Commercial Furniture Co. Gets Another Exclusive through Knoll Deal

Goodmans Interior Structures

Goodmans Interior Structures, a Herman Miller distributor for 53 years, is adding the legendary design brand Knoll to their portfolio, making Goodmans Arizona’s exclusive distributor for both of these iconic design companies. In addition, Goodmans will represent all 19 of their affiliated brands: Colebrook Bosson Saunders, DatesWeiser, DWR, Edelman Leather, Fully, Geiger, HAY, … [More]

Three Deadly C’s Are Draining Sellers’ Access and Influence

by Jesse Laffen

There are three forces at work in modern selling that are stifling revenues in B2B companies. Though they’re rarely spoken by name, the effects of these forces are extremely well-known. They pop up in conversation like this: “It doesn’t matter what we do, the best price always wins.” “I can’t get the right people to take a meeting” “It used to be a hot lead, but now … [More]

Save Costs and Offer Clients a Comfortable Shipping Experience

by Phil Cord

For businesses that sell products online (and who doesn’t these days?), the shipping process becomes a natural part of their daily operations. However, even if it works perfectly, it is still worth evaluating and modifying it once again to ensure that the customers are getting high-quality service and the businesses are not overpaying for that. In this article, we will share … [More]

How to Keep Customers Engaged, Instead of Enraged, during Supply-Chain Issues

Supply chain issues, an ongoing disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, are expected to impact holiday shoppers this year. And at a time when companies annually   hope for a significant uptick in revenue, marketers need to be on top of their game to keep customers engaged, informed, and interested. While modern technological tools such as websites, chatbots, and social … [More]

Two-Day Shopping and Workshop Extravaganza Returns to WestWorld

Pinners Conference and Expo

The Pinners Conference and Expo proudly celebrates its 5th Annual Arizona Pinners Conference, which returns to Arizona on Friday, November 12 and Saturday, 13. During the two-day event, Westworld of Scottsdale, located at 16601 North Pima Road, will come alive with online inspiration. The extravaganza features more than 100 hands-on classes and more than 250 vendor shopping … [More]

Pick Up The Phone and Sell

by Mike Hunter

Unlock the power of a simple phone call to boost sales with guidance from a world-renowned expert. In Pick Up The Phone and Sell: How Proactive Calls To Customers and Prospects Can Double Your Sales, sales expert, consultant and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Alex Goldfayn delivers a comprehensive roadmap to one of the most important weapons in any salesperson’s … [More]

What Customers Really Want from Your Brand and How to Give It to Them

Getting and keeping a customer’s attention can be a challenge for companies in today’s competitive marketplace. Turning that person’s curiosity into a purchase often hinges on the customer experience, which these days means almost everything. One study shows that 80% of consumers care as much about the experience a company provides as about its products and services. And 54% … [More]

Four Tips to Improve Customer Retention

by Wayne Goshkarian

After getting new customers, many business owners assume they’ll stick around — but why should they? That’s the question a great retention strategy will help answer for you. More than 70% of customers will leave a business due to unsatisfactory customer service. A big part of customer service is regular communication with customers. What can you do to level up your business and … [More]

The Secrets to Big Fish Selling

by Jill J. Johnson, MBA

A Big Fish is anyone who is of a higher stature than you normally play with, and if you land them, it will move you into a whole new level of clientele. They may be spending bigger money and, as a result, they will expect that you have the professionalism to satisfy their needs. Yet Big Fish have so many people who want to work with them that they are often even more demanding … [More]

Six Seconds to Hook Your Lead or Kiss Potential Clients Goodbye

MountainTop Data

How long does it take to land a customer? By the time you’ve finished reading this sentence, they’re gone. Sky Cassidy, CEO of MountainTop Data, says in email marketing you have a maximum of 6 seconds to grab them. “We’re talking 2 to 3 seconds just to absorb the message,” explains Cassidy. “The countdown begins. A heartbeat later, the lead is intrigued. Now you have eyes on. … [More]

Monetize Your Social Media. 5 Key Steps Every Small Business Needs to Do to Sell on Social Media

by Edgar R. Olivo

Small businesses have a lot on their plate as they try to find a spot within a noisy and cluttered social media landscape. The pandemic shifted many consumers’ shopping behaviors to online and forced small business owners to take their social media efforts more seriously. The fact is that most of the world is now on social media. A study made in 2020 found that 79% of … [More]

The Three Big Reasons New Products Fail (and How to Avoid Them)

by Howard Tiersky

As your organization takes its place in the digital transformation that’s underway everywhere, you’ll inevitably need to create or update a large number of different products. But just because you think your shiny new app, website, service, or other digital offering is great doesn’t automatically mean the customer will. According to Nielsen, 85 percent of new consumer products … [More]

5 Tips to Increase Cold Call Success, Seal More Deals

At its most basic, a cold call is a direct way to reach out to introduce your company, product, or service to an unknown person. It makes a powerful human to human connection that doesn’t happen with an email, text, or Facebook ad. An analysis of 1 million cold calls found that 6.3% resulted in a meaningful conversation with a prospect, while cold emails open and click-through … [More]

Actually, It Is You: Why Customers Dump You and How to Avoid Risk-Taking Mistakes

by Kate Zabriskie

Do any of these sound familiar: The lawn service had to go. I used them for over 15 years, and by the last season, my lawn looked terrible. The spring seeding didn’t take, nutsedge and wiregrass consumed half the yard, and they just kept spraying chemicals. I wish somebody had just told me the yard needed grub killer, more topsoil, and organic material. I would have done it. … [More]

Matching Your Sales Approach to Your Prospect’s Readiness to Buy

by Jill J. Johnson, MBA

Your sales and promotional messages must link to where your customers are in their decision-making process. There are five stages of buying behavior that a consumer will go through: awareness, interest, evaluation, trial and, finally, the adoption stage. Each stage requires a different decision by your prospect. By matching your sales and promotional strategies to their … [More]

Democracy in Action! 4 Key Issues Small Business Owners Should Watch for in the 2020 Election Outcome

by Edgar R. Olivo

As the world watches the U.S. democracy in action, small-business owners at home have a lot at stake at all levels of government. A global pandemic has created a faltering economy with countless business closures and record unemployment. As racial tensions rise and more shut-downs loom with a second or third wave, it is important to understand how elections directly affect … [More]

Stand Out from the Crowd. 5 Tips to Help Differentiate Your Small Business during COVID-19

by Edgar R. Olivo

The pandemic is a wrecking ball to the American economy and with it came many new changes to everyday life, particularly on how consumers spend their money and time. The positive consequences have led consumers to deepen their relationships with their local communities while focusing where to spend their money. This new reality sets the stage for small businesses to rise up and … [More]

Need More Customers? Try These 5 Marketing Strategies to Attract More Business during COVID-19

by Edgar R. Olivo

With a few big holidays around the corner and a pandemic that is changing the way consumers spend, small business owners need to start thinking about updating their holiday marketing strategies. A recent report from Google provided some interesting insights on consumer behaviors that can serve as a helpful guide to understand how the market is evolving during COVID-19. Here are … [More]

7 Rules You Need to Know for B2B Lead Generation

by Christopher Tompkins

So, you have heard the term “lead generation” before. But what does this actually mean for how you should operate your business? To start, there are a few things to break down: Many B2B business owners do not know where to begin when it comes to gaining quality leads. They want to make sales, but they have no specific strategy to reach their goal. Add to that the fact … [More]

Retail Giant’s Foundation Donates to Arizona Coronavirus Relief Fund

The IKEA US Community Foundation has donated $1,147,083 to the AZ Coronavirus Relief Fund, supporting Arizona families, medical professionals and those in need. The amount was chosen by the foundation purposely to align with the amount IKEA employees in Arizona collected in unemployment insurance benefits when the company closed stores and furloughed employees during the … [More]

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