Temporary Outdoor Dining and Alcohol Areas Approved for Restaurant Owners

City of Phoenix

The Phoenix City Council approved the creation of Temporary Outdoor Dining and Alcohol Consumption Areas to allow restaurants to implement outside dining to accommodate their customers while meeting social distancing requirements and recommendations. The temporary outdoor dining program allows the Planning and Development Department to issue an “Emergency Declaration Temporary … [More]

Chandler Chamber to Disburse Free ‘I Choose Chandler’ PPE Kits to Chandler Businesses

Chandler Chamber of Commerce

The Chandler Chamber of Commerce, via a contract with the City of Chandler, will distribute I Choose Chandler PPE (personal protective equipment) Kits to Chandler businesses who qualify for the program, launching mid-October. The Chandler City Council authorized the use of $500,000 of Arizona Cares Act funding for the purchase and distribution of personal protective … [More]

Retail Giant’s Foundation Donates to Arizona Coronavirus Relief Fund


The IKEA US Community Foundation has donated $1,147,083 to the AZ Coronavirus Relief Fund, supporting Arizona families, medical professionals and those in need. The amount was chosen by the foundation purposely to align with the amount IKEA employees in Arizona collected in unemployment insurance benefits when the company closed stores and furloughed employees during the … [More]

Manufacturing Co. Unveils a Revolutionary Zinc Fiber Microcurrent that Kills Coronavirus

Ion Manufacturing

As global demand for innovative and effective antimicrobial and antiviral wearable materials increases in the wake of the current pandemic, ION Manufacturing is proud to debut ZnTech™ –a proprietary and patented zinc fiber matrix capable of generating microcurrent that is lethal to Coronavirus and other virulent pathogens. Designed for broad-spectrum textile usage, ZnTech™ has … [More]

ASU Researchers Awarded $4.7M to Expand COVID-19 Testing in Underserved Arizona Communities

Arizona State University

In Arizona, as in other parts of the country, data shows that COVID-19 has disproportionately affected the American Indian, African American and Latinx communities, as well as other vulnerable populations. A $4.7 million grant from the National Institute of Health to ASU’s Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center (SIRC) is on the way to help address this by funding a rapid … [More]

All AZ Counties Now Meet Benchmarks for Safe Reopening of Certain Businesses

Arizona Department of Health Services

Reflecting the continuing decline of COVID-19’s community spread across Arizona, all counties now meet benchmarks for safely reopening businesses such as indoor gyms and fitness centers, bars serving food, and movie theaters. In Thursday’s update of the Arizona Department of Health Services Business Dashboard, Graham County advanced to the moderate transmission stage, … [More]

Healthcare and Tech Industry Workers See Major Negative Changes in Mental Wellbeing, New Study Finds


The pandemic has upended the lives and wellbeing of nearly everyone, but Healthcare employees had the largest decrease in motivation (-48%) of any industry and were least likely to say their employer was supportive, according to a new meQuilibrium study of 7,000 workers which compared changes in job stress, burnout, motivation and sleep between December 2019 and June … [More]

Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation’s Wellness AtoZ Initiative Launches Healthy AZ Pledge

Greater Phoenix Chamber

Wellness AtoZ, an initiative of the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation (Foundation), is launching the Healthy AZ Pledge to support Arizona’s businesses and community members that make a commitment to follow local and state health and safety guidelines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. “Wellness AtoZ is addressing a need in the Arizona business community by recognizing … [More]

Sonora Quest Launches Statewide COVID-19 Testing as Employers Develop Return-to-Work Strategies

Sonora Quest Laboratories

As COVID-19 presents employers with unique challenges, Sonora Quest Laboratories, the market share leader in diagnostic laboratory testing in Arizona, responds with a robust employer solutions offering. The solution? A portfolio of laboratory testing and services to assist employers with managing their workforce through this pandemic and as return-to-work and school strategies … [More]

Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce Supports Face Covering Mandates

Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce

The Board of Directors for the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce formally approved a resolution supporting a local requirement that individuals wear facial coverings to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  The mask regulation had been in place since June 19, 2020, when it was implemented via emergency proclamation by Mayor Lane. On Monday, the Mayor rescinded that … [More]