Chips of the Future: New Frontier in Advanced Packaging

by Stephanie Quinn

As the United States strives to regain its status as a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing and research, the spotlight is now on the critical field of advanced packaging. This innovative technology involves encasing silicon chips in a protective layer to enhance their functionality and longevity. It facilitates denser chip configurations in more compact spaces and thus … [More]

Transforming Mental Health in the Workplace: The Crucial Role of Company Culture

by Dr. George Orras

Business leaders are keenly aware of the link between mental health and workplace performance. As a result, companies nationwide are working to improve employee mental health. Strategies encompass wellness programs, mental health days and benefits packages that include access to virtual therapy and psychiatry. But is it enough? To make a true and lasting impact on … [More]

NAU Programs Address Critical Nursing Shortage

by Mike Hunter

Arizona is projected to have the nation’s largest shortage of nurses by 2025. Healthcare systems of all sizes and varieties have been impacted by the ongoing shortage. And previous short-term solutions, like travel nurses, aren’t enough. For years, Northern Arizona University has been working to grow nursing programs and staff this critical area, especially among underserved … [More]

Today’s Mini Golf: How Puttshack Is Embracing Technology

by Ben Shepherd

Miniature golf, once a simple pastime, has evolved into a sophisticated industry that leverages technology to enhance the player experience. From interactive courses to advanced scoring systems, technology has become an integral part of modern mini golf. This article will explore how Puttshack embraced technology to innovate and elevate the game. Puttshack’s technology not only … [More]

Business Leaders Value ChatGPT Experience in Up-and-Coming Workforce

by Mike Hunter

Investigating the importance of ChatGPT experience for young professionals, a recent survey from, a platform dedicated to helping young professionals navigate the future of work, found half (49%) of business leaders believe ChatGPT experience is more valuable than a college degree. The other half is split between 36% of the survey respondents who disagree with … [More]

PrismJet: Jet Owners’ One-Stop Solution

by RaeAnne Marsh

PrismJet offers dynamic aircraft management and charter services with the goal of providing concierge management services with a unique and proactive approach. “Think of PrismJet like a property management company but, instead of investment properties, we take care of every facet of jet ownership, including pilot staffing, accounting, maintenance, trip planning, regulatory … [More]

Max & Ollie: Baseball as a Lifestyle Brand

by RaeAnne Marsh

Max & Ollie began in 2020 with a book, Max & Ollie’s Guide to Baseball, which founder Stephanie Montgomery created to teach kids about our national pastime and share her own love for the game. She has since developed it as a brand for all ages, featuring baseball-themed gifts for kids such as puzzles, blankets and notebooks — which include art from the book, illustrated … [More]

Emerging Trends in Demand for Phoenix Office Space

by Andrea Davis

According to the U.S. Census, Maricopa County topped the nation in population growth through 2022, and a recent study by QRFY ranked Arizona in the top 10 for most entrepreneurial states based on statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor. While some companies are still navigating policies and practices for bringing employees back into the office post-COVID, the combination of … [More]

Transition to Sustainable Energy Sources: A Trend in Real Estate Development

by Jay Khatami

The recent surge in renewable energy deployment has seen substantial growth in utility-scale solar, wind and battery storage projects, driving significant capital investments. These utility-scale projects contribute to the overall grid supply alongside traditional generators like gas and coal-fired plants. However, while utility-scale installations have soared, commercial, … [More]

Handwrytten Robots Put a Personal Touch on Direct Marketing

by Mike Hunter

Handwrytten was formed in 2014 to reignite the art of handwritten correspondence. Its robots help businesses achieve greater open rates, response rates and ROI than printed or email messages, at a scale that was previously impossible. Handwritten notes have response rates 7 to 21 times greater than printed mail and can be used in nearly every messaging situation. And … [More]

Feedback: May 2024

by Chloe Conklin, Chris Kearney, Jennifer Understahl

Q: For your type of business, what are the most important physical attributes of your workplace, and why? Chloe Conklin Manager of Community Programs Optum – Arizona Sector: Healthcare The physical space at our six, Valley-wide Optum Community Centers is intentionally designed for our 55+ community members to enjoy at no cost, heightening their physical activity and … [More]

Keep Employees Healthy by Maintaining a Clean Work Environment

by Ryan Knoll

In any office setting, cleaning isn’t just about keeping it looking nice for guests. The cleanliness of the workplace has a direct effect on employee’s health, productivity and morale. A clean environment helps reduce stress, fosters a sense of pride in the workplace and promotes physical health. Health Benefits Having a clean office reduces the risk of illnesses. Hiring a … [More]

Navigating the Entrepreneurial Landscape: Insights from Valley Leaders

by Nathan Donohue

2024 has been predicted to be a year of booming home-based entrepreneurship, so those who want to start their own business aren’t alone. Studies indicate that Gen Z is poised to lead the charge as the most entrepreneurial generation and, according to Wells Fargo, the number of woman-owned businesses has almost doubled in the last few years compared to men. As I step into the … [More]

2025 Lexus UX Hybrid

by Mike Hunter

From its all-new powertrain to the bold style of the exciting F SPORT models, the driver-inspired Lexus UXh line was engineered for exploration inside and out. With its extremely lightweight and rigid platform, the UX Hybrid delivers sharp handling. It uses structural adhesives and laser screw welds, which significantly reduce the need for weighty screws and fasteners while … [More]

Breakfast Kitchen Bar: Where Business Meets Flavorful Dining

by Holly Morgan

Picture this: The aroma of freshly brewed coffee intertwining with the hum of business discussions. That's the essence of Breakfast Kitchen Bar, a haven designed with the busy professional in mind. Step into the Desert Ridge or Scottsdale location and experience an ambiance that effortlessly combines sophistication with comfort, perfect for a healthy lunch or a swift business … [More]

The Venture Mindset: How to Make Smarter Bets and Achieve Extraordinary Growth

by Mike Hunter

Inspired by venture capitalists’ unique way of thinking, The Venture Mindset offers a transformative playbook for delivering results in a rapidly changing world from a top Stanford professor and a technology executive. Venture capitalists are known for their extraordinary ability to spot opportunities. They know how to identify emerging trends, how to bring new industries into … [More]

A Leader’s Destiny: Why Psychology, Personality, and Character Make All the Difference

by Mike Hunter

Elias Aboujaoude’s distinctive exploration of leadership provides unusual insight into understanding who should and should not be striving for leadership positions. Dr Aboujaoude takes on the culture at large, explaining how our cult-like obsession with leadership gives narcissists an edge and results in leadership failure everywhere we look — and how resisting the imperative … [More]

Graciously Assertive: How Becoming a Better Human Makes You a Better Leader

by Mike Hunter

Dr. Yasmin Davidds has spent most of her professional life empowering women leaders. In this new book, the award-winning entrepreneur, psychologist, speaker and author continues her lifelong mission, offering helpful tools and strategies to people of all backgrounds who are looking to transform the way they communicate in the workplace. Breaking down what she refers to as a … [More]

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