STK Steakhouse – Dishing in Style

by RaeAnne Marsh

The term “power lunch” implies grand impression. STK Steakhouse lives up to that. At the corner on a bridge overlooking the Scottsdale waterfront, the restaurant has a commanding presence and offers a wonderful view of the canal from seating on its wide-open patio (weather permitting). The almost Victorian-garden exterior décor transitions to an interior that is sleek and … [More]

Picazzo’s: Fusion Approach to Modern Italian

by Chris Disney

Restauranteurs are an adaptable bunch. But last year was a wild ride none of us could have predicted. At Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen, we are fortunate to have a passionate and loyal customer base who continued to support us with takeout orders during the shut-down, and a seasoned staff who rolled with the unpredictability, solving each challenge that came along. I am … [More]

Renata’s Hearth: Latin America Meets the Southwest

by Mike Hunter

No, it’s not open for lunch, so really Renata’s Hearth is not a “Power Lunch” location. But it is a powerful experience. The Biltmore’s storied Frank Lloyd Wright architecture provides a dramatic setting, with the dining room furnished in aged leather and woven textures and brightened by colorfully rendered portraits that punctuate a few of the dividing walls. Opened in May, … [More]

The Herb Box: Return to Roots with a Casual Concept 

by Susan Wilcox

The Herb Box is ecstatic to announce the relocation of our North Scottsdale restaurant from DC Ranch to Shea Blvd. in a return to our roots just down the street from our very first restaurant location. Our beautiful, new, 6,000-square-foot space will open in June and will include a larger kitchen, an expansive patio, a gourmet marketplace, ample indoor and outdoor seating and … [More]

Ghost Ranch: Redefining Southwestern Cuisine

by David Mora

Navigating through the fire that 2020 imposed upon the hospitality industry was tough. As a restaurant that takes pride in the experience we provide for our customers, we knew being able to do so from a distance would be a difficult feat. Unwilling to sacrifice our identity, Ghost Ranch shut its doors from July to January to take the time to perfect our craft before reopening … [More]

The Craftsman Cocktails and Kitchen: Built on (of course) Craftsmanship

by Steven Morin

Roughly one year ago, The Craftsman Cocktails and Kitchen was in the works. With the COVID-19 crisis not yet in sight, business ventures were going as planned, and smoothly at that. When the pandemic took the world by storm, however, the owners and investors decided it was best to slow things down and push plans back. The Craftsman finally set an opening date for several months … [More]

Z’Tejas Continues to Sizzle

by Robby Nethercut

Operating and maintaining a lasting restaurant is a challenge. As new establishments open, food and dining trends come and go; how do you continue to stay exciting and popular, even during a pandemic?  Z’Tejas Southwest Grill has been shaking up margaritas and sizzling Southwestern food for more than 30 years in the Valley. We believe our team members and the indulgen t … [More]

Superstition Downtown: Uniquely Pairing Mead and Food

by Jeff Herbert

Superstition Downtown is the world’s first mead-and-food-pairing restaurant, a collaboration forged between chefs and mead makers, and we are so excited to offer a truly one-of-a-kind experience.  Opening a restaurant in 2020 was filled with challenges from the international pandemic and corresponding government shutdowns disproportionately targeting the service industry. In … [More]

Get Back to Lunch in Downtown Phoenix

by Devney Preuss

There’s no disputing that 2020 has pushed us to rethink the way we live, work and play. It has also left us with an insatiable appetite for the things we relish. High up on that list is taking in a leisurely midday break with colleagues and friends to catch up over a delicious alfresco lunch on an airy patio. Much like its namesake, which is known for rebirth and … [More]

Kasai Japanese Steakhouse: The Food, the Fire, the Fun 

by Mike Russello

The hospitality industry is all about bringing people together and creating lasting memories. If this pandemic has taught this industry anything, it’s how to creatively think outside the box when it comes to keeping everyone safe while not compromising on the experience. When COVID-19 caused us to have to shut down, we decided to begin the construction of some upgrades … [More]

Mr. Mesquite Taqueria: Mexican Street Food Experience

by Ahmad and Naser Alatrash 

The restaurant industry is a tough one in even the very best of times, but anyone navigating 2020 can attest that this year has created even more challenges and hurdles for today’s hospitality business owners. It wasn’t something my brother and I, who are Phoenix natives, expected to face so soon after launching our first Mr. Mesquite Taqueria in Old Town Scottsdale in 2015 — … [More]

Angry Crab Shack: Asian Cajun Serves Its Communities 

by Andrew Diamond 

Operating a restaurant during a global pandemic brings its fair share of challenges. Despite the obstacles, Angry Crab Shack did not concede to the crisis; instead, we displayed our resilience by facing the new economic and situational realities head-on through our philanthropy and community support, enhancing guest experience, adapting restaurant operations and strengthening … [More]

S & V Urban Italian: Spreading Out with Its Family Recipes 

by Robyn Moore Patterson

A pandemic is a tough time to open a new business, especially a restaurant. But that is not stopping S & V Urban Italian from achieving its goal of opening a second location.  Located on Shea Blvd just east of the 101, the local Italian restaurant has been a staple to central Scottsdale. S & V Urban Italian first opened its doors in spring 2011 and since has cornered … [More]

Joe’s Diner: Adapting and Overcoming Challenges One Bite at a Time

by Joe Seriale

I’ve been working in the restaurant and food industry all my life, beginning with helping my grandmother at her place when I was just 11 years old. I’ve had jobs all over the world as a private chef; my own commercial kitchen in Chicago burned down to the ground before I even opened it; and we opened Joe’s Diner in Phoenix in August 2010 — at the tail end of a recession. It’s … [More]

Pita Jungle: A New Vision and Mission

by Bassel Osmani

We believe Pita Jungle’s mission has never been more relevant: Placing every American within affordable reach of food that is healthful, freshly made and delicious. In addition to all mitigation efforts that reverberate around us — from the top pertinent authorities to whatever tall-tale prescription your Aunt Gertrude might have told you about — what is often omitted is the … [More]

Square One Concepts: What’s on the Plate Is Serving Customers

by S. Barrett Rinzler

Square One Concepts, like many in the restaurant business, has run the gamut during the pandemic. We were shut down, then opened with limited-menu curbside takeout at some locations, then opened all locations for takeout and now we’ve opened our dining rooms at limited capacity. It’s been a roller coaster. And I hope it’s something that never happens again. It’s basically … [More]

Founded on Healthy

by RaeAnne Marsh

Pickup is the “eating out” dining of choice these days, but some fast-food concepts were founded on healthful take-out options from the get-go. NOTE: Call for hours during COVID-19 shutdown. d’Lite Healthy On The Go Founded by a Valley couple more than a decade ago to marry healthful ingredients and preparation with convenience. Menu caters to a full range of dietary needs … [More]

The Dressing Room: Food with a Taste of History

By RaeAnne Marsh

All the wonderful things that deserve to be told about this enticing eatery in the trending Roosevelt Row area of Downtown Phoenix will be shared as soon as we all get our lives back into our familiar patterns. At this time, however, the story is all about great food and great service. Pivoting at this time of uncertainty to address the needs of a public who want to enjoy … [More]

Running Late

by RaeAnne Marsh

Some of our favorite lunch stops are open only to 2 or 2:30. And then there’s that long pause until fine dining opens at 5. How about some great mid-afternoon lunching? Taco Guild Unique historic setting with many of the former church’s beautiful architectural elements. Mon. – Thurs.: 11a – 11p; Fri.: 11a – midnight; Sat.: 10a – midnight; Sun.: 10a – 10p 546 E. … [More]

PHX Beer Co: Tapping into Greatness

by RaeAnne Marsh

When PHX Beer Co’s owners set out to augment their excellent brewery and taproom, they put the same care into developing a unique restaurant experience, which starts at the front door crafted for PHX Beer Co incorporating kegs and styled steel hardware. An idyllic location on the lake in the back of the Mercado del Lago shopping center provides an enjoyable setting, whether … [More]

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