It’s Lonely at the Top: Empowering CEOs to Be Their Best

by RaeAnne Marsh

It’s not only lonely at the top, it’s precarious — as good leaders live up to President Harry Truman’s famous statement acknowledging the responsibility that comes with authority: “The buck stops here.” Even experienced CEOs running major corporations may not be managing themselves well; focused on managing the company, they’re neglecting some basic aspects of self-care, best … [More]

Tim O’Neal, Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona

Leadership That Matters

by Tim O’Neal

“Continuous improvement” is the mantra for business success. While the phrase usually refers to business operations, it’s also applicable to those organizations’ leadership as well. As CEO for one of the fastest-growing nonprofit organizations in the country, we have been impacted by the same market trends, supply chain challenges, labor shortages and lack of affordable … [More]

Is Your Company Headed for the Commodity Death Spiral?

Turn it around with a strategy of market-facing innovation

by Dan Adams

Once upon a time in a company’s evolution, its founder would be laser-focused on delivering superior, differentiated value to customers. Those customers would have specific needs, and the company sets out to fulfill them better than anyone else. But as the years pass and the business grows, that intense focus, well … drifts. Leaders get caught up in other priorities — say, … [More]

Protecting Whistleblowers Following SEC Rules Is Good for Business

To ensure corporate integrity and longevity, business leaders must use quality employee agreements in line with SEC guidelines on restrictive contracts

by Stephen M. Kohn

In recent months, the Securities Exchange Commission has dramatically expanded the enforcement of Rule 21F-17(a), which prohibits companies from impeding employees, contractors and clients from contacting the SEC and other government agencies about a possible securities law violation. The rule, included within the Dodd-Frank Act and regulations for the SEC Whistleblower … [More]

RPM Living: A Story of Growth, Values and Corporate Responsibility

Impactful partnerships further efforts to empower and strengthen its communities

by Tyler Butler

In 2002, Jason Berkowitz founded RPM Living in Austin, Texas, managing a mere 10 units. Today, this real estate powerhouse has extended its influence far beyond its origins, making a significant impact in Arizona, emerging as a vital force in the region's growth and well-being. With a portfolio now spanning more than 180,000 units across more than 45 markets, RPM Living has … [More]

How Third-Party Escrow Could Help Close Business Deals

And streamline transactions

by Brian Crisp

From closing a transaction to merging or selling, a well-rounded financial and legal team can help navigate pivotal moments for a business. By taking advantage of third-party escrow services, funds can be disbursed quickly, securely and in accordance with the terms of an agreement. A good escrow agent asks the right questions to make sure the transaction is effectively … [More]

Students’ Chronic Absenteeism Is a Growing Issue

Impacts Arizona’s business health and economy

by Dawn Gerundo

Chronic absenteeism among Arizona students has steadily increased since the COVID-19 pandemic, putting students and our future Arizona leaders at risk. Chronic absenteeism increased from 14% in 2019 to 34% in 2022, according to data from the Arizona Department of Education. When a K-12 student misses 10% or more of the school year, they are considered chronically absent. This … [More]

El Patron: The Boss of New Mexican Cuisine

by RaeAnne Marsh

Opening El Patron early this year was a restaurateur’s dream: Customers from the Daskaloses’ Albuquerque location — who had either relocated to Phoenix or are Phoenicians who vacation in Albuquerque — were a built-in customer base, stampeding to the Scottsdale location as soon as El Patron’s Facebook page announced the opening. Long-time restaurateurs Jimmy and Nadine … [More]

Powering the Future from Chandler, Arizona

Saras makes strides in packaging for power efficiency and performance

by Stephanie Quinn

Amidst the technological strides being made in Arizona, the state continues to develop its extensive network of highly specialized companies that help create the chips that the world literally runs on. According to the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, about 20 semiconductor companies have officially announced they will begin operations in Arizona, and about 20 more are in the … [More]

Where Sustainability Meets Technology

by Stephanie Quinn

At the heart of every technological advancement, semiconductors are silently powering the future. But as we enter an era where sustainability is not just a choice but a necessity, the semiconductor industry is finding itself at a crossroads. The recent GreenBiz 24 conference in Phoenix not only highlighted the latest sustainable practices but also the challenges and triumphs of … [More]

Water Wise: Phoenix’s Step into Sustainable Cooling

by Stephanie Quinn

In the heart of the Sonoran Desert, water is as precious as gold — or, in our case, silicon. Especially as Phoenix is fast becoming a semiconductor stronghold. Semiconductors, the tiny but mighty engines driving much of our technological advances, generate heat and require effective cooling. That’s where water comes in. Addressing water recycling challenges has long been a … [More]

Arizona Leads the Way with Oral Health Medical Initiative

by Mike Hunter

The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix and Delta Dental of Arizona are partnering with Harvard University Schools of Medicine’s Center for Integration of Primary Care and Oral Health to develop a comprehensive curriculum that will be integrated across all four years of medical students’ training. A first of its kind, the Oral Health in Medicine Initiative … [More]

Innovative Walk-In Clinic Specializes in Sexual Health Care

by Mike Hunter

“We found that there was a gap in the industry for on-demand, judgment-free sexual healthcare,” says Micaela Simon, FNP-C, AAHIVS, who, with Julia Kieffer, FNP-C, founded Be Well Health to provide sexual healthcare to all members of our community. Expanding from the traditional clinic model they opened in Tempe in 2019, where they specialized in the care of the LGBTQIA+ … [More]

Design Projects: Fit to Execute?

by Christina Johnson

One rarely discussed aspect of interior design that is actually incredibly common is being hired to pick up where other design teams have left off. It’s so common, in fact, that our firm has created a specific service distinction for the offering: SOS Services. From property positioning to design, floor plan rework to drawing completion, budget review to engineering value, … [More]

Create e-Commerce that Raises Customer Experience

by Mikel Lindsaar

As the driving influence behind their startup or SMB, entrepreneurs often feel things could be moving faster than they are. Apart from the macroeconomic issues of inflation and interest rates driving up business costs, it is internal issues that are hindering the business from gaining speed. One of the key traps SMB owners fall into is trying to race the big boys on their … [More]

Connect with Advocates on Social to Accelerate Small Business Growth 

by Candie Guay

For small business owners who want to increase brand awareness, there’s a massive opportunity to reach consumers showing interest in shopping small. They can do this by networking with other small business owners and asking the community and fans via social to support their business. The pandemic pushed people to support local businesses like they never had before, but … [More]

Eastgate Plaza Breaks Ground in Mesa

by Mike Hunter

Scottsdale-based Diversified Partners, a real estate brokerage and development company, recently broke ground on Eastgate Plaza in Mesa. The 17-acre mixed-use development at the northeast corner of Elliot and Ellsworth roads in Mesa is located north of the Eastmark master-planned community and near the growing Mesa Tech Corridor. Confirmed tenants include a new drive-thru … [More]

Major Queen Creek Shopping Center Reaches Leasing Milestone

by Mike Hunter

Vineyard Towne Center, a 260,000-square-foot project being developed in two phases by Vestar, one of the leading privately held shopping center owners and managers in the western United States, has achieved a significant milestone in reaching nearly 100% leased for Phase I within a few months of completing construction. Specialty grocer, Sprouts Farmers Market, was the first … [More]

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