Standing Out with a Personal Touch

by Rick Elmore

Business leaders have seen lead-generating and relationship-building opportunities like networking events and coffee meetups evaporate amidst the coronavirus pandemic. But businesses can navigate the “new reality” of normal business operations while mitigating the spread of the coronavirus with help from automated handwritten letter technology.  Handwritten letters, being … [More]

Gifts Employees Would Actually Love to Receive

by Lindsay Jorgenson

It’s that time of year when business managers need to start thinking about ways to show employees their appreciation, and that often means gifts. So, are there gifts out there that employees want more than others? The answer is yes, and here are some of this year’s top contenders. Rawlogy Let’s face it, most jobs can be stressful and employers know that. This year, think … [More]

Wellness: Remote and Virtual

by Mike Hunter

As the current environment has made the importance of workplace wellness programs more paramount than ever, global wellness brand ZEEL offers its comprehensive suite of services – from yoga to massage – virtually. Through its ZEEL@Work platform, ZEEL offers these services virtually and live, all with newly enhanced health and safety protocols through its newly introduced ZEEL … [More]

Touchless Innovations for the Office

by RaeAnne Marsh

The workplace is rife with high-touch surfaces and common-use items — all potentially suspect since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. One way to mitigate concern is to eliminate the “touch” aspect as much as possible.  The ubiquitous smartphone offers one solution, as a spokesperson for Bevi points out there are vending machines and elevators that can be activated through … [More]

Business Swag with a ‘Stay Healthy’ Message

by Leo Friedman

The days of welcoming employees to the office with T-shirts, mugs and other swag may be over. In a sign of the new normal as businesses begin to reopen while the country continues to grapple with the pandemic, COVID-style “back-to-work kits” are enabling companies to bring their teams back into the fold with items like face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and antimicrobial … [More]

A New Uniform for the Nation’s (Female) Telecommuting Workforce

by Mike Hunter

A best practice for work-from-home workers is transitioning from “domestic mode” to “work mode,” a meaningful psychological shift that requires changing out of sweats or PJs into something that signals time to go to work. Online retailer Betabrand recently launched WFH Pants in more than 50 colors and styles. They’re tailor-made for the worker who wants to transition from … [More]

Security Solutions for a Smart Business Environment

by Travis Hill

Peace of mind — it’s what all business owners want when it comes to data and physical plant security. Yet, threats against a company’s network from malware, ransomware, phishing, botnet infections and real intruders are omnipresent. To keep up, many businesses are augmenting their IT teams with cloud-based internet security services that block access to known malicious domains, … [More]

Plants at Work

by Kevin Erdmann

Plants need jobs, too! A few plants can make the workplace a lot friendlier, both easing the eyes and helping people to breathe easier. When planning for an office plant, it’s important to take a couple factors into account, such as light and watering. Plants are happiest where they can get light, such as in front of — not to one side of — a window, under a skylight or under a … [More]

Yes, Manners Matter

by Sharon Schweitzer, J.D.

Knowing how to comport oneself is unarguably a positive asset; one’s demeanor over a dining table is as significant as over the boardroom table. Business meals are more than just talking shop or sealing a deal. One can be the best in one’s field or tops in one’s company, but if one messes up the business meal, no one is going to be impressed. Employing the following business … [More]

Probiotic Indoor Purification System

by Mike Hunter

BetterAir is the first purification system of its kind to use probiotics to purify the air in a home or workspace. The products diffuse patented Enviromental Probiotics (Enviro-botics) into any indoor space, purifying the air and surfaces and even penetrating hard-to-reach areas such as carpets, mattresses, ductwork and computer keyboards. BetterAir's patented Environmental … [More]