IMAPS Device Packaging Conference Celebrates 20 Years of Success

Conference’s success underscores the industry’s robust growth

by Shannon Blood

The International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society’s (IMAPS) recent Device Packaging Conference 2024 recently marked a significant milestone, not only celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with a record-breaking turnout but also upping the ante on Arizona’s booming semiconductor industry. Held in Fountain Hills, Arizona, the event saw a significant increase in attendance, with 762 participants, marking a 16% rise from the previous year and setting a new high in DPC’s 20-year history.

Arizona’s flourishing semiconductor industry played a pivotal role in this achievement, with 220 local participants showcasing the region’s vibrant advanced packaging activities. Notably, more than 50 students, many from Arizona State University, actively engaged in professional development courses, conference sessions, and networking opportunities with industry experts. Furthermore, 115 attendees, entirely new to IMAPS, joined as new members, demonstrating a growing interest and commitment to the industry’s development.

The event’s exhibit hall was completely sold out, with 66 exhibitors. Due to high demand, an additional 25 companies were waitlisted, highlighting the industry’s fervent engagement and interest.

DPC’s success underscores the industry’s robust growth trajectory, prompting plans for next year’s event in a larger venue to accommodate the increasing demand for session rooms, exhibits and accommodations. The CHIPS and Science Act signing in 2022 also contributed significantly to DPC’s growth, with attendance records consistently being shattered. Its 2025 event is scheduled for March 3–6 at the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass in Phoenix, with ample space for more meetings, exhibits and networking opportunities.

Scott Hayes, the general chair for DPC 2024, expressed his enthusiasm, highlighting the event’s diverse networking and learning opportunities. He praised the organizing committee, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees for making the 20th annual DPC a resounding success.

Amy Lujan, the general chair-elect for DPC 2025, echoed the sentiments, emphasizing the conference’s comprehensive program, which includes professional development courses, keynotes, and plenary sessions covering industry trends and insights.

“The 20th anniversary of Device Packaging was one of the best yet. This year’s conference was packed with content — 12 PDCs, five keynotes, a timely and valuable morning of plenary sessions organized by the GBC, and lots more. This conference has always been one of my favorites because it strikes the perfect balance between small enough for focused content and meetings with old friends, and large enough for meeting new people and catching up on the latest and greatest advances in our industry,” says Lujan.

The conference spotlighted Arizona’s semiconductor industry growth, citing major announcements such as the ME Commons SWAP Hub’s $40-million award and numerous semiconductor expansions in the state. Arizona’s position as a leader in new semiconductor jobs, investment and supplier expansions further accentuated the region’s importance in the global semiconductor landscape.

Another unique element of the conference was the first-ever 3D InCites-sponsored “Backyard Olympics” event, which boasted six Olympics-style events, hosting ten teams of four, where participants could mix, mingle and compete.

“Having attended 15 of the total 20 IMAPS Device Packaging Conferences, I’ve watched this event grow and evolve into one of the microelectronics industry’s main annual attractions. 3D InCites members consider it a vital platform for sharing their latest innovations,” says Françoise von Trapp, managing partner and editorial director of 3D InCites. “IMAPS mantra is ‘Learn, Connect, and Collaborate,’ and the DPC reflects it all. It’s been a pleasure and an honor for 3D InCites to be the official industry partner of IMAPS, and we look forward to helping foster many more years of innovative technology in the future.”

IMAPS recognizes that events like DPC play a critical role in the advanced packaging industry and related activities supported by IMAPS are vital for advancing packaging education, fostering networking, and facilitating workforce development to sustain Arizona’s semiconductor industry’s growth in the coming years. IMAPS remains committed to supporting corporate members, academic institutions and students, and industry partners investing in research and development and expanding locally, contributing to the industry’s continued success.

Device Packaging’s 20-year journey mirrors Arizona’s rise as a semiconductor powerhouse, showcasing technological advancements and the collaborative spirit and strategic vision driving the industry forward.

Industry Snapshot

  • Packaging is a $119.3 billion industry.
  • Advanced packaging is a $44.3 billion industry.
  • Packaging contributes to the semiconductor industry, of which Arizona provides more than 140,000 jobs and will add approximately 114,800 jobs by 2030.
  • Semiconductors are ranked second, ranked by export value at $3.5 billion.
  • Arizona has a 300% growth opportunity for advanced packaging.

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