Why So Many Businesses Fail (and What to Do about It)

by Dr. Jennifer Charles

According to the Small Business Administration, 20% of small businesses fail in the first year, 50% fail within five years, and only 33% make it to 10 years or longer. Although businesses fail for various reasons, here are three common reasons why so many businesses fail (and how to avoid them). It Takes Money to Make Money Starting a business can be costly. There can be … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: 7 consejos para una reunión navideña segura de COVID en su negocio

por Edgar R. Olivo

La temporada navideña está sobre nosotros y COVID-19 continúa afectando vidas y negocios en todo el mundo todos los días. Organizar una fiesta navideña es una tradición popular entre las pequeñas empresas y los trabajadores. Es un momento que brinda un espacio para la gratitud y el aprecio por el trabajo bien hecho durante todo el año. A medida que más personas reciben la … [More]

7 Tips for COVID-Safe Holiday Gatherings in Your Small Business

by Edgar R. Olivo

The holiday season is upon us, and COVID-19 continues to affect lives and businesses around the world every day. Throwing a holiday party is a popular tradition for small businesses and workers. It is a time that provides a space for gratitude and appreciation of work well done throughout the year. As more people get the vaccine, companies are bringing the tradition back with … [More]

5 Reasons Why a Multi-Brand Franchise Might Be Your Ticket in the New Economy


Between The Great Resignation and a changing economy, more people are considering new career options and some are striking out on their own. While a high percentage are starting businesses, others are buying into established franchises, becoming “franchisees'' as they start off with one business unit and perhaps invest in more as they find success. The next phase, which is … [More]

5 Hard Lessons of Entrepreneurship

by Dr. Jennifer Charles

Ask successful entrepreneurs if, had they known everything they knew now back when they first started, would they continue, and you’d get a good number say no. The road of entrepreneurship is paved in disappointments, heartaches, loneliness and stress. Twenty percent of businesses fail their first year, and 50% do not make it to five years. However, every year more than 1 … [More]

Should You Send Your Boss a Holiday Greeting? 8 Dos and Don’ts for Holiday Greetings

Allison & Taylor Inc.

While sending out a holiday card to your boss is likely a good idea, even this generous gesture can backfire if the proper protocols aren't observed. Do’s & Don’ts to ensure your card is well received: Please see 8 Do’s & Don’ts to ensure your card is well received: Choose a high-quality holiday card that allows no possibility of offending its recipient. … [More]

3 Tips for Deciding Whether to Accept or Reject an Early Retirement Offer

by Calvin Goetz

You’ve spent years planning and saving for your retirement. And then, out of the blue, your employer hands you an early retirement offer that could change everything. An early retirement offer is a financial incentive to resign when an employer needs to reduce payroll costs. It could be a boon, giving you the freedom to pursue other activities. Or it could be an unwanted … [More]

Want to Bring Digital Transformation to Your Business? The Right Leadership Is Key


When Under Armour ramped up its digital transformation efforts after the pandemic began, positive results soon emerged, and this year executives at the sportswear maker were able to report higher profit margins and a more seamless product-to-market pathway. But Under Armour’s success story isn’t everyone’s success story. Plenty of companies spend lots of money on digital … [More]

How Recognizing Top Employees Can Cure the Quitting Epidemic


A record 4.3 million workers left their jobs in August, continuing a trend in 2021. Reasons for quitting vary, but as one recent survey shows, a lack of appreciation from employers is a common driver. Appreciation is an especially important factor to a large segment of the workforce – millennials and Gen Z. In a poll taken shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic began, 79% of … [More]

Should You Send a Turkey a Holiday Greeting?

Allison & Taylor

In this electronic day and age, sending your boss or former boss a holiday e-card/social media greeting instead of a traditional “snail mail” card might seem perfectly normal and appropriate.  However, there are several reasons why sending an electronic greeting might ultimately be a bad idea. For starters, many senior managers are older and reflect an “old school” … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: 5 formas en que la energía renovable transformará las pequeñas empresas

por Edgar R. Olivo

Se acercan tiempos emocionantes a medida que la energía renovable se convierte en un tema principal en muchos sectores dentro de la economía y las conversaciones cotidianas, todo gracias a la aprobación del nuevo proyecto de ley de infraestructura. A medida que las personas se familiaricen con la idea de aprovechar la energía de las turbinas eólicas y los paneles solares, las … [More]

5 Ways Renewable Energy Will Transform Small Businesses

by Edgar R. Olivo

Exciting times are approaching ahead as renewable energy becomes a mainstream topic across many sectors within the economy and everyday conversations, all thanks to the passing of the new infrastructure bill. As people become familiar with the idea of harnessing energy from wind turbines and solar panels, small businesses also stand to benefit from renewable energy … [More]

Is the American Dream Dead?

by Dr. Jennifer Charles

The American Dream is the idea that there is equal opportunity available to any American in America, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved. The American Dream was first defined by James Truslow Adams in 1931. He explained it as "that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to … [More]

7 Ways Social Media Can Revitalize Small Business Competition 

by Candie Guay

Economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic could very well continue to play out over decades. Change is a forerunner to growth and businesses across the nation were forced to pivot over the last two years. Perseverance was tested, resilience was built and the presence of small businesses on social media, or lack thereof, was noticed. Small businesses, which account for 99% of … [More]

Value of the Gen Z Workforce


Dr. Tricia Groff, executive coach, psychologist and new author of the book Relational Genius: The High Achiever’s Guide to Soft-Skill Confidence in Leadership and Life, shares her take on the benefits companies can have by embracing Gen Z as they grow into the workforce. With both their perspective and the changes wrought by COVID-19 that can create uncertainty and anxiety in … [More]

Small Business Saturday Tips for Artists

by Catrina Kahler

Right now, shop owners are gearing up for Small Business Saturday, November 27th—which is only a few days away! According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, “for every dollar spent at a small business, American Express estimates an average of $0.67 stays in that business's local community.” Local artists, who are small business owners, might need some ideas on how to promote … [More]

Returning to the Job Market? 5 Tips to Leverage Your Skills and Find Fulfillment


The good news for people looking for work is that a large labor shortage continues, and job seekers are gaining leverage as employers, struggling to fill openings, offer extra incentives. But those positive signs for workers wanting to re-enter the workforce don’t guarantee jobs that are a good fit, and an honest self-reassessment is necessary when weighing possibilities in … [More]

Is Your Boss a Grinch? How to Show Holiday Gratitude – and Retain Employees


The holiday season is a reflective time, and as company leaders look back on the past year of challenges and accomplishments, it’s important that they show gratitude to their employees – and not make it a rare occurrence. Research has shown a strong correlation between employee recognition and employee retention. Specific to the holiday season, one survey found that about … [More]

‘For Sale By Owner’ Listings Tend to Be Used by Rural and Lower-Income Sellers, Says Report


A recent report released by Zillow highlights trends in homes listed as "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO), which are advertised and sold directly by owners without enlisting the services of an agent. Over the past three years, FSBOs have made up 4-6% of all home listings nationally, which translated to roughly 63,000 homes for sale during September 2021. The research also found that … [More]

Should Your Business get Involved in Political Debate?

by Dr. Jennifer Charles

In today's political climate, where everyone is jumping in with an opinion about everything, it's tempting — as a business owner — to jump on trending topics. Jumping on a trending topic can mean exposure for your business that it might not have gotten otherwise. However, taking a stand might alienate specific customers. So, should your business get involved in the political … [More]

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