Water: Key Resource in Greater Phoenix and the Semiconductor Industry

Committing to a sustainable future for economic growth

by Chris Camacho

Water, one of the most important elements in the semiconductor manufacturing process, has always been a precious resource in Arizona. Its conservation and management have been a priority for generations, even predating statehood. More than any other state, Arizona understands the importance of long-term planning — it was the first to project its water supply 100 years into the … [More]

Developing a Talent Pipeline to Embrace Arizona’s Chip Growth

by Jeannie Jesson

Semiconductors are not foreign to Arizona, as chip manufacturers have been established here since the 1940s, the dawn of the first transistor. However, the industry's current growth in the Silicon Desert is unprecedented. According to The New York Times, Arizona has more than 115 chip-related companies, including WGNSTAR, and the state has led the nation in chip investment … [More]

Inside YES’s State-of-the-Art Arizona Tech Center

by Stephanie Quinn

Covering an impressive expanse of 120,000 square feet, Yield Engineering Systems (YES), a leading provider of technology solutions and process equipment for the semiconductor industry, built a new advanced technology center in Chandler, Arizona, known as the YES Advanced Technology Center, to serve as a platform for best-in-class manufacturing of complex products, validate … [More]

On the Move: Greg Hare

by Stephanie Quinn

Greg Hare, an esteemed commercial and business executive, was recently appointed vice president of business development at CollabraTech Solutions, where he plans on leveraging his expertise in P&L management, marketing, business expansion and global sales. Hare’s 34-year career includes general manager at Mega and director of process materials sales at Versum Materials, … [More]

ASU, Advantest and NXP Join Forces

Pioneering a new test engineering curriculum showcasing the synergy of industry-academia partnership

by Stephanie Quinn

In an unprecedented partnership, Advantest Corporation, a leading semiconductor test equipment supplier, Arizona State University and global semiconductor company NXP® Semiconductors have come together to revolutionize the field of test engineering education. The collaboration aims to introduce a pioneering test engineering course at ASU, aptly named “EEE 522 Radio Frequency … [More]

Foresight Technologies Launches Cutting-Edge Center of Excellence

by Stephanie Quinn

In an exciting development for the semiconductor industry, Foresight Technologies has unveiled its plans to establish a new Center of Excellence for high-purity fluid and chemical system equipment production in Tempe, Arizona. The announcement has generated significant buzz and is set to revolutionize the manufacturing landscape in the region. The Foresight Technology Center … [More]

Bechtel Expands Its Reach

by Stephanie Quinn

Bechtel, a leading construction and engineering company in the United States, recently announced plans to establish a new office in Chandler, Arizona. The move aims to strengthen Bechtel’s Manufacturing & Technology global business unit, catering to semiconductor, batteries, and battery materials market customers.  The office opening occurred on June 27, 2023, with key … [More]

Arizona Has Strategic Importance for DSV Inventory Management Solutions

Serving an industry with increasingly complex supply chains

by Matt Ritchie

Effective inventory management is crucial for companies to maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business environment. One company at the forefront of innovations in this regard is the Inventory Management Solutions (IMS) division of DSV — the world’s third-largest global transport and logistics company. The name DSV may be unfamiliar here, but that will soon … [More]

CollabraTech Unveils Innovative Liquid Chemical Delivery System: Unlocking New Possibilities 

by Steve Lemons 

The semiconductor industry is known for its intricate logistics and the challenges faced by companies in meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving technological landscape. In light of these challenges, CollabraTech Solutions, a local Arizona full-service capital equipment company, has developed a groundbreaking liquid chemical delivery system. This solution aims to transform … [More]

On The Move: Samantha Hay

by Stephanie Quinn 

Samantha Hay recently became DSV IMS’s (Inventory Management Solutions) sales & marketing analyst. With DSV’s unrivaled position as a supply chain and inventory management leader for large manufacturing companies worldwide, Hay is thrilled to contribute her experience in semiconductors and microelectronics to facilitate DSV’s expansion and optimize supply chain … [More]

Highlight Tech Corp. Enters U.S. Market 

by Stephanie Quinn 

Highlight Tech Corp., a Taiwan-based company and leading manufacturer of specialty process components, systems and services for highly complex semiconductor manufacturing operations, expanded into the United States by opening a new North American headquarters, HTC-America, based in Phoenix. According to C.S. Kou, Ph.D., CEO of HTC, “Establishing HTC-America is part of our … [More]

Why Will the Semiconductor Industry Be a Game-Changer for Arizona?

Is it time to add a new ‘C’ to the historic ‘Five C’s’ of the state’s economy?

by Martijn Pierik

For decades, Arizona has been known for its Five C’s — climate, cattle, cotton, copper and citrus — but it may be time to add a new “C” to the list: chips. The semiconductor industry is not entirely new to Arizona. Intel has been operating here for several decades, and Microchip and ON Semiconductor have also been successful over the years. But the recent announcement of Taiwan … [More]

ASU Is Central to AZ’s Semi Activity

by Jay Thorne

From the products that drive our everyday life and increase our productivity to the military systems that are critical to national defense, microelectronics are the technological tap root of the most advanced tools and systems upon which we depend. Every year in every innovation, our dependency deepens, resting on a global supply chain system that is fragile. The pandemic drove … [More]

On the Move: Jim Mello 

by Stephanie Quinn

Amtech Systems’ recent acquisition of Entrepix, a globally recognized expert in chemical mechanical polishing and wafer cleaning, also led to the personnel announcement of Jim Mello as the new general manager of Entrepix. With more than 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, Mello will be responsible for the overall Entrepix business, driving global sales by … [More]

On the Move: Françoise von Trapp 

by Stephanie Quinn

Françoise von Trapp, renowned as the “Queen of 3D” in the semiconductor industry, has recently embarked on a new chapter in her career: co-owner and editorial director of 3D InCites, a vibrant and inclusive community platform. At 3D InCites, von Trapp spearheads a member-centric ecosystem, supporting the diverse landscape of heterogeneous integration, 3DIC and chiplet … [More]

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