Beyond Just Talk: How an Emphasis on People and Culture Is Building Business

by RaeAnne Marsh

DEI as a concept is about celebrating and respecting individuals’ differences. Naturally congruent with that effort are differences in the way individual enterprises put that into play with their unique business function and workforce. As the experience of these successful businesses in varied sectors of our community shows, there are many ways to make a difference. From … [More]

May 2023 Guest Editor Essen Otu, Salt River Project

Opportunities of Inclusion

from Essen Otu

We are living in an exciting time in history, both in Arizona and around the world, as diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are being recognized as critical in the business world. DEI as a concept is about celebrating, harnessing and respecting individual differences and creating environments that maximize human potential in everyone. When this is done right, individuals and … [More]

All Video Is Video Content Marketing

Five rules for greater reach

by Patrick McGowan

Being on video and watching videos is today’s business norm. A recent survey showed 76% of consumers watched a video before purchasing a product. Social media influencers promote products through video-based storytelling. They login to video meetings daily with prospects and customers. Since 2005, the year YouTube launched, video has increasingly grown in prevalence, … [More]

Optum for Optimal Health Over 55

And for quality healthcare without barriers

by Tyler Butler

Optum Care has been a leading healthcare provider since 2011, serving more than 19 million patients across the United States. From California to Pennsylvania, Optum is committed to advancing health equity, envisioning a world where local communities can provide equal access to quality healthcare without any barriers. To achieve this vision, Optum focuses on building trust, … [More]

Listening Is the First Step

Business leaders need to listen to their employees and to their business

by Bruce Weber 

Listening is a powerful tool in any business setting and a critical skill that can enable a business to understand what its employees need, what they desire in their work, and how the business can become more successful. Listening, however, can be challenging for many business owners and managers who are often focused on the bottom line, meeting targets and achieving … [More]

Use an Advisory Board to Benefit a Business

Seasoned, impartial experts add market strength

by Rick Jackson

We can probably all agree that many businesses often operate with scarce resources and limited expertise, sometimes making it challenging to navigate complex business decisions. However, if a business owner had the opportunity to solve this problem by consulting a team of experts solely dedicated to providing guidance based on previous experiences, wouldn’t they take it? I am … [More]

The Future Role of Social Media in Finance

by Emmanuel Daniel

The idea in my book that information is the product comes from the work of sociologists from the early days of social media, including Yochai Benkler, Charles Leadbeater and Clay Shirky, who predicted that the economy would increasingly become a participatory one (Benkler, 2007). Clay Shirky introduced the concept of “mass amateurization,” where platforms turned consumers … [More]

Position Your Business for Acquisition

It takes time to develop and execute a strategic plan

by Elizabeth Hale, CPA

Many entrepreneurs launch their companies with an eye toward eventually selling them. But preparing a business for an acquisition is not as simple as making the decision to sell. The process can be complex and take several years, depending on objectives and the state of the business, which can leave the founders or owners unsure of where to begin. Regardless of company or … [More]

How Do I Ward Off Counterfeits? 

Strategies to stay alert as so much business is transitioning to E-commerce

by Hani Sayed

After nearly three years of pandemic-sized changes in all our lives, we seem to finally be over the COVID hump. While we’re all excited for the return to normalcy, some things will never be the same. For example, the hybrid or remote working environment has fundamentally changed the work atmosphere. Work dress codes have morphed from business casual to something resembling a … [More]

The Influence and Impact of Small Businesses on Community

And making a difference with nonprofit partnerships

by Sam Leyvas

Small businesses are the backbone of community. For many, owning and operating a small business has been the fulfillment of “The American Dream.” Whether it’s opening their own bakery or starting their own contracting firm, many people have a personal story of what made them go into business for themselves. Although the idea initially might be for self-sufficiency or to be … [More]

Feedback: May 2023

by Jill Chasson, Leila Gimino, Ivan Royal 

Q: What have you found to be the highlight of your DEI/DEIB efforts in terms of implementation and/or results?  Jill Chasson  Partner Coppersmith Brockelman Sector: Law  When Andy Gordon and Sam Coppersmith started Coppersmith Brockelman in 1995, no one used the term “DEI.” Back then, traditional law firm recruiting typically meant hiring candidates who looked, acted and … [More]

Nondisruptive Creation: Innovating without Destroying

New growth and opportunity without disrupting and confronting industry players

by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne

When thinking about innovation, the economic and social impact of the approach is not all that matters. What also matters is an organization’s ability to successfully implement it.  Our concept of nondisruptive creation is about innovating without destroying. It’s the flipside of disruption, where destruction is necessary to create.  While nondisruptive creation may … [More]

Your Patient’s Advocate Helps Individuals Navigate the Healthcare System

by RaeAnne Marsh

Your Patient’s Advocate is a concierge nurse-based patient advocacy business founded in 2018 that supports clients with navigating the healthcare system. Serving where needed, the patient’s care advocate can attend physician appointments, review medications and medical records, set up medication trays and assist with hospitalization and/or care relocation, as well as … [More]

The Journey Disrupts with Diversity in Venture Funding

by RaeAnne Marsh

The Journey is a mission-driven venture studio building disruptive healthcare companies in partnership with the next generation of diverse founders. Unlike an accelerator or incubator, a venture studio doesn’t fund existing startups but rather is a company that creates multiple startups in-house and then partners with entrepreneurs who take over to launch and scale them. “Our … [More]

Listening Facilitated Successful Logistics Center Construction 

by Mike Hunter

Phoenix-based Stevens-Leinweber Construction recently completed the custom build-out of 160,000 square feet at Phoenix Logistics Center Two, designed to meet the manufacturing and distribution needs of new tenant Georgia-Pacific LLC and its HP PageWide T1190 Press, the world’s largest high-volume digital pre-print solution for corrugated packing. “This project was a great … [More]

A Model for Modern Urban Cities and the 21st-Century University

How does a major research university make the best use of its last 355 acres adjacent to its main campus in Tempe?

by Charley Freericks

If you’re Arizona State University, you create a development that is a model for modern urban cities. Novus Innovation Corridor is designed to be distinctly different, with a unique innovation ecosystem that aligns education with employment. As part of this vision, Novus will offer access to knowledge, people and ideas; empower businesses of all sizes to grow and scale at an … [More]

Camelback Corridor Renovation to Redefine the Modern Workplace 

by Mike Hunter

Phoenix-based developer George Oliver, known for its cutting-edge office redevelopments, has unveiled plans for Bond, a $52 million renovation that will transform the landmark Biltmore Commerce Center into a hospitality-inspired office experience where thoughtfully crafted amenities and modern design bring teams together in an unparalleled workplace at the heart of the … [More]

Repurposed CRE Elevates Design for Health Clinic

by Mike Hunter

A unique project transformation was recently completed on the NOAH (Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health) Cholla Health Center, located at 8705 E. McDowell Rd. in Scottsdale. Ware Malcomb, an award-winning international design firm, provided interior architecture and design services for the approximately 32,000-square-foot medical office facility. General contracting services … [More]

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