New Trend on Dark Web: Consumer Breaches Decline by 18 Times but Threats to Their Data Remain

The newest data from NordVPN’s Dark Web Monitor feature shows that the number of breached companies remains high, but the number of users affected by those leaks has decreased 18 times since 2019. However, with the data of nearly two-thirds (62%) of Dark Web Monitor users available on the dark web, the risk of data theft is still very high. In 2019 the average number of … [More]

Half of Retailers Fear They Will Be Forced to Slash Prices before the Holidays

Almost half of US retailers fear they will be forced to slash prices before the holidays because of the downturn in consumer spending. A poll of 500 retailers found 43 per cent have surplus goods they're desperate to offload - with fashion, homeware, baby and toddler the sectors struggling the most. 47% of merchants surveyed said the problem of excess stock is a major … [More]

Americans Are Spending an Extra $18,803 to Secure Car Models They Want, Survey Reveals

As many Americans will be all too aware, the price of just about everything, including vehicles, has skyrocketed over the past year. Indeed, 2021 witnessed the largest 12-month increase for cars in the history of the consumer price index, and prices have continued to increase in 2022. While the market surge has has been great for auto groups, potential buyers have found … [More]

5 Tips to Uplift Female Entrepreneurs during National Women’s Small Business Month

October marks the celebration of National Women's Small Business Month, which is dedicated to recognizing the accomplishments of women-owned businesses and the important role they play in the economy. Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB) honors these trailblazing entrepreneurs and offers tips to support their successes. According to the World Economic … [More]

4 Strategies for Determining Whether a New Marketing Trend Is Right for You

by Jordan Buning

In the early days of the internet, a number of aspiring furniture retailers decided to take their businesses online. The convenience of a “virtual showroom” was undeniable. But consumers who were trained to “try before you buy” ― hand-measuring large objects, sitting in each chair or sofa to judge its comfort ― simply weren’t ready for it. Neither were some furniture makers. … [More]

Arizona Is 8th among Least Impacted States by Climate Change and Natural Disasters, Says Study

From raging wildfires to tornadoes, floods and hurricanes, the U.S. sees its share of natural disasters every year. The latest of these disasters, Hurricane Ian, may have done as much as $57 billion in damage to Florida and South Carolina. Nine other natural disasters have already caused over $1 billion in damage each during 2022. Millions of Americans’ homes and workplaces … [More]

How to Master Short-Form Videos in Short Order

by John Ferin

So you’ve been assigned to create a short-form video for your company. Maybe you even have a ring light, a tripod, dedicated studio space, or a quality microphone. Now what? Anyone who can hit the “record” and “stop” buttons on an iPhone can make a video. But the goal should not simply be to make a video, to complete the assignment, to check a box. It’s essential to first … [More]

Partnership Shows the Effects of Prison Education and the Transformative Power of a Second Chance

Building and sustaining a strong pipeline of talent requires heavier investments in education, upskilling, and career development. And in today's job market, it also requires business leaders to evolve their thinking and expand workforce strategies to include individuals who have historically been excluded from job consideration, specifically men and women with a criminal … [More]

Economic Impact Report Underscores Nonprofit’s Outcomes on Youth, Community

From improved high school graduation rates to reductions in teen pregnancy, food insecurity and underage drinking, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley is making a positive, measurable impact on youth and the greater community. These are the findings from a study by the L. William Seidman Research Institute at Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. The … [More]

Goodbye Zoom Gloom: 6 Tips for Better Online Training Facilitation

by Kate Zabriskie

I’m Zoomed out. Done. Toast. Finished. Full. What part of not doing this for a while don’t you get? You know, I think they might be multitasking while I’m trying to teach. (You don’t say, Sherlock.) This virtual stuff is here to stay, and I think I’d like to go. Years after the world went home and most classrooms moved online, a lot of people still haven’t cracked the … [More]

41% of People Report Not Feeling Valued by Their Boss or Employer

by Jonathan Shroyer

A recent study of 1,000 people across the US and Canada conducted by Jonathan Shroyer, CX Innovation Officer at Arise, found that 41% of all people surveyed said they did not feel valued by their boss or company. It also revealed that the top 3 traits people prioritize in a boss are trustworthiness, clear communication and dependability. If you are a boss or perhaps will be … [More]

Observe Cyber Security Month by Making Internet Safety a Team Effort  

by Susan Anable

In October, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month brings into focus three indisputable truths about the Internet. One, it is an incredible resource that offers a universe of opportunities to connect, transact and be entertained, and learn. Two, pursuing these activities comes with the risk of falling victim to digital delinquents intent on separating you from your personal … [More]

Arizona Voters’ Agenda: Voters Want the State to Do More to Address the Housing Affordability Crisis

With early voting in the 2022 General Election fast approaching, Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA) today released survey findings on affordable housing & homelessness to conclude its latest rollout of a new Arizona Voters' Agenda survey. The survey of likely Republican, Democratic, and independent/unaffiliated voters of all ages was conducted in late August and builds … [More]

Arizona Voters Concerned about Long-Term Water Supplies; Support Investments to Address Environmental Issues

Today, Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA) released new findings on water & environment as part of their ongoing reveal of the Arizona Voters’ Agenda. The Voters’ Agenda identifies what likely voters prioritize in Arizona’s midterm General Election and what they want to hear from candidates campaigning for votes. The most recent survey of likely Republican, Democratic, … [More]

Want to Be a Great Boss? Here’s the Top 5 Ways to Achieve It

What makes a good boss a great boss? As a founder and business executive in the service industry for over 20 years, Jonathan Shroyer has learned a lot about what makes a great boss, great. People want great bosses, and this is becoming even more important in cultivating and retaining the right workers for your company, and is something everyone in management should … [More]

New Survey Reveals What Shrinks the Gender Gap for Working Women

A July 2022 Great Place To Work® market research survey of nearly 4,200 workers found: More than half of women (54%) are open to leaving their jobs in the next six months One in 10 women want to leave their job, but don’t feel they can Only 45% of women report fair pay (56% for men) Only 45% report fair promotions (53% for men) The gender gap, however, … [More]

Lessons for Business and Leadership

by Lilach Mazor Power

For the last 10 years, I’ve experienced the pleasure and pain of building, operating and growing a small business. The knowledge I’ve gained through big failures and even bigger successes have made me passionate about helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams. I’ve compiled a list of lessons I’ve learned on my journey: There’s never a great time to start a business. I … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: 10 maneras en que ser ecológico en su pequeña empresa ayuda a la economía local

por Edgar R. Olivo

La economía global se está volviendo más ecológica y se han abierto muchas oportunidades para los empresarios sostenibles que quieren ser parte de la revolución verde. Una empresa sostenible, o “verde,” es aquella que muestra un compromiso con un futuro ambientalmente sostenible al esforzarse por crear un impacto positivo en los recursos naturales y sus comunidades … [More]

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