Handwrytten Robots Put a Personal Touch on Direct Marketing

by Mike Hunter

Handwrytten was formed in 2014 to reignite the art of handwritten correspondence. Its robots help businesses achieve greater open rates, response rates and ROI than printed or email messages, at a scale that was previously impossible. Handwritten notes have response rates 7 to 21 times greater than printed mail and can be used in nearly every messaging situation. And Handwrytten’s outbound prospecting feature enables companies to geo-target handwritten notes to households that meet certain demographic criteria as part of a mass-marketing campaign.

The handwriting on Handwrytten notes is indistinguishable from real human handwriting. There are 30 handwriting styles to choose from, or users can upload their own handwriting and signature for a truly personalized style (available with a one-time fee). Users can select from more than 100 card designs or design their own online.

Not only do humans not have to pick up a pen to send a handwritten note, they also do not have to think of the words to put in that note, unless they want to. Handwrytten has launched an AI Assist feature that will take the words right out of writers’ blocked minds. A refresh button gives users the option to change the message if they would prefer different messaging.

Using the Handwrytten service is simple and can be fully automated. Contact lists can be uploaded to send hundreds of notes at once. Thanking customers, remembering birthdays, anniversaries and other special events with a thoughtful and personal message has never been easier. Handwrytten can be integrated with Salesforce, Zapier, Make and other services via its API.

Clients can pay as they go or purchase a monthly subscription. Plans start at $99 per month for 25 cards, writing and postage.

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