Air Purification System Fights Airborne COVID-19 Virus and More

by Mike Hunter

With indoor air quality more essential than ever with the infectious COVID-19 still active worldwide, eradicating the virus while it's airborne is crucial to mitigating its transmission. Hummingbird EQ, an air purification system from cleantech company Energy Cloud, was proven to capture and deactivate the airborne COVID-19 virus on the first airflow pass through the system by … [More]

Interiorscapes as Capital Expenditure

by Mike Hunter

Businesses can incorporate greenery such as plants and moss walls for their worksites as capital expenditures. Admitting it’s unconventional, Plant Solutions founding principal Joe Zazzera says, “The use of the budgeting tool is a great way to integrate plants and their benefits into an office environment as we all look for ways to make our employees happy, feel safe and … [More]

Vaccinated – To Be or Not to Be

by RaeAnne Marsh

Some people might call it common sense, to use a term that, when invoked in conversation, is usually in the context of discussing something we feel is so painfully obvious that it ought to be commonly — that is, universally — understood, but isn’t. We’ve got an asset that many places in the world are crying out for. But its existence has spawned a tremendous divide between … [More]

Cooling Gadget for Hot Summer Workplace Safety 

by Merilee A. Kern

A report in Yale Climate Connections indicates that, according to NCEI’s annual temperature outlook, “the year 2021 is 96% likely to rank among the 10 warmest years on record and 85% likely to rank among the eight warmest years on record” and the CDC tells us there are more than 600 deaths attributed to extreme heat conditions in the United States every year. Potentially of … [More]

COVID Verified: Bracelets Bolster Awareness

by Melissa Rein Lively

New purple bracelets let the world know the wearer has been vaccinated and is safe to be around as part of a global #IAMCOVIDVERIFIED campaign. With three successful COVID-19 vaccines currently in distribution worldwide, health experts say the end of the pandemic is finally within reach. COVID Verified is a new program founded in Scottsdale that aims to support global … [More]

Eye-to-Eye Impact 

by Mark Quinn

Eye contact is essential for human connection, every time you make eye contact, you get a small dose of oxytocin, drawing you in. Effective eye contact can be instrumental to someone pitching a proposal to the executive team, landing a deciding sale for the month, nailing the interview for a dream job or compassionately connecting with a patient. Amazingly, research shows it … [More]

PPE Kits: Return to Office Surprise 

by Leo Friedman

PPE kits are a cost-effective, convenient and efficient way to make sure individuals and teams are outfitted with the protection needed. A variety of kits are available, ranging from personal coverage or for the whole office, as well as on-the-go kits for stocking up the supply closet. In addition to providing protection, these kits — and products in the kits — provide a unique … [More]

Take a Fresh Breath 

by RaeAnne Marsh

Indoor air quality has taken on greater import in this COVID era. While they are not a replacement for air filtration systems, plants are more than an aesthetic reprieve for our eyes. Since NASA began researching ways to improve air quality for astronauts in closed environments in space, we’ve learned they can counter some of the toxins our made environment surrounds us with — … [More]

Appreciation by Cookie

by Mike Hunter

Businesses looking to express appreciation to a client or to reward an employee may find a suitable gift at Crumbl Cookies. Now known for cookies in a range of flavors that puts Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream’s famous “31 flavors” to shame, Crumbl offers more than 120 special ones that rotate weekly in addition to its standard bearers: chilled sugar cookies and the milk chocolate … [More]

Face Masks: Do You Nose How to Wear Them?

by RaeAnne Marsh

Face masks are the must-have fashion accessory of our time. They make a statement as to the wearer’s favorite sports team, social awareness, or simply patterns and color. But their main purpose is to protect us from airborne droplets that we expel when we breathe or talk that might contain disease molecules — notably, COVID-19. There are varying degrees of effectiveness, … [More]

Hand Sanitizer in a Wristband 

by Mike hunter

Fashionable and refillable, these revolutionary wristbands are effective at allowing people to safely access hand sanitizer anywhere. Made of ultra-light silicone in a wide variety of colors, the wristband has a built-in dispenser, making it easy to fill with the user’s choice of sanitizer. The CDC recommends consumers use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least … [More]

Standing Out with a Personal Touch

by Rick Elmore

Business leaders have seen lead-generating and relationship-building opportunities like networking events and coffee meetups evaporate amidst the coronavirus pandemic. But businesses can navigate the “new reality” of normal business operations while mitigating the spread of the coronavirus with help from automated handwritten letter technology.  Handwritten letters, being … [More]

Gifts Employees Would Actually Love to Receive

by Lindsay Jorgenson

It’s that time of year when business managers need to start thinking about ways to show employees their appreciation, and that often means gifts. So, are there gifts out there that employees want more than others? The answer is yes, and here are some of this year’s top contenders. Rawlogy Let’s face it, most jobs can be stressful and employers know that. This year, think … [More]

Wellness: Remote and Virtual

by Mike Hunter

As the current environment has made the importance of workplace wellness programs more paramount than ever, global wellness brand ZEEL offers its comprehensive suite of services – from yoga to massage – virtually. Through its ZEEL@Work platform, ZEEL offers these services virtually and live, all with newly enhanced health and safety protocols through its newly introduced ZEEL … [More]

Touchless Innovations for the Office

by RaeAnne Marsh

The workplace is rife with high-touch surfaces and common-use items — all potentially suspect since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. One way to mitigate concern is to eliminate the “touch” aspect as much as possible.  The ubiquitous smartphone offers one solution, as a spokesperson for Bevi points out there are vending machines and elevators that can be activated through … [More]

Business Swag with a ‘Stay Healthy’ Message

by Leo Friedman

The days of welcoming employees to the office with T-shirts, mugs and other swag may be over. In a sign of the new normal as businesses begin to reopen while the country continues to grapple with the pandemic, COVID-style “back-to-work kits” are enabling companies to bring their teams back into the fold with items like face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and antimicrobial … [More]

A New Uniform for the Nation’s (Female) Telecommuting Workforce

by Mike Hunter

A best practice for work-from-home workers is transitioning from “domestic mode” to “work mode,” a meaningful psychological shift that requires changing out of sweats or PJs into something that signals time to go to work. Online retailer Betabrand recently launched WFH Pants in more than 50 colors and styles. They’re tailor-made for the worker who wants to transition from … [More]

Security Solutions for a Smart Business Environment

by Travis Hill

Peace of mind — it’s what all business owners want when it comes to data and physical plant security. Yet, threats against a company’s network from malware, ransomware, phishing, botnet infections and real intruders are omnipresent. To keep up, many businesses are augmenting their IT teams with cloud-based internet security services that block access to known malicious domains, … [More]

Plants at Work

by Kevin Erdmann

Plants need jobs, too! A few plants can make the workplace a lot friendlier, both easing the eyes and helping people to breathe easier. When planning for an office plant, it’s important to take a couple factors into account, such as light and watering. Plants are happiest where they can get light, such as in front of — not to one side of — a window, under a skylight or under a … [More]

Yes, Manners Matter

by Sharon Schweitzer, J.D.

Knowing how to comport oneself is unarguably a positive asset; one’s demeanor over a dining table is as significant as over the boardroom table. Business meals are more than just talking shop or sealing a deal. One can be the best in one’s field or tops in one’s company, but if one messes up the business meal, no one is going to be impressed. Employing the following business … [More]

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