What to Expect in the Housing Market After the Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has upended the housing market, opening up new opportunities for many, pushing some to move back home and causing others to reevaluate how they want their home to look. With vaccines being widely distributed, new Zillow® surveys reveal what's likely to change and what's expected to remain when the pandemic ends.   "As the pandemic subsides and the … [More]

Can Your Company Stay Aligned in a Virtual Setting? 5 Tips for Leaders


Working from home is the new normal for many companies, and it will continue to be after the COVID-19 pandemic passes. The shift brings with it many changes, and how leaders adapt to guide their employees through the virtual environment will be critical to companies’ results, says Doug Meyer-Cuno, ForbesBooks author of The Recipe For Empowered Leadership: 25 Ingredients For … [More]

3 Tips for Leaders to Steady the Ship when Employees Lose Their Balance


Company leaders and managers have a big responsibility in overseeing employees. But they can’t see everything, and sometimes there’s more going on in a worker’s life than meets the eye. Employee disengagement or burnout isn’t always apparent, and some employers may be in for a surprise if and when the COVID-19 pandemic winds down. One study shows that 57% of U.S. employees … [More]

Legal Industry Return to Office Outpaces Broader Commercial Office Average

Kastle Systems

With Coronavirus vaccinations expanding nationwide to all adults this month, business leaders are anticipating an acceleration in the return to the office. Kastle's Back to Work Barometer has tracked this phenomenon in ten major cities nationwide over the past year, revealing regional and industry differences in workplace occupancy rates. A fresh review of access to office … [More]

Their Take: Proposed Modification of State’s Unemployment Insurance

by Alexis Glascock

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused considerable economic unrest throughout Arizona. Business closures and restricted commerce caused the state’s unemployment levels to jump 9.2% from 5.0% in March of 2020 to 14.2% the following month. At one point, 1.03 million Arizonans were out of work. As businesses have adjusted to the “new normal” and COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed, … [More]

Influx of Remote Workers Puts Geographic Pay Policies in the Spotlight


Geographic pay policies, a.k.a. localized compensation, are in flux. Of the 62% of organizations with existing geographic pay policies, 44% are considering modifying or have recently modified their policies due to the increase of full-time remote work, according to WorldatWork's Geographic Pay Policies Study. With 67% of employees expecting their compensation to reflect their … [More]

Report: The Opportunity, Emotion and Trends Behind the Great Reshuffling


The pandemic has upended the meaning of home and prompted many of us to rethink how and where we want to live. A new Zillow survey finds more than 1 in 10 Americans (11%) say they have already moved in the past year -- by choice or by circumstance -- contributing to the Great Reshuffling, and millions of additional households could enter the real estate market as a result of … [More]

Setting an Example for Property Management Companies by Making Residents a Priority

by Mark Schilling

The Great Recession saw millions of people lose their homes, and it could’ve been worse in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic had it not been for members of the community standing up to provide help. These community members were neighbors, mutual aid organizations, and many other companies whose names are historically associated with providing relief. But there were also … [More]

Road to Recovery: Why Restaurant Insurance Is Crucial as Restaurants Rebuild

by David DeLorenzo

It’s hard to believe that it’s already April and more than a year has passed since COVID-19 mandates forced restaurant closures upon the onset of the pandemic in spring of 2020. As the world starts to fully open up again, there is some rebuilding to do, particularly for Arizona’s restaurant industry. When doing so, bar and restaurant owners should take a look at their insurance … [More]

Beware of the Zoom Zombie: 54% of Americans Who Drive After Video Chatting Report Trouble Concentrating

Root Insurance

COVID-19 is far from over, but the impact it has had on our collective driving capabilities continues to show itself in meaningful, sometimes surprising ways. According to a new analysis of over 6.1 billion miles driven by drivers who completed Root Insurance’s (NASDAQ: ROOT) test drive, the average American driver used their phone once every 5.5 miles in 2020 (or 18 … [More]

5 Necessities to Navigate Your Team through the Fog

by Jason V. Barger

It’s been quite foggy out the windshield for many teams and organizations lately. The last years have been blurry with a fast-moving and often divided world. We’ve experienced differing modes of communication; the expansion of remote workers; a global pandemic; issues of racism, social injustice and equity; and political and economic uncertainty; all while continuing the … [More]

How Living with Gratitude Grows Great Leaders

by Doug Meyer-Cuno

Living with gratitude isn’t easy. Being a leader who lives with gratitude is even more difficult.  Sometimes, we’re angry or upset because of a personal crisis or an employee’s bad decision. And when we’re in that negative place, we can’t be grateful.  In order to be at our best as leaders, living in gratitude is essential. Why is that? Coming from a place of appreciation … [More]

HR Execs Report Directly to the CEO, President, or Company Owner at a Majority of Organizations, Says Survey


At about three-fifths (61%) of organizations, the top HR executive reports to the chief executive officer, president, or company owner, according to 417 US employers responding to XpertHR's HR Staffing and Resources Survey 2021. At some organizations, HR may report to the CFO (13%), COO (10%), a senior-level company-wide manager (e.g., executive director, general manager) … [More]

COVID-19 Stories: Navajo Woman Business Owner Steps Up to Lead Volunteer Relief Distribution Effort

Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund

Last March, Navajo business owner Vanessa Tullie had just completed construction of a new office space when she responded to a call to join the Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund efforts. Based in Phoenix, Ariz., Tullie owns and operates a home care agency, appropriately named Ahehee’ Shidine’e Homecare LLC., which loosely translates to mean, “Thank you, my … [More]

With Eviction Cliff Extended, Here’s How Millions Can Keep Their Homes


More than three million renters said they were at risk of losing their homes with the federal eviction moratorium that set to expire on Wednesday, but a new Zillow analysis shows the number of households ultimately evicted could be as low as 130,000, depending on government action, the pace of economic recovery, and how landlords respond.   That range highlights the need for … [More]

New Employment Study Shows which Companies Have Best Work Cultures

Radiant Forest

Many employers will be surprised to see their best and brightest executives leave for better opportunities after the pandemic, according to a new study of 1,000 companies by Radiant Forest, LLC. This study is the first to create a standardized rating of the best and worst employers based on employee ratings. "With more employers supporting remote work arrangements, the best … [More]

Why Small Businesses Shouldn’t Rely Solely on Amazon (& How to Do It)

by Jennifer Adams Bunkers

For small businesses, creating a strong product is only a portion of the journey. You can have the best product but, if no one knows who you are or where to buy your product, your company can easily flop. Many small-business owners in the early years of their company tend to turn to Amazon to help them build a stronger customer base, as well as use the platform to provide a … [More]

Their Take: There’s a Better Way of Helping Kids with Developmental Disabilities

By Aritro Majumdar, Co-founder and CEO, Rayo

I used to work as a caregiver for kids with special needs. And I absolutely loved it. What I didn’t love was filling out the mountains of paperwork used to track what a caregiver has done when they meet with a client. Not only did it take away from the time I had to directly interact with the kids, it seemed more perfunctory and maintenance-driven as opposed to purposeful … [More]

Five Partnerships that Lead to Increased ROI

by Amanda Nielsen

“If You Market” podcast hosts Sky Cassidy and Karla Jo Helms interview Amanda Nielsen about the power partnerships offer companies when deployed successfully. An expert in relationships between SAS companies and agencies/consultants, she shares her insights on how to find, nurture and keep partnerships. Partnerships, simply put, are the relationships established between … [More]

What You Need If You Are Called to Lead

by Rhea Seddon, M.D.

At some point in their life, most people will be called upon to lead. Whether it was being the line leader in third grade or the president of a large corporation, specific required skills come along with the job. Today’s world offers significant challenges for both emerging and experienced leaders. Many people don’t start out to be a leader but the paths they have chosen … [More]

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