6 Things Every CEO Needs to Know about Branding to Better Manage the Human Side of Business

by Jane Cavalier

We live in an upside world where the old rules no longer apply. Many call it a VUCA world – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Mass consumerism has been replaced by a new consumption paradigm as people are driven by new essentialism where things matter less and relationships, experiences and self-being dominate all. In this new world, workers are restless, customers … [More]

Feeling Inflation Pressures? Industry-Specific Small Business Economic Trends Survey Released


The NFIB Research Center today released an industry-specific Small Business Economic Trends report highlighting the construction, manufacturing, retail, and services industries. The overall Optimism Index for small businesses in April was 93.2. “The construction and manufacturing industries are especially feeling the impact of inflation pressures,” said Holly Wade, … [More]

How Digital Transformation Is Changing Project Management: 4 Things to Know


The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed how important it is for businesses to adopt digital processes. Many companies closed largely because they didn’t digitize, but for other firms, the pandemic accelerated their digital transformation. In the midst of this massive change, project management’s role has shifted but remains  crucial to helping improve overall efficiency and … [More]

Joining the Wave of New Entrepreneurs? 5 Mistakes That Can Sink You


More than 5 million people became entrepreneurs in 2021 – a total that smashed the single-year record for new business applications by about 1 million. But hovering over that tide of entrepreneurial optimism is some historically discouraging data: about 20% of small businesses fail within the first year and 50% fail within five. If you’re among the many who recently started … [More]

Study on American Workers’ Reasons for Switching Jobs Released


University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies announces the release of a whitepaper examining factors contributing to employee turnover, as well as possible solutions: “American Workers’ Reasons for Switching Jobs.” Drawing upon data from the 2022 University of Phoenix Career Institute™ Career Optimism Index® study, Louise Underdahl, Ph.D., a Research Fellow with the … [More]

5 Reasons Why Organizations Should Champion Men’s Health Benefits to Compete in the Great Resignation 

by Reza Amin

The Great Resignation is looking more and more like The Great Negotiation, to borrow a headline from one recent article. This renegotiation is more than just better pay and better hours. It’s about the other things that make a workplace attractive, such as health benefits and other perks. Companies have three primary drivers when adding better health benefits: to attract and … [More]

What Does ‘Clean’ Really Mean? How to Be Thorough and Stay Safe


The COVID-19 pandemic inspired a cleaning frenzy in many American homes, but how many people are cleaning thoroughly to prevent the spread of germs? Some don’t know what “clean” really means in the context of infection prevention, says Tricia Holderman, author of Germinator: The Germ Girl’s Guide To Simple Solutions In A Germ-Filled World. “The COVID-19 pandemic got a lot … [More]

Shifts in Tech Hiring to Alter Post-Pandemic Office Landscape

Marcus & Millichap

Over the past decade, the tech industry expanded beyond the traditional hubs of the Bay Area, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York City into new frontiers in Atlanta, Austin, Denver and Orlando. Firms sought out new talent and planned expansions in lower-cost areas. Despite this, nearly 50 percent of new tech job openings from 2015 to 2019 were still located in high-profile tech … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: 5 preguntas para ayudar a los empresarios a realizar estudios de mercado

por Edgar R. Olivo

Cuando está iniciando un negocio, conocer a sus clientes es una de las cosas más importantes que debe hacer. Sin este conocimiento fundamental, la creación de planes de marketing se volverá difícil y sus proyecciones de ventas siempre estarán fuera de lugar. Tener una intuición sobre su mercado solo le traerá más dolores de cabeza. En su lugar, esfuércese por desafiar sus … [More]

5 Questions to Help Small Business Owners Do Market Research

by Edgar R. Olivo

When you are starting a business, getting to know your customers is one of the most important things you need to do. Without this fundamental knowledge, creating marketing plans will become difficult and your sales projections will always be off. Having a gut feeling about your market will only bring you more headaches. Instead, strive to challenge your assumptions with data … [More]

U.S. Mortgage Delinquencies Continue to Fall in February, Says Report


CoreLogic, a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider, today released its monthly Loan Performance Insights Report for February 2022. For the month of February, 3.2% of all mortgages in the U.S. were in some stage of delinquency (30 days or more past due, including those in foreclosure), representing a 2.5 percentage-point … [More]

Your Check List to Be the CEO of Your Dreams

by Darren LaCroix

Regrets suck! Well-meaning people have trained our dream right out of us. Who have been the naysayers in your life? You may have had many, but the worst critic can be the one in our own head. You may doubt yourself, thinking, “I’m not good enough,” or “As soon as I…, then I’ll start on my dream.” No! Enough is enough. It’s time. Your time. So, where do you start? What do you … [More]

As Temperatures Rise, MAG Launches Heat Relief Network


As temperatures climb, it is important to remember that heat can be deadly. The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) wants residents to know how they can find shelter from the heat, and how they can help others who might be vulnerable. The Heat Relief Network, organized each year by MAG, launches today with warnings that all residents are at risk, no matter their age … [More]

U.S. Employees Signal Workplace Culture Has Changed, Says Report


Workplace cultures have changed dramatically for 35% of U.S. employees, according to a research report released by Quantum Workplace, a leading provider of comprehensive employee engagement and performance software as well as the leader in data collection for the nationally recognized Best Places to Work Programs. The company’s latest research report, Unpacking … [More]

How to Keep Ego from Derailing Your Efforts to Become a Great Leader

by Barbara Bell

When it comes to leadership, a fine line can exist between confidence and egotism. Certainly, everyone has an ego and we would achieve little in life if there wasn’t a part of us filled with the conviction that we can tackle the challenges before us. But unfortunately, sometimes things get out of hand. When a leader has an outsized ego, that can result in the entire … [More]

Construction Safety Week 2022: Why Businesses Should Prioritize Inclusion in their Approach to Safety

by Dominic Greensmith

Safety in the construction industry rightfully focuses on the proper handling of materials and machinery through process, documentation and oversight. But businesses looking to take their approach to safety to the next level should prioritize building a culture of inclusion. Building Inclusion into Safety Safety is essential in the construction field, and there are … [More]

Addressing Imposter Syndrome: What Decision Makers, Others Need to Know

by Susanne Tedrick

There is a big difference between being nervous about starting a new job or work responsibility versus having imposter syndrome. For most people, feelings of insecurity and anxiety pass, as there is still a fundamental belief in being able to complete the task at hand. On the other hand, someone with imposter syndrome has pervasive, serious doubts about their abilities. They … [More]

Construction Safety Week 2022: Invest in Protecting Workers’ Health & Safety

by Michael Zalle

The pandemic has been blamed for a lot of things, but one positive was that it forced business leaders to shift priorities to put greater attention on the health and safety of their employees. Focusing on health and safety was the right thing to do, plus it supported efforts to recruit, retain and promote their best people during a time when it’s hard to hang on to good … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: Relaciones empresariales: Las 5 amistades clave de los emprendedores exitosos

por Edgar R. Olivo

No es ningún secreto que las relaciones son importantes para nuestras vidas. Nos ayudan a pensar fuera de lo común, desafiar nuestras suposiciones y crecer como individuos. Cuando las relaciones se nutren, las recompensas son realización, satisfacción y felicidad. Pero, ¿qué sucede cuando aplica este concepto a una pequeña empresa? Todo emprendedor exitoso tiene una red de … [More]

Business Relationships: 5 Key Friendships of Successful Entrepreneurs

by Edgar R. Olivo

It is no secret that relationships are important to our lives. They help us think outside the box, challenge our assumptions, and grow as individuals. When relationships are nourished, the rewards are fulfillment, contentment and happiness. But what happens when you apply this concept to a small business? Every successful entrepreneur has a network of supportive relationships … [More]

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