Top 5 Cybersecurity Policies to Keep Your Remote Business Alive

by Corey McReynolds

The National Cybersecurity Alliance says, “If you connect it, protect it.”  Currently, two out of 10 people work remotely from home full time according to Owl Labs blurring the lines between business/personal environments. This can expose both teleworker and their business to unique cyber threats and attacks.  That’s why creating cybersecurity policies and procedures to reflect … [More]

Is a Seasonal Business a Timely Fit for You? 4 Ways to Make It Work

An ever-changing economy creates new opportunities for entrepreneurs, even during these rocky times that COVID-19 has caused. Whether people are looking for a better work-life balance, a new job after having lost one, or an extra source of income, opening a seasonal business is one strategy that fits those goals, says Chris Buitron, president of Mosquito Authority®. “Many … [More]

Global Artificial Intelligence Spending to Surge by 120% and Hit $110B by 2024, Retail and Banking Top List


Recent years have witnessed a swell in the adoption of artificial intelligence solutions, revolutionizing industries, and helping businesses boost growth. The rising volume and complexity of business data are set to continue driving AI adoption in the following years, causing a surge in global AI spending. According to data presented by, global artificial … [More]

Over Six in 10 HR Professionals Say Getting Employees to Read the Employee Handbook Is Challenging


Getting employees to read the employee handbook is the most challenging handbook-related issue, according to 619 US employers responding to XpertHR's 2020 Survey on Employee Handbooks. The survey covered seven major handbook-related challenges and found that 66% of participating HR representatives rated "getting employees to read their organization's handbook" as either … [More]

Survey Shows 95 Percent of U.S. Households Were Banked in 2019

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

A record 95 percent of U.S. households had a bank or credit union account in 2019, according to a new biennial survey and report released today by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).  How America Banks: Household Use of Banking and Financial Services also found that a record low 5.4 percent of U.S. households were unbanked in 2019. Since 2009, the FDIC has … [More]

5 Tips to Avoid ERP Failure and Turn 2020 Disruption into Success

The trials of 2020 have put many businesses in a mode of transformation. For some, that can mean changing anything from their internal operations to the services and products they offer. Due to advancements in digital technology, massive change was well underway in numerous industries before the pandemic. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) has been a central part of those … [More]

NEW Poll: Nearly Half of Black-Owned Small Businesses Closed Permanently Or Will Soon Shutter Due to Insufficient Federal COVID Relief

As critical federal coronavirus relief legislation remains stalled in negotiations between lawmakers and the White House, a new poll from Color Of Change and Main Street Alliance out today reveals Black-owned small businesses are being decimated by government inaction and racial inequities. Barring swift and decisive action by Congress to provide direct grants to Black small … [More]

7 Rules You Need to Know for B2B Lead Generation

by Christopher Tompkins

So, you have heard the term “lead generation” before. But what does this actually mean for how you should operate your business? To start, there are a few things to break down: Many B2B business owners do not know where to begin when it comes to gaining quality leads. They want to make sales, but they have no specific strategy to reach their goal. Add to that the fact … [More]

Is Home-Based Work Productive? Or Not?

Rick McCartney

According to Cynthia Spraggs, this recent NPR article isn't about Zoom meetings at all. It is about whether home-based work is productive or not. "There are a lot of spurious statistics from low sample sizes. If employees are fatigued by being on video all day (honestly what a nightmare), you can make this better by reconsidering the webcam," says Spraggs. "Clearly, if … [More]

Four Best Business Practices to Take Control of What Is Ahead

by Ryan Weissmueller

For many businesses, the landscape has begun to settle to some degree, but we are still in the midst of great uncertainty economically, medically and politically. There are always positive steps that can be taken and here are a few often overlooked best practices to help navigate choppy seas. Explore the What Ifs There are few weapons in a leader’s arsenal more powerful … [More]