Arizona REALTORS: Pioneering Philanthropy for Lasting Social Impact

Powered by a pervasive spirit of volunteerism

by Tyler Butler

Photo courtesy to Arizona REALTORS®

Since its establishment in 1945, Arizona REALTORS® has epitomized a commitment to not only facilitating real estate transactions but also to fostering vibrant communities and driving meaningful social change across the state. With a membership exceeding 55,000 professionals, the association stands as a beacon of philanthropy, sustainability and social responsibility, striving to make homeownership accessible while tackling pressing societal challenges head-on.

“At the core of our mission lies a profound dedication to community service and outreach,” emphasizes CEO Scott Drucker. “Our members recognize the diverse housing needs of today, from affordability to homelessness and disaster recovery, and actively engage in initiatives addressing these challenges.”

Central to the Arizona REALTORS ethos is the Foundation for Housing and Community Outreach, established to raise funds for local associations and support critical projects and educational programs aimed at enhancing housing opportunities. “From monetary donations to blood drives to fire and flood relief, Arizona Realtors are doing their part to give back to programs and nonprofit organizations across the state,” says Drucker.

The association’s commitment extends beyond state borders through initiatives like the Arizona REALTORS Disaster Assistance Foundation, which has provided vital financial aid to individuals and families affected by personal or natural disasters since 2002. “With homelessness impacting Arizona’s most vulnerable communities, including families, the elderly and veterans, ARDAF is helping people find a place they can call home,” affirms committee member Michelle Lind.

Moreover, Arizona REALTORS’ dedication to creating sustainable solutions to housing challenges is evident through partnerships like the Arizona Housing Fund. By pledging substantial funds and encouraging voluntary donations from buyers and sellers, the association is actively combating homelessness and driving positive change within its communities. “Our success relies on the community that we serve every day. By embracing community outreach, the Arizona REALTORS® has gone beyond business,” notes Realtor Eric Gibbs, 2023 president.

Volunteerism lies at the core of the Arizona REALTORS social impact initiatives. Members actively contribute their time and resources to support local nonprofits and participate in hands-on projects, fostering a culture of giving back. “From participating in emergency food box packing to supporting medical supply distribution, our members are making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need,” emphasizes Drucker.

Photo courtesy to Arizona REALTORS®

Furthermore, the association’s dedication to nurturing future leaders in the real estate industry is evident through initiatives like the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Real Estate Scholarship Program. By providing financial assistance and mentorship opportunities, Arizona REALTORS is paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive profession, empowering aspiring Realtors to make a meaningful difference in their communities.

“As Realtors, our success relies on the community that we serve every day. By embracing community outreach, Arizona REALTORS has gone beyond business and amplified the meaning behind the work that we do as professionals while changing lives and creating thriving communities,” concludes Gibbs.

As Arizona REALTORS continues to expand its footprint in community development and social responsibility, its impact resonates far beyond the realm of real estate. By embodying the values of compassion, integrity and service, its members are not just selling homes; they’re building futures and changing lives. Through their unwavering dedication to philanthropy and social impact, the Arizona Realtors are setting a powerful example for industry professionals nationwide, demonstrating that success is measured not only by transactions closed but by the positive difference made in the lives of others.

Expanding on its commitment to philanthropy, Arizona REALTORS has initiated various programs aimed at fostering community engagement and addressing critical societal issues. One such initiative is the Arizona Helping Hands Birthday Dreams program, where members come together to create birthday packages for children in foster care. Additionally, they actively support St. Mary’s Food Bank by participating in emergency food box packing, ensuring that vulnerable individuals and families have access to essential nutrition.

The association’s philanthropic endeavors extend beyond local communities, as evidenced by its collaboration with Project C.U.R.E., the world’s largest distributor of donated medical equipment and supplies. Members volunteer their time to help pack medical boxes, contributing to improving healthcare access in underdeveloped areas globally. This global outreach underscores the commitment of Arizona REALTORS to making a positive impact beyond state borders.

Furthermore, the association’s recent introduction of the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Real Estate Scholarship Program demonstrates its commitment to nurturing diverse talent within the industry. By providing financial support and mentorship opportunities, Arizona REALTORS is empowering individuals from underrepresented backgrounds to pursue careers in real estate and contribute to building more inclusive communities.

In addition to its ongoing initiatives, Arizona REALTORS annually recognizes members who actively engage in giving back efforts through its Community Outreach Awards. These awards celebrate Realtors and Realtor associations for their outstanding contributions to community service, highlighting the association’s commitment to fostering a culture of philanthropy and social responsibility among its members.

Arizona REALTORS’ philanthropic endeavors are deeply rooted in its commitment to serving communities, addressing societal challenges and creating lasting social impact. Through its diverse range of programs and initiatives, its members are not only facilitating homeownership but also building stronger, more resilient communities where every individual has the opportunity to thrive.

Tyler Butler is a chief social impact officer for a publicly traded corporate portfolio where she leads programs that positively impact humanity. She is also the founder of 11Eleven Consulting, and she is often cited as a subject matter expert by Forbes, SHRM, Entrepreneur, U.S. News & World Report and more.

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