Detox Centers Expand as Overdose Epidemic Increases

by Leander Yaiva

A May 2022 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that more Americans died of drug overdoses in 2021 than any previous year. Out of the 107,622 casualties, more than 80,000 people died using opioids, including pain pills and fentanyl, a drug almost 100 times stronger than morphine.  In Arizona, the epidemic continues to increase as well, where more … [More]

Optimizing Braincare Services

by Mike Hunter

Wave Neuroscience has partnered with Arkos Health — a risk-bearing medical group delivering virtual and in-home clinical services under value-based arrangements — to increase access to vital mental health services, offering its at-home Braincare™ technologies to Medicaid beneficiaries in Arizona. The program launched last month in Maricopa, Pima, Pinal and Yuma counties, with … [More]

Keep Employees Healthy by Maintaining a Tidy Office

by Johnny Palleres

In nearly all work environments, there are two types of desks: the ones that are clean and organized, and others that have papers and leftover food wrappers cluttering the desktop. A dirty office can lead to a loss in productivity as employees worry about their health and lose focus on their daily tasks. The average office keyboard has 400 times more bacteria on it than a … [More]

Well-Being Transformation Initiative in South Phoenix

by Mike Hunter

Equality Health Foundation, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Arizona, and Valley of the Sun United Way recently launched a new Blue Zones Activate effort, a comprehensive policy-based initiative that uses an evidence-based approach to make the healthy choice the easy choice in all the places people spend the most time.  The 15-year gap in life expectancy between South … [More]

Re-Examining Burnout: Symptoms and Workplace Prevention Tools

by Angela Phillips

Employees are tired of being burned out, and no industry has been spared. Employees have solely carried the burden of their burnout for far too long. Although tools to recognize the signs of burnout are extremely important, it is imperative that organizations recognize and take responsibility for how they’re contributing to employee burnout.  Burnout Warning Signs For many, … [More]

Business Community Would See Return on Investment in Brain Health 

by Carrie Collins Fadell

The death of beloved comedian Bob Saget in January of 2022 shocked and saddened the world. The loss was compounded in February when we learned that Bob passed away due to an untreated and undiagnosed head injury. The authorities concluded that Bob hit his head at some point, thought nothing of it and went to sleep, instead of seeking medical attention for his head injury. The … [More]

Three Tips to Help Block Blue Light in an Increasingly Remote World

by Dr. Scott Edmonds

With persistent spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 in Arizona and nationwide, some traditionally in-person activities — work, school and social interactions — will likely remain remote more often than usual for the foreseeable future.  As a result, the use of digital devices has surged significantly, with Americans logging an average of 13 hours per day watching … [More]

Axis for Autism Launches New Model to Streamline Diagnoses

by Mike Hunter

Axis for Autism, an Arizona-based provider of ASD evaluations for children and adults, has launched a new model that streamlines diagnosis for autism spectrum disorder and cuts wait times for families awaiting an evaluation, ensuring they can access life-changing intervention and therapies faster. Waitlists at Arizona health systems are thousands of children deep. Many … [More]

A Safe and Healthy Workplace Return

by Michael Zalle

As more and more people return to the workplace in the New Year after working from home for months, a lot of adjusting is going to take place: back to wearing business casual waist down, no more checking to see if mute is on or off during meetings, and not having the household’s fuzzy companion at arm’s length during the day. There are a lot of aspects of running a safe and … [More]

Emerald Expands Its Healthcare Textiles Service

by Mike Hunter

Emerald Textiles has become the largest commercial healthcare linen and laundry service provider in the Western United States thanks to its recent acquisition of the West Coast assets of Angelica Corporation, a national healthcare linen service provider. The transaction includes nine facilities and allows Emerald to expand into the Phoenix and Las Vegas markets and strengthen … [More]

Collecting Vaccination Status Exposes Organizations to Significant Privacy Risk

by Dan Clarke

While the status of an enforced vaccine mandate hangs in the balance, the number of employers now requiring employees to disclose their vaccination status or test on a regular basis has become widely prevalent — and this has created a number of privacy-related risks that most organizations may not be aware of or prepared for. Collection of vaccination status and testing … [More]

QC Kinetix: New Regenerative and Joint Pain Clinic 

by Adam Lunceford

According to the American Chronic Pain Association, chronic pain is the No. 1 cause of disability in the U.S. Those who suffer from chronic pain often feel many side effects from impact of their injury. This includes reduced mobility, increased chance of addiction to pain medication, and an extreme emotional and physical toll on the body. I speak from experience, having … [More]

Healthcare Model Integrates Mental Health Care

by Johnwick Nathan

There is a mental health crisis in the United States, one that has been difficult to meet the demands of. State-run facilities do their best to aid those who are in need of care, but resources are stretched thin. Local facilities are unable to provide more permanent fixes or long-term treatments for ailments due to the vast numbers of patients. In Arizona, for example, where … [More]

Health Insurance for the Gig Economy

by Mike Hunter

The Association for Entrepreneurship USA and Hooray Health, an affordable benefit solution that provides nationwide access to healthcare, have teamed up to provide health insurance to self-employed individuals and those working in the gig economy. Smashing industry norms, Hooray Health’s approach uses Urgent Care with basic insured benefits that give people first-dollar … [More]

Elective Healthcare a Key Concern for Hospitals

by Lauren Hillery

As if national healthcare systems weren’t stressed enough with the recent surge of COVID-19 cases, the American Hospital Association reported these institutions are on the precipice of losing $54 billion in net income this year as they struggle with endless setbacks, including higher labor expenses, drug and supply costs and waning elective procedure revenue — a significant … [More]

Secure Vaccination Card Upload on App

by Mike Hunter

HealthChampion, a leading digital health and analytics company, recently released its secure COVID-19 vaccination card upload feature in its mobile app. Leveraging the existing platform that has been utilized by employers nationwide for symptom assessment since the start of the pandemic and, later, for vaccination tracking, this timely companion feature is free to all users and … [More]

Building an Ecosystem That Will Survive and Thrive

by Rob Gelb

With a call to action from an increasing volume of buyers for integrated solutions that deliver improved, measurable results, many companies are demanding solution partners that will drive innovation and enhance value for a larger population of consumers. The primary means of delivering on this “new normal” are business ecosystems, which are now a foundational approach to most … [More]

The Key to Normalcy Lies in COVID-19 Testing

by Milan Patel

More than 4.44 million lives have been lost since the pandemic began in 2020. Following a quiet period when many relaxed their guard, we’re now seeing spikes on graphs we thought — and hoped — had bottomed out. Despite efforts to put the pandemic behind us, our global population is vulnerable once again as SARS-CoV-2 variants spread. Under these circumstances, even after 1.5 … [More]

Prep for Open Enrollment

by Stephanie Waldrop

For many, open enrollment is a dreaded time of year. With more than 20 years of open enrollment seasons under my belt, I have experienced my fair share of employers calling me in crisis because they just received their insurance renewals and do not have a good plan of action. The problem with this approach is that it leaves little time to properly plan for success. This year … [More]

Assisted Living Facilities Learned Lessons through COVID-19

by Mark Lawrence

The past year has been difficult on healthcare workers, residents of assisted living facilities and their families. The challenges of COVID-19 affected assisted living communities across the country. Residents often had to be quarantined, facing solitude with only books, television, phone calls, video calls and the presence of the care providers to keep them company. The … [More]

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