roles while a staggering 55% express skepticism about their company's … [More]

Hearing Crickets? Five Tips for Coaxing Feedback from a Silent Group


You’re leading a staff meeting or team huddle, and you ask your employees for their input and ideas. Seconds tick by, but all you hear is…crickets. No one is willing to speak up (or make eye contact, for that matter). As you wait for a response that isn’t coming, you feel increasingly uncomfortable and demoralized. We’ve all been there, says workplace management expert Jo … [More]

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