Marco A. Lopez Jr., Intermestic Partners

Widening Circles of International Trade 

from Marco A. Lopez Jr.

Coastal states generally have the edge where it comes to reaping the lucrative benefits of international trade. Arizona is breaking the mold and leveraging its shared (and admittedly embattled) southern border and long-standing relationship with the U.S.’s neighbor to the north.

Amidst the rhythmic dance of global commerce, the essence of trade transcends mere transactions. International trade, in its entirety, forges connections and understanding among nations. My own experiences with Arizona highlight the state’s incredible tenacity to not just leverage its geographical positioning but to build bridges of commerce and trust with our neighboring nations. We often underestimate the power of cross-border trade; it’s not just about economic value but the intertwining of cultures, practices, and mutual respect. Our proximity to Mexico (and Canada) isn’t just a geographical advantage — it’s an opportunity to establish Arizona as a nexus of North American collaboration.

The cover story this month goes into that and a multitude of other impacts we enjoy from our international trade, as In Business Magazine editor RaeAnne Marsh interviewed organizations and businesses active in that realm.

Even while looking outward for business opportunity, business leaders need to keep an eye inward at their workplace talent. In feature article “How to Weather the Storm,” Jesse Meschuk, shares tips for CEOs and CHROs to manage the turbulence in modern workforces as they navigate uncertainties from war, changing cultural dynamics, a stubbornly tight labor market and more.

Communication is key in any endeavor, and it takes more than words to communicate effectively. Richard Newman explores both sides of communication — relating it and receiving it — in “Reading the Signs: Communication Is More than Words.” And another way to reach people is through music, as Ross Henry discusses in “Music Improves Workplace Productivity and Keeps Employees Connected.”

Cybersecurity dominates headlines on the topic of vulnerability to digital advances, but Karah Gagnon points out the payments most vulnerable to fraud continue to be a more traditional method of payment — checks — in his Economy feature “Take Control of Payments Processes and Curb Fraud Vulnerabilities.”

It may seem counterintuitive that fewer meetings would improve communication, but this is one of several eye-opening discoveries Aleksandra Sulimko discusses in this month’s Roundtable feature, “Boosting Business Growth with a ‘No Meetings’ Approach.”

With topics from healthcare to commercial real estate, from leadership to technology, and capping this month with the annual Excellence in Banking special section, In Business Magazine helps strengthen our business community with timely and relevant information. I’m pleased to be part of bringing you this November edition of In Business Magazine, and hope you enjoy the read. 


Marco A. Lopez Jr.
Founder and CEO
Intermestic Partners

Marco A. López Jr. is the CEO of Intermestic Partners, a prominent international business advisory and investment group. Born from humble beginnings, López’s parents immigrated to Arizona from Mexico with a dream — a dream that propelled López to become one of the youngest mayors in the U.S. at 21. His dedication led him to serve as director of the Arizona Department of Commerce and later as chief of staff at Customs and Border Protection under the Obama Administration. A staunch advocate for the Promise of Arizona, López ran for governor, championing the idea that hard work and respect can open doors of opportunity for all. He continues his mission, using his extensive leadership experience to create a more inclusive and promising future for everyone. Over the past 10 years, López’s work has connected 1 million low-income families to high-speed internet in the U.S. and, and in Arizona, his entrepreneurship is on track to create 16,000 jobs. López is also a senior advisor to the Carlos Slim Foundation, focusing on digital inclusion, vocational education and economic development in the U.S.

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