Wireless Usage Increases, Latest Technologies Demand New Infrastructure

Allen Dixon

No one can deny the use of cellular and other mobile wireless technology has dramatically increased over the past decade. But while technological advances in handsets and applications may benefit businesses, in many ways they also present building owners with new challenges. Some of those hurdles are detailed in an upcoming report by wireless industry analyst Iain Gillott at … [More]

Acronis Cyber Protection Growth Taps Local Talent

by Tara Stred

Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, recently opened an office in Tempe. The new location features a cutting-edge research and development office, as well as Acronis’s largest and fastest growing data center operations space. Fully staffed, the office will employ 150 new engineering, sales, professional services and support personnel. Acronis is driving a new … [More]

Dash Cams Address Driver Risk

by Mike Hunter

GPS Insight, a leading provider of fleet software to organizations with fleets of vehicles, trailers and other mobile assets, has partnered with Netradyne to offer its customers the Driveri 360° AI Fleet Camera, which is designed to enhance driver safety by capturing and analyzing every minute on the road. “Organizations have long been using fleet software to monitor driver … [More]

Shoes Fitted by Technology

Mike Hunter

3D Fit Drone is a revolutionary shoe-fitting technology from Road Runner Sports that captures an accurate three-dimensional scan of customers’ feet in just seven seconds and records six critical foot measurements: foot size, length, width, arch height, instep and heel width. One of the biggest breakthroughs in the shoe-fitting industry in recent years, this augments the brand’s … [More]

Ditch the Techie Jargon – Improve Your Organization’s Cybersecurity

by J. Eduardo Campos

An office memo that tosses around terms like “DRM,” “botnet,” “FTP,” “spear phishing” and “worm” could be a quick, easy read for the head of the IT department. But for everyone else in the organization, it may be one big mass of confusion. And with that bewilderment comes potential danger. There’s a serious gap in communication skills between cybersecurity pros and their … [More]