Successfully Leverage Business Partnerships and Relationships

by Ben Smith

To launch, a business needs time and capital; but to genuinely scale, partnerships become equally as important. This has become a forced reality in a day when competition is now global, not just local. For business leaders, it means mastering and leveraging the resources outside the company as well as within. To lead successfully, knowing what is available, how to ask and how … [More]

Outsourcing in 2020

by Daniel Ramsey

Skilled workers are needed to make a business run. In the past, hiring people was possible only if a business had enough capital to sustain new hires. Today, internet connectivity allows even small businesses to find the exact help for the tasks at hand while limiting the costs. Whether automated through AI or outsourced to remote workers, virtual assistants are powering a … [More]

Financial Considerations before Launching a Startup

by Lennard van der Feltz

Even seasoned entrepreneurs will tell you taking your startup from a pipe dream to an actualized business can be an overwhelming process — requiring a serious time and financial commitment. One might have the right idea. One might have the drive. One might even have the initial funding to get one’s startup off the ground. But what really sets an entrepreneur up for long-term … [More]

Before Disaster Strikes

by Mike Hunter

Before Disaster Strikes Natural disasters can devastate communities and cause significant disruptions for local companies, particularly small and medium-sized businesses. As organizations look to minimize the business impacts of natural disasters, company leaders should consider preparing in advance to help their company weather the storm. Make a plan. Business leaders … [More]

Finding Financing to Fit One’s Business

by Kevin Fox

For smaller businesses, debt sometimes gets a bad rap. But for many businesses, access to a business line of credit may be not only necessary, but a smart move. Knowing how to select the right line of credit and manage it wisely, rather than managing everything on a cash basis, can help a successful small business become a larger successful business. Financing options can be … [More]