Changing the Way LLCs Do Business

by Stockton Banfield

Small and mid-sized businesses, the majority of which are limited liability companies (LLCs), are the lifeblood of Arizona’s economy. But the way they are doing business — particularly managing themselves — is changing thanks to new rules governing all LLCs in the state going into effect on Sept. 1. When the Arizona legislature enacted the first Limited Liability Company Act … [More]

The Rise of and Rising Concerns about Business Chat

by Lorrie Ray, Esq.

Many employers have a significant number of employees working from home, performing tasks and connecting with others in ways that were little used prior to March of this year. One popular tool is chat software. Chat software is gaining in popularity each day. Platforms are everywhere. There are two types of platforms discussed in this article. The first is within organizations, … [More]

Phoenix Attorney Authors First Book to Examine Laws Governing Psychedelic Substances

Mike Hunter

On the verge of a pop culture tipping point, Psychedelica Lex now serves as the preeminent legal manual for individuals and organizations with a vested or growing interest in psychedelics and entheogens. Authored by Gary Smith, a Phoenix-based attorney and a veteran cannabis attorney and general counsel to the nation's oldest non-Native American peyote church, … [More]

Bankruptcy in a Distressed Post-COVID-19 World

by Cathy L. Reece

Bankruptcy is a forum and an arena for resolving distressed business situations in a post COVID-19 world. Bankruptcy is not a solution for every business, but it is one of several alternatives to consider. In a chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization, a business can find the time and the breathing room to choose and implement the right solution to save the business and jobs, and … [More]

Pandemic Presents Learning Opportunities for Employers

by Helen Holden

In Charleston, S.C., a restaurant was sued by a former server who says he was fired after he left work to get tested for COVID-19. A large automaker was also recently sued for wrongful termination after firing an employee within hours of the employee’s complaint about safety concerns, even after the employee had been assured that he could stay home without penalty … [More]

Three Steps to Take if an Employee Tests Positive for Coronavirus

by Karen Stafford, MHRM, SPHR, SHRM – SCP

Your employee has symptoms and the doctor said it could be COVID-19. What do you do now? The steps you take next are critical. The goal is to both contain the virus as much as possible and follow workplace requirements. Following these three steps can help you accomplish that goal. Follow the Requirements While it is important to minimize risk to your other employees, … [More]

Blowing the Whistle

by Alejandro Pérez

In today’s environment, whistleblower claims are highly likely. Employers should not fear, though. As with most things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This article offers a primer on various whistleblower laws and provides tips on minimizing risk and potentially mitigating litigation costs.  In today’s world, a “whistleblower” is someone who reports to … [More]

Rights of First Offer and of First Refusal

by Bruce B. May

This article is a case study of a particular transaction in which the buyer agreed in a purchase agreement to grant the seller both a right of first offer (ROFO) and a right of first refusal (ROFR) to repurchase the property. Compliance with the terms of the ROFO and ROFR proved a bitter and extracted process for the buyer.  The terms of the ROFO provided that before the … [More]

LGBTQ Covered under Title VII, Says Supreme Court

by JoLynn Markison

Today, the Supreme Court handed down its opinion in Bostock v. Clayton County, ruling once and for all that Title VII’s protections based on “sex” apply to LGBTQ workers. This is a case I have been following closely, and the decision has been a long time coming. In the wake of President Trump’s roll-back of health insurance protections for transgender Americans, the LGBTQ … [More]

Negotiating a Commercial Lease?

by J. Phillip Glasscock

A company’s business premises lease may represent its highest monthly expense. It also represents one of the most important commitments a business owner can make . A lack of careful consideration can result in serious financial consequences. To avoid missteps, consider these due diligence questions to gain clarity and confidence before signing. The Parties Involved in the … [More]