The What, When, Where and Why of App Clips

by Lee Brown

App Clips is set to change how a business’s brand shows up digitally for its customers. App Clips will, in essence, allow users to have a native app experience available in critically contextual moments without requiring a download from the app store. So now I’ve got you thinking: “What could I do with this type of opportunity? What are the key activities that users do in … [More]

Wells Fargo Leverages Scale to Feed Communities 

by Tyler Butler

Wells Fargo has a long history of supporting local communities, especially during challenging times. Its leadership believes that when their communities thrive everyone can be successful, and they are deeply committed to supporting local communities where their employees and customers live and work. Wells Fargo concentrates its philanthropic investments on three pressing issues … [More]

Courageous Feedback. Can You Deliver It?

by Eileen Rogers

"Leaders must either invest a reasonable amount of time attending to fears and feelings or squander an unreasonable amount of time trying to manage ineffective and unproductive behavior.” —Dr. Brené Brown Most leaders assume feedback is negative and angst over how to deliver it so that it creates accountability, without discomfort for themselves. The ultimate challenge is how … [More]

Workforce and Childcare

by Mike Hunter

It has been reported some parents here in the United States are using between 8% and 42% of their income to have their children cared for while they are at work. Recent studies collated by co-working specialists Instant Offices shows more than half of American parents are more concerned about childcare costs now than they were before the pandemic. While the cost of daycare … [More]

The ABCs of Generation N

by David Ralls

Just when you thought you knew all the generations — from the Silent Generation to Gen Z, and all of them in-between — a new one pops up. This one’s called Generation N, representing our new “novel economy” all thanks to the novel coronavirus. This concept was first coined just a few months ago, at the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic, by well-known digital futurist … [More]

Safety Is the Ultimate Priority in Changing Business Landscape 

by Doc Elliot

The defining business trend of 2020 means employers are boosting protocols, from COVID-19 hygiene to workplace violence prevention, to keep employees and customers safe. It’s the dawn of a new era for business owners in a rapidly changing business climate that has been fraught with confusion and misunderstanding. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a windfall of new safety and … [More]

Employee Input Informs Company Response

by Jolean Fleck

One of the first things we did in response to COVID-19 was pull together an infectious disease policy and make sure we had a plan for dealing with COVID-19 specifically. Because this was very new, our protocols had to flex as new and better information came to light. We identified a few trusted sources of information, including the CDC, who guided this effort. Beyond policies, … [More]

See Healthcare in a Broad Context

by David F. Berg, D.C.

My thoughts back in June were that the situation with COVID and a safe return-to-work policy was too complex for employers to manage without too much unnecessary risk. Here in October, my recommendations are still that employers use their employees’ doctors to take on the risks about return to work and COVID testing and treatment.  Employers should rely heavily on the … [More]

¡El bilingüismo es una herramienta para el éxito empresarial! 

por Edgar Rafael Olivo

COVID-19 y las fuerzas geopolíticas han brillado una luz en el valor de la conciencia multicultural en el mercado. En In Business Magazine, nos enorgullece anunciar nuestra nueva sección de negocios en español, En Negocios, que contiene artículos en dos idiomas sobre temas como ventas, liderazgo, economía y finanzas.  Cada semana, comparto ideas y conocimientos sobre las … [More]

Learning Pods: The Future of the Workforce

by Nicholas Wyman

Mention heutagogy, and there will be blank stares. It’s an approach that celebrates self-directed lifelong learning skills and is a good fit for workplaces. The term was coined some two decades ago. It’s not necessarily a solo activity, either. Learning hooks into social and emotional domains and is a skill one needs to keep sharp and finesse.  The World Bank has been on … [More]

Big Data Principles Help Brands Understand Market Position

by Frances Zelazny

A recent article in The Guardian discussed how big data can track the COVID economic slump; similar to what this shows of how economists are looking at new economic markers thanks to big data, there are signals that brands should be looking at to make strategic decisions for long-term planning. Some of the signals may seem obvious but, for many brands, figuring out what is … [More]

Truckers: The Hidden Heroes of COVID-19

by Jack Whatley

When the country was ordered to shut down to slow the spread of COVID-19, a roaring economy screeched to a halt and millions became unemployed overnight. Many of us did our part, sheltering in place to protect each other and the most vulnerable among us. The first responders led the way in fighting the pandemic, putting their lives at risk in order to protect and serve us. … [More]

Four Peaks Brewing: All for Teachers

by Tyler Butler

Four Peaks Brewing Company has a storied past in Arizona. The founders have a track record of both honoring history and innovating for the future all at once. This began with their first location in Tempe, a mission revival-style brick factory, which is still standing strong after more than 100 years and continues today with their inspiring community outreach efforts. Having … [More]

The Arizona Lottery, Fostering Change for Kids in Need

by Tyler Butler

If a worldwide pandemic has taught our society anything, it is the value of access. Access to everything from tissue paper and masks to food or even to bicycles. Items we’ve become accustomed to having easy access to have more recently become quite the commodity. While providing freedom, fun and an activity is at a premium these days, simple pleasures such as riding a bicycle … [More]

To Thrive, You Must Dare to Risk

by Eileen Rogers

The world needs braver and more courageous leaders — successful and inspiring leaders who will remove the barriers to good work and healthy workplaces. In this series of articles, I’ve covered the four skillsets of courage-building as identified by Brené Brown, Ph.D., LMSW, in her academic research and in her book Dare to Lead. The skills she describes are observable, … [More]

Maximizing Value: How to Negotiate Executive Compensation in Turbulent Times

by Kris Yamano

For many executives, cash is king when negotiating a compensation package. But amid challenging economic times such as the current pandemic, companies may hesitate to commit to large base salaries when cashflow is tight and the business climate remains uncertain. In such unpredictable circumstances, companies prefer to tie executive compensation to future success. This means … [More]

Ripclear’s Pivot for Positivity

by Tyler Butler

Ryan Doherty and Zach Hines launched their company, Ripclear, in 2014. Little did they know their innovation would serve as a salvation for humanity only six short years later. And, while the pair originally set out to find a solution that saved expensive goggles from scratches, their effort has taken on a much larger social mission.  From its onset, Ripclear was … [More]

Coronavirus Offers Businesses a Chance to Reset, Recharge and Rise Up

by Don Garner

Today, you can hardly go an hour without hearing news about the impact of COVID-19 on organizations. From hospitals and schools to businesses and nonprofits, no sector of the economy has remained untouched.  As many navigate through the unknown, now is a critical time to chart a course for future growth and prosperity. While it may sound counterintuitive, the timing lends … [More]

Keeping Small Business Up and Running

by Robert Blaney

Even in these unprecedented times, the U.S. Small Business Administration’s lending programs continue to help our economy. The pace of SBA loan-making is always a healthy sign for a good economy because the credit market is one of the foundations for ensuring the availability of financing for small businesses trying to establish themselves, grow and create new jobs throughout … [More]

Navigating a New Normal: Focusing on Mental Health in the Time of Pandemic

by Kim Shepard

As the coronavirus pandemic continues on, the toll on Arizona’s and our nation’s mental health intensifies. Whether someone is learning to adjust to working at home, struggling with home-schooling, coping with a family member who is suffering with COVID-19 or dealing with a job loss, the difficulty and uncertainty of living through this time can cause tremendous anxiety, … [More]