At Work, Healthcare Starts with Testing

by RaeAnne Marsh

Healthcare is arguably the most popular of employee benefits. COVID-19 has made this an even higher priority — while at the same time adding to businesses’ challenges in providing it. And addressing the need to keep the workplace and the workforce healthy has put COVID-19 testing front and center in business operations even while information changes on a nearly daily … [More]

Armored Leadership vs Daring Leadership

by Eileen Rogers

Leadership is about risk. For me, it began when I took a giant first step into the business ownership arena, full of hopes and dreams with no real idea what I was actually in for. How I faced the risks and challenges in the arena was what mattered. Getting up when I fell, dusting myself off and taking what I learned right back into the arena the following day. Dr. Brené … [More]

All About Elevating People

by Tyler Butler

Nearly two decades ago, power duo Sherri and Charles Mitchell joined forces in business. As founders of All About People, they have brought a unique perspective to executive placement and recruiting. For the Mitchells and their team, All About People is more than just their company name, it is their core belief. This group has been meeting recruiting needs for corporations … [More]

The Next Normal: Change Your Game Plan or Become Irrelevant

by Charlie Smith 

Change and disruption are the next normal. C-suites and boards of directors must learn how to become agile, make decisions fast and get ahead of the change curve. They will need to think and act differently. There is a lot we don’t know about what the near-term future holds for us. However, there are two things that we know to be true: There will be more, not less, … [More]

New C-Suite: Why Companies Should Have a CHRO

by Rhiannon Staples

The COVID-19 pandemic is an event the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the flu outbreak in 1918, before co-working spaces and international travel on airlines. Strange is it may seem, the solution, for now, is to stay at home for work and play. With the increase in remote work, HR is fundamentally shifting into a higher-level decision-making position where HR technology … [More]

Problem-Based Learning – Thriving during the Crisis

by Dr. Jim Guilkey

If there is one thing the coronavirus has taught us all is that training, as we know it, is neither resilient nor flexible. Classroom training that requires facilitators and participants to fly to various locations and pack arm-to-arm in a classroom is no longer an option. But as organizations consider replacing their current programs with virtual training, do they understand … [More]

Sands Chevrolet, Cleaning with Care

by Tyler Butler

Since 1934, Sands Chevrolet has been serving the Valley of the Sun. The company started as a small fuel station and Chevrolet dealership during World War II. Having been overlooked as a potential partner to build tanks for the war, the company was savvy enough to change course and stayed in business by selling bicycles and trailers. Since its early days, this organization has … [More]

Connection in the Workplace: It’s Worth the Risk

by Eileen Rogers

“Leaders must either invest in a reasonable amount of time attending to fears and feelings or squander an unreasonable amount of time trying to manage ineffective and unproductive behavior.” —Brené Brown Whether it’s private sector or nonprofit, in communities, schools or government, we are hungry for courageous, empathetic leaders. We want to show up, learn and be inspired by … [More]

No Ageism in Entrepreneurialism

by Joe Mullings

As the fog of this war on the U.S. economy begins to clear, it looks as if one class of employees will be among the hardest hit by the pandemic — professionals and executives 50 years and older. And if that sounds familiar, it should. The Great Recession 12 years ago had a similar impact. This time, however, these typically highly trained employees who are at the top of their … [More]

In a Time of Uncertainty, Understanding Risk Is Essential to Business Survival

by T.W. Lewis

Today, more than ever, business leaders and entrepreneurs are functioning in a world that is full of uncertainty. These executives need to clearly understand the difference between what is certain and what is not, in order to identify which risks are worth taking and which to avoid. Many years ago, when I started my own Phoenix-based real estate company, I took on millions … [More]