Estate Planning Tips for Business Owners

By Lou Silverman, Certified Specialist in Estate and Trust Law

We usually think of estate planning in terms of wills and trusts, how we pass assets onto our children and who will take care of us when we are unable to take care of ourselves. All of that is true, but if you have a business, there are many additional considerations. You first must consider your business structure. Do you have a corporation, a limited liability company, or … [More]

Put Your Plan on Paper – Avoid Partnership Disputes Later

by Justin M. Brandt

Business partnerships, like marriages, can be a lifetime commitment, so choosing the right partner is an extremely important decision and should take significant vetting. Entering into business with someone who does not share the same vision, goals and strategic alignment can lead to unwanted issues in the future. It can, unfortunately, become costly and time consuming. There … [More]

Their Take: Small Businesses Argue Against Tax Mandate in American Rescue Plan


The NFIB Small Business Legal Center filed an amicus brief in the case Arizona v. Yellen at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals supporting Arizona in its challenge to the provision in the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 that would prevent states from using funds for tax relief, directly or indirectly. “Congress passed the American Rescue Plan to help lessen the financial … [More]

Legislation Changes ‘Telehealth’ Application 

by Marki Stewart

Governor Ducey recently signed House Bill 2454, a sweeping telehealth bill intended to expand access to telehealth in Arizona. The bill makes significant strides toward making telehealth more available, convenient and affordable for Arizona patients, but also benefits businesses, including the requirement that insurers pay for telehealth services at the same rate as in-person … [More]

Practical Considerations for Private Employers Considering COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

by Jessica Post and Jason Nutzman

In Arizona, a number of hospital systems have instituted policies requiring their employees to be vaccinated by November 1.  While there have been no known legal challenges to these policies, courts in other states have addressed the issue. Over the past couple of months, courts have upheld vaccine mandates. In the Texas case, 117 employees of a hospital challenged the … [More]

Fighting Defamation 

by Robert Feinberg and Ian Joyce

Imagine Googling your name to find that you’ve been hijacked by a computer-savvy foe, who has cleverly labeled you a convicted sex offender, drug dealer or even worse. Rather than your usual business picture and bio, what pops up is completely false — the most damaging, horrific and graphic portrayal — and threatens to destroy your business and reputation and livelihood; … [More]

Their Take: Small Businesses Achieve Legal Victories During 2020 U.S. Supreme Court Term


The U.S. Supreme Court concluded its 2020 term, and many of its decisions will have a positive impact on small businesses. NFIB submitted several amici briefs this term to advocate on behalf of small businesses on issues such as regulations, taxes, and property ownership. “The U.S. Supreme Court is the last line of defense for small businesses and this term was a … [More]

Proactively Plan for Consumer Privacy Laws 

by Scott Bennett

When the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union implemented the comprehensive General Data Protection Regulation law to improve data protection and privacy throughout Europe in 2018, many Arizona business owners didn’t think it applied to them.  But if they do any business in Europe, it does; and with California and Virginia passing similar laws and … [More]

Changes to Arizona’s Legal Landscape Put Local Businesses in Uncharted Territory

by Alex Karam

Arizona blazed new legal trails this year by becoming one of the first states to permit non-lawyers to share fees with lawyers and also own law firms. Arizona is also one of the first states to allow non-lawyers to practice law. As with other trails blazed throughout history, these changes could result in a gold mine of new opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs …. … [More]

Private Businesses Not Likely Liable for Unmasked, Unvaccinated Customers

by Marc Lamber

Private business owners in Arizona have been left to fend for themselves when it comes to masking and proof of vaccine policies. Now, questions have been raised about whether these businesses face increased legal liability for allowing unmasked or unvaccinated customers into their stores where these patrons could contract COVID from unmasked employees or other customers. The … [More]

Contract Dispute Resolution Provisions Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

by Andrea Marconi

As businesses focus on growth in the post-COVID future, this is a good time to take stock of legal affairs. It is important for companies to review their legal health and contracts from time to time to ensure that all appropriate legal protections are in place and properly documented. When contracts are updated or new ones drafted, however, the focus is often centered on key … [More]

WEBINAR – Apr 27: Remote Working and Data Protection – A Pandemic Year in Review

Lewis Roca

Cybersecurity and data privacy lawyers John Gray, Hilary Wells, and Ed Barkel will present a one-hour webinar reviewing key legal developments and insights that have arisen in the last year with regard to cybersecurity and data privacy in remote and hybrid work environments. Topics will include: Employee privacy and productivity The use of cloud-based systems and … [More]

Legal Industry Return to Office Outpaces Broader Commercial Office Average

Kastle Systems

With Coronavirus vaccinations expanding nationwide to all adults this month, business leaders are anticipating an acceleration in the return to the office. Kastle's Back to Work Barometer has tracked this phenomenon in ten major cities nationwide over the past year, revealing regional and industry differences in workplace occupancy rates. A fresh review of access to office … [More]

eSignatures – Social Distancing at the Closing Table

by Quinn C. Wheeler and Khaled Tarazi 

Among the many challenges facing the business world caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is the increased complexity of closing commercial transactions. Of course, the days of all parties gathering around a conference table to execute documents passed long before the advent of COVID-19, but the pandemic further complicated transactions by scattering necessary signatories — who … [More]

Repurposing Real Estate Use?

by Courtney Beller

2020 saw a slew of retail bankruptcies. Many of these companies will emerge from bankruptcy with a much smaller physical footprint, shedding both debts and brick and mortar locations. What does that mean for all of those soon to be empty locations? As you can probably guess, there is not an abundance of retail tenants to take their place. One answer has been for landlords to … [More]

Burch & Cracchiolo

Burch & Cracchiolo is a 51-year-old full-service law firm providing superior legal services at reasonable rates. Title with Firm: Shareholder Years at Firm: 37 Law School, Year completed: Arizona State University College of Law, cum laude, 1984 Contact Phone: (602) 274-7611 Other Practice-Area Expertise: Business and Corporate Law, Real Estate Law Ed … [More]

Citadel Law Firm

The Citadel Law Firm® is an Arizona-based law firm serving Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, Sun Lakes, Mesa, Queen Creek and the entire Valley. We also work with several clients from the Midwest and maintain a part-time office in North Dakota. Title with Firm:Partner Law School, Year completed:Arizona Law School Sandra Day O’ Connor College of LawContact … [More]

Engelman Berger, PC

We are recognized for our expertise and commitment to resolving commercial disputes and helping clients prevent legal problems through proper planning. Title with Firm: ShareholderYears at Firm: 19Law School, Year completed: University of Notre Dame, 1989Contact Phone:(602) 222-4987Other Practice-Area Expertise:Mediation Kevin JudiscakCommercial … [More]

Ryley Carlock & Applewhite

Ryley Carlock & Applewhite is a full-service law firm with offices in Arizona, Colorado and Michigan. Title with Firm:ShareholderYears at Firm: 15Law School:University of Chicago Law SchoolContact Phone:(602) 440-4866Jessica Benford PowellCorporate and SecuritiesJessica Benford Powell helps local entrepreneurs, startups, business owners, … [More]

Sanders & Parks

Sanders & Parks delivers broad insight and great litigation results by leveraging decades of experience through creative and forward-thinking attorneys. Title with Firm:Senior Shareholder Years at Firm: 26Law School:Georgetown University Contact Phone:(602) 532-5783Other Practice-Area Expertise:Municipal Defense, Civil LitigationRobin … [More]

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