Capital Ideas: How Different Types of Funding Can Grow Business

Part I: Loans, Grants and Investment

from RaeAnne Marsh

Prominently visible on buildings around town are names that demonstrate the strength and depth of the financial sector here — serving a business community equally strong and varied. We connected with select members of that sector to present an overview of funding types and opportunity. Notes Ken Bauer, chief lending officer at OneAZ Credit Union, “In order to grow or improve a … [More]

Let’s Make Layoffs Rare Again

The Long-Term Costs of Mass Job Cuts … and How to Avoid Them

by Dan Adams

The layoff news just keeps on coming. Many of the job cuts being reported are in the tech sector, but the hatchet is also hitting industries from air travel to healthcare to music. Nobody loves mass layoffs, but their increasing frequency seems to imply an alarming level of acceptability. This is a symptom of a bigger problem — the tendency of today’s corporate leaders to make … [More]

Catering Company Succeeds with Environmental Consciousness

Atlasta Catering reframes hospitality to sustainable zero-waste

by Kristine Short

More than 30 years in the hospitality business in Arizona means Steve Short has seen and experienced a lot, including the global pandemic, micro recessions and the deep recession that began in 2008. Understanding that every business challenge creates its own opportunity, third-generation chef Short found an unlikely passion and pursuit in 2008 — sustainability. “In 2008, I … [More]

Implementing Vacation Time Enhances Business Operations

Restaurant owner gives evidence that the proof is in the pudding

by Fabrizio Cali

One crucial element of running a restaurant is valuing our employees’ work-life balance. At Dolce Vita, I have made the decision to close every Monday and for a week each summer to give my staff a day of rest as well as a true vacation. Many business owners may be concerned about how this will impact their bottom line, but, by fostering a healthy work environment, they will see … [More]

Thriving in the Fast Lane: Essential Healthy Habits for Young Professionals to Beat Hustle Culture

And a healthy reminder for professionals at any stage of their career

by Sharon Lechter

The hustle-and-grind culture is widespread, especially in the United States, and while one needs to work to get ahead, a constant go-go-go schedule isn’t healthy for anyone. In the long run, no matter how good someone is at what they do, the exhaustion from constantly living in the fast lane will eventually slow them down. This is why young professionals can hugely impact the … [More]

What’s In and What’s Out: Workplace Trends for a Changing Workforce

by James Bailey and Kiana Taie

Hybrid is here to stay. As more companies relocate to the Phoenix metro area, focus will be less on how many people come into the office and more on how the office can support individual needs. To evolve with changing demands and earn people’s commutes, the workplace will undergo several other key shifts: from one-size-fits-all to curated destinations; from static office … [More]

Wildflower’s Nourishing Impact

Cultivating corporate responsibility from seed to table

by Tyler Butler

In the bustling landscape of corporate ventures, Wildflower emerges as a beacon of responsibility, rooted in a commitment to serve not only great food but also the broader community. Founded in November 1996, Wildflower, a family-owned business, has grown to operate 16 restaurants in the Phoenix metropolitan area and Northern Arizona, with an additional bread manufacturing … [More]

Nurturing Leadership: Strategies for Building Leaders within Your Organization

by Bruce Weber

"Great leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders." —Tom Peters Within the bustling corridors of modern organizations, the cultivation of effective leadership isn't just desirable — it's imperative. Great leaders aren't born; they are crafted through deliberate efforts and strategies. As the heartbeat of an organization, leaders guide teams, inspire innovation … [More]

Forecasting: Four Things We’re Watching for Phoenix Businesses in 2024

by Robert Faver

Right now, Phoenix businesses are navigating a unique landscape that is growing with a swelling population and booming industries while facing economic challenges such as housing and cost of living. While some things are out of business owners’ hands, the market is offering signs of what 2024 may hold. The ability to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape using the right … [More]

Legal Implications of the Shipping Disruptions in the Red Sea

Contracts and more in the global supply chain

by Julie Mauer and Aaron Schepler

Houthi rebel attacks on cargo ships in the Red Sea have caused major supply chain disruptions since the attacks began in November 2023. To date, there have been at least 80 incidents in the area, many of which involve private container ships carrying goods to Europe, the United States and other destinations around the world. These incidents have caused not only disruptions in … [More]

Strong Culture of Philanthropy = Financial Success

Nonprofits with strong giving cultures are more likely to succeed

by Richard Tollefson

You know you have a strong culture of philanthropy when the athletic director says his top priority is funding the science building. Or when local CEOs who have never given to your nonprofit step up to contribute multiple transformational gifts in succession. It’s what happened to Lori Redfearn, California State’s former assistant vice chancellor for systemwide advancement, … [More]

Boredom: What Force at Work?

Within the dynamics of the modern workplace, the myth of consistent, all-day productivity is exactly that: a myth

by Assaf Cohen

The issue of workplace boredom is more pervasive than many might realize. According to Forbes, boredom at work is not just a minor inconvenience; it's a serious problem that can lead to depression, anxiety, insomnia, and higher employee turnover. This issue affects a significant portion of the American workforce, with more than a third admitting they have found their job … [More]

Greenwood Brewing Taps the Female Beer Market

by RaeAnne Marsh

Greenwood Brewing is a woman-owned and -operated microbrewery with a taproom, brewery and beer garden located in Downtown Phoenix. The company makes more than 20 products in its Downtown Phoenix brewery for consumption in its taproom, restaurants, bars and grocery/retail stores throughout Arizona. Greenwood Brewery’s flagship beers that are distributed statewide include … [More]

Hillside Candle Makes Scents of Memories

by RaeAnne Marsh

Hillside Candle is a candle company focused on fragrance, memories and family. “We offer a carefully curated selection of luxurious scents created from the knowledge my dad gained from his time as head of operations at Yankee Candle,” says co-founder Thomas Hill. In fact, Hill credits his dad as inspiration for starting the company, which they founded in June 2023. The elder … [More]

Supporting Disrupted ASIC Programs amidst Foundry Consolidations

Local company brings leading-edge technology to the forefront for the A&D market

by Marti McCurdy

The microelectronics supply chain has seen its share of challenges in recent years, while efforts to ensure its stability in the U.S. are unprecedented. One way that companies ensure semiconductor supply continuity is by developing their own Application Specific Integrated Circuits, or ASICs. An ASIC contains multiple components designed to work together to perform a specific … [More]

$8.5 Billion Boost: Arizona’s Role in the Semiconductor Surge

by Stephanie Quinn

In a significant move aimed at revitalizing America's technological prowess and manufacturing might, the Biden-Harris Administration, alongside Intel Corporation, has unveiled a preliminary agreement that could redefine the landscape of semiconductor manufacturing in the United States. This pivotal development promises to inject up to $8.5 billion in direct funding under the … [More]

Phoenix First in Nation to Sponsor Semiconductor Apprenticeships

by Stephanie Quinn

Phoenix recently became a focal point in the semiconductor industry's future, hosting an event by the National Institute for Innovation and Technology alongside the Semiconductor Industry Association. This gathering underscored Arizona's vital role in the industry and celebrated the launch of the state's first semiconductor technician registered apprenticeship program. … [More]

Managing Common Plumbing Issues within Commercial Buildings

by Joe Hammer

Commercial buildings are active areas where numerous people rely on efficient plumbing systems for daily operations, from washing hands to using the bathroom. However, like any complex system, the plumbing in the building is susceptible to many issues that can disrupt workflow. According to OSHA regulations, all workers must be allowed access to potable water — so, if the … [More]

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