The Impact of COVID-19 on Employer Medical Plans

by Brian Gratigny

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a significant influence on businesses across the nation. One of the biggest areas of change is medical spend and the overall cost of medical plans for employers. Although many might assume medical spend has increased due to persons requiring care as a result of the pandemic, the opposite is true.  According to the MJ Insurance COVID-19 … [More]

BioLab Sciences Advances Accessibility of Transformative Wound Care Technology

by Mike Hunter

Scottsdale-based BioLab Sciences, an emerging regenerative biotechnology company, recently acquired the patents and intellectual property for MyOwn Skin™, a revolutionary regenerative therapy that is transforming the wound care industry, from Bogota, Colombia-based Keraderm. The acquisition enables BioLab Sciences to license MyOwn Skin™ internationally and bring advanced wound … [More]

Prevent Costly Ergonomic Injuries in Work-from-Home Employees

by Merl Miller

Over the past several months, countless employees have transitioned from working in an office to working from home. For many, this shift has highlighted a common pitfall of remote work: a lack of proper desks, chairs and other equipment like they had at the office. Without an ergonomically sound space where employees can work comfortably, safely and productively at home, they … [More]

Benchmark Aids in Production of Rapid, Lab-Free COVID-19 Testing System

by Mike Hunter

Distribution of COVID vaccine is dominating COVID conversation, but testing is still a key in fighting the pandemic. Tempe-based global provider of engineering, design and manufacturing services Benchmark Electronics has been a player in that realm, with a key manufacturing partnership with genetic testing pioneers DnaNudge to deliver volume production of DnaNudge’s rapid, … [More]

Vaccine-Delivery Innovation for the Needle-Phobic

by Scott E. McFarland, J.D.

It wasn’t long after my coughing and fever started that a nasal swab test from a Phoenix pharmacy confirmed what I’d suspected: Like 7.8 million other Americans (as of this writing), I’d become infected with COVID-19. Soon, my fever shot up to 101 degrees Fahrenheit, I lost my sense of taste, and I began experiencing night sweats and vivid, lucid, technicolor dreams. While … [More]

Purification Innovates Use of UVC Lights for Safety 

by Jamie Killin

Sanitation has taken on a new meaning during the COVID-19 pandemic, with new companies forming to help address how to destroy harmful, virus-spreading pathogens to help keep community members safe and healthy.  One of these is Purification, LLC — an innovative, Tempe-based company that’s harnessing the power of CDC-approved UVC lights to destroy harmful bacteria and viruses … [More]

Helping Employees Get the Most Value out of Their Dental Benefits

by Heather Mollon

In today’s employment scene, it is not uncommon for employers to provide access to medical and dental benefits to their employees. This is particularly meaningful, as insured employees are more likely to receive preventive care by virtue of this mutually beneficial arrangement. However, it is up to employers to help them get the most value out of their benefits.  The … [More]

Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three

by Mike Hunter

Scottsdale-based COVID Testing To You offers mobile, FDA-certified COVID-19 antibody and virus testing to Arizona employers with at least 10 employees, providing an affordable and scalable way for employers to manage through the reopening phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. The startup’s medical director, Reyes Topete, M.D., has worked in the medical field in Arizona for more than … [More]

Stop Medical Distancing; Its Cause and Effect

by Lauren Strait

Here we are, six months into the worst pandemic in a century. We have learned how to protect ourselves, how to adapt our behaviors and what matters most in our lives.  In the process, our caution and new behaviors have had unintended consequences in — of all places — our health and well-being. Foregoing medical care to adhere to medically recommended social distancing … [More]

RexPay Tech Solves Healthcare Headaches

by RaeAnne Marsh

Local startup RexPay has developed an app designed to help people manage all their medical bills and payments easily in one mobile app.  Individuals can download the app and create an account for free, snap a picture of their bills and RexPay will import all of the information so they can manage and pay all their medical bills in one place. In addition to offering … [More]

Changing the Way Hospital Rooms Are Disinfected, One Robot at a Time

by Ernest Cunningham

The current COVID-19 outbreak has created tremendous awareness of the importance of thorough disinfection. Given the extraordinary challenges facing healthcare systems and hospitals today, it is critical that the healthcare industry transform its disinfection and cleaning protocols to focus on deadly pathogen elimination to ensure the greatest safety for staff, patients and the … [More]

Get Up-to-Date Return-to-Work Requirements across All 50 States

by Mike Hunter

Text-message health-screening company Picohealth offers businesses a free tool, COVID-19 Employee Health Screening Requirements by State, to make sense of constantly changing COVID-19 symptom and temperature screening requirements in all 50 states.  Each week, states are issuing return-to-work guidelines and executive orders mandating how employers should keep their … [More]

What’s Next for Corporate Wellness since COVID-19

by Erika Zauner

The perks of a job used to mean health insurance and vacation time, but we’ve seen that evolve tremendously over the years as companies have increasingly invested more in their employees to attract and retain talent and keep their workforce healthy and engaged. Powerful, adaptable benefits programs are key to attracting top talent; companies are creating and investing in … [More]

Clinics Are Still Slow to Adopt AI – Here’s Why They Shouldn’t Be

by Khalid Al-Maskari

There’s a popular saying in that no one ever got fired from choosing IBM, and the same applies to legacy Electronic Health Record software. Although the same EHR systems have dominated the market for decades, these tools are a primary reason why practices have been slow to adapt to changes in technology. Some of these solutions rely on software back ends that haven’t been … [More]

Freeze to Heal

by Kris Price

The health and wellness industry is forever evolving — new concepts that promote movement and innovative recovery therapies are popping up everywhere, including right here in the Valley. One that’s currently trending and making a huge impact within the industry is cryotherapy, and last month Cryoshift made Arizona its home by opening its first location in Gilbert at the … [More]

HR Pros Should Be Investing in Sleep

by John Letter

In today’s business climate, HR professionals are responsible for much more than hiring candidates, managing conflicts and enforcing labor laws; they are the lifeblood of an organization, often helping to define its culture, improve its efficiencies and foster a healthy workplace environment. As such, HR professionals are also responsible for the often nebulous task of employee … [More]

Loneliness Solutions during COVID-19: Healthcare Orgs Turn to AZ Startup

by Christina Rice

We are all now familiar with the loneliness that results from social distancing. But for many on Medicare and Medicaid, loneliness isn’t anything new. Arizona-based startup Pyx Health aims to solve that problem by improving loneliness and the negative effects it has on a person’s social determinants of health (SDOH), from having shelter to buying groceries. The company has … [More]

Examining the Law on Health Information and COVID-19 for Businesses

by Meghan O’Connor and Simone Colgan Dunlap

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced unprecedented reliance on technology and remote connectivity and created a significant increase in COVID-19 patient information from the public, media, drug manufacturers, first responders and other providers, family members, and patients themselves. This rapid and significant shift in technology usage and increasing interest in and need for … [More]

Spine Health: The Pandemic Underscores Its Importance

by Steven R. Knauf, D.C.

With two-thirds of the workforce now working from home, there is growing concern to adopt new practices that promote self-care along with productivity. Many may be sitting in new positions — working on a laptop at the dining table, or participating in a video meeting on the sofa (or bed) — for prolonged periods of time, which, according to the National Spine Health Foundation, … [More]

Arizona Among Least Prepared for Hospital Capacity Nationally

by Adam Johnson

One of the primary concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic is the capacity of healthcare systems to handle the growing number of cases. The CDC and other health organizations refer to this as flattening the curve. "The curve" is the total number of cases in a time period since the first case. If there are too many total cases in a short period of time, it can overwhelm healthcare … [More]

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