Handwrytten Robots Put a Personal Touch on Direct Marketing

by Mike Hunter

Handwrytten was formed in 2014 to reignite the art of handwritten correspondence. Its robots help businesses achieve greater open rates, response rates and ROI than printed or email messages, at a scale that was previously impossible. Handwritten notes have response rates 7 to 21 times greater than printed mail and can be used in nearly every messaging situation. And … [More]

And One Ring to Bind Them

by Society Insurance

Holding it all together like the central object of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, this is an asset that helps businesses protect all their other assets: insurance. In today's ever-evolving business landscape, small businesses face a myriad of challenges, with insurance-related issues being at the forefront. With an estimated 75% of small businesses experiencing an … [More]

Employee Appreciation Is about Authentic Connection

by Archer Chiang

From my perspective on cultivating a dynamic workplace culture, frequent and authentic employee appreciation stands as a cornerstone of our philosophy. It's not just a matter of routine gestures; it's about embedding each acknowledgment with a genuine touch that resonates personally, elevating the spirit of our organizational ethos. I firmly believe that the essence of … [More]

Will Wonders Never Cease?

by Mike Hunter

Reach International Outfitters offers a “bucket list” adventure that showcases wonders and attractions throughout Arizona (and adventures in a growing selection of other states): the Arizona Adventure Bucket List.  Comprising an array of cities that showcase the state’s captivating attractions, the Adventure Bucket List is a deck of 50 cards, each featuring a unique … [More]

Wax and Tequila – Arizona Companies Collaborate for Unique Candles 

by Mike Hunter

An unusual collaboration elevates two Arizona companies, as Scottsdale Candle Company teamed up with Tequila Corrido, an award-winning Arizona-based handcrafted tequila brand, to create luxury candles made using recycled tequila bottles. These candles are made from Tequila Corrido’s Blanco, Reposado and Añejo expression bottles.  The Tequila Corrido bottle candles feature … [More]

The Acme of Telecom Evolution

by John Rarrick

The Phone 3.0™ concept is revolutionizing communication technology and reshaping workplaces across various industries. Developed over 150 years of telecom evolution, the transition from network-dependent to cloud-based infrastructure — powered by conversational and generative AI — enhances agility, data access and visibility while addressing critical compliance, security and … [More]

Portable Charger for Out-and-About Top-Up

by Merilee Kern

For a battery top-up while out and about, the iWALK LinkPod Pro is just the device to fit the bill. Weighing just 90 grams and measuring roughly slightly larger than the size of a lipstick tube, it fits neatly into any bag and comes with a built-in connector, so there are no wires needed.  The LED display shows the remaining power, leaving in the past the guessing game of … [More]

Buy a Seat, Not the Jet

by Tom Smith

Set Jet, the membership-based private jet charter program, is disrupting business air travel. Promising an unforgettable in-flight experience at a cost that rivals last-minute commercial tickets, Set Jet is proving to be a game-changer in the world of aviation. The concept is simple: “Buy a seat, not the jet.” This approach welcomes business and leisure travelers to a community … [More]

Fire Protection and Safety for Today’s Businesses

by Jason Jacobs

In today’s business work, investing in protection systems as well as providing hands-on-training program to educate people about the safety equipment, identifying common fire hazards and devising safe evacuation routes are invaluable in protecting a business and its most important asset — its people. Fire protection devices and systems are essential to keeping buildings … [More]

Direct Marketing Automation Enhances Human Connection

by Kris Rudeegraap

Sendoso, the leader in direct marketing automation, offers a unique and innovative solution for businesses seeking to engage with their customers and prospects on a more personal level. Sendoso enables small and mid-size businesses with a gifting solution to easily make an impression, open doors and drive meaningful interactions. With the expansive and diverse Sendoso … [More]

Improve Air Quality for Workplace Wellness

by Valerie Bradt

Health, wellness and indoor air quality are becoming increasingly important as many businesses consider return-to-office initiatives. Maintaining appropriate humidity levels in an office is crucial for preserving a healthy workplace environment, as it helps minimize the risk of respiratory issues, promotes overall well-being and reduces the transmission of airborne … [More]

The Right Note for Workplace Culture

by Ross Honey

At TouchTunes, we don’t just pursue better workplace culture, we strive for excellence in every facet of the office experience. When it comes to bringing employees together and fostering connections that lead to increased productivity and reduced turnover, TouchTunes offers a suite of interactive music jukeboxes with custom-curated playlists that meet every need. With one … [More]

Cultural Asset Strengthens Our Community

by Mike Hunter

Presenting an extraordinary range of classical and popular programming, The Phoenix Symphony’s 2023-24 Season, its 77th, brings classical masterpieces, world-class guest artists, and new concert experiences to the Valley from Symphony Hall and the Mesa Arts Center to the Orpheum and Arizona Financial Theater. “The breadth of programming in our 2023-24 Season reflects our … [More]

The Corporate Cafeteria for the Hybrid Workplace

by Mike Hunter

Zerocater builds revolutionary corporate catering and cafeteria solutions that saves companies millions of dollars as they transition to the hybrid workplace where employees can choose to come into the office as they like. In-office flexibility has created a tremendous amount of unpredictability that has made it impossible for traditional cafeteria and catering providers to … [More]

On Board for the Future

by Mike Hunter

The Future is Yours™ is the first print-and-play tabletop game to teach players of all ages and skill levels how to think like a futurist. Players will discover what it takes to consistently steer their way to success, no matter what tomorrow brings.  Designed by bestselling futurist and keynote speaker Scott Steinberg, who has been hailed as The World’s Leading Business … [More]

Soothing the Sole

by Merilee Kern

Here’s a great way to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day. The truMedic truShiatsu PRO Foot Massager with Heat ($194.97) is equipped with professional-quality massage technology to provide a relaxing, tailored massage on one’s own schedule. No need to worry about booking expensive massage appointments when this device can be enjoyed in the comfort of one’s own … [More]

Accessorize with a ‘Smart’ Wearable 

by Merilee Kern

The popular Apple Watch can be transformed into a “smart” wearable with minder, the patented, award-winning app + accessories. minder uses real-time visual biofeedback to coach and condition healthy habits like good posture, mindful breathing and purposeful breaks using a “gamified” environment and sensory cues. Designed to work on multiple touch points, minder makes healthy … [More]

Desk Lamp Lowers Stress

by Merilee Kern

Get non-medicated relief from headache pain and anxiety, sleep better and feel less stressed with The Desk Light from Allay. Everyday light creates very large electrical signals in the eye, with a direct path to the brain. This influences everything from mood to sleep. Developed by Harvard Medical School professor and neuroscientist Rami Burstein, a world leader in the science … [More]

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