Ripclear’s Pivot for Positivity

by Tyler Butler

Ryan Doherty and Zach Hines launched their company, Ripclear, in 2014. Little did they know their innovation would serve as a salvation for humanity only six short years later. And, while the pair originally set out to find a solution that saved expensive goggles from scratches, their effort has taken on a much larger social mission.  From its onset, Ripclear was … [More]

Coronavirus Offers Businesses a Chance to Reset, Recharge and Rise Up

by Don Garner

Today, you can hardly go an hour without hearing news about the impact of COVID-19 on organizations. From hospitals and schools to businesses and nonprofits, no sector of the economy has remained untouched.  As many navigate through the unknown, now is a critical time to chart a course for future growth and prosperity. While it may sound counterintuitive, the timing lends … [More]

Keeping Small Business Up and Running

by Robert Blaney

Even in these unprecedented times, the U.S. Small Business Administration’s lending programs continue to help our economy. The pace of SBA loan-making is always a healthy sign for a good economy because the credit market is one of the foundations for ensuring the availability of financing for small businesses trying to establish themselves, grow and create new jobs throughout … [More]

Navigating a New Normal: Focusing on Mental Health in the Time of Pandemic

by Kim Shepard

As the coronavirus pandemic continues on, the toll on Arizona’s and our nation’s mental health intensifies. Whether someone is learning to adjust to working at home, struggling with home-schooling, coping with a family member who is suffering with COVID-19 or dealing with a job loss, the difficulty and uncertainty of living through this time can cause tremendous anxiety, … [More]

Hardening in the Insurance Market

by Charles A. Touché

With the recent surge in coronavirus cases across Arizona and other parts of the country, COVID-19 remains a significant challenge for businesses, creating additional uncertainty and potential risks for their people and operations. Though a return to pre-COVID normalcy is unlikely anytime soon, businesses nevertheless must carefully and thoughtfully assess their unique risks as … [More]

Bankruptcy in a Distressed Post-COVID-19 World

by Cathy L. Reece

Bankruptcy is a forum and an arena for resolving distressed business situations in a post COVID-19 world. Bankruptcy is not a solution for every business, but it is one of several alternatives to consider. In a chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization, a business can find the time and the breathing room to choose and implement the right solution to save the business and jobs, and … [More]

Pandemic Presents Learning Opportunities for Employers

by Helen Holden

In Charleston, S.C., a restaurant was sued by a former server who says he was fired after he left work to get tested for COVID-19. A large automaker was also recently sued for wrongful termination after firing an employee within hours of the employee’s complaint about safety concerns, even after the employee had been assured that he could stay home without penalty … [More]

The Shifting Landscape of Marketing

by Martijn Pierik and Rebecca Mosley

When it comes to marketing in the current climate, all businesses should be focusing on what we call “the three S’s”: Safety, Sensitivity and (new) Sales channels. We are also seeing a big shift in marketing dollars toward all manner of digital marketing, including increased spends for content marketing and social media, website improvement projects, e-commerce integrations and … [More]

Improving and Expanding ‘Personal’ Virtual Connections

by Eric Miller

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique environment for everyone in both their personal and professional lives. It has disrupted how we interact with friends and family and has thrown a wrench in every aspect of the way business gets done. One of the biggest disruptions at our jobs has been the way we collaborate, network and sell. We’re no longer side by side with our … [More]

Our Experts’ Recommended Resources 

by RaeAnne Marsh

Businesses’ first reaction to COVID-19-related disruption was to retrench and protect — actions that were, essentially, reactive. While that may have been the wisest move in the short-term, it is no way to sustain a business over the long-term. Even businesses that were proactive in their response must adjust to new realities in the economy and the business community going … [More]