New App-Based Car Insurance

by RaeAnne Marsh

Fewer people driving has led to insurance companies granting customers rebates on their auto policies, but a new company launching in Arizona can help people who don’t drive very often save money on a regular basis — not just under unique circumstances. Just Auto Insurance is entirely app based. “From the point of view of the consumer, this is all about convenience. You … [More]

Car Dealing without the Handshake

by Mike Hunter

DriveItAway is the first national car dealer-focused mobility platform that enables car dealers to enter the business of Mobility-as-a-Service. DriveItAway provides a comprehensive turnkey solutions-driven program with proprietary mobile technology and driver app, insurance coverages and training to get automotive retailers up and running quickly and profitably in emerging … [More]

Connecting Distributed Teams

by Mike Hunter

Taskade recently launched a real-time, user-friendly platform that lets fully distributed teams organize work, communicate via chat and video, share documents, manage tasks and collaborate in real-time, without the need for extensive training or high-level technical support. Taskade will be offering a limited-time free upgrade to its Pro version to support businesses and … [More]

AI for HR Assistance

by Mike Hunter

MeBeBot is an AI-powered chatbot that can assist human resources departments working even harder during this pandemic to stay in touch with employees, providing employees with immediate answers to questions about HR, benefits, payroll, facilities and more. The program, which is basically “Siri” for HR, is available 24/7 and is easily accessible through Microsoft Teams via … [More]

Futures Execution Algorithm

by Mike Hunter

Striker — recently launched by Quantitative Brokers, an independent provider of advanced execution algorithms and data-driven analytics for futures and U.S. Cash Treasury markets — is the first dynamic agency algorithm for options on futures markets that incorporates both real-time cointegration and implied pricing calculations to determine fair value. Striker transactions are … [More]

Revenue-Challenged? Try Locally Developed eGift Card App for Free

by Amanda Ventura

As businesses across many industries temporarily reduce or cease operations to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, owners are left wondering how they’ll weather several weeks or months of supporting a staff without any source of revenue. Gift cards have been suggested as one solution, generating cash flow even without customers in the shop. One of those solutions is … [More]

Crisis Actions . . . Back at the Office/Workplace

by Mike Hunter

Noting the potential of health emergencies like the coronavirus to seriously hurt workforces and weaken productivity, XpertHR (www. — which helps businesses with HR solutions from the federal, state and municipal level — suggests employers prepare by having an emergency plan in place and offers a free Contagious Disease Policy and Business Continuity Policy to help … [More]

Pulling Together

by Mike Hunter

CenturyLink – Keeping Networks Running Recognizing that high-speed internet service plays a crucial role in the everyday lives of its customers, CenturyLink is responding to COVID-19 by suspending data usage limits, waiving late fees, and not terminating a residential or small business customer’s service for the next 60 days due to financial circumstances associated with … [More]

Cleanly Aware: COVID-19 Tips & Strategies

by Liz Caracciolo

As the pandemic unfolds, U.S. schools and businesses are taking extra precautions to keep their environments clean and healthy. For example, OpenWorks — a commercial cleaning and facilities services company that specializes in corporate, healthcare and education facilities — has seen a sharp increase in demand for cleaning and advanced measures, such as electrostatic … [More]

Ensure Work-from-Home Employees Maximize Corporate Performance

The number of people working remotely will surely continue to grow, especially in light of current worldwide health concerns. In fact, many companies may soon be faced with mandated work-from-home provisions due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic. While remote work can be a win-win situation for employers and employees, corporate managers often fear employee … [More]