Is Who We Are Shaping the Tech Industry?

And how are we making it work?

by RaeAnne Marsh

“Arizona’s tech community is a connected community,” says Sandra Watson, president and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. “The camaraderie between entrepreneurs, whether you’ve been here for decades or just arrived this year, is as generous and welcoming as any in the world — a valuable asset for fostering innovation and collaboration.” Such positivity from the state … [More]

Sandra Watson, Arizona Commerce Authority

We Nurture Tech

from Sandra Watson

Technology has bloomed in Arizona. With roots that stretch back decades, today’s emerging technology sectors are leading the nation. Arizona’s high-tech transformation is the focus of this month’s cover story, “Is Who We Are Shaping the Tech Industry?” The strength of our technology ecosystem lies in our collaborative approach and welcoming community. Importantly, Arizona’s … [More]

‘I Want to Help … but Should I?’ 

Five ways leaders can practice responsible generosity

by Gary Harpst

Most leaders have been there: We see someone who needs help, and we quickly provide it, only to end up feeling taken advantage of. Maybe you helped an employee out of a financial jam, only to see them keep making bad decisions. Or you spent hours coaching a younger colleague and then watched him ignore your advice. Or you stepped in to “rescue” a teammate who wasn’t prepared … [More]

Philanthropy at the Heart of Super Star Car Wash’s Growth

Committed to being a key member in the communities it serves

by Tyler Butler

For Super Star Car Wash, caring for the community has been a core value since its start in 1993. With new locations popping up across the Valley, the auto wash has continued to grow over the course of 30 years, expanding its services into California and Texas. Now, Super Star’s leadership has set their sights on Colorado, with new locations coming in 2023. Super Star Car … [More]

Top Eight Things to Avoid when Responding to a State Government RFP

And counterstrategies to win

by Lisa Rehurek

Distinction is the key to winning. Businesses that respond to state government requests for proposal by simply meeting the requirements and qualifications will not stand out and likely won’t win. It’s imperative that a business find a way to distinguish itself through its solution, its expertise and its industry credibility.  These eight top mistakes hold businesses back … [More]

Moving from ‘Fine’ to ‘Well’ at Work

The roadmap to creating a practical wellness plan for the office 

by Jim Gmelich 

Work-life balance. It has been talked what feels like to death in recent years, especially as employees moved from in-person to virtual during the pandemic and are now back in-person full- or part-time. However, the risk factors that come into play when a healthy work-life balance is not maintained are shocking: unhealthy stress levels for prolonged periods of time. The … [More]

Cash Management Strategies to Help Navigate Economic Uncertainty

Apply best practices and creative solutions

by Brian Crisp 

With the market in an ongoing state of financial flux, business owners may need to take new approaches when it comes to managing money. Just as budgeting can support business goals under typical circumstances, establishing plans for challenging periods can help ensure successful outcomes. Financial decisions require thorough consideration before acting, but applying best … [More]

Navigating the Maze of Construction Defect Claims in Arizona 

Key to a successful relationship is the binding agreement between the parties

by Kyle T. Geiger

The nationwide boom of residential and commercial construction has continued into 2023. The increase of construction in Arizona is largely due to the increase in population. In 2022, Maricopa County gained the most residents in the nation, adding 56,831 residents, a gain of 1.3% since 2021, according to March 30, 2023, figures from the U.S. Census Bureau. Also contributing to … [More]

Home Is Where It All Starts

Affordable housing is key to economic growth in Arizona

by Samantha Jackson

Affordable housing has been an ongoing issue, as minimum wage and salaries remain stagnate. Maricopa County has one of the highest rates of homelessness in the United States, according to federal data, with 16.5% of the population earning an income below the poverty line. Every year, the cost of living rises, forcing housing instability. Without a stable home, individuals are … [More]

Humble Bistro’s Chef and Co-Owner Stays Humble

Jorge Gomez focuses on the guest experience

by Alli Cripe  

Jorge Gomez’s love for food started in Sonora, Mexico. His mother, grandmother and extended family found joy in the kitchen preparing food, whether it was preparing tamales or making chocolate from scratch. Love existed in the kitchen and, when he was seven years old, he knew this was his calling. At 17, he started his culinary adventure by attending the Culinary Institute of … [More]

Scammers Target Businesses through LinkedIn

Cybersecurity expert advises businesses on how to avoid LinkedIn scammers/swindlers

by Mike Hunter

A majority of organizations (83%), from small to large, have a LinkedIn profile, and, according to the newest research by NordLayer — a network security solution for businesses — half of businesses in the U.S. (52%) experienced at least one LinkedIn scam this year. The most affected tend to be big companies (65%), requests to connect from an unknown person with a suspicious … [More]

NYFTY Solar Empowers the Consumer

by RaeAnne Marsh

Our Valley of the Sun has no shortage of sun — and no shortage of solar companies. And that latter fact is, actually, what prompted Justin Thorstad and Nicholas Baken to co-found NYFTY Solar, a solar energy systems broker for residential and commercial customers. “We (NYFTY Solar) educate the consumer, empowering them to make better-informed decisions. Paying cash is always … [More]

TreCeuticals – Skincare Game-Changer with CBD

by RaeAnne Marsh

“TreCeuticals is the first patent-pending professional brand of skincare to combine scientifically proven active ingredients (Retinol, hydroxy acids and antioxidants) with the calming benefits of full-spectrum CBD in an easy-to-use system,” says Erin Dodd, who co-founded the company with Sharon Skarr in 2019. Their goal has been to simplify skincare by creating products that … [More]

Strategic Innovation

by Christina Johnson

Most consumer-related business decisions can arguably be simplified down to one main goal: competitive advantage. The four main types of competitive advantage are cost leadership, differentiation, defensive strategies and strategic alliances. Specifically for our multifamily clients, all four of these strategies are directly related to the strength of the client’s amenity … [More]

Chandler Airpark Tech Center Coming Online

by Mike Hunter

Premier design-build firm LGE Design Build, in partnership with Clarius Partners, recently completed construction of phase one of Chandler Airpark Technology Center, a 26.29-acre industrial development located on the southwest corner of Gilbert and Ryan roads. Phase two is now underway, with completion expected in November. The first 13.79-acre lot is under Planned Area … [More]

West Summit Logistics Park Breaks Ground in Surprise

by Mike Hunter

Mohr Capital, as project developer, and Rosewood Property Company, as equity partner, recently kicked off construction on West Summit Logistics Park, strategically located in the established industrial submarket of Surprise, Arizona. The logistics park will consist of two Class-A industrial buildings totaling 704,472 square feet across 46 acres of land. Ware Malcomb serves as … [More]

Buckeye Industrial Building Expands Tempur-Pedic’s Metro Phoenix Footprint

by Mike Hunter

Lincoln Property Company’s Southwest division, LPC Desert West, and partner Goldman Sachs have signed leading mattress and pillow maker Tempur-Pedic to a full-building pre-lease at Buckeye85, located in the heart of Phoenix’s I-10 Corridor. The lease brings the $60 million, state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution project to 100% occupied prior to completion of … [More]

Arizona Has Strategic Importance for DSV Inventory Management Solutions

Serving an industry with increasingly complex supply chains

by Matt Ritchie

Effective inventory management is crucial for companies to maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business environment. One company at the forefront of innovations in this regard is the Inventory Management Solutions (IMS) division of DSV — the world’s third-largest global transport and logistics company. The name DSV may be unfamiliar here, but that will soon … [More]

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