Transforming Mental Health in the Workplace: The Crucial Role of Company Culture

by Dr. George Orras

Business leaders are keenly aware of the link between mental health and workplace performance. As a result, companies nationwide are working to improve employee mental health. Strategies encompass wellness programs, mental health days and benefits packages that include access to virtual therapy and psychiatry. But is it enough? To make a true and lasting impact on … [More]

NAU Programs Address Critical Nursing Shortage

by Mike Hunter

Arizona is projected to have the nation’s largest shortage of nurses by 2025. Healthcare systems of all sizes and varieties have been impacted by the ongoing shortage. And previous short-term solutions, like travel nurses, aren’t enough. For years, Northern Arizona University has been working to grow nursing programs and staff this critical area, especially among underserved … [More]

From Crisis to Care: How Arizona Businesses Can Lead with Timely Access to Mental Healthcare

by Graham Johnson

The U.S. is facing an increasingly urgent mental health crisis that’s affecting nearly every aspect of daily life — including the workplace. While mental health issues have been escalating for several decades, the crisis has reached epidemic proportions in recent years. This presents not only a profound human concern but also a critical business issue that demands an immediate … [More]

Senior-Living Communities Use Technology to Provide High Level of Care

by Mike Hunter

Technology for senior care has expanded beyond the well-known "I've fallen and I can't get up!" Life Alert button, with the global market expected to reach $914 billion by 2025. Within this growth are new devices that track sleep patterns, heart rate and daily activity, keeping families of independent and assisted living residents up to date on the health of their loved ones. … [More]

Arizona Leads the Way with Oral Health Medical Initiative

by Mike Hunter

The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix and Delta Dental of Arizona are partnering with Harvard University Schools of Medicine’s Center for Integration of Primary Care and Oral Health to develop a comprehensive curriculum that will be integrated across all four years of medical students’ training. A first of its kind, the Oral Health in Medicine Initiative … [More]

Innovative Walk-In Clinic Specializes in Sexual Health Care

by Mike Hunter

“We found that there was a gap in the industry for on-demand, judgment-free sexual healthcare,” says Micaela Simon, FNP-C, AAHIVS, who, with Julia Kieffer, FNP-C, founded Be Well Health to provide sexual healthcare to all members of our community. Expanding from the traditional clinic model they opened in Tempe in 2019, where they specialized in the care of the LGBTQIA+ … [More]

Educate Employees on Healthcare Benefits 

by JJ Joppru

In today’s fiercely competitive job market, employers are faced with needing to retain highly skilled employees and attract top-tier talent. Increasingly, employee benefits packages are becoming a lynchpin in ensuring job satisfaction, loyalty and a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining the best talent.  A report by the Society for Human Resource Management revealed … [More]

Using Technology to Take Bias Out of Clinical Practice

by Mary Little

In a transformative move to address pervasive issues of clinical bias in healthcare, TruLite Health entered a strategic collaboration with Mayo Clinic. The collaboration implements TruLite’s cutting-edge software, Truity™, which drives patient-specific clinical, social and behavioral interventions to improve patient outcomes and healthcare costs for diverse … [More]

Facing the HR Challenges of Employee Suicide

by Lauren Winans

Traditionally, mental health has been a taboo topic in the workplace, until COVID happened and a shift occurred. The business world realized as the pandemic unfolded that having discussions about mental health was an important part of workplace well-being. As a result, human resources professionals and other business leaders are having more conversations with employees about … [More]

BrightlyThrive: Fostering Autoimmune Wellness and Community in Greater Phoenix

by Noelle Creamer and Cassie Carpenter

In today’s bustling world, finding a holistic wellness path, especially for the 50 million Americans with autoimmune conditions, can seem daunting. Enter BrightlyThrive, the Greater Phoenix-based virtual health platform that is more than just an app; it’s a thriving membership community dedicated to supporting those facing autoimmune challenges. Our own personal journeys are … [More]

3 Effective Tactics for Business Professionals to Stay Healthy during the Holiday Season

by Ben Brown

As we approach the year-end, holiday parties and charity galas can often lead to a buffet of temptations for entrepreneurs and business professionals alike. Navigating holiday feasts without compromising our waistline or wellness goals becomes a unique challenge. Here are some tailored strategies to ensure that decision-makers stay sharp, physically and mentally, throughout the … [More]

Addressing the Healthcare Staffing Shortage through Better Technology

by Jeff Grant

Arizona desperately needs more nurses. Arizona ranks among the top five states with the most severe healthcare staffing shortages, with the demand for specialized nurses in Arizona projected to increase by 23% by 2025. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 195,400 openings for registered nurses in the state from 2021 to 2031. Hospitals struggle to meet the demand … [More]

Bridging the Understanding & Satisfaction Divide in Healthcare Benefits

by JJ Joppru

Employers invest considerable effort in developing benefits plans for their workforce. Nonetheless, it’s almost a given that questions arise among employees as soon as a plan is introduced. While employees are generally grateful to have plans for themselves and their families, they often question coverage quality, scope and value. Though disheartening for HR professionals … [More]

Employee Benefits Trends: Beyond Health & Dental

by Bryan Yates

In the ongoing quest to attract and retain top talent, employers are constantly reevaluating their benefits packages. While health, vision and dental coverage have long been standard offerings, today’s competitive job market demands a more expansive benefits menu. In fact, the future of benefits plans is shifting to be one of greater employee involvement. Companies are … [More]

Medical Transformation One Incision at a Time

by Stephanie Quinn 

Despite the remarkable progress in medical technology, shockingly, mechanical cutting tools such as surgical blades and scissors still resemble their counterparts from the days of the Roman Empire — until now. A transformative shift is underway, led by Phoenix-based medical technology startup Planatome. The company started as a spinout from semiconductor company Entrepix by its … [More]

TruLite Health Combats Clinical Bias

by Mike Hunter

TruLite Health, the leader in health equity solutions, recently entered the commercial market with the Truity™ platform which uniquely focuses on clinical bias and provides multi-level interventions at the point of care within an integrated workflow solution. Significant early interest accelerated the need to build out the sales, support, and services staff to meet the growing … [More]

Elevating Patient Experience

The strategic imperative for today’s healthcare organizations

by Chris Johnson

The healthcare landscape is in flux, influenced by technological advancements and changing demographics. While medical proficiency remains crucial, there’s an emerging battleground that healthcare organizations can’t afford to ignore: patient experience. No longer a secondary concern, optimizing the patient experience has become a business-critical initiative. Here’s why it’s … [More]

Employers Must Understand Generational Views of Mental Health

by Darin Reeser

Addressing mental wellness in the workplace has never been more crucial. With workers still burned out from pandemic workloads, it’s essential for employers to understand employee mental health needs.  A key part of that is understanding the differences between how the generations in today’s workforce view mental health and utilize mental wellness benefits, which a new study … [More]

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