In the Dark on Digital Transformation: Industry Leaders Need to Embrace It, But Do They Understand It?

When his company surveyed business and IT leaders worldwide, Sri Manchala was taken aback about how they were dealing with the urgent need for digital transformation. Not only were most business leaders unprepared to drive a digital transformation, many failed to grasp even what the expression means. “We anticipated that some people might not understand the term, but not … [More]

China’s Authorities Push to Accelerate IPv6 Adoption: Should Other Countries Take Note?


              In a bid to stay ahead in the fierce global tech race, China has set a goal of running a single-stack IPv6 network by 2030. To achieve this goal of having a single IPv6 networking stack for the nation, authorities have issued time-specific milestones to relevant agencies and operators within the Chinese … [More]

10 Critical Behaviors That Build Employee Trust In CEOs

by David Friedman

Many CEOs know that a lack of trust is a threat to their organization’s growth. But most have done little to increase trust, primarily because they aren’t sure where to start. To make trust a mainstay of their organization, leaders need to reinforce it into their company culture. David Friedman, lists 10 critical behaviors that build employee trust in CEOs:  1. HONOR … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: ¿Por qué Residuo Cero? Los negocios pueden beneficiar a nuestra economía y nuestro medio ambiente

por Edgar R. Olivo

La práctica de estrategias de residuo cero (conocido como Zero Waste en inglés) a través de nuestra cadena de suministro tiene efectos profundos en nuestra economía y el medio ambiente. Aunque muchas de las corporaciones más grandes de Estados Unidos han dedicado recursos para abordar el residuo de su negocio, ¿están las pequeñas empresas conscientes de las oportunidades para … [More]

Why Zero Waste? Businesses Can Benefit Our Economy and Environment

by Edgar R. Olivo

Practicing zero waste strategies through our supply chain has profound effects on our economy and environment. Many of the largest corporations in America have dedicated resources to tackle their business waste; are small businesses aware of the opportunities to practice zero waste? Recycling matters, and while strides have been made with composting and recycling in the U.S. … [More]

Heading Back to Work at the Office? Here’s How to Ease Tension

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, complicated by the Delta variant, more employees are being called back to the office and many are not happy about it. A survey by GoodHire found that 45% of workers would either quit or start a remote job search if required to return to their office full-time. And 68% said they would choose remote work over in-office work. The two-part … [More]

Are You Certain You’re Ready to Retire?

by Matthew McIntyre

When retirement looms on the horizon, it’s natural to have feelings of eager anticipation mixed with a smidgen of angst. Retirement sounds great in theory, and looks even greater in many TV commercials, but are you really financially, emotionally and physically ready for it? Ultimately, only you can answer in the affirmative or the negative, but here are five questions to … [More]

Tax Changes Are Coming – So Be Aware of the Impact on You

Just when Americans think they understand how to calculate their income taxes – the rules evolve again. That’s happening now as President Joe Biden has proposed a number of tax changes as part of his American Families Plan. Just how those changes might play out for any specific individual remains a work in progress, though. “There is still time for plenty of wrangling in … [More]

How Top Recruiters Create New Avenues to Find Premium Candidates

by Kathleen Duffy

Maybe you’re a frustrated hiring manager who has filled the same sales position over and over, only to see employees leave after a year or two. Or perhaps you’re a member of a board that is struggling to find a new CEO to lead a firm facing significant market challenges. Across the U.S. nearly three-fourths of employers are having a difficult time finding qualified … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: Lo que las pequeñas empresas deben saber sobre la nueva orden ejecutiva que requiere vacunas COVID-19 para los trabajadores

por Edgar R. Olivo

El jueves 9 de septiembre de 2021, la administración de Biden emitió nuevas Órdenes Ejecutivas para crear un camino para salir de la pandemia. Una de las Órdenes requiere vacunas de COVID-19 para ciertos trabajadores, como “contratistas federales” y empleadores privados con más de 100 empleados. Esta Orden Ejecutiva aborda muchos de los problemas de accesibilidad que enfrentan … [More]

What Small Businesses Need to Know about the New Executive Order Requiring COVID-19 Vaccines for Workers

by Edgar R. Olivo

On Thursday, September 9, 2021, the Biden administration issued new Executive Orders to create a path out of the pandemic. One of the Orders requires COVID-19 vaccines for certain workers such as “federal contractors” and private employers with more than 100 employees. This Executive Order addresses many of the accessibility issues workers face when seeking the vaccine or … [More]

The Mind-Body Connection: Bringing Behavioral Health into the Spotlight

by Dr. Sandra Zebrowski

Behavioral health has always been as important as physical health, and the COVID-19 pandemic brought it out of the shadows and into the spotlight. The tight relationship between behavioral and physical health has never been as evident as during the past 18 months of the pandemic. We have collectively experienced the toll that social distancing, isolation, loss, and major … [More]

Cooling Or Collapsing? Key Factors to Consider About the Housing Market

The question: With the mortgage forbearance program winding down and housing inventory hitting a 40-year low, where is the housing market headed amid dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic? Shades of 2008? When the U.S. housing market collapsed in the Great Recession in 2008, Congress created the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) to regulate the mortgage industry. The FHFA … [More]

Remote Work Will Fuel Housing Demand for Years to Come


As employers make — or delay — plans to reopen workplaces this fall, new Zillow research1 finds that nearly 40% of U.S. workers (39%) still don't know if or how often they'll be working in person. More than one-third of those workers (35%) say that uncertainty is impacting their ability to make decisions about their lives, such as the decision to move.  Remote work is … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: 5 pasos para dejar su trabajo de la manera correcta para comenzar su negocio

por Edgar R. Olivo

¿Has oído hablar de La gran resignación? Este concepto comenzó alrededor de marzo de 2021 cuando Microsoft publicó su informe Work Trend Index y un profesor asociado de la Universidad Texas A&M acuñó la frase en una entrevista viral de Bloomberg. El informe indicó que es probable que el 41 por ciento de la fuerza laboral mundial considere dejar su lugar de trabajo actual … [More]

5 Steps to Quit Your Job the Right Way to Start Your Business

by Edgar R. Olivo

Have you heard of The Great Resignation? This concept began around March 2021 when Microsoft released its Work Trend Index report and an associate professor at Texas A&M University coined the phrase in a viral Bloomberg interview. The report stated that 41% of the global workforce is likely to consider leaving their current place of employment within the next year. Later, … [More]

Minority-Owned Businesses Are Rising Out of the Pandemic

by Ed Aaronson

According to the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, minority-owned businesses are unique in that 56 percent are family-owned seeing an average revenue of $110,000 compared to non-minority-owned businesses that generate $500,000 on average per year.  The stakes are higher for minority-owned businesses in Arizona because the success of the family is directly tied to the … [More]

Beyond Mentoring: The 3 C’s – Coaches, Champions & Cardinals

by Jill J. Johnson, MBA

People who achieve career success often talk about having had a mentor who guided their career. Whether the mentoring relationship evolves naturally or is a planned relationship, it provides a sustained link between the two individuals. Everyone needs help learning new skills and imagining things they could have never conceived of on their own. Yet there are three other types … [More]

The Wild Start-Up Ride: How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Up through the Downs

The COVID-19 pandemic shut down brick-and-mortar businesses all across America through parts of 2020, but surprisingly, it blew the doors wide open for start-ups. Americans filed paperwork to start 4.3 million businesses last year, the most since the United States Census Bureau began tracking new business creation in 2004, and the momentum continued through the first half of … [More]

An Entrepreneur’s Journey of Risk, Resilience and Rewards

by James Webb

My big career change came at the height of my former career. I had a calling, one that arose from my belief in opportunity and an innate trust in my gut instinct when it came to life-altering decisions. I was 38 and chief operating officer/president of a medical imaging company in South Florida. A physician friend asked me if I thought our company would want to be one of the … [More]

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