Lost in the Amazon 

by Raj De Datta 

When I think about what’s wrong with today’s internet experience, I often remember the time I tried to plan a family vacation.  I logged in with high hopes.  In the old days, I might have turned to a travel agent, but today all the tools that were once the sole domain of the professional travel planner are available to me. I started using search engines, trying a variety … [More]

Leading When Times Are Good

by Zanzibar Vermiglio

It’s almost second nature for business leaders to lean in and help their team weather a storm. The pandemic was a perfect example, as many companies were trying to figure out new and creative ways to make sales to keep from closing their doors. On the other hand, these trying times turned into a pot of gold for many companies that were able to pivot quickly. The stream of new … [More]

Reopening Buildings Safely after COVID-19: Why Fire Safety Systems Maintenance Is Essential

by James Tomes

Over the course of the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has created an unpredictable landscape for businesses of all types. Closures of restaurants, retail locations, entertainment venues and office buildings frequently occurred with little, or sometimes no, advance notice. Since the pandemic response has not been a linear process, but rather a series of rapidly unfolding … [More]

Workplace Stress: Facts and Fictions

by Jen Butler

Heavy workloads, team conflicts, miscommunications, struggles to balance work and home, and job insecurity — it’s no wonder we’ve come to believe that workplace stress is inevitable. That first fiction, that workplace stress is inevitable, leads us to a second: Stress is something we simply have to live with. In fact, if we want to succeed in our jobs, we have to learn how to … [More]

Connections Are Business Capital 

by Lisa Apolinski

LinkedIn has more than 575 million users, according to leading WordPress hosting platform Kinsta, and nearly half of those are active every month (meaning they post, comment or “like” on the platform). If that isn’t impressive enough, LinkedIn has its sights on further investments into Latin America. What makes LinkedIn even more powerful is that users update their bios … [More]

Virtual Meetings – Beyond the Camera

by Karin Reed and Dr. Joe Allen

Remote work, virtual Zoom meetings, hybrid meetings — it’s all been so sudden, impactful and, to many, intimidating and overwhelming. Few people would likely ever have thought we would all need to master the art of on-camera performance, lighting, sound and virtual presentation. The following are a few tips to help succeed in this new virtual world. Turning the camera on … [More]

Tech Trends Continue to Shape How We Live, Work and Learn 

by Susan Anable

This time last year, most of us were hunkered down in our homes under stay-in-place restrictions. Little did we know it would become a global pandemic that would bring about broad-sweeping change in so many facets of life — technology included.  The pandemic has been a technology accelerator for businesses, municipalities, schools, healthcare and homes. As such, those of us … [More]

Quick Tips to Cool Hot Heads in the Office

by Doc Elliot 

Face it, the times we are in are rife with conflict. If you work in an office — any office — you are well aware of office politics. People don’t get along well; Human Resources always has a challenge up their sleeves and yadda yadda yadda. What happens when the headlines are bubbling over with tense internal conflict?  Serious social and political issues divide households … [More]

Inclusion is Different – Not Difficult

by Tova Sherman

For more than 20 years, the most common question I have received from P3 leaders across North America is “How?” — “How can I include persons with disabilities in my workplace and still be a profitable business?” My answer is always the same.  Onboarding persons with disabilities is different, not difficult — and how different depends less on their issues than yours. More … [More]

Employee Onboarding: How to Succeed in a Remote-First Workplace

by Aleksandra Sulimko

Remote work has been an option for some employees for many years, but recently many were thrust into it for the first time without warning. As businesses ramp up hiring efforts, many are realizing that looking to candidates outside their localities can provide great advantages. With a global talent pool, companies have access to more candidates with varied skills and … [More]

Work from Anywhere? Benefits May Not Be as Flexible

by Doug Ramsthel

Working remote has truly come to mean working from anywhere as employees have started to move to their favorite vacation spots, closer to relatives and out of state to lower-cost areas, so long as there is dependable internet. Remote working is now coming to be viewed as a potential perk to offer employees. However, this initial reaction of allowing work from anywhere may be … [More]

The Ongoing Role of COVID-19 Testing 

by Ruth Seigel

An unexpected, unwelcome and unpredictable guest arrived in 2020 threatening our personal lives and business livelihood — SARS-CoV-2, or what is commonly known as COVID-19. Information regarding this virus shifts daily as world health and government leaders tackle issues related to its transmission, diagnosis, treatment, eradication, et cetera.  Top infectious disease … [More]

Reduce Healthcare Disparities among Employees 

by Patty Starr and Craig Kurtzweil 

Over the past year, especially during the pandemic, we’ve seen an increased number of employers interested in having conversations about health equity and disparities in care. And everyone needs to have those conversations … even if they’re uncomfortable. A recent white paper by the Health Action Council and UnitedHealthcare, “Finding the Uncommon,” finds companies that … [More]

Arizona’s Surge Line – A Case Study of Success

from doctors who worked on the project, listed at the end of this article

A year ago this month, Central Logic, the industry innovator in enterprise visibility and tools to accelerate access to care, announced a first-in-the-nation statewide agreement with the Arizona Department of Health Services to power a new Regional Access Center, leveraging Central Logic’s technology. The Access Center has been successful in ensuring all the state’s patients … [More]

Stop Meeting and Start Co-Creating

by Carlos Valdes-Dapena

It’s been almost a year since the pandemic triggered broad restrictions and shutdowns throughout North America. It’s time to take stock, to gauge what we’ve been through and learned. The constraints forced upon us ranged from draconian at times to occasionally inconvenient. Yet despite the hardships — or because of them — COVID’s impact has also been enlightening. It has … [More]

Make the Workplace Safe for Open and Honest Dialogue about Mental Health

by Doc Elliott 

When a crisis strikes in the workplace, the first question that’s typically asked is whether or not there were signs of mental health issues at work. The answer is almost always yes, and, even more concerning, not much is typically done to address it. Now more than ever employers are taking mental health seriously and providing resources that help employees who may be … [More]

Phoenix and COVID Recovery

by Eric Jay Toll

The city of Phoenix made a $14 million investment to keep its small businesses operating. The city offered four grants for restaurants, small businesses with fewer than 25 employees, microbusinesses with five or fewer on the payroll and airport concessionaires. Phoenix was one of the few cities in the U.S. to include help for gig-economy workers and home-based businesses. The … [More]

Adapting Content Strategies to Grow Employee Happiness

by Mike Metz

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how many businesses work, but the need to retain talent is here to stay. With so many people working from home or on a modified schedule, many employers are finding their employees have new, unexpected needs and the requests to match. When it comes to dodging these frustrations and keeping employees happy, tapping into the creativity of an … [More]

Communication Tips to De-escalate Conflict in the Workplace

by Doc Elliot

It’s inevitable. No matter what kind of work environment you’re in, there will be conflicts. The key to managing interpersonal conflicts in a workplace setting lies in the communication skills you use to defuse the situation and de-escalate people when things get heated. Everyone handles conflict differently. Some shy away, avoiding a confrontation at all costs. Others face … [More]

Three Ways to Revamp SEO in 2021 

by Mark Stewart

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for creating online relevance and being digitally relevant in search engines. The coronavirus pandemic magnified how significant digital presence is these days. People are relying heavily on online information versus real-time in-person interactions. They want the latest information on hours of operation and how businesses are … [More]

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