Top 5 Marketing Strategies for Success

by RaeAnne Marsh

Marketing options are wide and varied, offering more opportunities than ever before for companies to connect with their customers. Everything is on the Internet, and this has dramatically changed the landscape for business. Even small companies in Arizona are selling internationally, observes Matt Silverman, vice president and managing director of R&R Partners’ Phoenix … [More]

Beau Lane, LaneTerralever

from Beau Lane

How the world views you, how people react to your product or service — this is the realm of marketing that is fueled by the interactions marketing creates. As your consumer-facing voice, marketing increasingly drives consumers’ engagement with you, creating both challenges and exciting opportunities for your brand. Marketers are now accountable for much more than a … [More]

How to Hire the Best Job Candidates

by Tony Beshara, Ph.D.

Most business leaders claim that hiring quality individuals for their organization is one of their highest priorities. Nevertheless, many of them tend to think that skilled interviewing and hiring come naturally, and that, because they are good at their jobs, they must also be innately good at interviewing and hiring. The truth is, effective interviewing and hiring skills do … [More]

Would George and ‘Honest Abe’ Make It in Today’s Business World?

by Joseph Callaway

Presidents’ Day, which falls between the birthdays of two of our nation’s most revered leaders — George Washington and Abraham Lincoln — is coming up on Monday, February 16. And as every school-aged kid knows, both men are remembered for their honesty. (OK, “little George and the cherry tree” might be more legend than fact, but it does indicate the extent to which our culture … [More]

The Meeting Market

by RaeAnne Marsh

Heading into 2015, Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau CEO Rachel Sacco sees the local area “really poised for one of the strongest markets in the last five or six years.” Hotels are showing strong demand, and this, she explains, is the first level of how to take the temperature of the industry. Business is booking at a short-term pace, but venues are getting a lot of … [More]

Planning Tips to Avoid Common Meeting Mistakes

by Michael Lentin

With the large array of details it takes to plan and execute on a successful conference, convention or trade show; small details that make a large impact often slip through the cracks. The following are tips to avoid common mistakes of a business conference. Book soundproof conference rooms. One of the largest complaints at business meetings is frequent interruptions. It’s … [More]

Dodge the ‘Got a Minute?’ Misery 

by Edward G. Brown

Got a minute? The fact is, unless you are a great rarity today, you not only don’t have a minute, you have a yawning deficit of minutes. There is work unfinished on your desk. You have personal aspirations of all kinds that you never find time for and obligations you barely find time for. You’re already stretched for time, so no, you don’t have a minute. Yet when almost … [More]

Building Better Fundraisers

by Jan Halpin

Asking for money seems to induce the same sweaty-palm anxiety associated with daring acts such as skydiving and swimming with sharks. Yet fundraising is a key responsibility for executives who serve as nonprofit board members. Some nonprofit board members don’t realize that fundraising encompasses much more than “the ask.” Board members can contribute in plenty of ways: … [More]

For-Profits Can Pursue Public Good

by RaeAnne Marsh

For-profit corporations must be run to maximize profits to their shareholders. Decision makers who put any other consideration above profit may be sued. Arizona’s new benefit corporation statute, which went into effect January 1 of this year, turns that situation around, providing a route for businesses that want to play to a social conscience. Businesses may now choose to … [More]

Eric Roudi: Seeing the People Side of Commercial Cleaning 

by Mike Saucier

Eric Roudi realized in the early 1980s something that others at the time had not: The cleaning business is really a people business. It’s a people business in the sense that clients who own commercial buildings have needs and requests they’d like to convey to someone they know and trust. It’s also a people business in terms of how Roudi recruits those who will interact with … [More]