Ritoch Powell Associates Demonstrates the Power of Partnership

by Tyler Butler

The hallmark of a great social impact partnership lies in the synergy between the cause and the company. When missions align, passions prevail and communities connect, powerful change can be possible. And this is most certainly the case between Ritoch Powell Associates and its support of the Hance Park Conservancy. As an award-winning civil engineering and surveying firm … [More]

A Future-Forward Phoenix

by Diana Vasquez

As architects and designers, we are constantly recalibrating our approach to urban design with the goal of improving the quality of life and human experience. We believe that the future of our cities should combine socio-economic and ecological considerations that drive regeneration and shape communities where people and natural systems can coexist in balance. In a post-COVID … [More]

Team Synergy

by Jen Butler

Team issues and drama are in the top five of all stressors for business managers and owners. According to several studies, as much as 56% claim team issues contribute most to their stress levels. With this high number of leaders being stressed out by the people they employ, the people they depend on to help them serve clients and the majority of people who impact revenue, it’s … [More]

Execute Wisely and Strategically

by Bruce Weber

In my previous article, “Making Sense of the Puzzle” (August 2021), the topic was understanding how, once many ideas are generated, the ideation evaluation process occurs, and what remains and what goes. In this article, the focus is on the solid execution of those new ideas and moving the organization forward in creating the future it wants.  In 1916, Spencer Penrose bought … [More]

Homie to the Rescue, Helping Arizona’s Homeless

by Tyler Butler

Newly released U.S. Census statistics have shown that Phoenix is indeed the fastest-growing city in the country. The housing market here is more chaotic than ever before and companies that are providing a less traditional approach are finding a niche. Homie is one such group, as its focus on the technology side of real estate is changing the way these assets are bought and sold … [More]

Sleep Your Way to a Thriving, Less Stressful Life

by Jen Butler

An upset stomach, an uncomfortable position, a startling noise, a too-active or too-inactive day, too much heat or too much cold— these minor stressors interfere with our sleep from infancy onward.  Unfortunately, as adults we encounter more reasons for poor sleep and at the same time we become more adept at ignoring the problem. Our world becomes more complicated and … [More]

Harrah’s Ak-Chin, a Community HERO

by Tyler Butler

People. Planet. Play. Service to these fundamentals is integral in the long-standing traditions and culture of the Ak-Chin Indian Community, which has a commitment to preserve and impact not only the tribal community but neighboring communities in a positive way. So, when the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) in 1988, the Ak-Chin Indian Community … [More]

Making Sense of the Puzzle

by Bruce Weber

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” —Peter F. Drucker In my previous article, exploring the possibilities, our topic was seizing the opportunities for the business to take advantage of change. In this article, we will explore the methods to evaluate the ideation that occurred as we explored the new possibilities that lie ahead. … [More]

The Silent Killer of a CEO

by Jen Butler

C-suite execs are used to problems from employees, stalled cash flow, unexpected challenges arriving out of nowhere, and the futile attempt to maintain a balance between home life and work life. After a while, these leaders feel trapped in a never-ending cycle of whack-a-mole responses by the futility of it all. That attitude ultimately destroys both the leader and the … [More]

How Stress Is Costing You Your Business

by Jen Butler

Business owners make stressful decisions for the sake of their company — work longer hours, placate toxic but irreplaceable employees, take on more responsibility, delegate less. They do what they have to do.  These leaders expend time, resources and money because they get a return on their investment, but often that ROI ignores one vital factor: the overwhelming cost of … [More]

SanTan Brewery: Creating Earthly Change through Partnership and Innovation

by Tyler Butler

Since 2007, Arizona’s craft can pioneers have been an agent for positive change. Originally launched in the heart of Historic Downtown Chandler, SanTan Brewery’s operations grew quickly. And, through its continued dedication to innovation and partnership, the SanTan Brewing Company has been able to revolutionize its industry while keeping community at the forefront of its … [More]

Televëda Helps Seniors Combat Isolation

by Tyler Butler

Shruti Gurudanti has a commitment to combating isolation that comes from a very personal place. In her youth, she watched her own grandparents suffer from seclusion. During those difficult times, she realized that older adults experience a massive issue with social isolation and loneliness. These experiences shed light on the importance of social interaction and community. And, … [More]

Exploring the Possibilities

by Bruce Weber

In the previous article, embracing change, our topic surrounded acceptance that change was all around us and here to stay. Rather than running from the unknown, we should embrace it and look for new opportunities to move forward. Once we’ve have made the decision to move ahead in exploration, how do we dream big and begin?  It all starts with a framework of knowing the … [More]

Bashas’ Purpose Drives Social Change

by Tyler Butler

Bashas’ Family of Stores was founded in 1932 by two brothers. And to this day, Bashas’ is still family owned. Now on its third generation of leadership and with more than 100 stores across Arizona under multiple brand names, Bashas’ has been an integral and long-standing component to Arizona’s growth.  From the very beginning, Bashas’ has been committed to giving back and … [More]

Embrace the Unknown

by Bruce Weber

“If uncertainty is unacceptable to you, it turns into fear. If it is perfectly acceptable, it turns into increased aliveness, alertness, and creativity.” —Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose In 1959, “The Twilight Zone,” a TV program, debuted in the U.S. The show was built around creating an experience surrounding the unknown. The show’s actual … [More]

Pioneer Title Is Committed to Forging a Better Tomorrow

by Tyler Butler

Pioneer Title Agency has been a dedicated member of the Arizona community since its inception in 1985. Formed by a family with the goal to support families, the company has been driven by people with the goal to help people. The Newlon family — Bob and his wife, Betty; son Keith and his wife, Cindy — founded Pioneer Title in Sierra Vista and, through their strong local ties, … [More]

Cannabis Is Driving Social Change through 420 Skin Care and 420 Medibles

by Tyler Butler

As a registered nurse, helping people came naturally to Marvina Thomas. She recognized that opioids were presenting real problems for her patients, serving only to foster an addiction and not providing the pain relief needed. As she saw her patients struggle with serious side effects and dependance, she found her true calling. Thomas set out to help those who were suffering and … [More]

Delta Dental: Brightening Smiles and Communities

by Tyler Butler

Delta Dental believes that everyone deserves a healthy smile. Its long-standing commitment to the communities it serves is evident through its organized grant program and many foundational programs and partnerships. Not only is Delta Dental of Arizona the leading dental benefits provider in state, but it is peopled with leadership and employees passionate about oral health and … [More]

The Power of Calm 

by Eileen Rogers

Let me be the first to admit I am a personal “work in progress.” There are moments in my career I am proud of and others I regret. Most of the regrets come from the times I was hurt or angry and tried desperately to avoid feeling those emotions. Yet the emotions always won. They would show up in my body, my stomach aching as I repeatedly played the triggering conversations in … [More]

Plexus Worldwide Volunteerism: Nourishing Health and Happiness 

by Tyler Butler

Plexus Worldwide is more than a health and wellness company. It is a company built from the belief that people should have the opportunity to meet their wellness and financial goals. Originally started with its flagship product, the Breast Chek Kit, which allowed women to easily perform their own monthly examinations, Plexus has a tradition of exploring solutions that help … [More]

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