Ensure AI Use in Business Is Ethical and Responsible

by Christophe Bourguignat

Artificial intelligence is an amazing tool to improve efficiency and speed up processes but, when not used properly, can cause more damage than good. With this in mind, how can companies ensure they are using AI ethically and responsibly? Tip #1: Biases in AI are not always where we might think they are. When most people look for biases in AI, it’s usually focused on … [More]

Dark Web Trend: Consumer Breaches Decline but Data Threats Remain

by Mike Hunter

According to Dark Web Monitor data, 62% of its users have had their data breached on the dark web. In 2019, around a third of breaches affected more than 1M users. In 2020, this percentage dropped to 18%. In 2021, only 10% of breaches affected millions of users. In 2022, this number is even smaller — 7%. “On the one hand, this is great news. On the other hand, we don’t see … [More]

Blockchain Enables Trust in Smart Contracts

by Cooper Weissman

WeiDev is a software development firm specializing in blockchain development. Blockchain development is the creation of products or applications that use blockchain technology to increase security or transparency. The blockchain network is most easily articulated as a system that records information that is nearly impossible to change or hack. Many people have tried to create … [More]

Maintain Vigilance for Ransomware

by Brian Dunagan

We must remain vigilant and always be thinking about how to handle the next wave of cyberattacks. While external bad actors, ransomware and other malware, are the most common threats, malicious or even careless employee actions can also present cybersecurity risks. In other words, it is virtually a given that at some point most will suffer a failure, disaster or cyberattack. … [More]

Becoming Truly Data-Driven with Data Visualization

by John F. Bremer Jr.

Research indicates that by the end of 2022, humans will produce 94 zettabytes of information. Ever heard of a zettabyte? It’s the equivalent of one trillion gigabytes — basically, a number with 21 zeros behind it…that’s a lot of data. But extracting tons of information doesn't guarantee that companies can harness its power to better understand their business. This is where … [More]

Ride the Social Commerce Wave to Revitalize Small Business Competition

by Candie Guay

Riding the social commerce wave means buying and selling goods or services directly within a social media platform. This model enables customers to complete the full buyer journey from discovery to purchase without leaving their preferred apps. Small businesses can do this by turning their social profiles into a shoppable catalog and create a seamless customer … [More]

Overcoming AI Biases through Art

by Dave Jenkins

Many of us have seen the breakthroughs in AI-generated art. From a simple text prompt, AI engines like MidJourney, Stable Diffusion and DALL-E can generate entire scenes and videos. Soon, we’ll likely have entire procedurally generated 3D metaverses. Unfortunately, the biases that have been intertwined in AI for some time now are more visible than ever. AI image generation … [More]

Secure a Software-Defined Perimeter

by Don Boxley

Today, work-from-home (WFH) has evolved into work-from-anywhere (WFA), to the delight of employees and their employers alike. The benefits of this new work paradigm for employees include the flexibility to choose work hours, getting more work done in less time, and a decrease in work-related expenses, and of course a better work/life balance. For employers, the benefits include … [More]

Low-Code: Especially Valuable during Economic Uncertainty

by Brian Sathianathan

Implemented correctly, low-code application development offers businesses across industries a well-proven path for accelerating innovation and go-to-market goals. Make no mistake about it, low-code is a compelling advantage in any economic climate — but taking a low-code tack can be especially valuable in times when business trends are, well, less predictable. Low-code … [More]

Social Data: More than a Marketing Tool to Revitalize Small Business Competition 

by Candie Guay

Data is rich in business intelligence, from emerging trends to competitor and audience insights. Small businesses should use these insights to cater to their audience’s interests or needs; determine which products to build a campaign around; understand which channels customers prefer and use most; learn what consumers like or prefer about their competition; and develop new, … [More]

Take Advantage of the Current Cryptocurrency Market

by Jason Turnquist

Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that the last few months have been turbulent for cryptocurrency. The industry has seen a lot of shake-ups because the market is being driven by macroeconomic factors that extend far beyond just crypto, reaching into stocks, assets, equities, and even real estate.  Since December 2021, the crypto market has been trending downward, … [More]

AI for Good: Threat Awareness for Schools

by Brian Sathianathan

Tragically, the number of school shootings is not diminishing. Parents and administrators are searching for solutions to increase the security of their schools. Iterate wants to help. Having developed computer vision AI applications for our commercial clients, we are now bringing affordable “Threat Awareness AI” to schools. We obtained several hundred hours of videos of … [More]

Understanding Social Media for Business

by Jon Brodsky

Social media is one of, if not the, most popular ways companies communicate with their audience. With that in mind and the fact that social media is so visible, companies need to be careful when navigating these platforms. However, it’s far too easy to decide to have a voice on social media that misses the mark. A neutral voice for general information and a catered voice for … [More]

Arizona Emerging as New Tech Hub with 25% Job Growth

by Jacob Hess

A Barron’s study projects tech jobs will grow at twice the national jobs rate in the next decade. The largest growth will occur in the Southwest, Arizona alone growing 25% as folks — no longer tied to a Silicon Valley cubicle — flee California. Phoenix’s growth has increased year after year as one of the hottest hubs for job growth in the tech sector as more companies relocate … [More]

Online: Micro-Influencers Expand Company Reach 

by Candie Guay

Micro-influencers are defined as online creators with between 10,000 and 75,000 followers. The reason it’s a good idea for small businesses to partner with this tier of influencers comes down to a few factors: engagement rate, collaborative partnerships and click-thru capabilities. Micro-influencers tend to be a perfect fit for brands of every kind and size because they have … [More]

A Nervous System for Robots

by Mike Hunter

RoboSkin is a line of skin-like coverings for tactile awareness for humanoid robots and prosthetics created by BeBop Sensors, Inc. the world leader in smart fabric sensor technologies. A true nervous system for robots at less than 1mm thick, RoboSkin is the only technology that fits all robotic body parts — limbs, fingers, feet, head and torso — to make robots “feel” better. … [More]

Scale Up E-Commerce

by Sean Elstins

All e-commerce businesses hit a plateau at some point. They grow rapidly but, once they hit a certain amount of revenue, they can’t seem to scale beyond it. Plateaus are scary but completely normal and totally fixable. With a good e-commerce strategy, businesses can expand their horizons, remove bottlenecks, and grow faster than ever. Customer Reviews Businesses aren’t the … [More]

The Internet – Transforming the Economy

by Mike Hunter

The Economic Impact of the Market-Making Internet, a study released every four years by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), reported recently that the internet contributed $48 billion to the state’s GDP in 2020 and accounted for 135,900 jobs in Arizona. The growth in Arizona’s internet jobs has been remarkable, going from around 37,000 in 2012 to just under 136,000 in … [More]

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