Feedback: July 2021

by Barbara Hagen, Brandon Sammut, Uwe Voss

Question: What were your top reasons for locating here in Greater Phoenix? Barbara Hagen VP, Sales and Marketing ThriftBooks Sector: e-Commerce Thrift Books Global LLC has been operating in Greater Phoenix since 2011. Over the years, we have found the market conditions to be very advantageous, with its geographic positioning, strong labor market and favorable business … [More]

Feedback: June 2021

by Shawn Ellis, Elizabeth Hart, Meagan Jackman

Question: Stress and mental health are hot topics in the best of times. Since the pandemic started raising people’s stress levels, the issue has gotten increased attention. How does your company help employees deal with mental health issues? Shawn Ellis VP, Human Resources Lovitt & Touché, A Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC Company Sector: Insurance and … [More]

Feedback: May 2021

by David Berg, Lauri Leadley, Melynn K. Wakeman

Question: What were the most significant moves you made to strengthen and grow your business over this past year? David Berg  President and Co-Founder Redirect Health Sector: Healthcare In the face of the global pandemic, it was harder than ever for people across the U.S. to access the healthcare they needed. Medical clinics were closed, non-essential services were … [More]

Feedback: April 2021

by Linda Luman, Sean Reeves, Christa Robinson, Joel Winant

Q: Continuing to engage employees at home is more important than ever as many workforces approach one year out of the office. What are some team-building programs or events you’ve organized to help ensure individuals remain productive and successful at work and home?    Linda Luman  SVP of Human Resources Freedom Financial Network Sector: Financial Freedom Financial … [More]

Feedback: March 2021

by Dana Bailey, Becky Bell Ballard, Kate Thoene

Question: For many nonprofits, the pandemic’s economic impact squeezed them in between increased demand for their services and decrease in income coupled with physical operational limitations. How has your organization responded to these challenges in order to continue to serve its mission? Dana Bailey Chief Operations Officer Homeless Youth Connection Sector: … [More]

Feedback: February 2021

by Matthew Clyde, Brett Farmiloe, Ben Kalkman, Dizzie Ramsey, Angela Sticca Snyder

Q: Guidelines and mandates were in flux much of last year as we all struggled to learn about the coronavirus.  To protect your business, what  strategy or strategies have you employed or what  "temporary" changes did you put into place that you see becoming standard policy going forward?        Matthew Clyde President and Founder Ideas Collide Sector: Media … [More]

Feedback: January 2021

by Patricia Pace Anderson, Essen Otu, Chrystal Richardson

Question: What were some critical first steps in incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion policies and practices into your business? Patricia Pace Anderson  Manager of Donor Program Development Donor Network of Arizona Sector: Healthcare Recent events in our community and nation over the past year have brought the issue of diversity, equity and inclusion front and … [More]

Feedback: December 2020

by Sandra Bassett, Diane Day, Scott Roelofs 

Question: Given the events of this past year, what would you say are the most important leadership attributes (skills, experience, philosophy) for growing and strengthening your company? Sandra Bassett President and CEO West Valley Arts Sector: Arts & Culture When I became West Valley Arts president and CEO in April, COVID was just rearing its ugly head. Soon after, … [More]

Feedback: November 2020

by Matthew Fehling, Stephen Jordan, Doug Leventhal

Question: What is the top health & wellness benefit concern of your employees, and how are you addressing their needs? Matthew Fehling President and CEO Better Business Bureau Pacific Southwest Sector: Nonprofit   This year has been tough. We can’t control much of anything right now, but we can do our best to help our employees feel supported at work. We pivoted … [More]

Feedback: October 2020

by Lauren Bailey, Katherine Kemmeries Cecala, JP Martin, Ph.D., M.A. 

Question: As a former Women of Achievement honoree, you’ve been recognized for outstanding leadership. What do you feel are the most important leadership qualities for the times we are in now? Lauren Bailey  CEO and Co-Founder Upward Projects Sector: Restaurants Right now, it is more important than ever to have positivity, creativity and flexibility, but also grit. … [More]

Feedback: September 2020

by Monica Bailey, Michael H. Bill, Rebeca Lopez

Question: What are the most significant strengths of your company’s diversity and inclusion plan? Monica Bailey Chief People Officer GoDaddy Sector: Technology GoDaddy’s diversity and inclusion strategy is guided by a mix of research, collaboration with thought leaders, and feedback from our employees and our leaders. We partnered with Stanford’s Clayman Institute to … [More]

Feedback: August 2020

by Brad Brigham, Heather Clark, Teresa DiGiuseppe

Question: The COVID-19 pandemic has upended business-as-usual. How have you pivoted your business to meet the challenges and changed marketplace? Brad Brigham President Risk Assessment Group Sector: Human Resources Risk Assessment Group primarily serves Human Resources professionals who work directly with employees. We’ve always looked for ways to offer value to our … [More]

Feedback: July 2020

by Clarence McAllister, Charlene Tarver, Oye Waddell

Question: COVID-19 has brought to the fore a new concern about the future of office space. As stay-at-home mandates are lifted, how will your company approach its space needs? Clarence McAllister  Founder and CEO Fortis Sector: Construction Before COVID-19, we were considering selling our building and moving to a smaller office. We have since accelerated those … [More]

Feedback: June 2020

by James Goodnow, Erik Hoyer, Lauri Leadley

Question: Describe the most profound change the pandemic has caused you to make in your business operations in planning next steps for your business. James Goodnow CEO and Managing Partner Fennemore Craig Sector: Law As a law firm that’s been serving Arizona and the Mountain West for 135 years, Fennemore Craig has withstood the tests of both World Wars, the Great … [More]

Feedback: April/May 2020

by Carol May, Eric Miller, Amy Schwabenlender and Terri Shoemaker

Q: The coronavirus has brought emergency crisis response to the forefront of attention, and the business community has responded. What are some actions your company has taken? Carol May Chief Executive Officer Wisdom Natural Brands® Sector: Manufacturing Wisdom Natural Brands takes the COVID-19 national emergency seriously and has initiated a comprehensive policy to … [More]

Feedback: March 2020

by Ashleigh Bechtel, Jill Hamblen & Liz Scott

Q: What effect has a changed approach to risk had on your company? Ashleigh Bechtel President FireFly-HR Sector: Human Resources There is a high level of risk involved with being an entrepreneur, which can be exhilarating for some yet petrifying for others. Over the past 18 months, we have changed the way we look at risk within FireFly-HR. We dedicated time to … [More]

Feedback: February 2020

by Calvin Goetz, Debbie Hertle, Darlene Newsom, Rachel Sacco

What are you doing to nurture leadership within your organization? Calvin Goetz Founder and President Strategy Financial Group Sector: Finance In order to nurture leadership within our organization, I focus on creating systems and processes for each role within the firm. That way, each person has a clear understanding of their role and expectations, and their teammates … [More]

Feedback: January 2020

by Stephen Hartman, Domenick Montanile, Todd Ricotta

Innovations in partnerships is the power of business, whether it's cities innovating in how they connect to business or businesses forging ties within a community. What strategic partnership have you employed this past year that has propelled your business's growth? STEPHEN HARTMAN Head of Sales, Americas Telia Carrier Sector: Telecommunication Over the past few years, … [More]

Feedback: December 2019

by Robyn Barrett, Heather Bednorz, Brady Breese

As a small-business owner, what was one of your top challenges over this past year and how did you address it? ROBYN BARRETT Managing Member and Founder FSW Funding Sector: Finance Finding the right people — this is a continuing, nagging problem and I am sure there is no simple solution. Your team can make or break you, so I take careful consideration when hiring. FSW … [More]

Feedback: November 2019

by Michael H. Bill, Peter D. Holt, Chuck McLane

What wellness programs have proven effective with your employees? MICHAEL H. BILL Chief Executive Officer MJ Insurance Sector: Insurance MJ Insurance offers different challenges throughout the year that include mindfulness challenges, healthy recipe challenges and physical challenges like daily stretching and wall sits. We continually look for new and innovative ways to … [More]

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