April 2024 Guest Editor RaeAnne Marsh, In Business Magazine

Capital Connections

from RaeAnne Marsh

Capital is recognized as the essential foundation of business. But even more basic is access to capital. And to knowledgeable counsel on achieving that access and making the most of financial opportunity that goes with it. This month’s cover story looks at sources of capital from several different angles — including types of funding programs and financial institutions as … [More]

Tim O’Neal, Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona

Leadership That Matters

by Tim O’Neal

“Continuous improvement” is the mantra for business success. While the phrase usually refers to business operations, it’s also applicable to those organizations’ leadership as well. As CEO for one of the fastest-growing nonprofit organizations in the country, we have been impacted by the same market trends, supply chain challenges, labor shortages and lack of affordable … [More]

February Guest Editor: Jerry Colangelo, JDM Partners

The Wonder of Phoenix

from Jerry Colangelo

Phoenix is the fifth largest metropolitan area in the United States, and it boasts numerous game-changers in its history. These range from the concept of food banks and the Make-A-Wish Foundation to the most popular tournament on the PGA tour — what’s now known as the Waste Management Phoenix Open — to the uniquely welcoming business environment driven by an unusual … [More]

January Guest Editor: Rick McCartney, InMedia Company

The Changing C’s – It Is More Than a Case of ‘Then and Now’

from Rick McCartney

Arizona’s economy was once known for Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus and Climate — or the “5 C’s,” as they were known. Our economy has transformed in recent decades to one dependent on cycles. Thanks to a concerted, collaborative effort among economic development agencies and the business community, we now again have a diversified economy — and one based on components that … [More]

Pam Kehaly, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

Leadership 2024

from Pam Kehaly

Arizona in general and Metro Phoenix are among the hottest growth spots in the country. Numerous factors are touted to explain this, but certainly notable is the exceptional business leadership that characterizes our business community. So, we have a responsibility ... We are fortunate to live in a growth state with so many influential business leaders making decisions every … [More]

Marco A. Lopez Jr., Intermestic Partners

Widening Circles of International Trade 

from Marco A. Lopez Jr.

Coastal states generally have the edge where it comes to reaping the lucrative benefits of international trade. Arizona is breaking the mold and leveraging its shared (and admittedly embattled) southern border and long-standing relationship with the U.S.’s neighbor to the north. Amidst the rhythmic dance of global commerce, the essence of trade transcends mere transactions. … [More]

Heather Kane, UnitedHealthcare

Making Healthcare Stronger

by Heather Kane

This month’s cover story is about “making the healthcare industry work for Arizonans.” Those of us who work in the industry are increasingly aware of the need to educate our communities to the fact that healthcare requires a holistic approach. Providers, payors, healthcare systems and community organizations all recognize that we cannot treat a person’s physical needs without … [More]

RaeAnne Marsh, In Business Magazine

We Have a Story to Tell!

from RaeAnne Marsh

Telling stories of success. This is the esteemed purpose of this September edition of In Business Magazine in concert with our Women of Achievement luncheon next month. It’s an annual celebration shining a special spotlight on women using their leadership positions to make a difference in our community. While I look forward to a time when it will be not only unnecessary but … [More]

Brad Schoenberg, Taylor Morrison, Inc. 

Bringing It Home

from Brad Schoenberg

As Arizona is experiencing a surge in population, we are seeing construction starts throughout the Valley to accommodate the increased housing need. The housing market continues to serve as a significant driver of economic growth. At Taylor Morrison, we’re seeing that the housing consumer is evolving along with it, and that stability is coming to the housing market. … [More]

Sandra Watson, Arizona Commerce Authority

We Nurture Tech

from Sandra Watson

Technology has bloomed in Arizona. With roots that stretch back decades, today’s emerging technology sectors are leading the nation. Arizona’s high-tech transformation is the focus of this month’s cover story, “Is Who We Are Shaping the Tech Industry?” The strength of our technology ecosystem lies in our collaborative approach and welcoming community. Importantly, Arizona’s … [More]

Lisa Urias, Arizona Office of Tourism

Tourism: A Critical Economic Driver

from Lisa Urias

Arizona is seeing a population surge as people continue to choose our state as their home. But our popularity as a visitor destination is equally robust, with Maricopa County offering one of the strongest pipelines of new hotels and resorts in the country. The Arizona Office of Tourism and other Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) such as Visit Phoenix, Experience … [More]

Essen Otu, Salt River Project

Opportunities of Inclusion

from Essen Otu

We are living in an exciting time in history, both in Arizona and around the world, as diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are being recognized as critical in the business world. DEI as a concept is about celebrating, harnessing and respecting individual differences and creating environments that maximize human potential in everyone. When this is done right, individuals and … [More]

Tom Grote, BannerlAetna 

Healthy Collaborations

from Tom Grote

As healthcare evolves and medical technology advances, many organizations are recognizing the power of collaborative partnerships to improve the overall experience for the clients, patients, and members they serve. Throughout my three decades in healthcare, I’ve seen first-hand what is possible when companies partner, collaborate and truly align, and the impact it has on … [More]

Christine Mackay, City of Phoenix

Mix and Match

from Christine Mackay

They have it all. The most exciting developments in Phoenix combine retail, restaurants and residential … and office, hotel, education, entertainment and community space — or at least several of these on the same parcel of land. And if you think these are all high-density vertical towers in the urban centers of our Valley … think again. Like the Phoenix that rose out of the … [More]

Kate Borders, Downtown Tempe Authority

Gone Shopping

from Kate Borders

Experiential. That’s the buzzword in business these days. And, for retail, that’s where brick-and-mortar really shines. Individual businesses call it customer service, destinations like shopping districts and malls build on that through events and, yes, their mix of merchants. The street-level experience in Downtown Tempe is ever evolving and we are constantly looking for … [More]

Chris Camacho, Greater Phoenix Economic Council

from Chris Camacho

Greater Phoenix is an attractive destination for workers, expanding faster than any other U.S. market with an injection of nearly 100,000 new residents annually. Employment opportunities are growing just as fast. With the announcements of more than 10,000 jobs over the last year, it’s clear that momentum is building throughout the Valley. Massive growth in advanced industry … [More]

Neil G. Giuliano, Greater Phoenix Leadership

from Neil G. Giuliano

Every couple of years, our nation is embroiled in a debate about leadership: Who will be assigned to lead? What will they hope to accomplish? How will they be successful? We know that political leadership, governing our society, has deep and far-reaching impact. Yet business leadership has just as much influence and impact. You’re a leader of a business enterprise which powers … [More]

Christopher Collins, Common Ground Culinary

from Christopher Collins

Classic or creative, the culinary scene in Greater Phoenix happily serves a population that continues to make eating out a favorite entertainment choice. The industry here in peppered with individual chef-driven restaurants and innovative organizations, all bringing to life their unique approach. I believe the culinary industry here in Arizona is so successful because of the … [More]

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