Trading Places: How Are We Fostering International Business?

by RaeAnne Marsh

“Arizona and Greater Phoenix’s emergence as a top national market has coincided with the growth of its international trade,” states Chris Camacho, president and CEO of Greater Phoenix Economic Council. He notes that, from 2012–2022, Arizona’s world trade increased by more than 60%, which was well above the national average of about 39% and was part of a surge in recent years, … [More]

Marco A. Lopez Jr., Intermestic Partners

Widening Circles of International Trade 

from Marco A. Lopez Jr.

Coastal states generally have the edge where it comes to reaping the lucrative benefits of international trade. Arizona is breaking the mold and leveraging its shared (and admittedly embattled) southern border and long-standing relationship with the U.S.’s neighbor to the north. Amidst the rhythmic dance of global commerce, the essence of trade transcends mere transactions. … [More]

Talent Strategy – How to Weather the Storm 

6 tips for CEOs and CHROs to navigate uncertainty

by Jesse Meschuk 

CEOs and CHROs began 2023 facing exceptional challenges. A weakening economy, a stubbornly tight labor market, persistent inflation, banking instability, war and a new cultural dynamic in which workplace talent is dispersed globally make the job of managing modern workforces exceptionally turbulent. Navigating these challenges requires an honest, hard look at talent strategy. … [More]

Babbo Italian Eatery: Feasting for a Cause

But community engagement extends far beyond the dining tables

by Tyler Butler

In the heart of Glendale, Arizona, a culinary revolution began in 2002 when Ken Pollack founded the first Babbo Italian Eatery. His vision was clear: to create a modern take on Italian cuisine that would not only tantalize taste buds but also foster a sense of community. Fast forward to the present, and Babbo has not only achieved its culinary goals but has also carved a path … [More]

Boosting Business Growth with a ‘No Meetings’ Approach

Prioritizing productivity over mere presence

by Aleksandra Sulimko

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, companies are continually exploring effective strategies to boost productivity and growth. A prime example is the unconventional "no meetings" policy. This policy has been reinforced by recent studies, such as the survey of 76 companies with operations in more than 50 countries that found a single no-meeting day per week improved … [More]

Reading the Signs: More Communication Is Not Better Communication

Top 3 things to do to avoid any miscommunication with one’s team

by Richard Newman 

Presentations in business often go something like this: Someone stands up in front of a group and delivers a list of data and facts. The information is soon forgotten, just like items on a conveyor belt in “The Generation Game.” The attendees leave the meeting, and when asked what it was about, they are forced to create a story about the facts they can remember, which can lead … [More]

Music Improves Workplace Productivity and Keeps Employees Connected

Create a positive culture that hits the right note every time

by Ross Honey

The most innovative workplaces are proactively seeking fresh ways to stand out from the crowd by dancing to the beat of a new tune and cultivating an environment where teams go against the grain of isolation. Separation from the rest of the team is not what fills our work lives with meaning or satisfaction, so employers are uncovering new opportunities to boost productivity and … [More]

Private Sector Addresses Arizona’s Homelessness Crisis: Arizona Housing Fund

A successful community is one where the population has access to housing at all socio-economic levels

by Tim Sprague 

Bank of America executive Howard Epstein established the Arizona Housing Fund in 2019 to provide a simple way for corporations, foundations and individuals to fund more permanent, supportive, and affordable housing. After decades of serving on nonprofit boards working to address the growing issue of homelessness, it was clear government could not do it alone. It would take an … [More]

Curb Fraud Vulnerabilities – Take Control of Payments Processes

by Karah Gagnon 

Incidents of payments fraud continue to increase as fraudsters take advantage of the digitization of work, shopping and general operations and communications. Despite growing attacks and attempts on digital payments — ACH debits and credits, wires, virtual cards, mobile wallets and cryptocurrency — the payments most vulnerable to fraud continue to be a more traditional method … [More]

Business Succession Planning Is Crucial for Successfully Sustaining a Business

Preparing for the expected and unexpected assures critical staff, customers, banks and vendors that the company’s future is seamless

by Scott Jensen, Esq.

Millions were glued to the screen for multiple episodes and seasons of “Succession,” watching the agony of a major corporation with nowhere to go when its charismatic leader was gone. It might have worked for binge streaming but, in real life, a failure to plan doesn’t end with the director yelling, “That’s a take.” Too many companies rest their future on a handshake and … [More]

Cultivating Relationships That Build Stronger Communities

Aligning ‘giving back’ with company values also benefits in engaged employees

by Emma Garcia

More than 80% of employees believe their company should provide opportunities to engage in the community, according to a recent American Charities employer research study. How can a business provide these opportunities to satisfy their employees’ desire to give back, and what type of impact will it have on the company, the employees and the community as a whole?  Finding a … [More]

Feedback: November 2023

by Todd Gillenwater, RJ Muller, Dr. Laura Nelson  

Q: What policies or programs does your company have in place to support your employees’ interests in community philanthropy?  Todd Gillenwater Chief Executive Officer Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty Sector: Real Estate  We are a 76-year-old Arizona business that has always believed in giving back; it is in our DNA. The Russ Lyon Foundation is our nonprofit … [More]

Movement Interactive’s Wearables Address Concussions in Sports

by RaeAnne Marsh

Movement Interactive, Inc. is a developer of wearable technology to address undiagnosed concussions and unreported falls. The Phoenix-based company’s patented Hiji®Band & Hiji®Sense are comfortable and versatile headbands and calf compression sleeves. The wearables include Bluetooth sensor technology that connects to a mobile app to provide real-time data directly to family … [More]

Compassionate Callers – A Lifeline via Phone

by RaeAnne Marsh

Compassionate Callers offers a new way to check in on loved ones. Founded by Bima Colman this past March, it is a simple calling service dedicated to connecting loved ones and clients of all ages and thus enhancing the well-being and quality of life for its clients. “Our mission is to provide reliable, affordable and compassion support through up to five calls per day, seven … [More]

HealthspanMD Founder Dares to Fix a Fragmented System

How Robert Todd Hurst, M.D., is ushering in a new approach to patient-centered cardiology

by Andrea Aker

It’s no secret that gaps and bureaucracy in the healthcare system are impacting the quality of care. Yet the issues have become so big and complex, few people are willing tackle to them head on. Board-certified cardiologist Robert Todd Hurst, M.D., FACC, FASE, is among the innovative providers who are choosing to chart a new path, putting patients first, exhibiting the highest … [More]

Rising Temperatures in Phoenix Require Thoughtful and Sustainable Urban Design 

by Michael W. Krentz 

Warming global temperatures have been one of the key drivers of climate change. As myriad odd weather patterns have developed over the past three to four decades, one of the most notable changes locally has been the shift of the monsoon weather patterns in late summer. A contributing factor has been the buildup of Metro Phoenix, creating the urban heat island, or ”heat dome,” … [More]

Demand for TI Work in CRE Heats Up amid Economic Uncertainty

by Nathan Padron

Phoenix’s robust industrial market is propelling the region to the forefront of the industry, driving both increased construction of industrial spaces and a surge in tenant improvement (TI) projects. The rise in TI projects, which entail making modifications to an existing building in order to tailor it to fit the business’s unique needs, highlights the growing demand for … [More]

New Affordable Housing in South Phoenix and Goodyear

by Mike Hunter

Dominium, one of the nation’s leading owners, developers and managers of affordable housing, recently held a grand opening of 308 units of affordable housing for working families in South Phoenix on October 24 and broke ground on 657 units of both family and senior affordable housing in Goodyear on October 25. The Goodyear project is Arizona’s largest affordable multifamily new … [More]

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