Renew, Reskill, Redeploy: Release of New Research on the Impact of COVID-19 on Digitization and Skills


The COVID-19 pandemic has led companies to rapidly accelerate digitization plans, according to new ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN) research released this week at World Economic Forum's #DavosAgenda. The survey of 26,000+ employers in more than 40 countries finds those companies that are digitizing most are creating the most jobs: Organizations are accelerating their … [More]

Employee Workplace Needs Differ Dramatically by Generation, Study Shows


Nintex, the global standard for process management and automation, today released findings across four generations of employees from the Nintex Workplace 2021 Study which surveyed* 1,000 United States-based full-time workers at companies with 501-50,000 employees. Most employees in this U.S. study report unexpectedly positive remote work experience and productivity in 2020, … [More]

Carvana Launches Internal Tuition and Education Assistance Program


Leading online auto retailer Carvana (NYSE: CVNA) has launched Carvana KEYS (Keeping Education in Your Sight) to assist team members pursuing the completion of an undergraduate degree. Thousands at Carvana can now apply to pursue financial and programmatic assistance in earning their college degrees with this internal initiative. Working with InStride, the premier … [More]

10 Fast-Growing Careers for Remote Jobs in 2021


The pandemic has disrupted the workplace and broadened access to remote jobs across most career fields. In fact, more than half of companies have hired new staff remotely during the pandemic. U.S. Census data also found that in major metro areas such as San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston, and Seattle, more than half of the labor force is working from home. That said, … [More]

1 in 2 Arizona Young Adults Consider Career Change during Pandemic, Says Poll

Universal Technical Institute, Inc.

According to a new public opinion poll, approximately 52% of Arizonans surveyed say they have considered changing careers during the past six months, and 71% don’t believe all office jobs will return even after the pandemic is over. Nearly half of Arizonans surveyed have recently “considered going into a career in the skilled trades,” including automotive, diesel, welding … [More]

55% of People Found Professional Success More Challenging in 2020 as 30% of Employees Experience Burnout

The Manifest

The past year has been a tough year for the average worker. Employees dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home, economic upheaval, and new burdens with childcare and technology. These challenges caused the majority of American workers (55%) to find professional success more difficult in 2020, according to a survey from The Manifest, a business and how-to … [More]

Working from Home for the Holidays: Tips to Stay Productive and Employed

Rick McCartney

The holiday season brings families together, but it also means added distractions for the many people working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How can remote workers keep their focus sharp and their productivity high while noise and interruptions surround them? And what can businesses do to ensure their employees aren’t slacking and projects are on track? “Working … [More]

New Study Reveals that Virtual Reality Skills Training Is Poised for Explosive Growth By 2022


Mursion, the industry leader in immersive virtual reality training for emotional intelligence in the workplace, and Future Workplace, an advisory and membership organization that prepares HR leaders for the future of work, today announced their partner study: VR Changes the Game for Soft Skills Training. The report examines the rapidly growing trend of VR simulation training … [More]

New Research Identifies the Top 10 Careers and Soft Skills for Remote Jobs


Given the strong, growing interest in the remote job marketplace, FlexJobs has identified the top career categories offering the most remote jobs since the start of the pandemic. In order to better prepare candidates interested in pursuing these promising remote careers, FlexJobs has teamed with PAIRIN, the trusted technology partner to today’s leading workforce programs, … [More]

Walmart Announces More Than $16.5 million in Quarterly and Special Cash Bonuses for Arizona Associates


Walmart announced an additional $700 million in cash bonuses to its U.S.-based associates bringing its total 2020 quarterly and special cash bonuses for its U.S.-based associates to more than $2.8 billion. The company’s latest bonus announcement includes $7.9 million in quarterly bonuses paid to Arizona associates in their Nov. 25 paychecks following strong third-quarter … [More]

In Tough Times for the Unemployed, Franchising Might Be Their Answer

By Chris Buitron

With millions unemployed and numerous industries struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic, some people who are out of work are considering a new career. As positions dwindle in the fields they are familiar with, people are finding themselves forced to go outside their area of experience. And for some, that Plan B could be a blessing in disguise. Owning a franchise has … [More]

New Report Reveals the Impact of the Pandemic and Racial Justice Crises on Employers and Employees

A majority of business leaders consider positive corporate culture important, but employees disagree that their employers are committed to that philosophy, according to a report from Bentley University's Center for Women and Business (CWB). The report, Workplace Inclusion – Nurturing a Culture of Care and Belonging, highlights relevant research and interviews with thought … [More]

What Happens to the Home and Economy when Women Leave the Workforce?

The pandemic-induced recession forced many women to drop out of the workforce, with research showing they were much more likely than men to give up jobs so they could take care of children when schools went online. The consequences of these decisions may go beyond each individual, though. “They could have large repercussions for the economy, the home, and society as a … [More]

City of Scottsdale and Phoenix Rescue Mission Partner to Reduce Homelessness, Create Jobs

City of Scottsdale

The City of Scottsdale and Phoenix Rescue Mission announced today the launch of Scottsdale Works, an integrated workforce development program that aims to reduce homelessness in Scottsdale and put the city’s homeless to work. The public-private collaboration comes at a critical time when COVID-19 continues to disproportionately affect those who are already experience … [More]

Aging Workforce, Technical Skills Shortage and the Importance of CTE in Schools

by Greg Donovan

America is dealing with an unprecedented shortage of skilled labor. The Department of Labor reports that while there are 7.6 million unfilled jobs, only 6.5 million people were looking for work. This is the same situation in Arizona. The industries seeing the largest talent gap are construction, health care and personal care, followed by computer and mathematical occupation. … [More]

Encouraging Employers to Hire Deaf, Hard of Hearing Candidates this Winter

by Curtis Humphries

Since the COVID-19 crisis began in March, the job market in Arizona has changed dramatically. Jobs that were once staples have become rare, while others that never existed are becoming more commonplace. As we are rebuilding the job market, are we doing all that we can to provide an opportunity to some of the more vulnerable populations as potential employees. In Arizona, … [More]

Why Inner Peace Is the Workplace Skill You Didn’t Know You Needed

by Edward D. Hess

No doubt about it: The world is loud, chaotic, and outright scary. And with a pandemic piled on top of political/social/economic upheaval piled on top of “normal” disruptors like AI advancements that change everything about the way we work, it’s only going to get more so. Here’s the question: How do you get heard above the chaos? Do you shout louder? Work harder? Bulldoze over … [More]

Find Your Path to a Thriving, Fulfilling Career

Choosing a career path, navigating it successfully and continuing to move in the right direction can get complicated when your life’s work isn’t fulfilling. But it’s never too late to course-correct. While the risks associated with making a job switch might sound great, the cost of staying in a job that doesn’t align with your interests and talents is far greater, advises … [More]

5 Things You Should Be Doing for Your Virtual Internship Program

by Ben Siegel

There’s no doubting that the pandemic has drastically changed the way we work. Offices are closed, most meetings are now virtual, and networking has become a day-to-day challenge. Though industries have found solutions for most of the year’s obstacles, several internship programs have been left behind. As these programs are essential to both business owners and students alike, … [More]

Amazon Promotes Over 35,000 Employees Across North America, Opens 100,000 New Seasonal Jobs Heading Into the Holidays


Amazon announced it has promoted more than 35,000 Operations employees in 2020, that 30,000 employees have taken advantage of Amazon’s Career Choice program, and that it’s creating an additional 100,000 seasonal jobs. With more than 12 million Americans out of work according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics these new seasonal roles in several locations across the US and … [More]