Lessons for Business and Leadership

by Lilach Mazor Power

For the last 10 years, I’ve experienced the pleasure and pain of building, operating and growing a small business. The knowledge I’ve gained through big failures and even bigger successes have made me passionate about helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams. I’ve compiled a list of lessons I’ve learned on my journey: There’s never a great time to start a business. I … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: 10 maneras en que ser ecológico en su pequeña empresa ayuda a la economía local

por Edgar R. Olivo

La economía global se está volviendo más ecológica y se han abierto muchas oportunidades para los empresarios sostenibles que quieren ser parte de la revolución verde. Una empresa sostenible, o “verde,” es aquella que muestra un compromiso con un futuro ambientalmente sostenible al esforzarse por crear un impacto positivo en los recursos naturales y sus comunidades … [More]

10 Ways Going Green in Your Small Business Helps the Local Economy

by Edgar R. Olivo

The world’s economy is going green, and many opportunities have opened for sustainable entrepreneurs who want to be part of the green revolution. A sustainable, or “green,” business is one that shows a commitment to an environmentally sustainable future by striving to create a positive impact on natural resources and their local communities. Small businesses are a powerful … [More]

Transform Employees to Emergency Responders in 3 Easy Steps

by Patrick Hardy

Responding to disasters is one of the most important activities that employees can be asked to grapple with. From natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes to technological situations such as power outages, chemical spills and transportation accidents, as well as security emergencies like acts of terrorism and mass shootings, a property should be prepared for any of … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: 6 maneras en que la Ley de Reducción de la Inflación ayudara a las pequeñas empresas a pagar para volverse ecológicas

por Edgar R. Olivo

Ahora es el momento de comenzar a invertir en una transformación ecológica. La Ley de Reducción de la Inflación de 2022 firmado por el presidente Biden en agosto incluye una serie de nuevas normas fiscales sobre nuevas disposiciones de energía "verde". Estas nuevas disposiciones de energía “verde” están destinadas a combatir el cambio climático y mejorar la eficiencia … [More]

6 Ways the Inflation Reduction Act Will Help Small Businesses Pay to Go Green

by Edgar R. Olivo

Now is the time to start investing in a green transformation. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 signed by President Biden in August includes a range of new tax rules on new “green” energy provisions. These new “green” energy provisions are intended to combat climate change and improve energy efficiency while incentivizing domestic manufacturing of green energy equipment and … [More]

The Chip Challenge: Growing a Workforce for the Semiconductor Industry

by Lisha Dunlap, Chandler-GIlbert Community College  

According to the Arizona Commerce Authority, "Arizona is the best state in the nation for entrepreneurship, innovation and emerging technology." At the end of August, Governor Doug Ducey capitalized on that sentiment with a five-day trip across the globe to visit the Republic of Korea and Taiwan for relationship building within the international technology industry. Reported … [More]

The Hidden Benefit of a Solid Brand Identity: Crisis Protection

by Joe Kohn

What is your company’s purpose? What does it aspire to be? What does it stand for? Anyone who occupies an executive position within their organization has grappled with these questions, or at least acted on the answers laid out by the organization’s founders ― answers that lie within the nucleus of a brand’s identity. Founders seldom think about the moment when everything … [More]

Their Take: Software Asset Management in the Age of Blockchain

by Jeremy L. Boerger

CIOs, CTOs and even CFOs face an enormous challenge: how to keep track of their information technology investment and ensure IT is adding value to the overall business.  There is a dizzying array of acronyms — ITAMS, SAMS, FinOps, CMDB, SaaS, etc. — that promise to provide clarity to the chaos and yet fail to deliver.  But, more importantly, there is a solution on the horizon: … [More]

Four Areas Every Business Must Examine to Gain Market Share Come What May


What if the pandemic was only a dress rehearsal? Could your business survive the next big devastation? "Instead of guessing or seeing how things play out, use data to give your organization the best chance of success and potentially gaining market share, even while other companies struggle," says Lisa Apolinski, author of the book Grow Your Market Share In A … [More]

Their Take: Scottsdale Airpark Eyed for $1B Project

by Don Henninger

The headline sure grabs your attention: “Scottsdale Airpark eyed for $1 billion project.” The proposal is impressive. Some are saying it’s one of a kind. Others are calling it a legacy project. Whatever you call it, it would be close to a slam-dunk approval in most cities in the Valley. But this is Scottsdale 2022. So it’s time to fasten your seat belts and get … [More]

Setting Baby Boomers Up for Success in the Sale of Legacy Businesses

by David McCarville

Representing a population of approximately 72 million people, Baby Boomers are expected to bequeath $10 trillion in assets over the next twenty years. Today, they are retiring at record rates with about 10,000 Baby Boomers calling it quits each day. These individuals, born between 1946 and 1964 own about 40% of all small businesses or franchises.  In Arizona, there are 50,400 … [More]

5 Ways Implementing an ESG Rating Policy Can Help Your Small Business Grow

by Edgar R. Olivo

There is a new term entering the small business dialogue called “ESG,” which is short for Environmental, Social and Governance. ESG is a non-financial metric that examines the operations of a business through the lens of the company’s social and ethical relationships to its environment, its stakeholders and the community at large. These metrics can be utilized to determine an … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: 5 maneras en que implementar una calificación ESG puede ayudar a que su pequeña empresa crezca

por Edgar R. Olivo

Hay un nuevo término que ingresa al diálogo de las pequeñas empresas llamado "ESG,” que es la abreviatura en ingles de Environmental, Social, y Governance. ESG es una métrica no financiera que examina las operaciones de una empresa a través de la lente de las relaciones sociales y éticas de la empresa con su entorno, sus partes interesadas y la comunidad en general. Estas … [More]

Focus on the Customer & Employee Experience to Transform Your Business

by Jason S. Bradshaw 

As busy leaders and business owners, you are faced with a seemingly endless list of things to do to keep your business operating and an ever-increasing list of ideas on how to improve your business. However, you are encouraged to throw out the hundred-plus to-do items and ideas; instead, focus on the experience you deliver and start with these three fundamental steps: … [More]

Has Your Safe Harbor Become a Snare? Now Is the Time to Take Digital Marketing Chances

by Lisa Apolinski, CMC

Arriving to the seventh continent of the world, Antarctica, was both the most breathtaking and most daunting expedition experience. Antarctica has the distinction of being the coldest, windiest, highest and driest continent on earth. When Ernest Shackleton set out for Antarctica in 1914, he had no concept of what lay ahead for himself and his crew. During the Shackleton … [More]

39% of Office Tenants Consider Coworking Spaces for Their Teams


Office occupiers have rapidly shifted towards remote and hybrid work arrangements after the onset of the pandemic, sending vacancy rates to all-time high levels across the U.S. Remote work, or work from home, has dominated the workspace landscape for the past two years, but many organizations are now making a move towards bringing employees back to the office, an adjustment … [More]

The What, Where, Why and How Behind a Decline in Customer Service Excellence

by Laurie Guest

Does it feel like no matter how hard you try to please your customer, it isn’t enough? Are you in charge of leading others and the faster you train teams and build energy, the quicker it seems to fade? Are you a business owner feeling hopeless about the never-ending needs of staff and customers while trying to achieve a profitable bottom line? You’re exhausted, right? This … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: 8 formas de diferenciar su pequeña empresa en la economía actual

por Edgar R. Olivo

Destacar en un mercado ruidoso puede ser una tarea abrumadora para los empresarios nuevos y experimentados. Afortunadamente, existen muchas estrategias comprobadas que nunca pasarán de moda entre los consumidores y lo ayudarán a diferenciar su negocio en el mercado. Para poner a su pequeña empresa en el camino correcto, puede comenzar haciéndose algunas preguntas. Cuando un … [More]

8 Ways to Differentiate Your Small Business in Today’s Economy

by Edgar R. Olivo

Standing out in a noisy market can be a daunting task for new and seasoned entrepreneurs. Luckily, there are many proven strategies that will never go out of style with consumers and help you differentiate your business in the market. To put your small business on the right track, you can start by asking yourself a few questions. When a customer asks you what makes you … [More]

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