Survey: Following Lean Summer, Companies Reunite with Out-of-House Marketing Partners

Adtaxi, one of the country’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies, today released the results of its latest report, Understanding Buyers and Effective Ad Spend in the COVID Economy. Polling 65 companies, the survey shows how businesses tightened their belts at the height of the crisis: whereas 54% used a third party for media buys in Q4 2019, this percentage dropped to … [More]

GoDaddy and Facebook Partner Allowing Customers to Post Ecommerce Sales


GoDaddy Inc. announced customers can now sell their products on Instagram and Facebook through Websites + Marketing Ecommerce, further expanding the opportunity for them to find new customers and grow sales. As an official Facebook Marketing Partner, GoDaddy is one of the early adopters of Facebook's Business Extension. Websites + Marketing Ecommerce now enables customers to … [More]

Phoenix Tech Start-Up Supports Local with Gift Card Give-Away


CorkBird, a new start-up based in Phoenix, was originally created to better connect people to their community. Its mobile application was built not as a tool to engage the world through a screen but to help people discover, share and actually get out and engage in the things happening right around the corner. “Be with humans” was the motto. But that had to change with the onset … [More]

Podcasts Can Make or Break a Brand; Maximize Your Exposure and Become an Influencer

When you have an industry that generates ad spending in the billions of dollars and that reaches almost 106 million Americans every month, any businessperson would jump at the chance to have exposure there. That industry is podcasting and being a guest can boost one’s reputation and brand. However, doing it right isn’t always a foregone conclusion. Sky Cassidy, co-host of the … [More]

Ways to Get Serious about Monetizing Your Podcast and Growing Your Audience


Increasingly, listening to podcasts is growing in popularity. According to Statista 55% of Americans have listened to a podcast this year. Every month, millions more are discovering podcasts. Even celebrities are starting their own podcasts. Yet, when it comes to monetization, podcasting is still in its commercial infancy. The majority of independent podcasters however struggle … [More]

The Two Types of ROI: Return on Investment vs. Return on Influence

by Christopher Tompkins

In the marketing world, many businesses focus on ROI (return on investment). However, when they don’t get the immediate monetary results they desire, they begin to pull away from social media marketing. But there is another side of the coin: ROI 2.0 (return on influence). Many businesses have begun investing more time and money into individuals or organizations who can … [More]

Cultivating Brand Activism? Pointers to Help Businesses Decide and Plan

by Andrea Fryrear

From the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins to #BlackLivesMatter to saying goodbye to Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima, social activism is the latest must-have for brands. But should you join in? And if so, how can you do so without seeming cynical, especially if this is your first time dipping your toes into the social justice water? Brand activism is a significant … [More]

How Businesses Are (Carefully) Promoting Their Brands during COVID-19

by Mike Hunter

Thanks to COVID-19 and social unrest, 2020 brought an unwelcome wrinkle to public relations game plans. Put out the wrong message – or even the right message with the wrong approach – and a business can end up sounding insensitive or opportunistic, driving away both the media and the potential customers they are trying to reach. Yet, despite the difficulties, many … [More]

Why Businesses Should Expand their Storytelling Skills and Focus on Contextual Commerce

Source Digital

Storytelling is something that is part of human history. From cave drawings to oral traditions to the written word, it’s something that continues to evolve and today is ever-expanding in video. It’s also an increasingly important marketing tool for businesses that know how to harness the power of telling a story and making an emotional impact. Today’s ad-based storytellers, … [More]

The Shifting Landscape of Marketing

by Martijn Pierik and Rebecca Mosley

When it comes to marketing in the current climate, all businesses should be focusing on what we call “the three S’s”: Safety, Sensitivity and (new) Sales channels. We are also seeing a big shift in marketing dollars toward all manner of digital marketing, including increased spends for content marketing and social media, website improvement projects, e-commerce integrations and … [More]