Disposal Box Programs Are Good, but Not Good Enough

by Mike Hunter

There is an emerging awareness that “disposal box” handling of retired assets is not good enough, according to the International Association of IT Asset Managers, the leading authority on IT asset management. One impact of the coronavirus pandemic on business has been causing organizations to no longer operate from a central location. When it comes to IT asset disposition, … [More]

Seven Arizona Bioscience Startups Earn $30K Through Flinn Foundation Entrepreneurship Program

Flinn Foundation

Artificial intelligence to assist Alzheimer’s disease caregivers, rapid virus screeners, a headband to monitor for concussions, and new technologies for surgeries and drug discovery are some of the innovations of the participants in the 2021 Flinn Foundation Bioscience Entrepreneurship Program. Seven Arizona-based firms will each receive $30,000 in funding support through a … [More]

GoDaddy Completes Acquisition of Poynt


GoDaddy Inc., the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs, today announced it has completed its acquisition of Poynt. The combination expands GoDaddy's commerce services to help small businesses grow – both online and offline – using one platform. "GoDaddy exists to empower everyday entrepreneurs and we're committed to helping their ventures succeed by delivering … [More]

Workforce Management Helps Navigate Today’s World of Work 

by Mike Morini

Workforce management software does much more than automate paper time sheets and manual schedules. The world of work has evolved with complex labor laws, union rules and employee expectations that make the process of managing hourly workers surprisingly challenging. The pandemic has created additional requirements, including new safety regulations to address health concerns and … [More]

Surge in ‘Snitch Software’ Highlights Need to Keep IT Licenses Current

by Mike Hunter

The year 2020 saw the emergence of “snitch software” sneaking into auditing practices, and the International Association of IT Asset Managers, the leading authority on IT asset management, expects its use to proliferate. How does this manifest? One example is a recent court case between a vendor and a consumer. The vendor had placed into its product a Piracy Detection and … [More]

COVID-19 Accelerates the Demand for Digital Innovation

by Joshua Kanter

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on people’s lives and the global economy, impacting nearly every industry, including traditional and digitally native sectors. But the pandemic has not slowed innovation — in fact, it’s accelerating digital innovation to historic levels as organizations seek new ways to connect with and serve customers. The global disruption has required … [More]

Protecting Data is Key to Staying in Business 

Woz U

In today’s work-from-home, shop-online, remote-schooling, internet-centric world, cybersecurity should be paramount for every business. Employees may be working from home, sharing an internet-connected computer or workstation with multiple family members, or conducting business from multiple devices. On January 28, Data Privacy Day, Woz U cybersecurity experts are sharing tips … [More]

5 Arizona Startups with Emerging Technology Get Grants from invisionAZ and StartupAZ


YellowBird, an on-demand two-sided marketplace that matches vetted Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) professionals with businesses nationwide, is proud to announce it has been recognized by invisionAZ and StartupAZ with a $25,000 grant. The EmergeAZ Fast Grant was established in partnership with the Arizona Governor’s Office to provide financial support to … [More]

Why You Should Consider a Digital Transformation for Your Company in 2021

by Joel Patterson

As with every new year, it’s important to formulate, plan, and set your business goals. Have you considered how revamping your software solutions could help you achieve those goals? Here are just a few of the reasons to consider a digital transformation for your business in 2021. Keeping Up with Yourself. Your goals most likely include some form of growth—more customers, … [More]

ASU Student Team’s Fog-Free Mask Design Wins $1 Million International Competition

Arizona State University

A student team from Arizona State University has won the million-dollar XPRIZE Next-Gen Mask Challenge to redesign the face masks used to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by making them more comfortable, functional and affordable. The contest drew nearly 1,000 entries from young innovators in more than 70 countries around the world. The ASU team made the top five in early … [More]

Digitizing the Private Investment Marketplace

by Mike Hunter

WealthVP is fully launching this month following three months in beta testing. The brainchild of entrepreneur Leif Hartwig, WealthVP acts as a catalyst for investment opportunities, virtually matching qualified private companies seeking capital with purpose-driven Family Office investors in one simple, easy-to-use SaaS platform. Using information entered in investor and … [More]

AI Platform Combats Financial Crime

by Mike Hunter

Consilient, a newly formed company dedicated to establishing a next-generation system for anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism, recently launched a new secure, federated learning platform powered by Intel® Software Guard Extensions. The artificial intelligence platform aims to prevent financial crime and enable secure collaboration among financial … [More]

Return-to-Office Technology

by Shawn Ryan

Like many companies, Axway is navigating the complexities of returning to the office. And we’ve turned to our own technology to build a unique solution to make the transition.  A longstanding specialist in enterprise integration software, Axway is a global organization with 2,000-plus employees and 29 offices in 17 countries. Employees have been working from home throughout … [More]

From Security Camera to Intelligent Sensor

by Mike Hunter

While the security industry’s initial foray into analytics is largely over-promised and under-delivered, today’s artificial intelligence and machine learning are about to fundamentally change the core value proposition of the physical security industry, according to Interface Security Systems, a leading managed services provider, which makes this one of its top predictions for … [More]

Creative Improvements Expand Intel Manufacturing Capacity


In response to incredible customer demand, Intel has doubled its combined 14nm and 10nm manufacturing capacity over the past few years. To do this, the company found innovative ways to deliver more output within existing capacity through yield improvement projects and significant investments in capacity expansion. This video recounts that journey, which even included … [More]

GoDaddy Acquires Poynt, Expands Commerce Services with Offline Sales and Integrated Payments


GoDaddy Inc., the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Poynt. Under the terms of the agreement, GoDaddy will pay $320 million in cash at closing and $45 million in deferred cash payments subject to certain performance and employment conditions over three years. The transaction is expected to close in … [More]

Five Entrepreneurial Organizations Selected to Engineering School Tech Cohort


In partnership with the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University (ASU), leading global technology solutions provider Avnet continues its commitment to guiding innovation and entrepreneurship with introduction of the fourth Avnet Innovation Lab cohort. From healthcare and agriculture to transportation and beyond, these entrepreneurial organizations create … [More]

Intel and Consilient Join Forces to Fight Financial Fraud with AI


Consilient, a newly formed company dedicated to establishing a next-generation system for anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT), launched a new secure, federated learning platform powered by Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX). The artificial intelligence (AI) platform aims to prevent financial crime and enable secure collaboration … [More]

Technology Can Steer You through the Fast Lane of the Post-COVID World


Technology’s impact on the work environment was profound well before the pandemic – streamlining processes, increasing productivity, and making remote work seamless. Now, given the rapid changes in an uncertain economy affected by the virus, knowing how to utilize and navigate technology in the post-COVID world will be even more crucial for entrepreneurs, college graduates, … [More]

The What, When, Where and Why of App Clips

by Lee Brown

App Clips is set to change how a business’s brand shows up digitally for its customers. App Clips will, in essence, allow users to have a native app experience available in critically contextual moments without requiring a download from the app store. So now I’ve got you thinking: “What could I do with this type of opportunity? What are the key activities that users do in … [More]

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