Kate Borders, Downtown Tempe Authority

from Kate Borders

Experiential. That’s the buzzword in business these days. And, for retail, that’s where brick-and-mortar really shines. Individual businesses call it customer service, destinations like shopping districts and malls build on that through events and, yes, their mix of merchants. The street-level experience in Downtown Tempe is ever evolving and we are constantly looking for … [More]

Chris Camacho, Greater Phoenix Economic Council

from Chris Camacho

Greater Phoenix is an attractive destination for workers, expanding faster than any other U.S. market with an injection of nearly 100,000 new residents annually. Employment opportunities are growing just as fast. With the announcements of more than 10,000 jobs over the last year, it’s clear that momentum is building throughout the Valley. Massive growth in advanced industry … [More]

Neil G. Giuliano, Greater Phoenix Leadership

from Neil G. Giuliano

Every couple of years, our nation is embroiled in a debate about leadership: Who will be assigned to lead? What will they hope to accomplish? How will they be successful? We know that political leadership, governing our society, has deep and far-reaching impact. Yet business leadership has just as much influence and impact. You’re a leader of a business enterprise which powers … [More]

Christopher Collins, Common Ground Culinary

from Christopher Collins

Classic or creative, the culinary scene in Greater Phoenix happily serves a population that continues to make eating out a favorite entertainment choice. The industry here in peppered with individual chef-driven restaurants and innovative organizations, all bringing to life their unique approach. I believe the culinary industry here in Arizona is so successful because of the … [More]

Kim Shepard, Cigna

by Kim Shepard

Healthcare remains a top concern for employers and employees, but the elements involved continue to evolve as healthcare itself advances. The healthcare industry, for instance, is playing an increasingly immense role in working with the business community. The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of prioritizing both the physical and mental health of the nation’s … [More]

Mary Jane Rynd, Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust

from Mary Jane Rynd

Every year, InMedia Company dedicates the September edition of In Business Magazine to celebrate women who are making a difference in our community. This year, the focus is women who demonstrate great business success and give back. I am honored to be this year’s Lifetime Achievement Honoree and to lead this issue of In Business Magazine celebrating some of the Valley’s most … [More]

Joy E. Seitz, American Solar & Roofing

from Joy E. Seitz

Is it business vs. Mother Nature? The better question is, “What are the new pathways to economic success?” Turns out, Mother Nature offers an abundance of opportunities for businesses innovative enough to recognize appropriate prospects. For example, as a national leader in solar power, Arizona has the potential to become one of the country’s largest exporters of clean, … [More]

Robert Miguel, Arizona Indian Gaming Association

from Robert Miguel

Gaming and sporting events go together hand-in-glove, but each stands on its own and has a long history of success here in the Valley — as an entertainment draw and an economic driver. Indian Gaming, specifically, is essential to the economic well-being of not only Tribal Nations — providing employment, education, enhanced services and economic development opportunities — … [More]

Andy Abraham, Burch & Cracchiolo

from Andy Abraham

The term “the new normal” has become ubiquitous in our lives, referring to how we perceive the world and how we act in it. As businesses struggle to navigate the new normal – whether social or regulatory – attorneys can serve as their anchor and guide. The pandemic raised numerous challenges for attorneys, especially to look for creative ways to allow our clients to serve … [More]

Paul Komadina, CBRE Arizona

from Paul Komadina

It’s been an industrious season for the industrial sector of Phoenix’s commercial real estate — more than a year that includes record-setting activity and that also bodes well for Phoenix’s employment numbers. The Phoenix industrial market continues to surpass expectations, setting records for demand and construction only few markets can rival. Increased tenant demand is the … [More]

Richard J. Gray, M.D., Mayo Clinic

from Richard J. Gray, M.D.

Bioscience may be redefining the economy in Phoenix — and even statewide. It spans sectors, connecting institutions from universities to hospital networks to private companies. In December, Mayo Clinic acquired 228 acres of land adjacent to our campus in North Phoenix, paving the way to develop a transformative biotech and life sciences corridor called Discovery Oasis. The … [More]

Mary Jane Rynd,  Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust

by Mary Jane Rynd

This time of year, with the roll-up to Arizona Gives Day next month, there’s a tremendous focus on fundraising for nonprofits. Asa community, we need to recognize that this hardly defines nonprofits’ participation in our economy — as businesses that provide employment and generate revenue. We all know that nonprofits generate tremendous social good. However, many may not … [More]

Dr. Joel (JP) Martin, Positively Powerful™ Triad West, Inc. 

from Dr. Joel (JP) Martin

DEI. And an additional initial: B. Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are in the forefront of business operations these days — whether it’s because consumers are evidencing concern for supporting it through their spending habits, or because younger generations are making it a point of their choice of where to work, or because business leadership has decided it’s the … [More]

Kevin Pavlov, ElectraMeccanica

from Kevin Pavlov

It seems only a few years ago, the big hurdle for employers was healthcare — how to offer an employee benefits package that would make the company attractive in recruiting and retaining talent. The current fight for top talent — or even average workforce to keep a company functioning — has bumped up to new levels. From healthcare to vibrant communities and a solid school … [More]

Rick McCartney, In Business Magazine

from Rick McCartney

Arizona in general and Metro Phoenix are among the hottest growth spots in the country. Numerous factors are touted to explain this, but certainly notable is the exceptional business leadership that characterizes our business community. So we have a responsibility… Over the past several years we have looked at redefining leadership to be more inclusive, conscious about … [More]

Eric Miller, PADT

from Eric Miller

Technology is so much a part of our lives that we take most of it for granted. We notice it only when there’s a quantum leap in innovation that disrupts our standard way of doing things, our processes at work and our habits at home.  Arizona’s technology ecosystem, like that in many other states across the nation, is thriving due to the critical role it’s played in our … [More]

Dr. Caroline Carney, Magellan Health

from Dr. Caroline Carney

A topic that has traditionally been taboo, or at least stigmatized, has come to prominence over the past year: mental health. Maybe we can thank the pandemic for letting the topic become one that is openly discussed — although the pandemic is a big part of why. Even before the pandemic, the need for mental health and addiction services was on the rise. Look at the data … [More]

Linda S. Hunt, Dignity Health Southwest Division

from Linda S. Hunt

Coordinated with its annual event that shines a spotlight on women who are using their positions of leadership — whether in for-profit or nonprofit organizations — to make a difference in our community, this edition of In Business Magazine celebrates the 2021 Women of Achievement. During my career in the Valley, I have witnessed how very open and welcoming the community is … [More]

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