Plug and Play accelerateAZ Announces New Sustainability Accelerator Program

Plug and Play accelerateAZ, a program of the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA), announced today a new Sustainability program that will support the growth of Arizona sustainability-focused startups. The new program, announced at the Plug and Play Silicon Valley Summit in Sunnyvale, California, will launch in Spring 2024. The accelerateAZ Sustainability program will support … [More]

Believe a Buddy – the Affirmation Teddy Bear

by RaeAnne Marsh

Believe a Buddy is an interactive, powerful affirmation teddy bear that helps children believe in themselves; it gives children the power to change their negative thinking patterns and teaches them to speak positive affirmations and build self-esteem. Believe a Buddy inspires children to start their day with intention. The affirmation cards can be pulled daily in the house … [More]

TouchPoint Solution for a Wearable BLAST of Stress Relief

by RaeAnne Marsh

The TouchPoint Solution was founded in 2015 with the mission to bring relief to the millions of people who suffer from stress and anxiety. The wearable device incorporates BLAST® Technology and AI, which makes it the world’s first AI-driven stress relief device.  The TouchPoint Solution took the world by storm when it unveiled its proprietary BLAST (bi-lateral alternating … [More]

VC Funding in Turbulent Times: Attracting Investors with Outsourcing

The state of venture capital (VC) funding in the US has seldom been in such dire straits. Feeling the pressure of the economic downturn, investors have been quick to tighten their purse strings. With the competition for funding consequently reaching a crescendo, startups looking to secure VC funding have been desperately searching for a unique differentiator. 1840 & … [More]

Movement Interactive’s Wearables Address Concussions in Sports

by RaeAnne Marsh

Movement Interactive, Inc. is a developer of wearable technology to address undiagnosed concussions and unreported falls. The Phoenix-based company’s patented Hiji®Band & Hiji®Sense are comfortable and versatile headbands and calf compression sleeves. The wearables include Bluetooth sensor technology that connects to a mobile app to provide real-time data directly to family … [More]

Compassionate Callers – A Lifeline via Phone

by RaeAnne Marsh

Compassionate Callers offers a new way to check in on loved ones. Founded by Bima Colman this past March, it is a simple calling service dedicated to connecting loved ones and clients of all ages and thus enhancing the well-being and quality of life for its clients. “Our mission is to provide reliable, affordable and compassion support through up to five calls per day, seven … [More]

Healthcare Venture Incubator Accepting Applications for Second Founder-In-Residence Cohort

The Journey Venture Studio announced the recruitment of its second Founder-In-Residence cohort, focused on matching diverse aspiring entrepreneurs with healthcare startup concepts. Through its “Founder-in-Residence” program, The Journey offers culturally competent leadership development and venture building acumen to empower diverse founders to build new ventures that sit at … [More]

If It Tastes Like Chicken … Thank Recreate Foods

by RaeAnne Marsh

Recreate Foods specializes in developing chef-drive, culinary-forward, plant-based chicken alternatives that deliver a better flavor experience than even traditional animal protein itself as well as other plant-based brands. Its meatless-chicken products are packed with non-GMO, soy-free pea protein and contain zero cholesterol. “Recreate Foods stands ahead of the competition … [More]

Kiwi Turf Cleaners Provides Real Care for Artificial Turf

by RaeAnne Marsh

No, artificial turf is not maintenance-free. Kiwi Turf Cleaners, founded earlier this year by James Patterson and Ryan Moore, offers a solution for artificial turf owners who want to have their turf simply refreshed — or have it completely deep cleaned, deodorized, and sanitized.  “My brother-in-law Ryan and I were discussing our artificial turf lawns and just how hard it … [More] Next-Gen Career Platform 

by Jennifer Bookspan

Launched in January 2023 in partnership with the success-focused media platform Forbes, is the exclusive next-generation career platform that connects the entire talent community — candidates, recruiters and companies. With the mission to redefine the career journey, enables talent to connect with industry-leading recruiters on exclusive career … [More]

Breaking Point: How Fixed Costs Menace Startup Ventures

As the post-pandemic boom recedes, venture-backed startups in the US tread unfamiliar territory. Inflation and fears of a recession have disrupted VC funding, leaving these small businesses scrambling for a silver bullet to scale their products and services. 1840 & Company, a pioneering talent solutions provider, revolutionizes startup success by blending business process … [More]

Former PayPal Executive’s Venture Firm to Support Growth of AI Solutions Co. with $2.5M Seed Investment, a leading provider of AI process automation solutions for the nuclear industry, announced today at the Utility Working Conference and Vendor Technology Expo (UWC 2023) a Seed investment of $2.5M, led by AZ-VC with participation from Nucleation Capital. The round empowers to grow its market leadership in nuclear facilities, scaling access to its AI and … [More]

Business Accelerator Nonprofit Expands to Arizona, Helping Businesses Get Their Start

Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to accelerate economic and social impact through inclusive entrepreneurship, today announced the launch of its first fully virtual business accelerator program to help reach its goal of serving 50,000 entrepreneurs by 2030. Piloting in Arizona, California and Texas in January 2024, this initiative is … [More]

Quasar Quantum Healing Promotes a Full-Body Approach

by RaeAnne Marsh 

Monica Samuels created Quasar Quantum Healing as the next wave in modern wellness. Founded in February 2021, QQH combines cutting-edge, non-invasive technology with yoga, meditation and nutritional guidance designed to detox the body at a cellular level and help achieve whole-body wellness. QQH serves those dealing with everything from skin conditions, joint pain and sports … [More]

Biotech Consulting of AZ Helps Innovative Companies Market to Investors

by RaeAnne Marsh 

Biotech Consulting of Arizona, LLC provides consulting services to biotech and life sciences companies in the areas of consumer products, over-the-counter products, oral care products, applied genomics and molecular diagnostic products, operations laboratory support and technology evaluation as well as representing foreign companies in the USA.  The company was founded this … [More]

NYFTY Solar Empowers the Consumer

by RaeAnne Marsh

Our Valley of the Sun has no shortage of sun — and no shortage of solar companies. And that latter fact is, actually, what prompted Justin Thorstad and Nicholas Baken to co-found NYFTY Solar, a solar energy systems broker for residential and commercial customers. “We (NYFTY Solar) educate the consumer, empowering them to make better-informed decisions. Paying cash is always … [More]

TreCeuticals – Skincare Game-Changer with CBD

by RaeAnne Marsh

“TreCeuticals is the first patent-pending professional brand of skincare to combine scientifically proven active ingredients (Retinol, hydroxy acids and antioxidants) with the calming benefits of full-spectrum CBD in an easy-to-use system,” says Erin Dodd, who co-founded the company with Sharon Skarr in 2019. Their goal has been to simplify skincare by creating products that … [More]

Three Innovative Phoenix Biotech Businesses Secure Spot at 2023 BIO International Convention

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Phoenix-based start-ups ElectraTect, FAKnostics, and Reference Medicine are among the 50 global companies selected to participate in the highly acclaimed Start-Up Stadium at the 2023 BIO International Convention. This unique platform provides seed-stage companies with an … [More]

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