Trade Bitcoin Securely and Efficiently on a Decentralized Exchange

by Fabio Canesin

In the first half of 2019 alone, hackers stole more than $4 billion through cryptocurrency crimes industry-wide. For security purposes, it’s essential that cryptocurrency traders move to decentralized blockchain exchanges. Yet, existing decentralized exchanges can’t handle Bitcoin, as they lack full smart contract support. Fortunately, new revolutionary state channel … [More]

App ‘Sees’ for Visually Impaired

by Mike Hunter

Path Finder is a new app developed to help users navigate through public environments and all the unknowns surrounding them. Leveraging the machine learning capabilities of Android, Path Finder helps people with visual impairments by identifying and calculating the trajectories of objects moving in their path. Custom alerts then inform the user of how to avoid these obstacles … [More]

MCCCD Is Committed to Expanding Our IT Workforce

by Mike Hunter

Responding to what its Workforce Development Office identified as an immense need for information technology training, the Maricopa County Community College District will open its Maricopa Technology Institute next month in the heart of downtown Phoenix at 640 North 1st Avenue, as part of Phoenix College. “The Maricopa Technology Institute will support more than 30 certificate … [More]

A New Generation of ‘Smart’ Textiles 

by Mike Hunter

We are now in the era of not just rapidly expanding intelligent devices but also of intelligent materials. Porcher Industries, a global pioneer in high-performance thermoplastic composites and technical textiles, designs and produces innovative materials with properties tailored to highly targeted uses and recently launched a new generation of intelligent textiles. These … [More]

Harness the Power of AI

by Seth Earley

Any big company is likely to have an abundance of technology. It has systems for customers, inventory, and products, along with websites and mobile apps. These systems are spitting out data all day long. Within that data is exactly the information needed to make a business more responsive. The problem is, the data is often not used as it could (and should) be. Even after … [More]

Fixes for Back-to-Work Tech Challenges Businesses Should Address Now

by Dr. Barbara Rembiesa 

As coronavirus-related work-from-home restrictions are lifted, some companies and government agencies are going to be staring down major tech woes as they try to deal with the flood of hardware and software that flowed home with workers. But the International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) encourages organizations to also look at the process as an opportunity to put … [More]

New Workplace Social Distancing App Seeks Beta Testers

FROM, The Digital Transformation Agency

There's a nationwide outcry to reopen the country and put people back to work. And yet, even as owners and employees alike long for life to get back to some semblance of normal, there's plenty of anxiety to go around. No employee wants to get sick. Certainly, no company owner wants to put their people at risk—nor do they want to be held liable if an employee does get … [More]

Businesses Send Drones Soaring amid Social Distancing

by Scott Roelofs

Drones are taking the main stage with social distancing measures becoming the new normal. The technology is helping companies keep their workforce safe while still getting the necessary jobs completed. Below are a few ways that drones have become useful during the pandemic. Virtual Tours: With everyone confined to the comfort of their homes, they are looking for ways to … [More]

Employees Are Weak Link in Cybersecurity

by Daniel Markuson

Estimates show that 90 percent of corporate data breaches in the cloud happen due to hacker attacks that target employees, according to a report from Kaspersky Lab. With many of them forced to work remotely during the quarantine, companies are now more vulnerable than ever. However, this particular risk is easy to control. There are many digital tools that can help protect … [More]

The Importance of Digitalization during COVID-19 Crisis


Digital solutions can provide a safe way for consumers and businesses to manage their day-to-day tasks during crises without compromising their health or safety. As a result, businesses have to adapt to the new demand for digitized services in order to stay relevant. The pandemic has taken its toll on consumers, as well as businesses, by changing the way people work, shop … [More]