Strategies to Attract Customers Online during the COVID-19 Outbreak

by Kris Reid

Times are hard, especially with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Businesses are suffering as more and more communities go into quarantine. To survive as a business owner, one needs to find effective marketing strategies in the midst of the crisis brought about by this pandemic.

One of the best ways to stay profitable is to make the businesses’ online presence known and get in front of where potential customers are now looking. So, having their own website can really help ensure they are still getting consistent revenue. However, having a website and attracting customers to the website are two different things.

Luckily, there are data-driven solutions to get customers to a business’ website. First of all, the business needs to do some optimization—and here’s how it can be done.

Improve the Website

“How to attract customers to a website?” This would be the most common question for every person who is working in the e-commerce world. While there are many tips on how to improve a website that can be found online, the proper application of the solutions requires more thought and care. After all, nothing worth having comes easy.

Here are some ways to get traffic to a website fast.

Having a website is the first step. However, simply having one is not enough — it has to be well-designed!

Having an attractive website is an effective way for businesses to convert visitors into customers on their website. The first few seconds are critical in setting a positive impression. A business should take note that its website’s design elements are one of the factors that search engine spiders check when crawling and indexing the site.

Some design elements that can help businesses get traffic to their website quickly include:

  • Effective color scheme
  • Suitable typography
  • Clutter-free interface
  • Consistency of design across pages
  • Functional contact page design
  • High-quality images

A business also need to base website design on its sales process. Make sure the website is designed accordingly to attract leads and convert them into sales.

Another effective way for businesses to get customers online is to make sure their website has good navigation features to ensure the best experience for their visitors. Follow the best practices in creating and organizing a site’s navigation system.

Remember: Frustrated customers tend to leave without buying anything, so it’s important businesses make sure customers are not confused when navigating their site. It should be easy for customers to navigate from one page to another when looking for information that they will use to make a purchase.

Sure enough, strategic website navigation will help decrease businesses’ bounce rate and increase their sales.

Increasing the Conversion Rate of a Business’s Website
The conversion rate is the ratio of website visitors who convert in contrast to those who don’t. It is a critical element in any online marketing strategy. All one’s marketing efforts will be for nothing if one’s business can’t get leads to convert. Most businesses pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their conversion rate marketing strategies.

Even if a business is on a tight budget, it can still increase its conversion rate through organic conversion rate optimization with digital marketing. It’s just a matter of finding the right agency that knows how to attract more customers to that business with the right strategy in place.

Strengthen the Website’s SEO

Improving a website’s SEO is a great strategy to attract online customers. Reaching a specific target market requires some extensive keyword research. This way, one will be able to determine exactly what one’s customers are searching for. Then, by using the keywords strategically in the business’s metadata and content, one can put one’s business in front of the potential customers.

Here are the strategies that are needed for a business to reach its market and encourage customers to take action:

  • Website analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword mapping
  • Content Planning
  • Creating a Google My Business (GMB) profile
  • Utilizing local SEO
  • Correct implementation of pop-ups
  • Using persuasive calls to action

Aside from these, there are still more good strategies a business can learn on how to gain customers effectively and enjoy a steady flow of new business.

Get Tips from the Professionals
Certainly, a business can learn about SEO on the internet. After all, Google is a great resource for many things, such as how to drive traffic to one’s website. However, there are trade secrets that only SEO experts know.

For example, it’s so easy to say, “Improve SEO by adding better keywords and more calls to action.” But when? Where? How?

Also, SEO is always changing, and it can be difficult to keep updated with it, especially if it’s not a business’s strong point. So, it would be best to tap into the expertise of professionals.

Kris Reid, a.k.a. The Coolest Guy in SEO, is an Australian entrepreneur with a degree in software engineering at the Queensland University of Technology. He worked in the finance sector as soon as he graduated. Everything was going great — until the 2007-2008 Global Financial Crisis destroyed his career. It was around this time that he discovered the wonderful world of SEO to grow traffic to his own website and founded Ardor SEO. And the rest — as they say — is history.

The professionals at Ardor have the right knowledge and set of skills to increase a business’s search rankings by driving more traffic to the business’s website. More importantly, they can teach a business how to attract more customers who actually convert. 

Today, his company is one of the leading authorities when it comes to SEO and digital marketing and has worked with businesses in every niche and industry to guarantee them a consistent stream of new customers and reliable revenue growth.

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