From Founders to Sellers

Start early to plan the why and when for exiting a business

by Jordan Tate

It is common for business owners to consider selling their company, whether now or at some point in the distant future. For most business owners and founders, this process is a black box, without even a clear starting point. As a private equity firm that’s been investing in founder-owned businesses for nearly 20 years, we’re shedding some light on how business owners can … [More]

Food as Medicine: Venture Capital’s Appetite for a Healthier Future

Startups in the nutritional food space are gaining increased traction

by Dean Newton

For decades, venture capital chased the next tech innovation or disruptive platform.  Today, a new wellness sector is garnering attention: the intersection of food and medicine. This “food-as-medicine” movement is reimagining what it means to be “healthy,” and venture investors’ palates are lathering at the prospect of savory returns.  However, deploying venture capital to … [More]

The Secret Weapon in Preventing Buyer’s Remorse

Quantitative and qualitative procedures of financial due diligence 

by Rachel E. Biro, CPA

Purchasing a business involves considerable personal, professional and financial investment. For those considering a business transaction, it is important to know that academics and researchers highlight a discouraging trend for failed mergers and acquisitions. It’s sad, but true –— not all M&As are winners. However, the risks and surprises associated with the purchase of a … [More]

Curb Fraud Vulnerabilities – Take Control of Payments Processes

by Karah Gagnon 

Incidents of payments fraud continue to increase as fraudsters take advantage of the digitization of work, shopping and general operations and communications. Despite growing attacks and attempts on digital payments — ACH debits and credits, wires, virtual cards, mobile wallets and cryptocurrency — the payments most vulnerable to fraud continue to be a more traditional method … [More]

The Compelling Case for Impact Investing and Its Potential to Reshape the Future

The double bottom line is not just greenwashing

by Dean Newton

The case for impact investing is increasingly compelling, not just as an adjunct to traditional investing but as an evolution of how we influence the flow of capital in and across society. After decades of viewing investment purely through a financial lens, where the primary goal was to maximize returns to shareholders, we’re beginning to understand that a broader perspective … [More]

Unlocking Opportunities with Hard Money

When does hard money lending make sense for businesses and investors?

by Elizabeth Hale

In today’s dynamic business and real estate investment landscape, the availability of fast and flexible financing is frequently the key to success.  That’s where hard money loans come into play. Hard money lending is a type of financing that allows borrowers to secure loans based on the value of real estate assets rather than their creditworthiness. While traditional … [More]

The Hidden Costs of Friendly Fraud in e-Commerce

Protecting consumer rights with chargebacks

by Monica Eaton

In the 1980s, there were approximately 2,500 shopping malls in the U.S. There are only about 700 malls left, and experts predict that number will drop to 150 in the next ten years. Their brightly colored storefronts, ornamental fountains and gleaming escalators have been gradually replaced by the incredible ease of online shopping from anywhere at any time, away from crowded … [More]

Cash Management Strategies to Help Navigate Economic Uncertainty

Apply best practices and creative solutions

by Brian Crisp 

With the market in an ongoing state of financial flux, business owners may need to take new approaches when it comes to managing money. Just as budgeting can support business goals under typical circumstances, establishing plans for challenging periods can help ensure successful outcomes. Financial decisions require thorough consideration before acting, but applying best … [More]

Thinking of Selling Your Business?

Key steps for Arizona business owners to take

by Scott MacDonald

Baby boomers own approximately 40% of privately-owned small businesses and franchises in the U.S., according to MBAStack. Gen X-ers own the highest percentage of small businesses at 46%, and their relative share is increasing. With boomers already in or reaching retirement age, and Gen X only 12 to 15 years behind that, many business owners are considering selling their … [More]

Position Your Business for Acquisition

It takes time to develop and execute a strategic plan

by Elizabeth Hale, CPA

Many entrepreneurs launch their companies with an eye toward eventually selling them. But preparing a business for an acquisition is not as simple as making the decision to sell. The process can be complex and take several years, depending on objectives and the state of the business, which can leave the founders or owners unsure of where to begin. Regardless of company or … [More]

Determining Strategic Asset Allocation 

Establishing goals and risk tolerance within a given time frame  

by Dan Kieffer

A strategic investment strategy backed by a comprehensive financial plan can help provide comfort in a volatile market. Below, we explore how asset allocation should be customized to an individual’s goals and risk appetite.  Establishing Goals  One of the most important steps to building asset allocation is to establish goals, along with a timeline, with one’s financial team. … [More]

Two Phoenix Public Financing Organizations Impact Local Communities

Investments benefit under-resourced communities

by Juan Salgado

The Phoenix IDA, as outlined in the IDA Act, the state law that created it more than four decades ago, promotes community and economic development. Through innovative financing, the Phoenix IDA helps attract private capital that boosts economic development in the Greater Phoenix area.  Additionally, as administrators of the Phoenix Community Development & Investment … [More]

While Economic Clouds Gather, It’s Still Sunny in Phoenix

Growing population and manufacturing are among the differences for Phoenix

by Daniel Altman

Despite predictions of a mild recession, 2023 may be the first year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when the economy feels almost stable. Inflation is coming down, the labor market remains vibrant, and huge shifts in spending across sectors are looking like a thing of the past. Best of all, the coming trends play directly into the Phoenix area’s greatest … [More]

Strategizing around Volatile Interest Rates

by Ryan Frette

On Dec. 14, 2022, the Federal Open Market Committee (a committee within the Federal Reserve System) raised its target rate +50 basis points, making the new upper limit of the Fed Funds Rate to set at 4.5%. While the actual change in the target rate came in as expected, the still very hawkish stance from the Fed may have surprised some market participants due to the recent … [More]

How to Manage Business Finances in a High-Growth Market

by Brian Crisp

A growing market like Phoenix can present both a wide range of financial opportunities as well as challenges for business owners. Arizona holds more than 150 of the nation’s fastest-growing companies, according to the Inc. 5000 lineup, a list ranking business revenue growth over a three-year period, from 2018 to 2021. The listed businesses, mostly located in the Phoenix area, … [More]

Finance & Accounting: Strategies to Recession-Proof One’s Business

by Cristina Fumagalli and Caren M. Cacciatore

Despite some positive signs in the Arizona labor market, growth may slow in the next couple of years. Unemployment is low, prices on housing and consumer goods are high, and average consumers are cutting back on spending as their paychecks fall behind expenses. Given this, how might smart leaders prepare their businesses?  Keep Perspective  The economy works in cycles. A … [More]

Tumultuous Economy Challenges on Companies’ Consumer Relations

by Jonathan Shroyer

A potential worldwide recession may be on the horizon. Additionally, buyer priorities are changing in customer services and the overall customer experience. How will a tumultuous economic period such as this one impact the customer service industries as a whole? As we see the pandemic period ending and a potential worldwide recession on the horizon, we are starting to see … [More]

The Bankruptcy Alternative You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

by Steve O’Neill

There is a quicker, less expensive and more flexible alternative to a business bankruptcy and liquidation that most business owners have never heard of — the Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors, or ABC.  More than 13,000 businesses in the United States, including 210 businesses in Arizona, filed for bankruptcy between March 2021 and March 2022, many of which could have … [More]

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