Feedback: June 2024

by Angela Gillespie, Michael Jones, Blake Sutton

Q: What design or amenities of your physical workplace have you found to be most important in creating a positive company culture? Angela Gillespie Chief Executive Officer Gawley Companies Sector: Healthcare As a global chief operating officer of a multi-national company pre-COVID, my entire focus in physical workspace revolved around squeezing as many people into a … [More]

Feedback: May 2024

by Chloe Conklin, Chris Kearney, Jennifer Understahl

Q: For your type of business, what are the most important physical attributes of your workplace, and why? Chloe Conklin Manager of Community Programs Optum – Arizona Sector: Healthcare The physical space at our six, Valley-wide Optum Community Centers is intentionally designed for our 55+ community members to enjoy at no cost, heightening their physical activity and … [More]

Feedback – April 2024

by Katherine Bastow, Maria Dillon, Angela Gillespie

Q: What have your employees told you are their most important healthcare benefits? Katherine Bastow, SPHR/SCP Vice President of People Operations REDW Advisors & CPAs Sector: Financial Services Though they do not always use the term itself, the overwhelming feedback we’ve received both in our recruiting and retention efforts is focused on whole-person health, both … [More]

Feedback: March 2024

by Elizabeth Hale, Michael Krentz, Christian Leon, Sandra Torre

Q: In terms of succession planning for leadership positions (top-level and/or mid-level) in your company, how are you developing a leadership pipeline within your company? Elizabeth Hale Chief Executive Officer eeCPA Sector: Financial It’s no secret that the accounting market is highly competitive when it comes to attracting and retaining quality senior talent. As the … [More]

Feedback: February 2024

by Andrea Aker, Jacob Fann, Lindsay Moellenberndt

Q: Trust has emerged as a cornerstone of business success, but social media can make maintaining it a challenge. What is an example of trust making a difference for your company, either internally or publicly?  Andrea Aker CEO Aker Ink PR & Marketing Sector: Public Relations & Marketing Trust is imperative to client acquisition and retention in any professional … [More]

Feedback: January 2024

by Becky Bell Ballard, Monique Lopez, Edgar Olivo and Jeff Swanson

Q: What would make good collaboration for your organization with a for-profit business? Becky Bell Ballard Chief Executive Officer Rosie’s House: A Music Academy for Children Sector: Nonprofit Rosie’s House: A Music Academy for Children, a local nonprofit organization, seeks collaborations with businesses on all fronts. Our mission is to eliminate barriers to … [More]

Feedback – December 2023

by Dr. Joel P. Martin, Jerry Rose, Eivan Shahara

Q: What economic trends do you expect will impact your business in 2024?  Dr. Joel P. Martin President Positively Powerful / Triad West Inc. Sector: Business Consulting The experience economy is a trend that will significantly impact our business in 2024 and that we will be leveraging on behalf of our clients, and women specifically. Consumers unquestionably desire … [More]

Feedback: November 2023

by Todd Gillenwater, RJ Muller, Dr. Laura Nelson  

Q: What policies or programs does your company have in place to support your employees’ interests in community philanthropy?  Todd Gillenwater Chief Executive Officer Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty Sector: Real Estate  We are a 76-year-old Arizona business that has always believed in giving back; it is in our DNA. The Russ Lyon Foundation is our nonprofit … [More]

Feedback: October 2023

by BrandyJo Guzman, Danette Opaczewski, Melissa Ribeiro

Q: What healthcare and wellness issues and programs are your employees telling you are most important to them? Is this a change from previous years?  BrandyJo Guzman HR Director M Culinary Concepts Sector: Hospitality In a recent survey with our team, we asked which benefits M Culinary Concepts offers are the most important. Time off was the winner and has been … [More]

Feedback: Sept. 2023

by Rachel Aja, Kristin Atwell, Sherri Collins 

Q: As a previous year’s Women of Achievement honoree, you’ve been recognized for outstanding leadership. Different times seem to call for different strengths, so what do you feel are the most important leadership qualities for the times we are in now? Rachel Aja Director of Government Affairs Cox Communications Sector: Telecommunications For me, the most important … [More]

Feedback: August 2023

by Scott Cooper, Dan Henderson, CEcD, Mayor Joe Pizzillo

Q: How is the availability or development of various housing product impacting economic development in your city?  Scott Cooper  Economic Development Director (interim) City of Scottsdale Sector: Government Our region’s steady economic growth and diverse employment opportunities are continuing to draw businesses and individuals to the area. As a result, Scottsdale, like … [More]

Feedback: July 2023

by Rebecca Clyde, Mark Hanchett, Sabina Rajasundaram, Alexi Venneri

Q: What makes the Greater Phoenix area a strong region for the growth of technology companies? Rebecca Clyde Co-founder and CEO, Inc. Sector: Technology I’ve been part of the technology sector in Arizona since my arrival here 20 years ago when I first took a job at Intel. Since then, I have had the privilege of participating in the tremendous growth of this … [More]

Feedback: June 2023

by Craig Culy, Jennifer McCabe, Kenneth J. Schutz

Q: Your attraction is beloved by Arizonans and tourists alike. How are you reaching those different markets? Craig Culy Acting Director Musical Instrument Museum Sector: Arts & Culture MIM’s unique connection to Arizona emanates outward and helps it attract visitors from near and far. MIM consists of a museum displaying more than 4,200 instruments from around the … [More]

Feedback: May 2023

by Jill Chasson, Leila Gimino, Ivan Royal 

Q: What have you found to be the highlight of your DEI/DEIB efforts in terms of implementation and/or results?  Jill Chasson  Partner Coppersmith Brockelman Sector: Law  When Andy Gordon and Sam Coppersmith started Coppersmith Brockelman in 1995, no one used the term “DEI.” Back then, traditional law firm recruiting typically meant hiring candidates who looked, acted and … [More]

Feedback: April 2023

by Kendra Eberhart, Angela Homco, Robert Smith

Q: You’ve included intellectually challenged individuals in your workforce. What are some of the highlights of the experience?  Kendra Eberhart  President and CEO Royal Oaks Sector: Senior Living The One Step Beyond participants who have been assigned to Royal Oaks are a delightful group of people who have filled a critical role in our food service department. They are … [More]

Feedback: March 2023

by John Kobierowski, Jamison Manwaring, Alexis Vance

What are you finding most important in attracting people to multifamily projects, and is this different for different areas of the Valley? John Kobierowski President & CEO ABI Multifamily Sector: Real Estate When it comes to attracting multifamily investors, strong rents and high occupancy rates are the top factors. In the Phoenix market, occupancy rates have … [More]

Feedback: February 2023

by Leah Huss, Steve Mayer, Marc Shutro, Wayne Watson

Q: As a brick-and-mortar retailer, what are you doing to drive foot traffic?  Leah Huss Co-Founder Huss Brewing Co. Sector: Breweries We’re so proud to be celebrating 10 years in business as Huss Brewing this year! Our growth in our core business of selling local craft beer to consumers in grocery stores, bars, restaurants and resorts is all rooted in one fundamental … [More]

Feedback: January 2023

by Jayme DeVary, Sarah Jennings, David Shapiro

Q: In retaining your employees, what have you found they value most about your company? Is this the same or different for attracting new employees? Jayme DeVary Director of People Operations HomeSmart Sector: Real Estate There are many things we do at HomeSmart that results in retention, but one standout item is our culture. We have a culture that we call “Bamily”— our … [More]

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