How Can Marketing Engage Today’s Consumers? Lose The Funnel, Use a Loop

A company’s success often depends on how many customers it retains and, as a result of those relationships, new customers who are drawn by recommendations and favorable reviews. Marketing plays a creative role in attracting potential buyers, but the funnel concept many businesses have long relied upon doesn’t prioritize the customer experience, which is critical to retention … [More]

Social Media Campaign #ShopGlendaleAZ Relaunches

Glendale Chamber of Commerce

In an effort to help promote and support Glendale based businesses the Glendale Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the City of Glendale will re-launch the social media campaign #ShopGlendaleAZ. The campaign encourages Glendale residents and visitors to share their experience patronizing a local business for a chance to win a $100 gift card. The goal and purpose of … [More]

4 Steps to Get More Eyes on Your Digital Content

by Lisa Apolinski

Think you know how much data is created every day? Think again. Here are some shocking data growth statistics from techjury: Every single day, humans create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data (a quintillion is a one followed by 18 zeros). If we look at data created since 2019, it would account for 90 percent of the world’s data. Just today, 95 million photos and videos … [More]

What Marketers Need to Know about Media’s New Currency

by Mike Hunter

It is estimated that digital advertising grew 12% over the last year, as many people were at home more during the pandemic. With billions being spent on trying to reach people as they watch videos, it only makes sense that marketers turn to new technology to advance key messaging to targeted consumers. Jeff Wilhoite, chief revenue officer at Source Digital, discusses this … [More]

Branding and Politics

by Eric Yaverbaum

The corporate furor over new restrictive voting laws currently being advanced across the country is the latest example of corporations rewriting how they are engaging with social and political issues. In the past, companies tended to remain publicly neutral on even potentially divisive topics.  However, over the last decade, more corporate entities and business leaders have … [More]

Baja California Unveils Rebrand as it Prepares for Phased Reopening

The State of Baja California is unveiling a new name, logo and website effective April 6, 2021. Previously known as Baja Norte, the northern region will return to its historic name of Baja California. In addition to the updated branding, the state anticipates moving to the green phase of reopening in the next few weeks. Encompassing seven tourist destinations, including its … [More]

Mighty Metric: Customer Lifetime Value

by Mike Hunter

Customer lifetime value is an indicator of how well a company identifies and nurtures profitable, long-term customer relationships. The biggest challenges for organizations include aggregating the right data for a robust view of the customer, shifting from assumptions to predictive knowledge of the customers’ needs, identifying the moments of opportunity to deliver delight and … [More]

Carvana to Revolutionize Fan Experience for 2021 NTT INDYCAR SERIES Season


Leading online auto retailer Carvana, known for its immersive, patented, 360-degree photo technology, is giving INDYCAR fans an experience they’ll never forget: the chance to get up close and personal with Chip Ganassi Racing’s No. 48 Honda and select Jimmie Johnson’s Indy car paint scheme for five NTT INDYCAR SERIES 2021 races. Fans can visit to learn … [More]

5 Ways to Make the Most of Email Marketing

by Mark Stewart

According to a recent study by Campaign Monitor, email marketing still has the highest ROI of any outbound marketing initiative. In fact, email marketing generates nearly $44 for every $1 spent. While this is great news for marketers, email marketing can be tricky to master. With billions of emails sent each day worldwide, it can be difficult to break through the monotony and … [More]

The Catchiest Advertising Jingles of All Time

Quality Logo Products

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that advertising jingles have been part of American culture for a very long time — nearly 100 years. By most reports, the first jingle broadcast on the radio debuted on Christmas Day 1926 to praise the virtues of Wheaties cereal. Intervening decades brought a rise and fall in the production and popularity of jingles. At their peak, … [More]

Their Take: Harnessing One of the Biggest Marketing Movements of 2021

by Adam Witty

There is one element in particular that promises to be absolutely critical: inclusivity. This is bigger than a trend, though. In many ways, inclusivity has become a mandate. More than ever, consumers are demanding to see themselves and those they know and love reflected in the brands they buy from. if they don’t, they’re willing to spend their money somewhere else. In fact, … [More]

Three Ways to Revamp SEO in 2021 

by Mark Stewart

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for creating online relevance and being digitally relevant in search engines. The coronavirus pandemic magnified how significant digital presence is these days. People are relying heavily on online information versus real-time in-person interactions. They want the latest information on hours of operation and how businesses are … [More]

5 Marketing Rules for Creating Unforgettable Brands to Achieve Success

American consumers are set in their ways when it comes to brands. In fact, they typically buy the same 150 items, which make up about 85% of their family’s household needs. This is a major factor in why 75% of products introduced fail to make it each year.(1) The key then is to make your brand unforgettable, so that when a consumer sees it again they will recognize it and buy … [More]

Tips for Monetizing Your Videos, Making More Money

Source Digital

Online advertising is something that most companies engage in today and is one of the areas that has become a focal point for many marketers. However, advertising via video is currently limited to “pre-roll’ video ads, that we can’t wait to skip, or annoying “pop under” banners that always seem to pop into your video experience at just the wrong time. Yet, in this post pandemic … [More]

Personalized Video Becomes Key B2B Marketing Tool; Increases Leads, ROI

Rick McCartney

Over 90% of online marketers today agree that video content is an essential part of the toolkit: it captures attention in a memorable way, heightens brand awareness, and helps drive purchases.(1) About the same percentage also agree that as online video has become ubiquitous, the level of competition and noise has increased substantially.(2) Partially as a consequence, says … [More]

2021 Marketing Trends Foster Meaningful Connections in a Digital World

by Andrea Aker 

There’s little argument that adaptability is critical for a business’s survival today. Even with hope on the horizon, 2020 taught us to expect the unexpected. Businesses must continue to ride waves of uncertainty and evolving consumer sentiment throughout this year to deliver value, support their people and churn a profit. And while accustomed to life during a pandemic, many … [More]

Content is Critical for 2021 and Beyond: How to Activate Engagement in Today’s Video Marketing

Source Digital

We’ve all heard the saying that when it comes to online marketing, content is king. Going into the new year, that holds true, but there’s one caveat that marketing managers must grasp if they want their efforts to be effective. It’s not that content is king when it comes to video marketing – it’s content that actively engages viewers. Those companies that tap into the power of … [More]

Clean Data Key to Maximizing 5G’s Potential to Augment Marketing

When it comes to 5G—the fifth generation of cellular wireless technology helping us navigate the online world—most businesses are focused on speed. The key to progress is processing the data. Connection is one thing; giving context to the vast amounts of information coming is an unprecedented challenge, according to Sky Cassidy, CEO of MountainTop Data. “How marketing … [More]

Brand Audits: The Harsh Look in the Mirror Your Business Desperately Needs

by Christopher Tompkins

You’re sitting there, trying to figure out why the business you’ve invested blood, sweat and tears (and lots of money) into just doesn’t feel like it’s working anymore. Some of the shine has faded, customers are less enthused and so are you. Well, your business is probably fine; it’s your brand that needs some maintenance. A brand audit is a detailed analysis of how your … [More]

What Every Savvy Business Owner Should Know about Holiday Marketing

by Lamar Tyler

You should be selling during the holidays. When I say selling, I mean you should really be selling a lot of your products and services because people are ready to buy! Many retail businesses make the bulk of their revenue during the fourth quarter and this is largely propelled by holiday spending. Even if you’re not in a retail niche, the opportunity for you to get your … [More]

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