Phoenix Children’s Launches Corporate Venture Studio in Partnership with Coplex

Phoenix Children’s, one of the nation’s largest pediatric health systems, recently announced a partnership with Coplex, a leading venture studio and corporate innovation firm, to launch six new health care technology startups over the next three years. “We’re honored to partner with Phoenix Children’s because its mission is something we care deeply about and the pediatric … [More]

Joining the Wave of New Entrepreneurs? 5 Mistakes That Can Sink You

More than 5 million people became entrepreneurs in 2021 – a total that smashed the single-year record for new business applications by about 1 million. But hovering over that tide of entrepreneurial optimism is some historically discouraging data: about 20% of small businesses fail within the first year and 50% fail within five. If you’re among the many who recently started … [More]

Connect-UV Sanitizes with the Power of Natural Light

by RaeAnne Marsh

Nic Brown founded Connect-UV in March 2020 in direct response to the COVID pandemic and the need to keep people safe from dangerous germs. Connect-UV provides UV-C sanitation products for consumers and businesses. UV-C is naturally occurring light that is filtered by our ozone layer. The wavelength of the light destroys the DNA of microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, and … [More]

Puzzle Rides’ Unique Adventures also Support Other Old-Town Small Businesses 

by Holly Morgan

Katie and Gregg Dufort created Puzzle Rides, a mobile escape room-style scavenger hunt, in the middle of the pandemic. When their Old Town golf cart taxi service got shut down in 2020 because of coronavirus, the couple pivoted to bring one-of-a-kind experiences to the city. Puzzle Rides is an adventure game where players are taken on a scavenger hunt via golf cart and must use … [More]

DAY 5: PHX Startup Week 2022

It's the final day of PHX Startup Week 2022. We hope you've enjoyed the sessions, networking and amazing speakers we've hosted over this week - but we're not done yet! Day 5 session topics include legal insights all business owners should know, effective scaling tactics, brand building and how to raise capital. We've said this before but you REALLY won't want to miss these … [More]

DAY 4: PHX Startup Week 2022

How is it already DAY 4 of PHX Startup Week?! Today's session topics include conversations with health innovators, founders Chris Ronzio and Park Howell, and how you can build an authentic brand. If you're joining virtually, make sure you have the Whova app downloaded or you can login from your desktop. More event details can be found here. We hope day 4 brings you knowledge … [More]

4 Tips on How to Decide What Kind of Business to Start

by Edgar R. Olivo

Starting a business in any economy, up or down, is risky, but can also be rewarding. For many entrepreneurs who want to invest in a business, making the decision to start one can be complicated and scary. There are many factors an entrepreneur needs to consider before starting a business, such as knowing his or her own levels of desire in an industry and the amount of money it … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: 4 consejos sobre cómo decidir qué tipo de negocio iniciar

por Edgar R. Olivo

Iniciar un negocio en cualquier economía, alta o baja, es arriesgado, pero también puede ser gratificante. Para muchos empresarios que quieren invertir en un negocio, tomar la decisión de iniciar uno puede ser complicado y aterrador. Hay muchos factores que un empresario necesita considerar antes de iniciar un negocio, como conocer sus propios niveles de deseo en una industria … [More]

DAY 3: PHX Startup Week 2022

This year's PHX Startup Week event is flying by! Can you believe it's DAY 3 already?! Today's sessions feature lessons in thinking bigger, raising capital and how to retain (and keep!) talent, among other amazing topics. The happy hour at Culdesac HQ tonight is SOLD OUT. Attendees will need to show proof of RSVP through Whova for entrance. If you're joining virtually, … [More]

DAY 2: PHX Startup Week 2022

It's DAY 2 of PHX Startup Week 2022! Today's sessions include the popular Founder F Ups panel, venture development success models and why ESG principals matter to your start up. Lots of great content! We hope you join us for happy hour at AZ Wilderness after - all are welcome! Be sure you have download the Whova app to connect with everyone and access session details. Event … [More]

invisionAZ and StartUpAZ Announce Final Block of EmergeAZ Fast II Grant Awardees

invisionAZ and StartupAZ announce the final block of EmergeAZ Fast II Grant awardees. In partnership with Governor Doug Ducey, $1.5 million had been allocated to the EmergeAZ Fast II Grant to provide resources to Arizona entrepreneurs and startups with emerging technologies designed to address current and future economic, health, or societal challenges. “In just a few … [More]

SBA Launches T.H.R.I.V.E., Executive Level Business Training for Entrepreneurs Ready to Maximize their Full Potential

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and the voice for America’s 32.5 million small businesses in President Biden’s Cabinet, announced the launch of T.H.R.I.V.E. (Train, Hope, Rise, Innovate, Venture, Elevate), a reimagined training program for small business leaders, formerly known as Emerging Leaders. “T.H.R.I.V.E. Emerging Leaders Reimagined initiative will … [More]

Arizona’s Instituto Appoints Former Fellow Shelley Jackson as Its First Executive Director

Instituto, the progressive BIPOC-led, Arizona accelerator and incubator, announced Shelley Jackson as its new executive director. Jackson will lead the organization in fulfilling its mission of equipping low-income and communities of color with the finances, tools, and support they need to build political infrastructure and power. “We must empower and uplift low-income … [More]

Decisions! A 7-Step Process to Help Entrepreneurs to Make Good Choices

by Edgar R. Olivo

Entrepreneurs make a lot of daily decisions to lead their business to success. Some decisions are so simple that the entrepreneurs are barely aware they are making them, while others are time-consuming, high-risk, and can leave them feeling anxious. Decisions can make or break a project or an entire business. And they often involve complex and unpredictable interpersonal … [More]

EN NEGOCIOS: ¡Decisiones!: Un proceso de 7 pasos para ayudar a los emprendedores a tomar buenas decisiones

por Edgar R. Olivo

Los emprendedores toman muchas decisiones diarias para llevar su negocio al éxito. Algunas decisiones son tan simples que apenas se dan cuenta de que las están tomando, mientras que otras requieren mucho tiempo, son de alto riesgo y pueden hacer que se sientan ansiosos. Las decisiones pueden hacer o deshacer un proyecto o un negocio completo. Y a menudo también involucran … [More]

Caribou: Childcare & Community

by RaeAnne Marsh 

Taking to heart the advice, “Create a product that people need,” Dinali de Silva and Jordan Kong founded Caribou last year to provide “reliable childcare.” Says de Silva, “Childcare in America is a fragmented and broken system. The current options are either too expensive for the average family or don't offer the one-to-one attention that young kids need. At Caribou, we believe … [More]

Phoenix Is a Top 10 Startup City

by Jaime Dunaway-Seale

In the past decade, Phoenix has developed into a technological hub to rival that of Silicon Valley. The capital city’s rise as an innovation center has made it one of the fastest-growing metros in the United States, with job growth exceeding the national average by 44%.  This is among several key findings in a new study from Clever Real Estate that ranks Phoenix as the … [More]

Family Tradition Inspires Leila’s Empanadas 

by RaeAnne Marsh

Owner and chef Leila Beltrame of Leila’s Empanadas, started putting her artisan empanadas and Brazilian cheese rolls on the market last November, launching with an event to benefit a local nonprofit. “They are healthy food options because they do not contain any type of preservative,” she says, noting they use the best ingredients available, including organic. “We sell them … [More]

qBotica Reaches Finals for Arizona Startup Competition

qBotica, a Phoenix-based intelligent document processing and robotic-process automation company, was recently nominated for a competition between Arizona's 16 most innovative startups and is now among the Final 2 technology companies to be featured in the event to elevate the region's startup ecosystem and encourage investment. AZ Inno Madness is a friendly … [More]

Former Tuft and Needle Execs Get Funding for New Outdoor Furniture Venture

Phoenix-based outdoor furniture brand, Neighbor, announces the closing of a Series A funding round from Strand Equity. The funding round will support new product development, team expansion, and marketing initiatives. The multi-billion-dollar outdoor furniture industry has grown significantly with increased consumer willingness to invest in quality pieces while spending more … [More]

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